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chibi piggy
I'm tired, but I wanted to play around with my tablet some more. Here's what I drew while I was watching Chopped and Suburgatory tonight. xD Suburgatory was cute btw, though I sort of flailed at the dentist bit eeew (mostly because I don't like the dentist though).

Time for bed!
hiddles pillow fight
Wait a minute that's not sleeping! But it's cute carry on~
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Tonight I did a bit of painting on Pony!Loki, but just some minor stuffs. The main part of my night was spent getting the base of his helmet, or more accurately, his diadem planned out and started. It needs detail sculpting, and finishing, and the horns actually attached, but I am really happy with how it's coming along. :D
Pony!Loki's armour continued
I approve of all the gold...
loki costume shift

Also watched season premiere of The Voice tonight! Nobody has exactly grabbed me tonight, but there were some good voices. I thought that the girl who sang Wrecking Ball actually did a really good job.

I am so sleepy! Have a sleepy Chaos sleeping in Scottie's arms. xD Ferrets are funny sleepers. He rolls over like that to show his belly usually when he's getting overly warm.
Sleepy Chaos
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Pony!Loki paint continued

Just a quick post, I did some paint on Pony!Loki tonight. Some shading n stuffs. :3 Still not done but I'm happy with how things are coming. I'm going for kind of the shadowed look he had when he arrived on the scene in the Avengers.
loki has been here 30 seconds

Scottie also got the tablet set up on my computer, and I drew a bit of comic on it! I've always had something of a disconnect drawing on the tablet vs just a sketchpad, and I got over that! So that's pretty cool.

I still need to post about Fur Rondy, but that's going to have to wait as it's too late to get into that!

We watched Helix tonight, I thought it was actually a really interesting episode! People still make silly decisions, but I felt more drawn into the show on this episode tonight. I think that's a good thing!Is it weird that I want Dr. Hatake's watch? *koff*

Also, in the background today we had 2 Fast 2 Furious, then Tokyo Drift on the tv. Right now Joy Ride is on, and I haven't seen that movie in SO LONG. Paul Walker is just a bb there, it's hard to believe he's not here anymore.
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Still not feeling well, so here are some previously unposted photos I took of Jinafire and Heath. I thought that I might post them around now because of the romantic holiday times. n_n

How lovely
Hello Darling~


More pictures of Heath and Jinafire )

I was super excited today because Top Gear was finally showing the new episode that had Hiddles as the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car!
Forever driving in puddles
It aired last week across the pond, but didn't show here until this week. I know that I could have found it online somewhere, but I decided to wait and watch it on tv all official like. xD
The interview was amazing too! I loved how they were talking about the Jaguar #GoodToBeBad ad campaign that he's a part of, and how he was acting all cool and collected for the shoot while up in the helicopter:
here to drink tea and entice ladies

Actual Feels:

Considering how bad I felt today, which was at least a bit better than yesterday, I was especially excited to have that to watch today! Luckily too I had the day off today because it's a holiday (President's Day).
I'm going to stay home from work tomorrow too, since while I usually am ok with just pushing through work no matter how crappy I feel, these last couple of days are not those kind of days.

I was really excited to watch the final bit of Olympics ice dancing, cuddled up with Scottie. I thought Meryl Davis and Charlie White had a really nice performance, and I have to say that I was in love with her outfit. So sparkly! Also, while I loved their performance, I had to laugh whenever her skirt would go fluttering in front of his face in lifts. What's visability? Not that it was necessary, and not that it was blocking his view for long, but it amused me anyway. xD
I also loved Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir! Their performance was really nice.
Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani's performance was a lot of fun! I wasn't sold on it when it started, because of the song choice. But then it went from the first Michael Jackson song to Man in the Mirror, which will now forever make me smile because I've heard Hiddles sing it, and shoot there is a gif of it on my journal RIGHT NOW in an entry with him singing it (Priorities I haz dem)... And then they went to Thriller and I love that song, and so I got more into it as it went. Also really liked the costume change he did mid performance. Not as good of a performance as others but I thought it was a lot of fun.
When Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalap came on I was like IS SHE THE BLACK SWAN and she was. Scottie said that they did really good, but it seemed like they needed more practice to get their great individual things to flow together, and that if they were early in their career that they'd end up being more of a threat later. And then they said that she was only 19, and he was 22, and that we'd be sure to see more of them, so he totes called that.

