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Pony!Loki paint continued

Just a quick post, I did some paint on Pony!Loki tonight. Some shading n stuffs. :3 Still not done but I'm happy with how things are coming. I'm going for kind of the shadowed look he had when he arrived on the scene in the Avengers.
loki has been here 30 seconds

Scottie also got the tablet set up on my computer, and I drew a bit of comic on it! I've always had something of a disconnect drawing on the tablet vs just a sketchpad, and I got over that! So that's pretty cool.

I still need to post about Fur Rondy, but that's going to have to wait as it's too late to get into that!

We watched Helix tonight, I thought it was actually a really interesting episode! People still make silly decisions, but I felt more drawn into the show on this episode tonight. I think that's a good thing!Is it weird that I want Dr. Hatake's watch? *koff*

Also, in the background today we had 2 Fast 2 Furious, then Tokyo Drift on the tv. Right now Joy Ride is on, and I haven't seen that movie in SO LONG. Paul Walker is just a bb there, it's hard to believe he's not here anymore.
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So I finally watched Captain America! I have had the movie since Scottie got me the special Avengers box set for our anniversary this last November, and I really wanted to get all the movies watched that I've missed. That's one of the reasons that I wanted the box originally! I have this erm... tendency though to either put in the Avengers or Thor though for the 1000000000th time though when I go to grab a movie out of that box. No idea why. *koff*
What was I doing again?

But I really did want to watch Cap's origin story, he's the only one I haven't seen yet! Plus ya'know if I do want to see the Winter Soldier in the theater, I'll want to have watched the first movie.

So here's how I felt after watching the movie:
cap right in the feels
The poor bb. T_T

Something neat I saw, Jenna Coleman (Clara on Dr Who) had a small part! Scottie was reading in the bedroom (he'd seen the movie before, and had a headache and so wanted to lie down) and he heard my fangirl squee when she came on. xD
I also thought it was awesome that they had Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. I told Scottie that I was excited that they had Agent Elrond, because I'm a dork.

More specific things under a spoiler cut:

I had to squee at seeing the tesseract, the Yggdrasil mural where it was hidden, and also at the end where they showed Asgard space. xD

The part where little Steve threw himself on the grenade at training camp? Aw, the bb. I think that's a good scene to show his character.

I had to laugh at "Do you two... fondue?" xD I was talking to that scene to Scottie after regarding the different Starks, but he didn't quite remember the reference. He was like fondue? And I was like well, we fondue, and then he was like "Well, I am Fond Oh You" and it was really cute. xD

Then of course there's Bucky.
bucky glance
I couldn't help but think that writers really like to throw characters from high places (Loki, Bucky, Sherlock.....)
bucky fall
Poor cap...

And of course the end of the movie also hurt my heart. "I had a date." Just, ow my feels. T_T

I'm really happy that I've watched that now so Cap can be one of my Marvel bbs properly.
Of course Loki is still my bb 1000000%

I feel a bit spoiled as I didn't feel like there was any eye candy in that movie for me though (besides the little bit with Clara).
Cap!Loki costume is a bit much
Well ok now that I can certainly get behind xD

I have more things to post about, but I'll have to talk about them later! This weekend was the start of Fur Rondy, a winter festival that coincides with the Iditarod here, and we went out to enjoy some of the stuffs!
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So I don't have a lot of time to post as I need to get to bed, but I wanted to make a quick little post. Just watched Star Trek: Into Darkness. I've been meaning to watch this movie for ages now, and tonight we finally grabbed it from RedBox. I really, really liked it! We'd gone to see the first one in the theater, but we didn't get to see this one there. Kinda wish that I had been able to!
As we were walking to the truck I was saying to Scottie that I was going to see an attractive british villian in a glass box, though not my favorite flavor of attractive british villian in a glass box. xD
Loki in glass box
That would be this bb right here, who isn't really a villian but I'm going to go with it for what I'm trying to say here.

What was I saying? Oh, here's the british villian on a glass box I'm talking about!
KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN OH wait we're not there yet. Hello Khan how are you?

Upcoming under the cut:
Hiddles spoilers
I was SO AMUSED by the paralells between Khan's capture and Loki's capture. I said to Scottie that Khan needed to give someone a knowing smile to someone as he was being marched in.
More generally, I thought that Benidict Cumberbatch did a really good job with the part. :3

I thought it was rather appropriate that in the parallel universe Spock was the one shouting KHAAAAAAAAN (I mean, that is so iconic). Also, the fact that Kirk sacrificing himself in the same way that Spock sacrificed himself in the past movies was a nice touch.

