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So last night when we were at the store, the Star Trek Into Darkness rental wasn't the only thing I brought home! I also found the lovely Scaremester Catrine! I didn't have time last night to unbox her, but I did that tonight and took pictures while I was watching the Avengers. I mean, I had to see my favorite flavor of british villian anti-hero in a glass box, after all. xD
I'm still so out of it, that was about the extent of what I was capable of today. I am almost a functioning human again though, which is good.

Anyway, here's pictures of Catrine, who is gorgeous btw!
Unboxing pics and box art )

Scaremester Catrine
I love that her tail bow actually has a little kitty MH skull in the center of the bow, instead of just the standard MH skull or even just a standard bow. xD

Catrine's accessories )

Then I decided to take some more pictures of Catrine with another doll, and decided Rochelle made sense. And then I decided they were cute together. xD I was originally going to pair Catrine with Catty Noir, but now I'm not sure. n_n'

Rochelle and Catrine
Rochelle liked the Scarisian fromage and ghost truffles I brought for her, which is purrfect

Puuurrrrfection )

Rochelle and Catrine
Hello darling~

Ok, now I have to get to bed!
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Still not feeling well, so here are some previously unposted photos I took of Jinafire and Heath. I thought that I might post them around now because of the romantic holiday times. n_n

How lovely
Hello Darling~


More pictures of Heath and Jinafire )

I was super excited today because Top Gear was finally showing the new episode that had Hiddles as the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car!
Forever driving in puddles
It aired last week across the pond, but didn't show here until this week. I know that I could have found it online somewhere, but I decided to wait and watch it on tv all official like. xD
The interview was amazing too! I loved how they were talking about the Jaguar #GoodToBeBad ad campaign that he's a part of, and how he was acting all cool and collected for the shoot while up in the helicopter:
here to drink tea and entice ladies

Actual Feels:

Considering how bad I felt today, which was at least a bit better than yesterday, I was especially excited to have that to watch today! Luckily too I had the day off today because it's a holiday (President's Day).
I'm going to stay home from work tomorrow too, since while I usually am ok with just pushing through work no matter how crappy I feel, these last couple of days are not those kind of days.

I was really excited to watch the final bit of Olympics ice dancing, cuddled up with Scottie. I thought Meryl Davis and Charlie White had a really nice performance, and I have to say that I was in love with her outfit. So sparkly! Also, while I loved their performance, I had to laugh whenever her skirt would go fluttering in front of his face in lifts. What's visability? Not that it was necessary, and not that it was blocking his view for long, but it amused me anyway. xD
I also loved Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir! Their performance was really nice.
Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani's performance was a lot of fun! I wasn't sold on it when it started, because of the song choice. But then it went from the first Michael Jackson song to Man in the Mirror, which will now forever make me smile because I've heard Hiddles sing it, and shoot there is a gif of it on my journal RIGHT NOW in an entry with him singing it (Priorities I haz dem)... And then they went to Thriller and I love that song, and so I got more into it as it went. Also really liked the costume change he did mid performance. Not as good of a performance as others but I thought it was a lot of fun.
When Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalap came on I was like IS SHE THE BLACK SWAN and she was. Scottie said that they did really good, but it seemed like they needed more practice to get their great individual things to flow together, and that if they were early in their career that they'd end up being more of a threat later. And then they said that she was only 19, and he was 22, and that we'd be sure to see more of them, so he totes called that.

Also, I was just on DeviantArt. I went and poked around and noticed that people have been commenting on my stuff, and putting my stuff in faves and I had absolutely no idea. xD I've been a member of DA for more than 10 years, but for the most part I never uploaded anything until recently. I have a whole crapload of things in the notices thing that I've been meaning to clear out that have built up over those 10 years, though for some reason it didn't occur to me that was where I needed to be looking at for activity on my stuff. I felt like I was in a bubble and that nobody saw anything I put there. Not true, I was just unintentially ignoring people! Erm, oops.
hiddles facepalm
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So tonight I decided to take some pictures of Cupid, Lala, Rochelle, and Pony!Lala for a last Valentines photoshoot! Partly to distract myself from how sick I feel.

How cute is this bear?

More pictures with Cupid and Rochelle )

Pony!Lala and friends
Shall we let the bear take a ride?

One more picture )

Pony!Lala and friends
All the ghouls!

And in other news everything hurts oh my gawd what is this I don't even
I just realized that this gif is especially apt because I was worrying Scottie because I'm making pained noises sort of like what Loki is doing there without realizing it.

I'm going to go curl up somewhere and die maybe sleep.
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I told Scottie that Robecca reminds me so much of Cordelia from BtVS (Charisma Carpenter), I think it's especially pronounced in these pictures!

Spiders! They want me to tap dance! I don't want to tap dance! )

Now here are more of the detail pictures:

Robecca close up
I love her gear eyes!

