Jan. 7th, 2014

milleniumgypsy: (Pokemon N- standing with his dragon)
So I am quite thrilled with my Heath doll. I adore his sculpt! He's my favorite of the boys, and he was the first boy that was a for sure must have for me. I'm super glad I was able to get him!
I have a Clawd, but he came with an ebay lot I bought to get a Cupid when I couldn't find her in stores to save my life. I'm really glad I have him because after buying a Forbitten Love set to split with someone for the Lala (how I wish I'd just bought the set for myself instead now, lol) I realized that I also really liked Clawd. I also have a Duece, but he was in that garage sale lot of rescue dolls I got last summer (which was an amazing find that I'm still happy about lol). Both of those dolls I like very much, but Heath is the first male doll that I've bought in store just for him.

I have a lot of head canon in regards to my dolls. In the show I know Heath is kinda paired with Abbey. But in my little story, Abbey is paired with Venus. Also, fire and ice is interesting and sort of like Abbey/Venus (Winter/Summer), but I like that idea less. I thought about what character I had that might like the warms. Then I saw Jinafire, my dragon doll...

First meeting...

No time for more pictures, so to be continued!

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