I had to fangirl squee at Original!Spock making an appearance to talk to New!Spock. Spock is one of my most favorite characters and has been since I was a kid so much love. <3 <3 <3

I want to talk more about it but I've already stayed up too late, and I'm planning on going in to work tomorrow. So later!
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The Thor marathon was amazing and oh my pudding Loki the Dark World is now my favorite movie ever!
I laughed! I cried! I squee'd! Soooo much fangirling was had. xD
After I got out of the marathon (which is about 7.5 hours of movie!) the only thing I wanted to do was go and see it again!
Hiddles uncontrollably excited
At the end of the movie all I could do was squee at Scottie. Then I was like "You can say something intelligeble, and... I'll make incoherent fangirl squeals at you apparently." xD

I'll have to put together a proper reaction post tomorrow because it is late and I've finally calmed down enough to sleep. xD

I encourage everyone to see the movie! A+++++++∞ would squee again! xD
loki impressed
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Do you know what tomorrow is?


Hiddles weeeeeeeeeeee

And I'm not just going to see the new movie! I'm going to the marathon of course! IT'S GOING TO BE SO AMAZING I'M GOING TO DIE BUT IN THE BEST WAY.
Hiddles uncontrollably excited

I actually smooshed my schedule around so that I could go to the marathon, it starts at 3 and I'm normally still at work then. I almost took the day off (THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME ALRIGHT??) but I decided to not. Of course, this week I started getting hassled about taking time off because apparently my union says we need to take 5 days off a year (I accrue leave but I only use it to cash out to supplement my not terribly substantial income) and I've only taken 2 days off so far this year because I was sick last December. I could have taken the day off and dealt with at least some of that.
I haven't been this excited to see a movie since Return of the King! I watched the extended editions of Fellowship and Two Towers before heading out to the opening. xD There have been movies I've been excited about, but this would be the last time I was this excited.
This is like, Christmas for me! (erm, at least Christmas feels that I should have lol)

I'm going to see Thor, then The Avengers, and then Thor The Dark World at it's first showing!
They're all going to be in 3D, which will be interesting because I haven't seen either of the other two in 3D before! I'm going to take premptive pain meds to make sure I don't get a headache. n_n'
Because of the truck repairs, it looked like I was going solo because we could swing one set of tickets but not for both of us. Scottie surprised me yesterday though and told me that we were able to get two sets of tickets after all! He was going to surprise me at the theatre but he couldn't keep it in that long. Because he knew it would make me happy and he gets squees, and it seems silly to wait. xD
hiddles dance break it outHiddles daaaance
He said that while he's excited to see the movie, he's more excited about being around me while I'm exploding with excited feels. xD

Scottie has also been working on a little something for me! You can't see it very well in this picture, but he did a viking knit band out of brass wire, and he has brass pieces that I put together in Inkscape based on kid Loki's circlet. He's so amazing! <3
A little Loki project :3

Now time for bed so I can be awake for work and then like 8 hours of amazingness!
Tom Loki yeah shoot
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Not nearly as much done tonight as I was hoping. Not long after I got home I ended up with a pretty awful migraine. I took excedrin for it but it only took the edge off. Not thrilling, and not terribly useful for productivity.
hiddles thinking erm
I did a little bit, getting accents settled in inkscape and then transferring them to cardboard (for armature). Also did a little more work on the horn shaping. I was really hoping to have the sculpt finished tonight though. *grumbles*

Lady Loki diadem progress
I know Ghoulia, I know.

I ended up curling up with Scottie to watch Avatar for the worst of the migraine. I'm still off but it's not nearly as bad as it was earlier. And I love that movie so much, so that and cuddles was nice. <3

Watched The Voice tonight, I was thrilled that my bb Jonny Gray won his knockout! I did flail around after the two of them performed because Adam said it didn't matter who Ceelo chose because he'd take the other with his steal! But I still wanted Jonny to win, because well, I want him to win in general. xD Blake ended up also going for the steal as well and got the other guy over Adam (nuuuuuuu).
Erm, I can't remember the other guys name. Nothing against him though, he did a really good job! But really, I'm on Team Jonny. xD
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First off, a note about my Loki comics! Scottie is completely amazing and took one of my comics, vectorized it, and coloured it! I need to do a little bit more with it, and then I think I will post it here soon, hopefully tomorrow!

Today was interesting! It was payday and when we looked at the bank we found more money there than I was expecting! There was something negotiated with my union that got us back some money, it had something to do with my health insurance plan. Most of that money is going towards bills, but we got a few fun things!

