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What's in the box?
Ghoulia, since you were such an important part of the photo competition, you should be here for the prize unboxing!
No, you weren't just there for me to Loki people...
ehehehe well, not only to Loki people...

What did I get? :D )

I'm not sure if I'm going to unbox her. On the one hand, I really want to. On the other hand, my most special dolls I've kept in box for the most part. Part of that is because they're really easy to display that way and I don't have to worry about messing anything up. Also, this particular line has such pretty packaging. xD Well, for now I'm going to leave her in the box and think about it.
I'm just so happy! :D
loki success mjolnir

In other news, my walks home have gotten more challenging since it snowed. On the part of the walk where I'm on the road I end up trudging through all the greasy, slippery snow thrown up off the road onto the sidewalk or sliding around on ice. The trail is better because just smoothed snow, and it's not deep enough to need snowshoes (which is good, because I don't have any yet so I'm just hoofing it in boots). I'm just channeling my inner frost giant and actually enjoying the extra challenge, but it's been leaving me more tired than usual when I get home since it uses a fair bit more energy to do. One bonus for the snow is that since there isn't any sun anymore (the only sun that happens now is when I'ma actually inside for work boooo) the snow is actually helpful. My first day walking after daylight savings was less than exciting because I didn't have enough light and everything was pitch black on the trail. Now the snow reflects light so it's a lot lighter even without a headlamp!
Loki in the snow

I've also been working on comics again! I'm also thinking about what what sculpting project I want to continue on with. I've just been enjoying taking a break from everything since I had so much going on last month that was time sensitive. Now I'm going back to just working on things at a less intense speed. Last weekend me and Scottie spent a lot of time playing Borderlands 2 together, which I hadn't really had time to with everything going on. That was nice. :3
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Here's the set after I'd put on a few layers of paper mache! That little inner swirl was tricky! I'd meant to take a picture before I'd started to paint, but I'd already started putting on the basecoat when I realized I hadn't yet!

2013 Halloween photoshoot progress
I'm glad that you like it Ghoulia!

2013 Halloween photoshoot progress
Are... are you sure you want to take a nap up there? It seems hazardous. And I'm still painting!
Ok fiiiine.

In other news... there's been something of a snag with my Loki costume. The truck needed brake work. And said repairs were really expensive (though the mechanic was really good about keeping costs down for us, which was amazing). Unfortunetly that means I don't really have a budget for materials. :S More sad then that though is the fact that we're broke again when we were finally getting a little ahead. Looking on the bright side though is that we actually had money to fix the truck.
Really I'm too tired to have feelings though.
loki meh button
I wish that I'd been able to be with Scottie though while he was dealing with truck things, I know how stressful it was for him and if I could have helped I'd have wanted to!
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I started in on the next part of my photoset tonight! I had a bit of Phase One left, but I finished that up pretty quicky. Then I could do the next part. I'm going to start working on a different set piece tomorrow. This part is coming along really well though. :3 I'm getting really excited!

Here's Ghoulia with the progress report!
Halloween photoset teaser
What do you mean nobody else speaks zombie?

Well, that may be true, but you still make a great host!
Halloween photoset teaser


In other news, it was super windy today! We were out for a little bit this evening and the stoplight at a busy interection was out. Freaked me out! I trust Scottie's driving but I don't trust anyone else's. xP I just hope that the power doesn't get messed up like it did last fall when things got really windy.
It was also interesting when I was walking home from work, it was so windy on the bridge I felt like I was going to get blown into traffic! xP
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So Scottie and I picked up a used copy of Borderlands 2 last Friday. We loved the first game, and it was especially awesome because it's one of those games that you can actually play with someone in the same room, not just online! And they don't have some weird split screen that makes it impossible to play (I'M LOOKING AT YOU RE5). So we'd been looking forward to playing it. We don't have any expansions yet, but we're having a lot of fun!

Anyway, something happened in the game tonight that I thought was funny. Note, minor spoilers for a side quest.

On our first run through the game together Scottie and I picked Roland (soldier) and Lilith (siren- firey magic user). The new game has new characters to play as, but the old characters make cameos in the game. Which is awesome. It turned out that Roland and Lilith are kind of an item (we're not sure exactly how much of an item), but we were like w00t that's awesome because that was our team!