I tried to show the gears on the back of her calves, they spin!

More detail pictures )
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Tonight I unboxed my Dance Class Robecca Steam, she's so pretty! I don't really have time to take a lot of pictures, I think tomorrow I'll take some detail pics of her. Maybe do a photoshoot of her with Scottie's DC Operetta since she needs more attention too. :3 But I took a couple pictures of her anyway!

Picture of unboxing )

I learned new tap steps!

I was tired of everyone asking me to do the robot.

In other news, this is how I feel about many things right now.
loki is done
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Tonight I did some more sculpting on the Loki pony. I worked more on the face sculpt, then attached the head to the body. I did some sculpting around the neck, and also planned the ears. I didn't get quite as far as I'd have wanted to, but still- got some done!


Tomorrow I should be able to finish up the neck, then sculpt the ears and start the mane and tail. :3

In other news, Scottie has been an amazing chef lately (like he always is, but still!) Since I was sick on Sunday he made chicken noodle soup for me from scratch. It was so good! And then yesterday he made homeade spring rolls, which were amazing. I was also having a craving for spagetti last week when I was feeling the most sick, and he ran out at midnight to get spagetti and sauce so I could have spagetti. He's such a sweetie! xD I think he wanted to make sure that I was eating so that I'd be able to get better sooner.
hiddles eating apology

So sleepy, I hope I'm making some amount of sense. Time for bed!
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I did a lot of sculpting today actually. I got the body together, which was more difficult than normal because I am using much stronger leg armatures than normal. They were the ones I was originally going to use on the N pony, but I'd misplaced them. It turns out that I didn't need quite as strong wire for the sculpt since I didn't have the hefty wire for N and worked fine, but since I'd already cut and shaped them I used them for this. It just makes any repositioning a pain in my assgardian soul, ehehehe.
Tom!Loki pain in assgardian soul
I was just looking at this and I can't help myself.

Anyway, got the body put together and sculpted. I have plans for some different posing in upcoming sculpts, but for the first Loki pony I wanted a somewhat nuetral position.
I did a lot of sculping on the head as well, and am sculpting the face. I'm really pleased with how that's coming along.

Ah, Balder, thy name is Laughter
Alas, poor Balder!- I knew him, Horatio.

Tomorrow I should be able to finish the head sculpt, attach ears, finish the body... and bake hopefully! Then work on the mane and tail next. :3

I have tomorrow off because it's a holiday, so I'm pretty excited about what I'll be able to do tomorrow!
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So I edited a couple of pictures that I took with Heath and Abbey last night. I wanted to do something a little different, so there's only a couple of them. Now I know that they aren't perfect, but it was just a bit of fun. :3

And yes, my version of Heath is suave. Have you seen his cheekbones? That has to give him a wicked bonus to Charisma. xD

Want to see a trick?
Would you like to see a trick?

My heart burns for you?

(I just can't help myself.)

I have a couple more pictures to do still from that set, but I should get to bed. Goodnight my lovelies!
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So I am quite thrilled with my Heath doll. I adore his sculpt! He's my favorite of the boys, and he was the first boy that was a for sure must have for me. I'm super glad I was able to get him!
I have a Clawd, but he came with an ebay lot I bought to get a Cupid when I couldn't find her in stores to save my life. I'm really glad I have him because after buying a Forbitten Love set to split with someone for the Lala (how I wish I'd just bought the set for myself instead now, lol) I realized that I also really liked Clawd. I also have a Duece, but he was in that garage sale lot of rescue dolls I got last summer (which was an amazing find that I'm still happy about lol). Both of those dolls I like very much, but Heath is the first male doll that I've bought in store just for him.

I have a lot of head canon in regards to my dolls. In the show I know Heath is kinda paired with Abbey. But in my little story, Abbey is paired with Venus. Also, fire and ice is interesting and sort of like Abbey/Venus (Winter/Summer), but I like that idea less. I thought about what character I had that might like the warms. Then I saw Jinafire, my dragon doll...

First meeting...

No time for more pictures, so to be continued!
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I have a couple of dolls that I got actually back in the fall that I hadn't unboxed yet (my reasons for not unboxing them are a little odd, but that's sort of irrelevant.) I decided to unbox my Heath/Abbey set this weekend! I actually have a plan for Heath, which is why I finally decided to unbox them just now. :3

Picture of them before unboxing )

But I decided to do a little photoshoot of them with the props that came with them, they're a Home Ick set and the theme is Recipe for Disaster.

Are you sure this is the right ingredient?
Heath: Are you sure this is the right ingredient?
Abbey: Of course is right ingredient.

The rest of my photostory for a recipe for disaster )
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I'd been thinking of taking my witch CAM and putting the glittery red dress on her, and my red wig for a Christmasy photoshoot. :3

This is like putting a costume on a cat you realize.

