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I hope that your reasons for having books picked for you to read are better than mine midgardian.

Who was your buddy for the month? [ profile] witchery
What books did they select for you to read? 1. Dracula and 2. In the Woods
What did you read? I only had time to read Dracula (I got caught up reading Storm of Swords! n_n'')
Tell us about it:
DraculaDracula by Bram Stoker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I do enjoy this sort of book, though I think that it went on a bit longer than necessary. I was much more caught up in the beginning of the book, but the second half seemed to stall, and nothing terribly exciting happened. Even the very end, which should have been a page-turner as it is the climax of the work, I found less intriguing than the middle part with Lucy.

Sometimes the characters really had me shake my head as to what they were thinking I mean really you leave Mina alone while you hunt for Dracula, and completely miss that she's showing the SAME SIGNS as Lucy did when Dracula was visiting her and instead chalk it up to what, female fragility? -sighs- I realize the time period, but really.

I thought that the male characters were interesting. I'm so used to males being all ~manly men~, it was nice to see vulnerability. That was actually one of the more appealing parts of the book to me. And even though Mina did spend a fair amount of time sighing and such, she had strength too, which I thought was also good. I thought it was really good for the time.

I felt that it was a comforting read, and I think that it would be a good bedtime story. I'm not sure that says wonderful things for the "horror" appeal of the book, but modern horror is different and I wouldn't expect the same sorts of things from a classic book.
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Recommendation: yes or no? Yes

I thought it would be neat for me to post this here too, and pimp the comm as well! :3
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So last night when we were at the store, the Star Trek Into Darkness rental wasn't the only thing I brought home! I also found the lovely Scaremester Catrine! I didn't have time last night to unbox her, but I did that tonight and took pictures while I was watching the Avengers. I mean, I had to see my favorite flavor of british villian anti-hero in a glass box, after all. xD
I'm still so out of it, that was about the extent of what I was capable of today. I am almost a functioning human again though, which is good.

Anyway, here's pictures of Catrine, who is gorgeous btw!
Unboxing pics and box art )

Scaremester Catrine
I love that her tail bow actually has a little kitty MH skull in the center of the bow, instead of just the standard MH skull or even just a standard bow. xD

Catrine's accessories )

Then I decided to take some more pictures of Catrine with another doll, and decided Rochelle made sense. And then I decided they were cute together. xD I was originally going to pair Catrine with Catty Noir, but now I'm not sure. n_n'

Rochelle and Catrine
Rochelle liked the Scarisian fromage and ghost truffles I brought for her, which is purrfect

Puuurrrrfection )

Rochelle and Catrine
Hello darling~

Ok, now I have to get to bed!
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So tonight I decided to take some pictures of Cupid, Lala, Rochelle, and Pony!Lala for a last Valentines photoshoot! Partly to distract myself from how sick I feel.

How cute is this bear?

More pictures with Cupid and Rochelle )

Pony!Lala and friends
Shall we let the bear take a ride?

One more picture )

Pony!Lala and friends
All the ghouls!

And in other news everything hurts oh my gawd what is this I don't even
I just realized that this gif is especially apt because I was worrying Scottie because I'm making pained noises sort of like what Loki is doing there without realizing it.

I'm going to go curl up somewhere and die maybe sleep.
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Today I finally got started on Pony!Loki's paint! I have the white base down so far. Part of my time was also spent just getting my palette set up. I decided that I will paint the pony, then I will make the armour, and it will be removeable. :3

You will be having the details soon. This is good.

I also started watching the Olympics! I was super excited about the figure skating. :3 In the short program pairs, my favorite was the Canadian pair that was in 2nd. The Russian pair was also really good though.
I also really liked the guy that did his program to Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. I love that song!