Tonight we went looking for some recordings of the both of them. While we were listening to the two of them, Scottie said "That's totally us!" for the first recording. Lilith goes on to tell Roland how she'd decorated their previous place, a flabbergasted Roland said it was grusome because it involved charred corpses, and she disagreed and said she was making it cozy. Scottie was like "I could see that! Wait, I could see you decorating a place with corpses I should be more disturbed by that than I am..."
I probably should have argued against that harder, I mean, that would probably smell bad.
I'm a Loki minion, not a Reaver. Corpses should be disposed of!

In less disturbing context, my decorating sense is rather different from Scotties. It's like "Hey cutie isn't this cute?! :D" "If you mean creepy, sure?" or "Weeee so pretty!" "Oh god it has craft herpes there is glitter everywhere!" "I will buy them allllll" or "That's not a lot of dolls?" *Scottie buried under avalanche*.

The next recording had Lilith excitedly telling Roland that she accidently liquified a guy, but it was awesome because WOOT new powers (and erm, he was totes a bad guy) and Roland was all like "you look pale?" (so like, are you ok crazy woman?) and she was like "Oh right I passed out a few times but MAN THAT WAS COOL". Still us.
sherlock nothing wrong with me

And because Hiddles is the angel on my shoulder...

I think I was going to go somewhere else with this, but now it's late and I need to get to sleep!
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I'll try to get the fun stuff up tomorrow though! <3

Some good news for today though, I realized I have Monday off for Labor day! I can really use the long weekend, especially after this week and last weekend's fire scare. My sleep schedule since then has been more horrendous than usual (case in point, wth it's nearly 2 am? aaaa), so an extra day off hopefully does me some good.
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First off, a note about my Loki comics! Scottie is completely amazing and took one of my comics, vectorized it, and coloured it! I need to do a little bit more with it, and then I think I will post it here soon, hopefully tomorrow!

Today was interesting! It was payday and when we looked at the bank we found more money there than I was expecting! There was something negotiated with my union that got us back some money, it had something to do with my health insurance plan. Most of that money is going towards bills, but we got a few fun things!

First off, we wanted to check out some candles so we went to Walmart. While there, we stopped by the doll aisle, of course! THERE WERE SO MANY THINGS OMG. The Spectra 13 wishes DJ set! Abbey and Heath (which I really, really want)! The Cleo and Ghoulia lab partners set! The Die-ner pack with Operetta and Lala! A bunch of 13 Wishes dolls! The 13 Wishes Cleo with the playset. The Ghouls Night out 4 pack. I didn't even know what to do with myself. I was just like
Side note, Scottie is amused that I tend to say "Oh my ghoul"

Scottie actually nearly picked up the Spectra for me earlier in the day, because he's amazing and knew that I'd love her (which I did), but he wanted to make sure that I got the doll that I most wanted so he waited. He felt relatively safe leaving her since she was more expensive than a single doll due to the playset, so there was a better chance there would still be one there later after work.
So I was torn, but then there was this baby doll behind me in the aisle that was motion sensitive and kept making these creepy noises. I decided that I was officially done with listening to it, so I was going to put it somewhere else (really I just wanted to punt it out of the store but ya'know). While moving it down the aisle, I saw on the back wall more MH dolls... and I saw her. CATRINE. CATRINE YOU GUYS! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER FOR SO LONG!
Hiddles uncontrollably excited
So, I finally have her! There were two, and I picked the nicest looking of the two. Just, so happy!

I'll have to post pictures of her tomorrow. I've felt really sick today so I haven't been terribly productive. n_n'

Literally the first words out of my mouth when I saw we had some extra money were "Sooo we can get The Avengers now?!" xD But there's that awesome box set so I'm not sure. After thinking about it for a bit, I'm probably not going to do that because it's rather expensive (though it's not overpriced for what's in it), and that's a lot of money at once. It makes more sense to get The Avengers by itself. BUT there's another thing I really really want, and that's The Hollow Crown. I'm thinking that I'm going to pick that up on Amazon first, and then get The Avengers next month.

How did it get this late?
tom you are going to be so sleepy
Yes yes Hiddles I know. xD
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Do you remember earlier in the summer when I posted Venus in our pallet garden? It's here if you want to look at it:

We've been eating really nice salad greens out of it, and the herbs are now about ready to harvest! The two big plants in the back are tomato plants, they haven't borne any fruit though. They're really big! It's gotten really cold and rainy the last couple of weeks (it's felt more like September than August, dratted Alaskan weather) so I doubt they're going to be able to do anything this year. I'm hoping to pot them and keep them inside.
But since we're getting to harvest time for herbs and our other plants are reaching end of life, I wanted to do a little photoshoot with Venus first! The lighting wasn't fantastic, but I'll take any sun I can get!