Also, I was just on DeviantArt. I went and poked around and noticed that people have been commenting on my stuff, and putting my stuff in faves and I had absolutely no idea. xD I've been a member of DA for more than 10 years, but for the most part I never uploaded anything until recently. I have a whole crapload of things in the notices thing that I've been meaning to clear out that have built up over those 10 years, though for some reason it didn't occur to me that was where I needed to be looking at for activity on my stuff. I felt like I was in a bubble and that nobody saw anything I put there. Not true, I was just unintentially ignoring people! Erm, oops.
hiddles facepalm
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So I didn't get as much sculpting done as I might have liked, but I did finish the second bracer tonight! I need to figure out exactly how I'm going to bake it to keep the correct shape, I'll probably bake it onto a foil form. I was also doing a mockup of what I'm going to do with the helmet with regular super sculpey, just for planning purposes. I think I have a better idea of what I'm going to do now!


Watched Lost girl tonight! We're on Let the Dark Times Roll (Episode 5)
I talk a bit about the episode, as well as a bit of talk about Game of Thrones (book) and Loki (shocking I know). xD
Kenzi Von Clare. I'm Bo's honeybee, and I'm here for some sugar. )

Time for bed~
loki thumbs up
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So I've been meaning to unbox the I <3 Shoes Cleo that I'd bought a little bit ago, especially since I've been working on my Loki sculpt! I like to have Heath and Abbey posed with Pony!Loki, Heath because of his sculpt and Abbey because of her ice- but I think Cleo would also be fun to have with Loki because of her character! xD

Here are some pictures of the box art and her before unboxing:
Boxed pictures )

She had some intense helmet hair. It was pretty much solid with the amount of glue in it! I washed it out with warm water and a tiny bit of dish soap. I don't usually try to wash all of the glue out, I think it's ok to leave a little bit to help manage the hair. One weird thing was that when I started to wash the hair, some of it ended up coming out in my hands! It wasn't attached to the head, it was actually glued to the other hair. I think it was actually just cut from the bangs based on the location, but it was weird. She didn't have thin hair, or bald spots or anything like that, so it was ok. Disconcerting when I was washing it though and I wasn't sure where the hair was supposed to be!
One picture before hair washing )

Now here she is, unboxed with freshly washed hair. :3
She comes with a lot of accessories because that's what what sort selection that doll comes with, but my most favorite part is her black bracelet. It's a tiny black snake eating it's tail. xD
What are you looking at?
I am gorgeous

She comes with an extra pair of earrings.
More earrings for me? )

She also comes with sunglasses, a shopping bag (it's just made of paper though), and two extra pairs of shoes.
Shopping trip
Shopping trip!

I wonder what else I should buy...

I've been having fun watching the Olympics today! I'm all about figure skating, so that's been exciting. I really liked Jason Brown's performance, I was so sad for him when he fell! For other single performances I was really impressed by Julia Lipnitskaia's program. So beautiful!

I also watched some of the other events, snowboarding and the biathalon. I started the day by watching the women's Japan vs Sweden hockey game.

Currently watching Helix!
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Last night and today I've continued painting Pony!Loki. :3 I needed to get a few more coats of white on to have a good uniform colour. I'm happy with that, I might do a bit of sanding. He has eye colour now too!
Tomorrow I'm going to start on armour, which I'm really excited about. xD Also, I'll need to start on detail paint.

Pony!Loki sculpt painting continued
He's cool like Abbey, literally!

I watched the opening ceremony with Scottie last night! I missed the very beginning, so I didn't see the mistake with the snowflake rings. I thought a lot of the show was pretty cool though! Scottie and I both had issues with the camera work though, Scottie even more than me. Like, we wanted to see the far out view most of the time, because that's where you get the full effect. But randomly you'd swoop in close where it didn't look as impressive or interesting, or go out to somewhere that looked interesting but not where you wanted to be looking. Scottie really just wanted them to pick a good angle/distance and stay there.

My favorite part of the show was the War and Peace ballet. I'm in the middle of reading that book, so it was especially neat.
I had the most issues with the camera work there, because I'd be looking at the main dancers which is supposed to be the focal point, and then for some reason we'd be looking at the background dancers, and then we'd be in the nosebleed section for some reason... and I just wanted to watch the story.