Poinsettias )
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So on Thursday when I was walking home I was tweeting that it was cold, that the cold was making my eyes water, and the tears were freezing because it was so cold. And that it was making it hard for me to read my twitter feed, because I have priorities. Of course, halfway into my walk the cold drained my phone's battery so I couldn't keep looking at twitter anyway, but that's beside the point. xD

When I got home, Scottie had a cup of hot chocolate ready for me, which was really sweet! I'm not sure if he'd seen my tweet or if he just knew I'd be cold, but he's just awesome.
He'd also gotten out our little Christmas tree and set it up! He wanted to surprise me. :D The tree still needed to be trimmed because he knows that I like to do that, but it was so sweet of him to do!

Last night I decided to do what I've been meaning to do since I got Saya (my Elfdoll Soah), to do a photoshoot of her decorating our tree! It seems like the perfect thing because it's a really good size.

Trimming the tree
Where do I put this?

Contemplating the ornament

The rest of the tree trimming pictures )

All finished!
All finished!

I wish I had a slightly more interesting background, like what I do with my Monster High dolls, but erm she's just a touch (or quite a bit more than a touch at 60 cm) larger than a Monster High. lol
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Sorry I haven't been posting guys! I haven't been feeling all that well.

I took some pictures yesterday at the office, we have a little tree there that I thought might be cute to take pictures of the ghouls with.

Decorating the tree
Where should I put this?

How shall we decorate the tree? )

Today was the day of an holiday charity event called the Dough Run. My office is divided into five sections (Wildlife, Commercial Fisheries, Subsistence Fisheries, Admin, and erm something else) and each section had a little bake sale type thing going on. At each station if you spend at least $1 you get a sealed envelope with a playing card inside. At the end of the Dough Run you bring your sealed cards to a room and the people (not sure how many?) with the highest hand win a prize. And if you don't, well, you have a bunch of bakery. All proceeds from the event go to local charities (which they listed on their flyer). How can you go wrong?
Christmas treats
What a fangtastic bunch of treats!

I ate some of this stuff today at work lol. I also didn't eat breakfast or lunch (not that I usually eat much of anything, but ya'know) so it wasn't as bad as it could have been for calorie insanity.

More things to say but it is late so time for bed!
gif sleepy huska
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I went for a little walk today, though I didn't get quite as far as I wanted because the sidewalks weren't terribly walkable. It was snowing heavily since Friday so we got pretty buried. I don't know how much snow we got but I saw a report of 17 inches as a possible amount that we'd get.

I took a couple of pictures on the way, though it got dark early in my walk which was a bummer. It's been rather overcast too, and I've been hoping for more sun for pictures. But I decided that I wanted to take some pictures so I went with it anyway. xP

Snowy trees

A couple more pictures )

We went out today because I saw that Target was having a sale on the Power Ghoul dolls, down to $9! That included the Catastrophe Torelai doll, and I've wanted a Torelai since she came out and I've never even seen her anywhere at all. xP I was hoping she'd be there! She wasn't, but I did see that there was a sale on the Scary Tales dolls as well, down to $10 from $28. I didn't have Threaderella yet (Frankie), so I picked her up! She's so pretty. I'll need to get pictures of her later.

Scotte was waiting for the truck to warm up before leaving, and while he was waiting he unburied the neighbor lady's car. She's a bit older and has a rather hard time getting around, so Scottie wanted to help her out (he helps carry her groceries and stuff too, when we're out at the same time, and stuff like that). I told him that he's a giant sweetheart, which he is, but he doesn't think he was doing anything super special. But so many people wouldn't do that! He does things like that all the time too.
It's one of the reasons that Hiddles reminds me of Scottie, and they both have the same reaction to being told how perfect they are. ehehehe
hiddles omg
I'm a bit too sleepy to articulate my feelings, but I still wanted to put something out there. n_n'

Time for sleeps.
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Tonight I continued the N pony paint! I lightened the whole body paint to a really pale buckskin, and now I'm really happy with him. I did touchups all over the body, painted around the eyes more, and now the main painting is done I think. Now it's detailing! I'm happy. :3

N pony paint continued

One more picture )

Watched Grimm tonight! Did anyone else laugh at Captain Renard saying that he was going to go to Tahiti? I feel like it was a SHIELD reference. xD (They're previous Buffy writers after all, and Whedon is doing SHIELD and obvs Buffy was his). When I heard that I laughed and said to Scottie "Well, Tahiti is a magical place!" ehehehe

Also, Scottie got me a Christmas present! I'd retweeted a link about a preorder for The Pirate Fairy, which I was excited about (Captain Hook is voiced by Hiddles!), and Scottie saw it and then was like "hey cutie... I got a thing" xD It won't be in until April, but it will be miiiiine as soon as it is available and Scottie is so amazing eeeee! :D
Hiddles weeeeeeeeeeee
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hiddles cookie