Venus in the garden
She's so proud

A few more pictures :3 )

In other news, after the fire scare last night I wasn't able to get to sleep until probably 5 am. Then of course I woke up early instead of being able to sleep in, so I haven't felt terribly productive or functional all day. I even tried to nap twice (and I don't nap). I'm so sleepy but my brain will not cooperate (thanks brain).
sleepy tom
But heading to bed now and hopefully brain will let me sleep.
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So here's my night...

So we were in the middle of watching the newest Resident Evil, and during a scene with an alarm, our insanely loud fire alarms started going off. We opened the door to the apartment building and the hall outside was filled with smoke. I live on the bottom floor and we have a sliding glass door to the outside from our living room, so I felt relatively safe grabbing the animals. Chaos was fine if a bit confused when I went barging into the bedroom to grab him. Of course, he's deaf so he didn't have any idea anything was going on. We found the carrier for the cat and then we couldn't find the cat. Of course, the insane alarm was freaking him out, and he was hiding. Scottie found him and wrangled him into the carrier. He got quite a scratch for his trouble but the kitty was understandably terrified and he doesn't like going into the carrier that much on a good day.

Scottie had the animals ready to go outside and in a panic I grabbed my purse and backpack and shoved in my laptop, Scottie's netbook, my sketchbook, and Thor. PRIORITIES, I HAZ THEM. (Once outside I told Scottie what I grabbed, and that I hadn't been sure what to grab, to which he said "nothing" because he's not insane.)
We don't have renters insurance because first off we're pretty poor, but mostly because the building was supposed to figure out some sort bundled renters insurance. This kept being put off and put off and put off and I think it's been dropped entirely as an idea. Before that we were going to get some ourselves. THIS IS A SIGN WE NEED IT. So I was freaked out to no end that we were going to lose everything BECAUSE SOME IDIOT WAS GOING TO BURN DOWN OUR BUILDING.

Once outside, we put the pets in the truck and waited for the fire dept. Once my initial panic subsided and I was outside, I was basically consumed with rage. I was so, so incoherently angry at whoever had done this and wanted so badly to, erm, make menace. I'm not sure if Scottie was expecting homicidal rage, but that's what I had. xP
Loki uncontrollably pissed
I mean, not just my entire life in stuff was in there, but what if we weren't able to find the cat? What if we didn't live on the ground floor so I could with some measure of safety find him and the ferret? I'm the insane person that would have gone and looked for the cat anyway regardless, but that's not necesarily the smart plan. e_e But I was in a house where the pets didn't make it before and NO JUST NOOOOOO NO NO. And still, worse stuff could have happened (which I'd rather not contemplate).

But the fire trucks got here pretty quickly. They found the fire and put it out. It was in the basement. Homeless people come into our building and apparently make fires in our basement (WHICH I DIDN'T REALIZE WAS A THING UNTIL NOW WTF???) because I live with idiots who don't think it's important to lock the outside doors and in fact often prop the building doors open with cinderblocks. It's one thing when they go down there and leave piles of cigarette butts and garbage, it's another thing when they make a fire and almost burn down the building! Just aaaaaaaarg
Loki smack

My god and goddess were smiling on us tonight though and everything turned out alright.
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So yesterday when I was walking home from work I slipped and fell down a hill. I caught myself partially on the way down with my left arm, which was probably a bad idea because once I was home I realized my shoulder was killing me. :P My wrist also hurts but that keeps being overshadowed by the shoulder. As I assumed, my butt is super sore this morning (on the left only because I hit on an angle). My right ankle is sort of irritated and I don't know if that's from the fall or something else. To add insult to injury I ended up in water when I fell so I had wet shoes the rest of the way home. At least it wasn't raining too hard? (I've had nothing but rain the last week at least).
Also I woke up with a sore throat, but I hope that clears up.
In other news, I was kept awake by nightmares again, which is lame. I hope that's not starting up again.