I also really liked the inflated onion domes. That was really beautiful. Me and Scottie were impressed by the girl walking up the ramp of people. I also liked that she came back for the end!
Other favorite parts were the constellation athletes, and the roller skaters under them. It made me think of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

And then there was the dance number with the dancers with the lights? It so reminded me of this. xD

Considering all of the anti-gay stuff from Russia, I was rather surprised to hear tATu.

In other news today (for just a little bit so far since it's currently 2 am) is Tom Hiddleston's birthday!
Hiddles oooooo
I am endlessly amused that Hiddles is almost exactly Scottie's age. They are less than two weeks apart in age, born the same year, and are both Aquarius. I have to say that was a good year! xD

I heard on the radio on Friday that a nearby McDonalds was having a grand reopening, and they were going to have free cake and free samples today. Since I like cake, and I especially like free cake, Scottie brought me there. Now that I think about it, I'm rather amused that I ended up having cake today. xD
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Today I finally got started on Pony!Loki's paint! I have the white base down so far. Part of my time was also spent just getting my palette set up. I decided that I will paint the pony, then I will make the armour, and it will be removeable. :3

You will be having the details soon. This is good.

I also started watching the Olympics! I was super excited about the figure skating. :3 In the short program pairs, my favorite was the Canadian pair that was in 2nd. The Russian pair was also really good though.
I also really liked the guy that did his program to Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. I love that song!

Also, the warmer weather that we've been having seems to be going away as the temp has dropped and it was snowing when I walked home today. Ah well.
loki give the people what they want thor

I had a pretty awful migraine this evening, so I'm pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish. n_n'
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I really meant to work on my sculpt tonight but I ended up feeling rather under the weather instead. Bleh.

But I did watch some tv! I wrote out my thoughts about the shows, put under cuts just in case. :3
Helix I actually watched last night.
I thought it was interesting to finally find out what they were talking about with the White Room. Scottie totally called it that the outside was what they were talking about. xD
Me and Scottie were both amused that Dr. Farragut just used a compass to get back to the line. Take that traitor military dude!
I'm assuming Dr. IVIT's head is alive somehow, since they went through the trouble of showing us that the frozen monkeys were alive since they were screaming when they were set on fire.
Not sure yet what Dr. Hatake's play is yet, looking forward to seeing what he's up to.

(I realize that's a SHIELD quote, but I don't think Helix has been terribly quotable. And well, monkeys?)

All the love for Agents of SHIELD!
I was so amused by Stan Lee's appearance in the show! That was awesome. Scottie said that might have been his longest speaking cameo, and he might be right. xD I figured he had to show up at some point!

Poor Simmons lol. I excel at prep but I am awful at improv so look at my extremely detailed backstory! Don't you want to know what marine life we looked at? *pout*
I can sort of feel for her though. I tend to over-prep everything, though I don't think I'm as bad with improv.
I was excited that Mike's character was finally revealed (as Deathlok)!
I was so amused by Coulson and Ward trying to work the holotable.
Agent May is as always a badass. xD I was also amused by this scene:
May: Oh yeah I totally told Coulson about us *flings self out of train window*
Ward: Wait wut?!

I am so looking forward to next week! Lorelai and Sif! I mean, it's not Loki, but it's still Asgardian. And Lorelai is the little sister of the Enchantress, which is pretty awesome. xD

I'm not sure what to say about this episode. I think the seed for the show (the guitars) was a bit hard for the artists to really get their heads around. At least that's what I'm assuming. I didn't really like anyone's look very much. I really liked the idea of the 2nd place makeup with the clear chestplate with the ribs and heart and things underneath. I was most struck by the abstract guitar makeup that won, but I wasn't entirely sold on the concept. It was a bit wierd.
I was a bit unsure about it because it didn't really say guitar in any way. I also liked it better than the others because they didn't have a set of guitar neck horns like so many others. I guess I prefered the too abstract over the too literal.
I was surprised that the angular red makeup ended up on the bottom. I didn't think it was great but there were probably other's I'd have picked instead. Not that I'd have picked it to win either, but I thought it was more of a middling look.
I wasn't surprised at all that the rockabilly makeup ended up on the bottom, especially after the horn fell off during inspection. She had to know that she was going home at that point. I feel for the girl because she was clearly having issues and anxiety sucks, but you still need to be able to get the work done regardless.
Anyway, a sort of meh episode this week, which is disappointing.