First off, we wanted to check out some candles so we went to Walmart. While there, we stopped by the doll aisle, of course! THERE WERE SO MANY THINGS OMG. The Spectra 13 wishes DJ set! Abbey and Heath (which I really, really want)! The Cleo and Ghoulia lab partners set! The Die-ner pack with Operetta and Lala! A bunch of 13 Wishes dolls! The 13 Wishes Cleo with the playset. The Ghouls Night out 4 pack. I didn't even know what to do with myself. I was just like
Side note, Scottie is amused that I tend to say "Oh my ghoul"

Scottie actually nearly picked up the Spectra for me earlier in the day, because he's amazing and knew that I'd love her (which I did), but he wanted to make sure that I got the doll that I most wanted so he waited. He felt relatively safe leaving her since she was more expensive than a single doll due to the playset, so there was a better chance there would still be one there later after work.
So I was torn, but then there was this baby doll behind me in the aisle that was motion sensitive and kept making these creepy noises. I decided that I was officially done with listening to it, so I was going to put it somewhere else (really I just wanted to punt it out of the store but ya'know). While moving it down the aisle, I saw on the back wall more MH dolls... and I saw her. CATRINE. CATRINE YOU GUYS! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER FOR SO LONG!
Hiddles uncontrollably excited
So, I finally have her! There were two, and I picked the nicest looking of the two. Just, so happy!

I'll have to post pictures of her tomorrow. I've felt really sick today so I haven't been terribly productive. n_n'

Literally the first words out of my mouth when I saw we had some extra money were "Sooo we can get The Avengers now?!" xD But there's that awesome box set so I'm not sure. After thinking about it for a bit, I'm probably not going to do that because it's rather expensive (though it's not overpriced for what's in it), and that's a lot of money at once. It makes more sense to get The Avengers by itself. BUT there's another thing I really really want, and that's The Hollow Crown. I'm thinking that I'm going to pick that up on Amazon first, and then get The Avengers next month.

How did it get this late?
tom you are going to be so sleepy
Yes yes Hiddles I know. xD
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So I'm totally a fan of the new Bond movies (Daniel Craig is totally my Bond), and so I was really excited to see Skyfall. We rented that tonight! It was super cheap too since there was a promotion that we got from Red Box, so the rental was only 0.30! xD

I'mg going to try and not be spoilery. :3

This entry in the Bond line-up was a bit light on plot, but it was still entertaining. It seemed to be setting up for the end, but that wasn't a terrible thing since it was important.

I thought it was visually stunning! The scenes in Shanghai were beautiful, and I really loved the club scenes. But then the scenes at Skyfall were also gorgeous. The action was also quite entertaining. I love all the parkour. Scottie said that all the throwbacks to earlier Bond films made this a fun movie for the Bond connoisseur.

I fangirl squeaked in the beginning because Naomie Harris was in it! If you're not sure who she is, she was Calypso in Pirates of the Carribean, but she'll always be Selena from 28 Days Later to me! 28 Days Later is totally one of my favorite movies. :3
Here she is with my other bb Cillian Murphy! Just <3!

I am so amused that I watched The Dark Knight Rises just a couple of nights ago and squee'd at Scarecrow's cameo, and now I have Naomie in the next movie that I watched!

I also learned something while I was looking for 28 Days Later images. Hawkeye was in 28 Weeks Later! Now, I hated 28 Weeks Later, but that was due to poor plot, not anything that he did in the movie. xD But I was still really amused!
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So I am continuing on in my watching of all the movies that I was previously too much of a bag of cats to watch even though I wanted to watch them. Not that I'm no longer a bag of cats, but I am slowly returning to my normal bag of cats state. THIS IS A GOOD THING YOU GUYS YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW
Hiddles weeeeeeeeeeee

Anyway, we rented The Dark Knight Rises finally! We watched that today. I had a mixed bag of feels.

The Dark Knight is one of my most favorite movies. It was really amazing, and it would be difficult to top, especially when they couldn't use the Joker after Heath's passing. I also really loved Batman Begins (and not just because I <3 Cillian Murphy), me and Scottie both loved that movie and weren't sure that they could top it though they totally did.
Joker madness
Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker and I think that just elevated the movie so much. Trying to follow up all of that amazingness was probably difficult, but we were hoping that it would at least reach the quality of the first movie. We didn't think it did.

The movie had some... issues.

Here is my review, under a cut in case you have not seen it yet (spoilers!) )

I did enjoy the movie though. It was entertaining enough despite the problems. I'm glad I rented it though because I doubt that I'd go out of my way to watch it again, though I'm happy to have seen it. I've watched the Dark Knight numerous times though and will watch it many more times I'm sure.
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So today we went to the grocery store to pick up some cheese. While we were there, we discovered that the grocery store was under even more remodeling than it was the last time we were there. We also discovered that this was the reason that the Red Box was missing, it actually had been moved to a weird spot inside of the store.