I did some sculpting last night but it was sort of difficult when every time I lifted my arm at all it hurt. :P I still managed to sculpt the other half of the face though and do a bunch of reshaping. I like how it's coming along!
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I drew another chibi Loki/etc comic tonight! Scottie really likes them. :3 I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to post them. I think if I do they should be coloured. And if I do start making comics regularly I should probably put them into a more standard format. Atm they're sort of running amok in my sketchbook. It's fun though!

Watched Rissoli and Isles tonight and got hit in the feels. It's so sad about Lee Thompson Young's passing. :(

Then I read the most recent Girls with Slingshots comic about the artist's grandmother's passing, and since it was all about sending postcards to an awesome gramma that also hit me in the feels. It made me think of my gramma, and the folder of postcards I have that will never be sent. She was an awesome lady and I miss her still.

boxes of feels

Sorry about the lack of sculpting progress, I'll get back to posting art soon. I just haven't really figured out how I'm going to post my comic stuff and I haven't had time to sculpt! I hope I'm not being too boring. n_n'
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So Scottie was watching a youtube video, the channel has Did You Know videos about different video games. First he watched a video about Portal facts, then he watched another couple about Zelda. (The videos are rather amusing). In one of the Zelda games, a character says "It's a secret to everybody" while giving Link rubies. The factoid was that in the Japanese version it's showing that the character is offering a bribe.

But! This is an Easter egg for my life because when I tell Scottie that he's sweet or something he says "Shhh It's a secret to everybody!". It's a running joke for us. When I heard the video though I realized that this is what he says! He didn't even realize and said that he probably started saying it because of Zelda originally, then it just took on a life of it's own. xD

Also, here's a couple of pictures from my sculpting challenge so far for my new friends. I have sculpted so far in this challenge 10 animals, and I am in the middle of 4 human figures. The pony is something of a tangent is I was inspired to do it but I wasn't originally planning to do it. n_n'
For the animals I'm just posting a group shot, if you want to check them out in more detail you could go to my flickr and visit sets. Each animal has a set. :3 I don't have a group photo for the humans at their current stage though because they're still in progress, but I have a picture for each so far.
My work so far )
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Today we decided to go garage saling! I wasn't having a lot of luck with the first ones we went to, they were interesting enough I guess but most of them were sort of like "hey, it's nice out today, maybe I could throw a few things on the lawn and make a couple of bucks." With the exception of a roll of floral wire I didn't find anything exciting.

But then as we were finishing up the garage saling Scottie saw a sign for a six family garage sale. I was excited that it could be more interesting! We practically missed it though since there was almost nothing out front, but the walkway between the two houses had things and then the area in front of the garage had most of the stuff. I was disappointed by the selection at first, there was a lot of toys and things in rather poor condition for really high prices. I nearly left without seeing something really awesome! There was a tote off in a corner that I couldn't see what was in it. I looked and I saw a jumbled pile of barbie and monster high furnature, random doll clothing, and dolls. They were all in heavily played with condition, half naked, marker or paint on faces, ratty hair, and most of the dolls didn’t have their lower arms, etc. But I saw at least some lower arms sliding around in the bottom of the box and I thought I might be able to find replacements if they weren’t all there. Based on what I saw from the rest of the sale, I was afraid that they would be really expensive, but there was a taped on sign saying “Monster High Stuff- 12 for all”. Then I flailed and snagged the box. I took a picture of what the box looked like at the start, but for some reason my camera ate it. XD

I brought it all home and washed all of it. There is a pile of Barbie and MH clothes, the Coffin Bean set, that MH display thing, a bunch of random Barbie furniture, and three MH pets- Frankies, Dueces, and Cleo's pets. But most exciting were the dolls! They had the Costco Coffin Bean set, so they had Clawdeen and Lala from there. They also had the signature Venus. The other dolls were all older though! There is the old Cleo and Duece set, the original Lagoona, and the original Frankie. Those were the most damaged of course, they have some sort of marker or paint or something on them. I'm going to try and remove that. Lagoona has a slightly broken forearm peg so that will need some glue to keep it in reliably, and she's missing her leg fins. Frankie is the most damaged, her head peg is broken and she's actually missing her legs. I can fix the head easily enough, but I'm not sure of what to do with missing legs. xD Maybe I can make a centaur.

I'm excited about rehabilitating these dolls!