This gif of Hiddles playing the guitar is more satisfying than the guitar episode of Face-Off to me
hiddles guitar

I'm mostly caught up on tv so far, though I still need to watch the last episode of Lost Girl.
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I did end up making the mane of Pony!Loki yesterday, but I just didn't get to post about it quite yet. I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out. :3 I'd started it on Friday actually, but I only got the core started before I ended up having issues with dizzyness.
I had been rather excited though about how well the covered core actually worked all by itself for Loki out of the first Thor lol. But here it is finished! I need to bake it, and then I can start on painting. Or maybe I should do armour first. I'll have to think about how exactly I want to do things.

Pony!Loki sculpt continued

One more picture )

Also, today was the Superbowl! I've never actually watched the Superbowl before. lol I mean, I sort of did once when I was still at Signal and me and Scottie went to a Superbowl potluck, but I was really there for the potluck and the socializing. And alchohol. ehehehe n_n'
I decided that I wanted to watch the Superbowl though because I knew that Hiddles was going to be on a Jaguar commercial (british villians, #GoodtobeBad) and I wanted to see it. I had to laugh about it because I've never watched the Superbowl for the sports OR the ads before. But there I was! Scottie's not a huge sports fanatic, so he usually doesn't mind that I'm disinterested in most sports, but I think he was excited that I was actually excited to put on a sports thing. lol He watched the game with me. :3 I only wish the game had been more interesting for him!
I sort of paid attention to the game, but I honestly had more fun looking at the silly commercials while flailing around with fellow Hiddlestoners on twitter waiting for Hiddles to appear. xD
good to be bad
It was so worth it!

There was supposed to be an ad for Muppets Most Wanted on the Superbowl, but I didn't see it. I'm not sure if it got replaced by a local ad or what, but I was kind of bummed. But I did watch the spot on youtube afterward, and it was hilarious. xD What I found really funny though was that I switched to the Puppy Bowl after the Superbowl was off, and I saw a special spot for Muppets there which included Hiddles. EVERYONE WAS TARGETING ME LOL.
Is that you Steve?
Hiddles looks like Steve here. Also, more Hiddles in chains. *koff*
Loki define worse
bb why does everyone want to put you in chains?

I had way more fun than I was expecting though! I liked the halftime show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers quite a lot! I also liked all the fireworks, and the Broncos even lead the team out with a horse!
There were other fun commercials too besides the ones with Hiddles. I saw the spot for Captain America 2, Spider-Man 2, plus ads with Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle (Colonel James Rhodes/War Machine). Outside of my Marvel bbs, the spot with Morpheous was awesome, and Colbert was hilarious.

Also, Scottie and I made homemade nachos for the day! He made a fresh salsa and we made our own chips. He actually started before I woke up, and he took some pictures before I woke up because he knew that I'm all about pictures. :3
He's such a sweetie! Also, I say Scottie and I made the nachos, but really I'm his sous chef. xD

Food porn )

Superbowl Sunday nachos
The finished plate of nachos! They were so good. :D

Apparently, I had a lot of things to say. xD
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Just a quick update post! I haven't been feeling very well this evening, which isn't really helpful for posting. n_n'

But I repaired Pony!Loki! I carved off the edges from the head and ear (which fixed the problems from it baking bent), and then I sculpted the ear back onto the head. I was going to just sculpt on a whole new ear if that didn't work, but since I liked the way the first ear had turned out I was at least going to try to repair the original ear. Since I knew I was going to do a short bake on the sculpt anyway, I also did some more sculpting around the hooves and legs.
I baked him, and everything seems to have turned out alright! Now tomorrow I'll be able to start on the next stage. :3
loki thumbs up

I watched the most recent episode of Face-Off tonight! I was super excited about the dragon make-ups they were doing. I really loved the frozen dragon! So happy that won. I was also amused that the seahorse dragon girl was so positive that she was going home, which I understand because she had a lot of issues, but she didn't even end up on the bottom. That says a lot for the sculpt that she was able to get out there. I totally agreed with what they said about the dragon that was sent home- I mean he had a lot of work there but the first thing I said when I saw it was that it didn't read as a dragon to me. It looked like cross between a yappy dog and a fish wearing armor.
I don't remember anyone's names yet, but I liked that the guy that picked the Frozen theme was excited about recognizing the location for Stark's house. xD

Also continued watching Helix, is anyone else watching that show on here? I like the concepts, and I really want to like the show, but I have issues with the choices that they make on the show. Since they're supposed to be a group of exceptionally smart people you'd think that they'd make less stupid decisions. xP
On the premeire I'd tweeted about the show and one of the actresses had favorited them, which was really neat to me. ehehehe n_n'
Scottie said the most recent episode made him think that the show was originally intended to be set in space, and that makes a lot of sense!
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hiddle sneeze
I am so sorry guys I'm still sick and that's not really doing wonders for my posting/commenting. I'm unfortunetly not any better than I was last Thursday when this started, and the last few days have been remarkably worse than before. Ugh go away plague.