Also, the warmer weather that we've been having seems to be going away as the temp has dropped and it was snowing when I walked home today. Ah well.
loki give the people what they want thor

I had a pretty awful migraine this evening, so I'm pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish. n_n'
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Just a quick update post! I haven't been feeling very well this evening, which isn't really helpful for posting. n_n'

But I repaired Pony!Loki! I carved off the edges from the head and ear (which fixed the problems from it baking bent), and then I sculpted the ear back onto the head. I was going to just sculpt on a whole new ear if that didn't work, but since I liked the way the first ear had turned out I was at least going to try to repair the original ear. Since I knew I was going to do a short bake on the sculpt anyway, I also did some more sculpting around the hooves and legs.
I baked him, and everything seems to have turned out alright! Now tomorrow I'll be able to start on the next stage. :3
loki thumbs up

I watched the most recent episode of Face-Off tonight! I was super excited about the dragon make-ups they were doing. I really loved the frozen dragon! So happy that won. I was also amused that the seahorse dragon girl was so positive that she was going home, which I understand because she had a lot of issues, but she didn't even end up on the bottom. That says a lot for the sculpt that she was able to get out there. I totally agreed with what they said about the dragon that was sent home- I mean he had a lot of work there but the first thing I said when I saw it was that it didn't read as a dragon to me. It looked like cross between a yappy dog and a fish wearing armor.
I don't remember anyone's names yet, but I liked that the guy that picked the Frozen theme was excited about recognizing the location for Stark's house. xD

Also continued watching Helix, is anyone else watching that show on here? I like the concepts, and I really want to like the show, but I have issues with the choices that they make on the show. Since they're supposed to be a group of exceptionally smart people you'd think that they'd make less stupid decisions. xP
On the premeire I'd tweeted about the show and one of the actresses had favorited them, which was really neat to me. ehehehe n_n'
Scottie said the most recent episode made him think that the show was originally intended to be set in space, and that makes a lot of sense!
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Tonight I finished up my Loki pony sculpt, and now he's currently in the oven. Next I'll have to figure out the mane and tail (which I have plans for), then painting and costuming! I'm looking forward to making him a helmet especially. xD

"I really can bake it!" "Nooo"
Why won't you let me bake him? I totally can!

timer goes off
I just pulled him out of the oven, I saw that he'd shifted during baking that caused his left ear got kind of smushed. While attempting to see how bad it was I broke it off. Graaaaah.
loki really

I'm not going to be able to do anything to fix it until tomorrow since he's currently still super hot.
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Tonight I unboxed my Dance Class Robecca Steam, she's so pretty! I don't really have time to take a lot of pictures, I think tomorrow I'll take some detail pics of her. Maybe do a photoshoot of her with Scottie's DC Operetta since she needs more attention too. :3 But I took a couple pictures of her anyway!

Picture of unboxing )

I learned new tap steps!

I was tired of everyone asking me to do the robot.

In other news, this is how I feel about many things right now.
loki is done
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hiddle sneeze
I am so sorry guys I'm still sick and that's not really doing wonders for my posting/commenting. I'm unfortunetly not any better than I was last Thursday when this started, and the last few days have been remarkably worse than before. Ugh go away plague.

I've still been dragging my butt to work, but I'm giving in and taking a day off of work tomorrow. Possibly Friday too though I don't really want to take out that much leave, so hopefully I don't have to- I cash out leave to supplement our income but I can't do that if I use it.

I told Scottie that I was going to stay home and instead infect a fictional city with the plague playing Dishonored. lol

Scottie was awesome though and found Lego Marvel short films I hadn't seen before. THEY WERE SO CUTE, OMG. He watched them with me, and I said it was totally a win because my face hurt because I was smiling so hard instead of hurting because it hurt. lol
lego loki
Loki was the main villian for all of the shorts, making minions out of other villians. There were a lot of different heroes! Including Spidey, which makes me happy because he's one of my early bbs. xD

Here's a link to the first episode in case you haven't seen it yet and would like to. :3

When I got home tonight I basically just cuddled with Scottie and watched tv. Excited about the return of Face-off and Suburgatory, will have to talk about those later!
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I still need to do detail painting and accessories for N, but since I'm sick stuff like that isn't exactly the best idea.