Pictures of the clothes and furniture )

There's just so much stuff! I'm not sure what to do with all of it quite yet!
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Tonight Scottie and I had a date night! We went to see Oz the Great and Powerful! I saw previews for it the last time we were at the theater (for Scottie's birthday in January, when we saw Les Mis) and I'd wanted to see it. :3 We used to go to the movies a lot, but we haven't gone very often the last couple of years (a mix of cost issues and me being too antsy to get me into a theatre).

But tonight we decided to go! The cheap theatre was playing Oz so that worked out well. :3

I thought the movie was quite cute and funny! I'm going to avoid being spoilery, but I wanted to talk about a character that was introduced in the movie.

The little china doll girl. I hadn't seen her in the (one?) preview I'd seen, so when I saw her I was squeeing like mad. SHE HAS BALL JOINTS! SHE'S LIKE THE SIZE OF A BJD. SHE IS SOOOO CUTE OMGGGGGGGGGG. I liked the movie quite a bit but by far she was my favorite part of the movie. xD

I was a bit surprised by spoilers )

My one complaint is that in some of the opening scenes in Oz, when we were looking at scenery, the movie didn't translate into 2D well. We weren't watching the 3D version, so I wasn't expecting the scenes to be all weird and blurry like you were watching a 3D movie without the glasses. I don't know what happened there because it wasn't an issue for the rest of the movie though. o_O

I took a picture of my Soah yesterday and didn't post it yet. Here's my lovely Soah holding Frankie. Not the fanciest picture but I thought it turned out nice enough. n_n

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Taking a break from the human figure sculpts for a bit because I decided I was really inspired to make some ponies to go with my Monster Highs. xD They're not quite MLP, this is the style of pony that I started sketching when I was a kid. I thought it would be fun to sculpt some!

Yesterday I did a quick sketch to start planning the armature, then I put it together. Today I did a blend of clay to get a colour that I liked, then I rolled the clay out into uniform ball units (helps to keep things symmetrical). I finished the bases tonight and now they're chilling in the fridge. This pony is going to be sort of a standard pony, but I have plans for more. I'm totally going off on a sculpting tangent from my original plan, but I'm so excited about it you guys! hehe n_n'

My new sculpting project!
I wanted to have the ponies to be about the size of a MLP so I found out that MLPs are supposed to be roughly 3.5-4 ft tall. I sketched out a MH doll on the paper for reference (sea monster CAM is helpfully posing nearby).

Pony sculpt continued, watched over by Clawdeen
Clawdeen is artsy so I thought she could hang out nearby. (I really need Catrine, haha).

Updates on other things.

Gwin is working on getting better. I'm keeping an eye on him, trying to get him all the baby food he can stand, and keeping him comfortable. I am cautiously optomistic. He's not feeling well obviously, but often he's doing better.

Last week I spent a lot of time fretting and stressing about him, and I actually wasn't doing much of anything because I felt bad doing anything fun. With the help of Scottie though I realised that it wasn't helping anything. If I'm sad, it doesn't make Gwin heal faster. If by chance he picks up on my mood it might actually make him stressed and that's the last thing he needs. So I'm going to try to help him out while doing normal things otherwise. It might be silly to feel guilty for doing fun things, but there it is. :P

Today is the last day of my long weekend (I got Memorial day off), I'm bummed! I've been needing a break.

This weekend was supposed to have more of a party time feeling to it, that was subdued by Gwin's illness. But the 25th is the day that I usually leave for Pilot, and for the first time in 3 years I did not have to leave! I almost wanted to go to the airport just to go there and not leave. I decided that we should save the gas instead, but it was nice to not leave. Scottie made me a cake from scratch!

I'm sure there are more things to say, but it's getting late and I need to get to bed. More baby food for Gwin first though!
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I needed to take a break from my sculpting project, even though I enjoy sculpting I realized that it was starting to feel grindy rather than fun. I'm sure I won't take a long break, I'll probably start back up next week. I was looking at the burned fingers that I made and decided that even without the burning I wasn't entirely happy with them. With as detailed as hands are, I don't really want to rush them for the sake of finishing them quickly, and that's kind of what they were.

I've been wanting to paint, so I started doing something with that. :3 I have a thrift store Barbie head that I want to expiriment on. I don't really want to do anything too fancy until I have MSC, but I can't really afford to pick any up right now. So I used some sealer that I had around for other art. Since this particular head has a tooth mark in the cheek since the kitty "found" it and was madly chasing it around I'm not too concerned with experimenting on it. It's already damaged after all. I don't have anything worth taking pictures of yet since all I've done is clean off the face, seal it, and put down some eye white.