I've still been dragging my butt to work, but I'm giving in and taking a day off of work tomorrow. Possibly Friday too though I don't really want to take out that much leave, so hopefully I don't have to- I cash out leave to supplement our income but I can't do that if I use it.

I told Scottie that I was going to stay home and instead infect a fictional city with the plague playing Dishonored. lol

Scottie was awesome though and found Lego Marvel short films I hadn't seen before. THEY WERE SO CUTE, OMG. He watched them with me, and I said it was totally a win because my face hurt because I was smiling so hard instead of hurting because it hurt. lol
lego loki
Loki was the main villian for all of the shorts, making minions out of other villians. There were a lot of different heroes! Including Spidey, which makes me happy because he's one of my early bbs. xD

Here's a link to the first episode in case you haven't seen it yet and would like to. :3

When I got home tonight I basically just cuddled with Scottie and watched tv. Excited about the return of Face-off and Suburgatory, will have to talk about those later!
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So I watched the People's Choice Awards tonight because of all my Marvel bbs up for awards. The show was even being hosted by Kat Dennings (who plays Darcy in the Thor movies!) along with another actress. Thor 2 was even up for favorite year end movie (though we lost out to Hunger Games, which was sad but since Katniss is one of my bbs I can't feel too terrible).

Iron Man 3 won favorite movie, and RDJ won favorite action movie actor. His acceptance speech was hilarious, omg. He's totes Stark. xD
iron man like christmas

I wanted Agents of Shield to win best new show of course, though that didn't win. Aw.

I also wanted Ming-Na Wen to win best actress in a new show (she's Agent May in Shield), but she lost to Sarah Michelle Gellar. BtVS as one of my most important fandoms, and I love SMG, so I couldn't feel bad about that. Of course, she wasn't winning for BtVS, but apparently this is the first time she'd won and in her acceptance speech she said she wanted to thank all the BtVS fans. It was just really sweet and that made me happy. :3

Sorry that I haven't been posting as much lately! I'm also behind in comments, but I'll get caught up soon I hope! I'm having a lot of really random weirdness at work that's been going on since Christmas and it's making me really out of sorts. I need to go to sleep though so I probably shouldn't get into it atm. lol Suffice to say it's frustrating.
loki oh for heavens sake
This would be me at work every day

I took a bunch of pictures of Heath and Jinafire but I don't have time to edit them to post, I'll do that tomorrow. They're so cute together. n_n'
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I spent much of today playing Dishonored, my Christmas present, but I did do some other stuffs. One thing I did was take a few pictures of the ghouls with my Christmas tree. :3

Monster High Christmas
This is pretty...

More Christmas tree pictures with more ghouls! )

Saya is better scaled for this tree, but I wanted to take some pictures with my MH dolls too. :3

I also played the Christmas headhunter pack for Borderlands 2 with Scottie, which is awesome! Happy Mercenary Day! xD

Also, I watched the Farewell to Matt Smith and the Time of the Doctor. I'm so sad to see Eleven go, but it wasn't as sad as other regenerations. I enjoyed the episode quite a bit, though it did feel a bit rushed. I had all sorts of feels, starting with the farewell special. They showed Ten's regeneration a couple of times, which always gives me feels, then they showed Amy and Rory's exit, which also gives me feels, and Scottie was like "They're lubing your tear ducts" which was true. And that was all before the actual episode!
I did like the entrance of Capaldi. I am still very much not happy with losing my Doctor, but I am interested in what Twelve will be like.

So that was my Christmas! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day. :3
Hiddles Merry Christmas everybody
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Not nearly as much done tonight as I was hoping. Not long after I got home I ended up with a pretty awful migraine. I took excedrin for it but it only took the edge off. Not thrilling, and not terribly useful for productivity.
hiddles thinking erm
I did a little bit, getting accents settled in inkscape and then transferring them to cardboard (for armature). Also did a little more work on the horn shaping. I was really hoping to have the sculpt finished tonight though. *grumbles*

Lady Loki diadem progress
I know Ghoulia, I know.