So we rented The Avengers today! OMG, it was amazing! I don't even know where to start. Can I just fangirl everyone? xD I want to fangirl ALL THE THINGS. lol
Crazy Loki

It certainly made things that were in Iron Man III make more sense. Of course, I've still never seen Thor or Captain America. There are so many holes in my movie viewing because of the time I've spent in the field. lol :P I NEED TO RECTIFY THIS ASAP.

We could totally see Joss's influence in the movie, and he did an amazing job! He did a really good job of pulling all of these different characters into the movie and making it about the group and not just one character.


Is everything a joke to you
Funny things are

A bit spoilery if you haven't seen the movie yet )
Loki crazy laugh

I found this while I was looking for gifs. OMG FOCUS TONY!
This was from the tumblr blog muffinpassion13

Iron Man 3

Jul. 17th, 2013 12:38 am
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Sooo probably not going to do any arts tonight. Going to talk about the movie but nothing terribly spoilery.

Iron Man 3 came to the cheap theatre so we went to go see it (if we had the monies, we totally would have done the regular theatre). I LOVED IT. OMG. IT GOT ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS.
Iron Man 3

I didn't realize exactly how perfect it was going to be for me until I went to go see it. I looooved the first two Iron Man movies so I was really excited about the next installment. I am sad to say that as much as I want to see the Avengers I haven't yet. It came out while I was at Pilot last and directly coming back from it I was too spaztastic to go to the theatre.

After watching the movie I was like IF I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW MORNING I WOULD FIND A REDBOX AND RENT IT RIGHT NOW. All caps is also very appropriate because I was basically exploding with feels during the movie and when we were out of the theatre. It's sort of silly that I haven't seen the Avengers yet, but it basically has a lot to do with my state of mind that I just couldn't sit still long enough to watch a movie most of the time.

Iron Man is my new patron super hero. It was Spidey, and I still love me some Spidey, but this just speaks to me more now. In the beginning of the movie I was like this is how I am about stuff, this is how I feel (right down to his manic creating). And then I was like, if a freaking super hero can deal with these feels I can deal with these feels. (I realize it's fictional, but that doesn't matter.)
Iron Man 3 comfort

Though at the moment, I still feel like this:
Spinning N
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Tonight Scottie and I had a date night! We went to see Oz the Great and Powerful! I saw previews for it the last time we were at the theater (for Scottie's birthday in January, when we saw Les Mis) and I'd wanted to see it. :3 We used to go to the movies a lot, but we haven't gone very often the last couple of years (a mix of cost issues and me being too antsy to get me into a theatre).

But tonight we decided to go! The cheap theatre was playing Oz so that worked out well. :3

I thought the movie was quite cute and funny! I'm going to avoid being spoilery, but I wanted to talk about a character that was introduced in the movie.

The little china doll girl. I hadn't seen her in the (one?) preview I'd seen, so when I saw her I was squeeing like mad. SHE HAS BALL JOINTS! SHE'S LIKE THE SIZE OF A BJD. SHE IS SOOOO CUTE OMGGGGGGGGGG. I liked the movie quite a bit but by far she was my favorite part of the movie. xD

I was a bit surprised by spoilers )

My one complaint is that in some of the opening scenes in Oz, when we were looking at scenery, the movie didn't translate into 2D well. We weren't watching the 3D version, so I wasn't expecting the scenes to be all weird and blurry like you were watching a 3D movie without the glasses. I don't know what happened there because it wasn't an issue for the rest of the movie though. o_O

I took a picture of my Soah yesterday and didn't post it yet. Here's my lovely Soah holding Frankie. Not the fanciest picture but I thought it turned out nice enough. n_n

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I haven't posted recently, partly because I've been busy because Sunday was Scottie's birthday! (He's [ profile] tanvan btw! xD)

First things first we went to see Les Mis, he was really excited to see it! I enjoyed it way more than I thought I was going to (I kept hearing how depressing it was). It wasn't nearly as depressing as all that, lol. We haven't been to the movies in ages so it was extra special. n_n'

I've been planning on running a Pathfinder game for Scottie, so I started getting ready to play on Saturday. We had gotten a couple of paths from Paizo a couple years ago but never had time to play and now we're doing it! The first volume of the adventure is in the second picture. :3 It's kind of weird to me because I'm used to making up the whole thing, but having a premade adventure works way better when I'm working. Less to prepare!