I'm looking forward to MH faceups though!

I've been feeling kind of off/down lately, partly because it's spring. Now, historically I love summer. However, the last 3 years I have gone to Pilot on May 25th. (And summer at Pilot is summer in name only, it will be nice to not be think "hey, it's summer, do I need new long johns? I probably need more fleeces since I spent last summer freezing again") I know that this year is different, I'm not going anywhere. Still, I get irrationally anxious and antsy at times. I haven't been as good with commenting on people's posts because I've been feeling so off, I'm sorry about that! I have at least been reading though. n_n'
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I had a couple more ghost girl pictures! I had another wig that I was trying on the ghost girl CAM, I really like it. It's so thick and pretty! Also, it stays on the CAM so much nicer than the red wig I'd tried before.

Ghostly girls

One more picture )

Scottie says that I am drunk, I said that I wasn't because I could still feel my face. Scottie found that funny.

I haven't had alcohol in ages! I don't drink very often, not that I have anything against drinking (in moderation, of course). Scottie was making beer batter tonight to make homeade chicken strips and onion rings though and he had extra beer. He asked if I wanted it, and I said sure. (Said beer has been in our fridge for a while). After having it, I thought it tasted nice tonight. After the food was done, I decided another beer would go well with the food. I might have had another after that. It may have made me tipsy. But it was fun. n_n'

Here is the lovely foods that Scottie made. Probably not as healthy as a lot of the other stuff I've posted, but it was really good! hehe :3 We both ate off of the same plate, that's why there's so much on there. n_n'

Delicious foods! )
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So... it's spring now right? It doesn't look like spring outside. This last week we were really excited that it was so spring-like outside. Snow was starting to melt, the sun was out, it wasn't snowing, and the weather was really warming up! It stayed around 40 degrees F! Spring had finally arrived!

This morning I woke up to it snowing. It has been snowing all day. I looked at the weather forecast and it's supposed to snow all week. In other parts of the world people have flowers starting to grow! I'd be happy to just have melting snow at this point. :S

In other random news, it is midnight and I just missed two phone calls from a number I don't recognize. I'm going to assume it was somebody trying to call someone else while drunk since it's frackin midnight. I don't know why I get so many wrong number calls and texts. e_e

I also took some pictures today, I'll have to post those tomorrow as I'm super tired now. Also, squeeing about Dr. Who. xD

On dentists

Apr. 5th, 2013 10:30 pm
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I feel bad that I haven't been updating regularly this week! I've just been so tired. I was working extra hours at work throughout the week so I could leave early today so I could go to the dentist. I only had to go in today to get a cleaning and a checkup at least! I was really excited to get my teeth cleaned though because this fall I must have been drinking more soda than usual because I ended up with more staining than usual. I've always gotten a little bit of staining over the course of time before my cleaning because I do drink soda and tea, but this time was waaay more than I'm used to. It all got cleaned off though today! I feel like I need to smile at everyone now. lol

The cleaning itself was interesting though. The woman who was cleaning my teeth used a different tool to clean off the stains, it looked like a pick but it had a stream of water and I think it vibrated. As she was cleaning my front teeth she was like spraying water all over my face. I felt like I was going to look like I came out of the pool by the time she was done. Then when she was cleaning my teeth more normally she decided she needed to pack my mouth with cotton gauze. That was odd and kind of uncomfortable. :P
I hadn't had my teeth cleaned by this hygenist before. I was sort of sad because the woman who I'd scheduled with wasn't the one who did it this time, maybe she left? There seems to be turnover there for some reason. The other girl had just been really funny and chatty and made the time go by faster. The new woman was nice and got my teeth cleaned fine though, so despite some of the oddness I can't complain.

Then my old dentist moved to Texas so I met my new dentist today. He talked about getting my wisdom teeth out (I know I need to, but I haven't been able to swing the extra cost of going to the oral surgeon, plus I'd need to take some time off of work to get it done and then how long will it be before I can go back to work... Also dentists freak me right the fuck out so I know I need to but I am not looking forward to this.).