So starting my next pony first! Here's a quick teaser picture. :3
Beginning of Loki pony sculpt :3

I was so inspired this morning, the last few hours of my sleeping was filled with figuring out how I wanted to do upcoming projects, and new things to do, and things to write. I said that I felt like Pierro out of Dishonored (in case you don't get the reference, the Outsider comes to him in dreams and gives him plans for inventions to work on). Scottie asked me if the Outsider had come to me too, and I was like nuuu, then he asked me if Loki had come to me and I was like well Loki is my muse. xD
Loki appear
A good portion of those plans are Loki projects too though. ehehehe

I have to post about how awesome Scottie had been this weekend (well, he's always awesome, but you know what I mean), but I should probably get to sleep. Why is it Monday tomorrow uuuugh.
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gagged loki
So this morning I woke up to find my journal suspended. Not thrilled with that, especially since I had no idea why it was suspended in the first place. And the first place that I wanted to ask for help was... here. That doesn't work.
I was hoping that things would be resolved quickly, and once I figured out who to contact (which I wish had been more straight-forward, which I assume it would have been if they'd sent contact as to why I'd been suspended) it actually was. Apparently I got hit by a new anti-spam program. Probably because of my tweets getting shipped? I dunno, I'm just glad that it was fixed! I was so worried that I was going to get cut off from everyone. Since I've been on neopets forever, frozen accounts make me really anxious.

It doesn't help that I've come down with something and have been sick since Thursday. I do no feel good today. I'd been hoping that I wasn't sick on Thursday, but I've just been feeling worse as time passed and the sore throat has been constant so it's not just a passing thing. Bleh.
hiddles sneeze
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So I edited a couple of pictures that I took with Heath and Abbey last night. I wanted to do something a little different, so there's only a couple of them. Now I know that they aren't perfect, but it was just a bit of fun. :3

And yes, my version of Heath is suave. Have you seen his cheekbones? That has to give him a wicked bonus to Charisma. xD

Want to see a trick?
Would you like to see a trick?

My heart burns for you?

(I just can't help myself.)

I have a couple more pictures to do still from that set, but I should get to bed. Goodnight my lovelies!
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So I watched the People's Choice Awards tonight because of all my Marvel bbs up for awards. The show was even being hosted by Kat Dennings (who plays Darcy in the Thor movies!) along with another actress. Thor 2 was even up for favorite year end movie (though we lost out to Hunger Games, which was sad but since Katniss is one of my bbs I can't feel too terrible).

Iron Man 3 won favorite movie, and RDJ won favorite action movie actor. His acceptance speech was hilarious, omg. He's totes Stark. xD
iron man like christmas

I wanted Agents of Shield to win best new show of course, though that didn't win. Aw.

I also wanted Ming-Na Wen to win best actress in a new show (she's Agent May in Shield), but she lost to Sarah Michelle Gellar. BtVS as one of my most important fandoms, and I love SMG, so I couldn't feel bad about that. Of course, she wasn't winning for BtVS, but apparently this is the first time she'd won and in her acceptance speech she said she wanted to thank all the BtVS fans. It was just really sweet and that made me happy. :3

Sorry that I haven't been posting as much lately! I'm also behind in comments, but I'll get caught up soon I hope! I'm having a lot of really random weirdness at work that's been going on since Christmas and it's making me really out of sorts. I need to go to sleep though so I probably shouldn't get into it atm. lol Suffice to say it's frustrating.
loki oh for heavens sake
This would be me at work every day

I took a bunch of pictures of Heath and Jinafire but I don't have time to edit them to post, I'll do that tomorrow. They're so cute together. n_n'
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 photo pickformebookclub.jpg
Sign up.
Share your ‘to-be-read’ list.
Get paired with a buddy.
Your buddy chooses what you read.
You share your thoughts on the book at the end of the month.
Easy as that!