I ended up curling up with Scottie to watch Avatar for the worst of the migraine. I'm still off but it's not nearly as bad as it was earlier. And I love that movie so much, so that and cuddles was nice. <3

Watched The Voice tonight, I was thrilled that my bb Jonny Gray won his knockout! I did flail around after the two of them performed because Adam said it didn't matter who Ceelo chose because he'd take the other with his steal! But I still wanted Jonny to win, because well, I want him to win in general. xD Blake ended up also going for the steal as well and got the other guy over Adam (nuuuuuuu).
Erm, I can't remember the other guys name. Nothing against him though, he did a really good job! But really, I'm on Team Jonny. xD
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So tonight I watched the final battle rounds, and I was really nervous because Jonny Gray was up tonight! He was the guy I'd identified so hard with, and I really liked his voice. I want him to do well! I was excited when he went on after the battle, and I tweeted about it. Then when I was scrolling through my twitter feed I saw that he'd replied to me! Aw! I never expect anyone I tweet about to ever actually see my tweets, let alone respond.

It may be silly, but I was so pleased. :3
Loki uncontrollably pleased

Also watched tonights episode of Shield, that was fun! Too tired to really talk about that though. n_n'
Super excited to watch Face-Off tomorrow, didn't have time but it's Loki Thor 2 related and oh my ghoul that's amazing!
I've been looking at premiere stuff from Loki Thor, and that had me flailing around in fangirly happiness. On the one hand I want to watch the movie now, but I also don't want it to be here yet (which it isn't, since I'm in the US, but it's coming up soon enough!). With all the promo stuff, and all the excitement and anticipation, I feel like I'm coming up on Christmas and it will be amazing when it happens but then it will be sad to not have something so exciting to look forward to any more. xD
And I say that even when seeing bits and pieces of stuff make me say "Waiting for this movie is going to kill me with feeeeels" fairly often. xD

I wanted to work on my costume more tonight, but I am really sleepy. I did some design/material recon but that was as far as I got.

*falls asleep on keyboard*
sleepy sherlock
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So while I was at work Scottie made a second batch of candles, this one he dyed green. :3 He learned stuff from the first batch, so these turned out even better! Of course, being me I can't just take a picture of a candle and be happy with it. So here's a little photoshoot with the cutie Twyla. :3
Twyla and candles

A couple more pictures )

Ok, so I just watched last Tuesday's episode of the Voice. I enjoyed the first episode, and I was having fun with this one, but I still hadn't been blown away by anyone.

Then Jonny Gray came on. His story actually moved me, instead of annoy me like most people's tend to (the sob story is pushed a bit hard and too often it feels like they're reaching for just something to have had as adversity in their life). I identified with him, and with his song choice (The Killers- All the things that I've done). That was one of the songs that I used to listen to and sing that when I was out in the field and needed something to hold on to, no matter how tenative that might be.
I also really liked his voice and I thought he did a really good job with the song. Scottie said that he sounded like he was harmonizing with himself. It's something I do sometimes too, I think it's fun.
Anyway, I am totally on his team and I hope he does well. (Everyone I love ends up leaving early though, so I really hope that he doesn't end up getting sent home in the battle rounds or something, because that's what happened to me last season and last season was amazingly lame, and that was just with people that I liked the voices of.)
Erm, damaged people unite?
Loki-looking up
I kept tearing up actually. I just ended up with so many feels. :S
Tony introspection
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So I'm still not exactly back to normal, but I'm working on it. I'm getting more used to the kitty not being here. It's still sad, but it's slowly getting better. I still need to distract myself a lot though. n_n'
However, I'm getting behind on my sculpting, costume, and Monster High Halloween competition picture. Those last two are time sensitive though, so that's not great. I've still been working on my comics a lot, so that's not really being affected.
Also, I'm being pretty terrible at keeping up commenting, sorry guys! *hugs* I just don't seem to have the mental energy required to do my normal stuffs. n_n'

I sketched out an idea I had for the Monster High Halloween picture for this year, but I wasn't happy with it. I'm going back to the drawing board for that, but my muse hasn't been terribly helpful on this project (mostly I'm getting inspired for unrelated things). I hope to be properly inspired for this though soon!
I just realized that I never actually posted last year's picture on my journal! Oops! I meant to do a whole work in progress thing, since I did a lot of work on the set. Maybe I'll do that sometime this week? I just had to keep the whole thing under wraps until the competition, which I'll of course have to do again this year, but that doesn't apply to last years picture.