So yesterday after I posted my card post, LJ went down as I was editing my pictures. So I couldn't post the pictures I'd mentioned until today since it stayed down until after I'd gone to bed. But here they are now! :D

I don't know if you can see on the paper, but the background I'm using is a Christmas postcard, which I thought would be appropriate to go with an entry about Christmas cards. :3

The custom Frankie (not painted by me, I need to track down the artist of the face-up) I have doesn't get enough love, so I decided to take pictures of her with the gingerbread plushie, and the tiny gingerbread cookies I have for her. (I also have cookie cutters and more cookies! I intend to do something more with those later. :3)

Want a cookie?
Want a cookie?

More cookies )
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Finally got my application to the genetics position finished! That took way longer than I'd hoped, but at least it's in. Here's hoping something good comes of it!

I was feeling rather burnt out by the whole process, so Scottie thought it might do me some good to get out of the apartment for a bit. We stopped by McDonalds and I got another Happy Meal for dinner so I could get another little plushie. ehehehe n_n' I got another different one, the pink flurry bunny. It's so cute! xD I decided I should do a photoshoot with Lala (since it has pink and a heart nose) and Twyla (since her pet is a dust bunny.)

Lala and Twyla with bunnies
You have a bunny now too?

More bunnies! )

As we were leaving the apartment, Scottie checked our mailbox and saw that I got mail!
My first Christmas cards for this year :D
Here's my first cards for this Christmas with Lagoona. :D Thank you [ profile] endlessblush and [ profile] tigtogiba34 so much! :D
Hiddles hug
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I got another one of the little Build a Bear plushies from McDonalds and I had an idea for a photostory! :3 Another Happy Meal for dinner lol.

Clawd's present for Lala
I have something for you!

What did Clawd get for Lala? )

In other news, I am so tired! More freezing rain. One shiny thing was that I had another snow day because of it! I got to leave at 1:30 pm (I usually work until 4:30), and I get paid like I would have been there. So that's shiny!
I sort of feel like that when I posted last night the FREEZE ALL THE THINGS bit, that it was taken literally. xD
Loki smile snow
The ice made my hour walk a two hour walk, but it was totally worth not being at work. xD
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Yesterday I decided to go for another walk with the ghouls! When I first woke up everything looked really dreary and there was a thick fog. I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk, or at least, that I'd want to walk because that didn't really look pleasant. But by the afternoon the sun had come out and the fog went away. And of course, since it had been foggy the trees had frosted up, which was pretty!
I'm rather excited about seeing the sun, lol. When I'm working I don't see basically any of it because it's not up when I leave for work and it's already down when I get out of work. :P

Trees outside of my apartment building were frosted up so I thought I'd take a picture. :3
Frosty tree )

Lala and Clawd in the snow
Clawd look at all the sparkling plants!

More pictures of Lala and Clawd )

I then continued on towards the school. I took some more pictures of scenery on the way there. More pictures of trees, and then a picture of the creek. I thought it was interesting comparing the creek to yesterday, because of the iced trees, and the ice in the creek itself.
Two pictures of winter scenery )

I got to the school and took some more pictures of Lala and Clawd near it. :3
More pictures of Lala and Clawd )

Then I started back. There were two ravens flying around and I got a picture of them. I thought it was funny because when they showed up I'd been thinking about Odin and Loki, and so I was like "Are you Hugin or Munin?". I only got one in a picture though. I'm easily amused.
ehehehe )

On the way back I took more pictures!
Lala and Clawd walking in frosted trees
Blazing a trail through the snow...

Lala and Clawd walking in frosted trees
Lets climb!

The last of the pictures )

I realized that after I'd taken my last pictures there that my fingers were basically frozen. I hadn't actually noticed when I was doing the picture taking though! Oops. Just channeling my inner frost giant I suppose. xD
Loki in the snow

Hope you guys like the pictures!
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Today is the Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary episode of Dr Who!

I wanted to do a little photoshoot with my Dalek and the ghouls for it. :3

Day of the Doctor Monster High photoshoot
A couple more pictures )

Of course, I was super excited about seeing this! I watched it on it's first showing this morning for it's live global broadcast. I was wibbley so often, and it was very funny, and epic, and just AMAZING. xD

I'm going to put the rest of my feelings under a cut for spoilers because I'm going to put quotes and gifs and things from the episode, but I'm not actually going to go into super detail about stuffs.
But ya'know:
Dr Who Spoilers

Spoilers )

Ok, I'm probably not making THE MOST sense here, but I've been feeling pretty sick (I think I've come down with something) so it's hard for me to get my thoughts together.

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