Here's my completed comment, because I do that. xD

Favorite genre: Fantasy (high fantasy, urban, etc), scifi, comics, manga
Favorite book: LOTR trilogy, Mary Stewart's the Merlin trilogy, Hunger Games trilogy, Dragon Bones, The Wee Free Men, Good Omens, Young Avengers, His Dark Materials, Harry Potter (all), Dragonsinger, Dragonsong, Enders Game, Moon Called, Fudoki (omg there are so many how can you pick one?)
Favorite author: Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Terry Prachett, Patricia Briggs, Anne McCaffrey, Isaac Asimov, etc
Link to your to-be-read list (can be a google doc, an open post on your LJ, your goodreads account, a post on another blog, etc):
Anything else you think we should know?
I'm most likely to succeed at getting this read if it's available as an audiobook because I listen to books all day at work to not go insane. xD

Loki reading
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So Scottie, being the wonderful man that he is, went out with me to the Fire and Ice New Years Eve celebration downtown even though he's not terribly excited to wander around in the cold amidst crowds of people. I love fireworks, so even with the crowds I want to see them! Plus, they have fire dancers and ice sculptures and everything and I think it's a lot of fun.

Fire Dancing at NYE celebration
I took much neater video of fire dancing, but I need to figure out how to edit it so I can put it up (does anyone have recommendations for that?). I tried to take a couple of pictures but I was sure they weren't going to turn out, and I didn't want to spend all of the dance attempting to take pictures that weren't going to work. Especially since it was really cold, and it was hard to get my fingers to continue to do something that needed as much fineese as pressing the focus button. lol
I did get a couple more pictures though, and these turned out way better than I expected. xD Most of the time there were multiple people doing even more wild things though. It did my little pyro heart good to watch. xD

More fire dancing )

We were planning on getting food at one of the food carts, and I took a picture of the beginning of the line. I'd heard about this cupcake place, and I didn't know they'd won on Cupcake Wars before (I've seen a few episodes of that show but I don't think I've seen them, but I'll only watch that show if I'm really really in the mood for a cake decorating show and there isn't anything else available).
We didn't end up eating anything at the carts though because the lines were insanely long. Like, it was really bad. We would have ended up standing in line in the mobs forever, and I'd rather go look at things and/or move around to keep warm. I'm glad we had something to eat before we went!

I took some pictures of the ice sculptures around the square! There were some neat things, but it seemed like there weren't nearly as many as before. I think the weather was poor for it, I mean we had all that rain not that long ago, so I guess I'm not surprised. Still, some neat things!

Ice Sculptures on NYE
These were my favorite! There were a few of these teacups for kids to play in, and they actually spin!
More ice sculptures )

This was the indoor concert, which was neat. We popped inside for a minute to warm up while we were waiting, but while I thought the guys sounded fine it the hall was a bit echoy for the show and they were loud, so we didn't stay long.
Not a great picture, but here was the concert )

And then there were fireworks! My favorite fireworks looked like shooting stars. So pretty! I don't take pictures of fireworks though, so have a gif of London fireworks. xD
london fireworks
It was so nice having Scottie with me! I got hugs while I was watching. :3

I'd been meaning to take pictures of the square in general, but I didn't want to do that until the other more interesting things were no longer going on. Fire dancing might end, but the trees would still be there afterwards after all. So after the fireworks I told Scottie I wanted to get a couple of pictures of the trees. However, after taking a couple of pictures with the camera where it couldn't seem to focus, which sucked more because my numb fingers made fumbling with the camera super difficult, the camera told me the battery was dead- mostly because of the cold sapping the power I'm sure.
But then I pulled out my phone because that has a pretty decent camera, and Scottie sighed because he wasn't able to escape to warmth just yet. ehehehe

