Jan. 1st, 2014

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So Scottie, being the wonderful man that he is, went out with me to the Fire and Ice New Years Eve celebration downtown even though he's not terribly excited to wander around in the cold amidst crowds of people. I love fireworks, so even with the crowds I want to see them! Plus, they have fire dancers and ice sculptures and everything and I think it's a lot of fun.

Fire Dancing at NYE celebration
I took much neater video of fire dancing, but I need to figure out how to edit it so I can put it up (does anyone have recommendations for that?). I tried to take a couple of pictures but I was sure they weren't going to turn out, and I didn't want to spend all of the dance attempting to take pictures that weren't going to work. Especially since it was really cold, and it was hard to get my fingers to continue to do something that needed as much fineese as pressing the focus button. lol
I did get a couple more pictures though, and these turned out way better than I expected. xD Most of the time there were multiple people doing even more wild things though. It did my little pyro heart good to watch. xD

More fire dancing )

We were planning on getting food at one of the food carts, and I took a picture of the beginning of the line. I'd heard about this cupcake place, and I didn't know they'd won on Cupcake Wars before (I've seen a few episodes of that show but I don't think I've seen them, but I'll only watch that show if I'm really really in the mood for a cake decorating show and there isn't anything else available).
We didn't end up eating anything at the carts though because the lines were insanely long. Like, it was really bad. We would have ended up standing in line in the mobs forever, and I'd rather go look at things and/or move around to keep warm. I'm glad we had something to eat before we went!

I took some pictures of the ice sculptures around the square! There were some neat things, but it seemed like there weren't nearly as many as before. I think the weather was poor for it, I mean we had all that rain not that long ago, so I guess I'm not surprised. Still, some neat things!

Ice Sculptures on NYE
These were my favorite! There were a few of these teacups for kids to play in, and they actually spin!
More ice sculptures )

This was the indoor concert, which was neat. We popped inside for a minute to warm up while we were waiting, but while I thought the guys sounded fine it the hall was a bit echoy for the show and they were loud, so we didn't stay long.
Not a great picture, but here was the concert )

And then there were fireworks! My favorite fireworks looked like shooting stars. So pretty! I don't take pictures of fireworks though, so have a gif of London fireworks. xD
london fireworks
It was so nice having Scottie with me! I got hugs while I was watching. :3

I'd been meaning to take pictures of the square in general, but I didn't want to do that until the other more interesting things were no longer going on. Fire dancing might end, but the trees would still be there afterwards after all. So after the fireworks I told Scottie I wanted to get a couple of pictures of the trees. However, after taking a couple of pictures with the camera where it couldn't seem to focus, which sucked more because my numb fingers made fumbling with the camera super difficult, the camera told me the battery was dead- mostly because of the cold sapping the power I'm sure.
But then I pulled out my phone because that has a pretty decent camera, and Scottie sighed because he wasn't able to escape to warmth just yet. ehehehe

The town square was filled with trees decorated with Christmas lights. Most of the trees were decorated with blue lights. The biggest tree was decorated with multicolour lights and a big star plus blue lights that were really neat, they sort of looked like they were flowing.
Christmas lights )

I really enjoyed the event! I especially loved the fire dancing (I'll have to get video up to really show how cool it was) and fireworks!
Loki smile
I'm so happy that Scottie came out with me! He's such a sweetie. :3

We park way out of the way when we go to this, one of the benefits of me doing my observer training when we moved here is that section of town is actually one of the places here that I'm most familiar with in this city. We park near where my observer training bunkhouse is and walk down to the festivities. It's helpful in avoiding all the traffic congestion, and we don't have to pay to park back there. It's a bit of a hike, but I think it's well worth it.

When we got home it was only like 10 pm. I did some stuff on the computer and then curled up with Scottie and watched the ball drop at Times Square with Carson Daly.

I'm planning on writing a year end wrap-up post, and post resolutions soon. But I wanted to write about my NYE and that's a big enough thing on it's own. ehehehe

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