We found an awesome game mat a few years ago and Scottie built a table that fits it perfectly! We also have a plexiglass top that we can put over the mat, and I can draw on it with dry erase markers. It's also beautiful when we take the mat off, it has a lovely stained wood finish underneath. :)

Games! )

For dinner that night Scottie made stuffed peppers! They were super good. :D

Tasty foods! )

Here's a picture of Scottie with the ferrets at the end of the night! They were being all cute and cuddley. :3

Armful of ferrets! )

I also got him a "card", which was an omnibus of Ghost Whisperer comics! I thought that a comic was a much cooler thing than a card and something that Scottie would probably enjoy more. n_n I'm also getting him a razor, we just haven't gotten it yet. :3

I also have been sculpting, but I haven't posted about it yet! I just don't think I've done enough yet to warrant a post. n_n
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I seem like I'm always lately missing out on writing entries that I may have otherwise written because I get backlogged on things that I want to write. That seems silly, doesn't it? The longer I wait to write more things the more things I have to write about. At that rate, I will never get anywhere.

Today I went swimming. I've been swimming a lot, it is the best stress reliever and it is something that I love to do. Since I live about a five or so minute walk away from the lake, it is silly to not take advantage of that, right? It's beautiful, I have across the lake a lovely view of the mountain range, and forest behind the shore.

After I went swimming when I was walking back up the trail I heard a rustling in the trees to my left. I looked and saw about 5-10 feet away two mule deer fawns. They looked at me, and since I was still and they were unsure if I was a threat, they watched me for a bit and then began to eat again. I watched them for a little bit, then the mother came into view. She looked at me, and the fawns bounded off behind the mother, then came back to where they had been. They didn't seem to be bothered by me, usually the deer around here aren't all that bothered by people. They started walking towards me so I moved further uphill down the trail. They crossed near where I had been standing and continued on their way across. Nothing terribly exciting, but they were cute.
This was a much nicer experience than last summer when I saw a bear in a similar area when walking down to swim. Everyone gets so excited about bears but I would much rather see deer than a bear, thank you very much.

This weekend me and Scottie saw a few movies. On Friday we were in Jackson and we watched Live Free or Die Hard. We hadn't realized that Harry Potter was opening that night until we had bought our tickets and saw the poster in the theater. We thought HP was opening on the 17th, but that is the book release date. Oops. Not that we'd want to go opening night! As much as we wanted to see the movie, opening night for HP? That would be way too insane. So we saw that movie, which was entertaining. We noticed that there was a midnight showing of Ghostbusters that very night. So we went to see that too. That was fun!

Sunday we went into Jackson again with the idea to get some chinese food and watch Harry Potter. Still opening weekend, but we wanted to see it. So we did. Theater was sold out and we ended up in the front row because that was where there was two free seats together. Walking in I saw 2 empty seats in separate parts of the theater. I have never been in a sold out theater before!

I loved the movie! I know that they had to leave out stuff from the book, there was no way to fit it all in and there were things that were left out of the previous movie so of course they couldn't be in this one, but still, it was good. I remember that OoTP was I think my least favorite book out of the series. I'm not saying it was bad, I did like it. But that was the most angsty book and sometimes that would wear on me. I don't feel like doing a full review so I'm not going to be giving away any spoilers. hehe

Me and Scottie are eagerly awaiting the last book, which we preordered from B&N. I'm excited!

Well, I think that I will give a quick rundown of movies we have seen so far this summer. Transformers (shiny and fun, lots of action and a couple of cute girls hehe), Spider-Man 3 (shiny of course, though we think that it would have been better as 2 movies), Evan Almighty (that was quite funny!), Pirates of the Carribean 3 (that was awesome!), Fantastic Four- Rise of the Silver Surfer (good, especially considering I have not seen the first one, though Scottie gave me the run-down of their story, not that complicated lol)... and I'm not sure if I've missed any. But I just felt like writing what I've seen so far. hehe

I've been reading a lot. I just read Fudoki, a story about a cat that becomes a woman in feudal Japan- written by a dying Empress. Both the fictional empress and cat-womans stories intertwine. It is very interesting. There is another book by Kij Johnson called The Fox Woman, and I really want to read that too. I've read Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and am currently reading Speaker for the Dead. I started to read Asimov's Foundation trilogy, I just need to get Second Foundation (the third book) from the library. I've read other things, but those are the most recent books.
I've also been listening to audiobooks at work. I've listened to The Hours and Dragonflight. I started listening to Les Miserables and Flight of the Phoenix, but neither of them want to work all the way thru on the cd player I have there. Frustrating really. I also got Darwins Origin of Species.

Well, that's all for now.

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