The town square was filled with trees decorated with Christmas lights. Most of the trees were decorated with blue lights. The biggest tree was decorated with multicolour lights and a big star plus blue lights that were really neat, they sort of looked like they were flowing.
Christmas lights )

I really enjoyed the event! I especially loved the fire dancing (I'll have to get video up to really show how cool it was) and fireworks!
Loki smile
I'm so happy that Scottie came out with me! He's such a sweetie. :3

We park way out of the way when we go to this, one of the benefits of me doing my observer training when we moved here is that section of town is actually one of the places here that I'm most familiar with in this city. We park near where my observer training bunkhouse is and walk down to the festivities. It's helpful in avoiding all the traffic congestion, and we don't have to pay to park back there. It's a bit of a hike, but I think it's well worth it.

When we got home it was only like 10 pm. I did some stuff on the computer and then curled up with Scottie and watched the ball drop at Times Square with Carson Daly.

I'm planning on writing a year end wrap-up post, and post resolutions soon. But I wanted to write about my NYE and that's a big enough thing on it's own. ehehehe
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I didn't get much sleep last night, and so when I got home today I was pretty wiped out. I did some stuff, but nothing much more than tumblring while watching The Voice. Scottie also didn't get much sleep last night so he turned in early. I decided that while I wasn't going to go to bed right then, I'd go cuddle with him and the ferret for a bit.

Cue me falling asleep almost immediately and cat-napping for an undetermined amount of time (maybe an hour?), then waking up and dragging myself out of bed to put the ferret to bed and do my other assorted before bed things (brush my teeth, make sure breakfast dishes are ready, etc). And then... I was awake. And bouncy. So among other things I started doing a workout at midnight, because that makes sense. Now it is nearly 2 am. *facepalm* I think if I could do a lot of catnaps that would be awesome, but I need to get to bed so I can be awake at work tomorrow! lol
loki exasperated
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I got another one of the little Build a Bear plushies from McDonalds and I had an idea for a photostory! :3 Another Happy Meal for dinner lol.

Clawd's present for Lala
I have something for you!

What did Clawd get for Lala? )

In other news, I am so tired! More freezing rain. One shiny thing was that I had another snow day because of it! I got to leave at 1:30 pm (I usually work until 4:30), and I get paid like I would have been there. So that's shiny!
I sort of feel like that when I posted last night the FREEZE ALL THE THINGS bit, that it was taken literally. xD
Loki smile snow
The ice made my hour walk a two hour walk, but it was totally worth not being at work. xD
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Today was interesting. When I walked home from work, the weather was freezing rain. When I got home, I was literally coated in ice. Except for a slightly frozen face, I wasn't terribly cold at the end though. Channeling my inner frost giant, yus.
Loki freeze

But I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Chaos from when he was sleeping on the couch with us last night. He was so cute!
Sleepy Chaos

Chaos awakens!
Hooman wut r u doin?
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I just got an automatic birthday wish from Den of Angels, I was amused because I hadn't really realized that tomorrow was my birthday. lol I mean, I know that it was almost here, but it just... hadn't occurred to me exactly? I'm not sure how I feel about birthdays. I don't like when people around me age!

Today me and Scottie went to our local comic shop so I could pick up the next issue of Young Avengers. Can I say how much I love that comic? :D
Hiddles approves
I need to get back issues of Journey into Mystery when I can afford to! So much amazingness.
I also picked up the Neil Gaiman Sandman comic that was there. :3 It was really cheap too!
What did I get from the comic shop today?

Ghoulia approves
Ghoulia is an honorary member. xD

I was reading the collected classic Thor comics (I'm on the second volume of that) from the library, but I had to return them. I need to get that again so I can continue reading those too! I think I'm going to mark down favorites of the old comics to look at getting for my collection later.