I've been looking for boots for my Loki costume. I'm ridiculously short, so I should wear heels. (And she should have heels, but my lack of height still stands ehehehe as a valid reason). I don't wear heels. I am sad because I did have an pair of boots that is back with my family in Michigan that was amazing. They were long black leather boots, with an awesome high chunky heel. They were ridiculous and amazingly comfortable! I wore them with my Dark Willow Halloween costume. I took my sister and brother out trick or treating, I walked around for hours in them and my feet didn't hurt.
As I'm small, it's hard for me to find shoes for ~adults~ because like the rest of me my feet are small. :/ Also, it seems like a lot of the shoes I'd want are made for people with narrow feet. I forgot what looking for ~fancy~ shoes was like.
Loki its madness
Thank you Loki, I agree.

I've drawn out the main part of the costume that I want to do. I'm thinking I'm going to make the costume a bit lighter so I can dance in it more easily. (From the field work I've done in my work attire, I really, really understand the problems Hiddles had with the real Loki armour).
I need to finish up the planning and start in on fabrication. Scottie has been looking for things I can use in the costume because he's amazing! <3

I forgot the Voice was starting back up again! We watched that tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to not be drowning in country. I don't dislike country, but I have to be in the mood for it and last season burned me out on country so bad because that was all they did omg.
I was so amused by the girl that pounced on Adam! And the guy that said he was afraid he'd be too distracted by Adam's handsomeness. lol I thought it was fun to have the original judges back together. I don't think anyone has really blown me away yet, we'll have to see who ends up being my favorites.

And now, for The Hollow Crown! Saturday we watched Richard II, and I was really impressed by Ben Whishaw's performance! I just wanted to make things alright for him, even though I knew it wasn't to be. I was certainly excited to see it, but of course I was most excited to watch Hiddles as Prince Hal/Henry V. I've watched Part I so far, and OMG ALL THE FEELS.
I really need to get to bed, so I won't start writing about that just yet, but yeah. *points up to gif*
milleniumgypsy: (Marvel- Loki shock)
I drew another chibi Loki/etc comic tonight! Scottie really likes them. :3 I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to post them. I think if I do they should be coloured. And if I do start making comics regularly I should probably put them into a more standard format. Atm they're sort of running amok in my sketchbook. It's fun though!

Watched Rissoli and Isles tonight and got hit in the feels. It's so sad about Lee Thompson Young's passing. :(

Then I read the most recent Girls with Slingshots comic about the artist's grandmother's passing, and since it was all about sending postcards to an awesome gramma that also hit me in the feels. It made me think of my gramma, and the folder of postcards I have that will never be sent. She was an awesome lady and I miss her still.

boxes of feels

Sorry about the lack of sculpting progress, I'll get back to posting art soon. I just haven't really figured out how I'm going to post my comic stuff and I haven't had time to sculpt! I hope I'm not being too boring. n_n'
milleniumgypsy: (Nanoha and fert)
So I ended up watching the last couple of episodes of Defiance tonight, so I didn't get as far with pony painting as I'd meant to. I actively watch that show since there's stuff that I'd otherwise miss. I did a little bit though, and I imagine I'll be able to finish her up tomorrow.

I liked that show, I'm glad that another season is coming out. It's not until next June though! D: That's a long time to wait to see what happened. Me and Scottie both thought that there was a bit too much emphasis on continually ramping up tension though.

I couldn't play the game, I'm curious how the game ended up influencing the show!

Irisa and Alak Tarr were my favorite characters, and I was also very fond of Nolan.

I want to make a custom Irisa MH doll in the future! I still need MSC though to make MH customs. *facepalm* I'm not sure what I will use for a base though. Torelai is -perfect-, but I've never even seen a Torelai, let alone get one to use for custom bait. xP I have a kitty CAM that I got for the purpose, but she's pink so I'd have to figure out full body paint. There's also the glow in the dark mystical CAM cat, but that's really bright orange. Plus that set doesn't come with matching upper arms *side eyes Mattel*. e_e

Have a picture of a sleeping Chaos.
Why yes, I do sleep with my feet on my head, why do you ask?

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