He then also asked me if I'd want to get braces. I do have some crowding in my teeth, but luckily the majority of crookedness is in my back teeth. He said that while I was getting my wisdom teeth out, I could get more teeth pulled out so an orthodontist could work with the extra space.

Then he started futzing around with my tongue, and I was like ooookay I don't know what this has to do with my teeth, then I realized what he was probably doing. I'm tongue tied but it doesn't affect my speech at all, and as I'd have to relearn how to talk and stuff when I was younger we decided it wasn't worth messing with. Anyway, so the dentist is like "Do you have trouble pronouncing certain words?". Do a lot of people who are tongue tied not realize that they are or something? I think it's kind of ridiculous that he seemed to assume that I did not realize this was the case, so he was going to have some sort of big reveal.

He said that I could get my tongue snipped the same time I was getting my wisdom teeth out! I realize getting the most bang for your buck is good since I'd be knocked out, but he really thinks I should get 4 wisdom teeth out, 2-4 other teeth out, and slice up my tongue all at the same time? o_O I feel like I'd want to kill him for the suggestion if I decided it was a brilliant plan to go through with all of it but wouldn't be able to since my face would probably want to fall off or something.

I'm actually ok with my weird teeth so I'm not sure about braces, and I really don't think I'm going to go crazy and pull out ALL THE TEETH when I do go to the oral surgeon. I'm certainly not going to start messing with my tongue. Is it a requirement of a new dentist to make sure that all possible expensive procedures are introduced? e_e

Good news though, no cavities, besides any in my wisdom teeth that we never look at because they're going to get pulled out eventually. I do need to get a couple of things fixed up from the work that my previous dentist did, there's a gap under one of my fillings and flash on a different one. But yay no cavities!

I really didn't mean to make such a long entry about going to the dentist. o_O
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So today was the first day of my long weekend! I didn't get any sculpting done today, which was kind of a bummer. I did get some game prep for our Pathfinder game tomorrow though, which is good! I got a map ready to go for a possible location we'll go to tomorrow. I also printed out a hex map of the entire Greenbelt. I need to cut out all of the hexes so Scottie can use them to fill in his blank map, like the sticker books we did as kids! Of course, the scale we printed them out at was slightly off so I need to get him a new blank map. It's about the size of a small poster, so it's not just a standard letter size. :3

We did a mini-game today though! We have Three Dragon Ante, which is a DnD card game. I played as a couple of guards and Scottie played his character and Lini (the druid which is one of the characters I run in the game). Lini ran the table! lol That was fun.

Other not so exciting news was when after dinner I turned on the garbage disposal and a small glass bottle bounced into the sink directly into the garbage disposal. Poor Scottie got stuck fishing glass out of there (with the disposal unplugged of course) and then climbing around under the sink getting the blades unjammed. I think it's ok now though at least! I felt like such a dummy though to have that happen at all. xP

Gaming tomorrow, hopefully some sculpting too!
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I haven't posted recently, partly because I've been busy because Sunday was Scottie's birthday! (He's [ profile] tanvan btw! xD)

First things first we went to see Les Mis, he was really excited to see it! I enjoyed it way more than I thought I was going to (I kept hearing how depressing it was). It wasn't nearly as depressing as all that, lol. We haven't been to the movies in ages so it was extra special. n_n'

I've been planning on running a Pathfinder game for Scottie, so I started getting ready to play on Saturday. We had gotten a couple of paths from Paizo a couple years ago but never had time to play and now we're doing it! The first volume of the adventure is in the second picture. :3 It's kind of weird to me because I'm used to making up the whole thing, but having a premade adventure works way better when I'm working. Less to prepare!

We found an awesome game mat a few years ago and Scottie built a table that fits it perfectly! We also have a plexiglass top that we can put over the mat, and I can draw on it with dry erase markers. It's also beautiful when we take the mat off, it has a lovely stained wood finish underneath. :)

Games! )

For dinner that night Scottie made stuffed peppers! They were super good. :D

Tasty foods! )

Here's a picture of Scottie with the ferrets at the end of the night! They were being all cute and cuddley. :3

Armful of ferrets! )

I also got him a "card", which was an omnibus of Ghost Whisperer comics! I thought that a comic was a much cooler thing than a card and something that Scottie would probably enjoy more. n_n I'm also getting him a razor, we just haven't gotten it yet. :3

I also have been sculpting, but I haven't posted about it yet! I just don't think I've done enough yet to warrant a post. n_n

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