I've also started playing Dragon Age. I started putting together my character and Scottie was surprised that my character was male. Then he was like "You're making Loki, aren't you?". Which of course I was, lol. Then I was like "Yeeeees. I don't know the last time I've made a male character when I've had the choice between the two, the last time was... ... ...?" "You've never made a guy when you've had the choice." "I guess I haven't! I did consider making Lady Loki though." xD
I've named my puppy Fenrir. I am having fun with this. ehehehe xD
Loki I like this
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Yesterday I decided to go for another walk with the ghouls! When I first woke up everything looked really dreary and there was a thick fog. I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk, or at least, that I'd want to walk because that didn't really look pleasant. But by the afternoon the sun had come out and the fog went away. And of course, since it had been foggy the trees had frosted up, which was pretty!
I'm rather excited about seeing the sun, lol. When I'm working I don't see basically any of it because it's not up when I leave for work and it's already down when I get out of work. :P

Trees outside of my apartment building were frosted up so I thought I'd take a picture. :3
Frosty tree )

Lala and Clawd in the snow
Clawd look at all the sparkling plants!

More pictures of Lala and Clawd )

I then continued on towards the school. I took some more pictures of scenery on the way there. More pictures of trees, and then a picture of the creek. I thought it was interesting comparing the creek to yesterday, because of the iced trees, and the ice in the creek itself.
Two pictures of winter scenery )

I got to the school and took some more pictures of Lala and Clawd near it. :3
More pictures of Lala and Clawd )

Then I started back. There were two ravens flying around and I got a picture of them. I thought it was funny because when they showed up I'd been thinking about Odin and Loki, and so I was like "Are you Hugin or Munin?". I only got one in a picture though. I'm easily amused.
ehehehe )

On the way back I took more pictures!
Lala and Clawd walking in frosted trees
Blazing a trail through the snow...

Lala and Clawd walking in frosted trees
Lets climb!

The last of the pictures )

I realized that after I'd taken my last pictures there that my fingers were basically frozen. I hadn't actually noticed when I was doing the picture taking though! Oops. Just channeling my inner frost giant I suppose. xD
Loki in the snow

Hope you guys like the pictures!
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To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today, Happy Thanksgiving! If your outside of the US, I hope that you still had a lovely Thors-day.
Scottie has been cooking a turky and has other foods in mind for sides. Still not dinnertime though! I'm going to call my sister in a little bit to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving too. I hope she's having a good day. :3

I decided to take a walk this afternoon since the sun was out, and I brought Venus and Abbey along to take pictures with! I would have taken more pictures, except that the cold drained my batteries quickly and so they died. Luckily the batteries only died near the end of my walk, so I didn't really lose many picture taking opportunities. I thought it might be a problem though because it was so cold.

I think this is my most favorite picture of all the ones I took during my walk. :3
Venus and Abbey being festive
See, there are still green things even in the snow!
Well yes...

One more wreath picture )

There were some neat, very large ornaments hanging on the eaves of a doctors office. I took a picture of one and I'm reflected in it, so it was an unintentional self portrait. It's sort of neat. xD
I'm bundled up in a lot of layers. Scottie says I should wear a jacket that I'm not swimming in but I can put so many layers under this one ehehehe xD
Picture of me, sort of )

Then I continued my walk! I went on a walk to where I was taking grad student courses. That's in the opposite direction from work so I don't head that way terribly often, but I really like the trail between the school and the library.
Picture of a snowy creek on the way )
I was amused because at one point when I was walking I saw two moose, but they were too far away to take pictures of and by the time I was there they were gone. Which I very much prefer to the other times when I'm like "CRAP there is a moose in my path please don't trample me".

Then I got to the trail and took more pictures of the ghouls!
Abbey and Venus in the snow
All the snow...

A couple more of Abbey and Venus in the snow )
In the middle of taking pictures near this lake (not that you can tell really) is when the batteries died.

This will be the first Thanksgiving (and soon, my birthday) that I won't feel obligated to call my mother. Which is actually a good thing, because I inevitably just ended up stressed out while talking to her.
loki exasperated
It’s not that I don’t enjoy our little chats. It’s just that... I don’t.

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