Jan. 9th, 2014

milleniumgypsy: (Marvel Loki frustrated)
So I watched the People's Choice Awards tonight because of all my Marvel bbs up for awards. The show was even being hosted by Kat Dennings (who plays Darcy in the Thor movies!) along with another actress. Thor 2 was even up for favorite year end movie (though we lost out to Hunger Games, which was sad but since Katniss is one of my bbs I can't feel too terrible).

Iron Man 3 won favorite movie, and RDJ won favorite action movie actor. His acceptance speech was hilarious, omg. He's totes Stark. xD
iron man like christmas

I wanted Agents of Shield to win best new show of course, though that didn't win. Aw.

I also wanted Ming-Na Wen to win best actress in a new show (she's Agent May in Shield), but she lost to Sarah Michelle Gellar. BtVS as one of my most important fandoms, and I love SMG, so I couldn't feel bad about that. Of course, she wasn't winning for BtVS, but apparently this is the first time she'd won and in her acceptance speech she said she wanted to thank all the BtVS fans. It was just really sweet and that made me happy. :3

Sorry that I haven't been posting as much lately! I'm also behind in comments, but I'll get caught up soon I hope! I'm having a lot of really random weirdness at work that's been going on since Christmas and it's making me really out of sorts. I need to go to sleep though so I probably shouldn't get into it atm. lol Suffice to say it's frustrating.
loki oh for heavens sake
This would be me at work every day

I took a bunch of pictures of Heath and Jinafire but I don't have time to edit them to post, I'll do that tomorrow. They're so cute together. n_n'

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