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I'd been thinking of taking my witch CAM and putting the glittery red dress on her, and my red wig for a Christmasy photoshoot. :3

This is like putting a costume on a cat you realize.

Poinsettias )
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I spent much of today playing Dishonored, my Christmas present, but I did do some other stuffs. One thing I did was take a few pictures of the ghouls with my Christmas tree. :3

Monster High Christmas
This is pretty...

More Christmas tree pictures with more ghouls! )

Saya is better scaled for this tree, but I wanted to take some pictures with my MH dolls too. :3

I also played the Christmas headhunter pack for Borderlands 2 with Scottie, which is awesome! Happy Mercenary Day! xD

Also, I watched the Farewell to Matt Smith and the Time of the Doctor. I'm so sad to see Eleven go, but it wasn't as sad as other regenerations. I enjoyed the episode quite a bit, though it did feel a bit rushed. I had all sorts of feels, starting with the farewell special. They showed Ten's regeneration a couple of times, which always gives me feels, then they showed Amy and Rory's exit, which also gives me feels, and Scottie was like "They're lubing your tear ducts" which was true. And that was all before the actual episode!
I did like the entrance of Capaldi. I am still very much not happy with losing my Doctor, but I am interested in what Twelve will be like.

So that was my Christmas! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day. :3
Hiddles Merry Christmas everybody
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So when I got home from work today I found this under the tree!
What was under the tree for me?
Scottie wanted to make sure that I had my present tonight so that I could play it right away! I have tomorrow off of work so I could play it later if I wanted. :3 I've played through Dishonored once already when we had our Gamefly trail membership going last Christmas, and I loved the game! But I only finished one playthrough (Clean Hands, the playing as a good character and getting the good ending basically), and there are a lot of trophies and things that I didn't get on that playthrough yet. But I didn't want to hog the rental forever, and I figured I'd get the game later. And then DLC came out for it too, which is on this disk! I'm super excited about it! I played that for much of the evening. :3

Scottie also pre-ordered the Pirate Fairy for me as I'd mentioned before, but that won't come in until spring I think. But I'm so excited about that! I am unashamed to say that I think the Tinkerbell movies are cute, and then when I found out that Hiddles was voicing Captian Hook I mean there's no question I'd want it. :3

I also drew Scottie a large comic panel which he really liked! (I know, I still need to get my comics up where you guys can see them, I'm going to figure that out soon!) I have something else that I want to do for him too. :3

Today at work I went around delivering all the cards to my coworkers, and did a lot of chatting. It was a very productive unproductive day. Everyone had Christmas-itis. lol

I'll probably post something tomorrow too, but in case I'm not on:
Hiddles Happy Christmas

No matter what you celebrate (and ya'know, I'm actually wiccan xD)I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
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So on Thursday when I was walking home I was tweeting that it was cold, that the cold was making my eyes water, and the tears were freezing because it was so cold. And that it was making it hard for me to read my twitter feed, because I have priorities. Of course, halfway into my walk the cold drained my phone's battery so I couldn't keep looking at twitter anyway, but that's beside the point. xD

When I got home, Scottie had a cup of hot chocolate ready for me, which was really sweet! I'm not sure if he'd seen my tweet or if he just knew I'd be cold, but he's just awesome.
He'd also gotten out our little Christmas tree and set it up! He wanted to surprise me. :D The tree still needed to be trimmed because he knows that I like to do that, but it was so sweet of him to do!

Last night I decided to do what I've been meaning to do since I got Saya (my Elfdoll Soah), to do a photoshoot of her decorating our tree! It seems like the perfect thing because it's a really good size.

Trimming the tree
Where do I put this?

Contemplating the ornament

The rest of the tree trimming pictures )

All finished!
All finished!

I wish I had a slightly more interesting background, like what I do with my Monster High dolls, but erm she's just a touch (or quite a bit more than a touch at 60 cm) larger than a Monster High. lol
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Yesterday Scottie picked me up from work so that we could pick up a couple of things from the store, so I didn't walk home. We stopped by the mall to avoid traffic, and we were surprised to see that there was a Christmas figure skating show going on at the ice rink there!
Nu, that's not what I meant...

I kind of wanted to take pictures, but I have no idea what the ettiquete is there so I didn't. So... have the caribou from Frozen.
You're welcome.

It was really neat! It had all ages and skill levels, groups and single performances. We started out watching from the second floor, but for the second half we went down to sit by the rink. One performance had a group of girls and a smaller group of guys. I was really amused because where we were sitting, the girls had skated to the side to hop up and sit on the side to pose for the boys. The girl who was most directly skating at us was like "Excuse me!" before she hopped onto the wall and it was just so amusing. xD

I love figure skating! I was super excited to see the show, especially since we had no idea it was going to be there and usually I just walk home! It was a really nice surprise. :3

Upcoming post: Christmas tree trimming with my BJD! I don't have time atm to finish putting all the pictures together, but I should have that up sometime tonight or at the latest tomorrow. :3
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Sorry I haven't been posting guys! I haven't been feeling all that well.

I took some pictures yesterday at the office, we have a little tree there that I thought might be cute to take pictures of the ghouls with.

Decorating the tree
Where should I put this?

How shall we decorate the tree? )

Today was the day of an holiday charity event called the Dough Run. My office is divided into five sections (Wildlife, Commercial Fisheries, Subsistence Fisheries, Admin, and erm something else) and each section had a little bake sale type thing going on. At each station if you spend at least $1 you get a sealed envelope with a playing card inside. At the end of the Dough Run you bring your sealed cards to a room and the people (not sure how many?) with the highest hand win a prize. And if you don't, well, you have a bunch of bakery. All proceeds from the event go to local charities (which they listed on their flyer). How can you go wrong?
Christmas treats
What a fangtastic bunch of treats!

I ate some of this stuff today at work lol. I also didn't eat breakfast or lunch (not that I usually eat much of anything, but ya'know) so it wasn't as bad as it could have been for calorie insanity.

More things to say but it is late so time for bed!
gif sleepy huska
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hiddles cookie

So yesterday after I posted my card post, LJ went down as I was editing my pictures. So I couldn't post the pictures I'd mentioned until today since it stayed down until after I'd gone to bed. But here they are now! :D

I don't know if you can see on the paper, but the background I'm using is a Christmas postcard, which I thought would be appropriate to go with an entry about Christmas cards. :3

The custom Frankie (not painted by me, I need to track down the artist of the face-up) I have doesn't get enough love, so I decided to take pictures of her with the gingerbread plushie, and the tiny gingerbread cookies I have for her. (I also have cookie cutters and more cookies! I intend to do something more with those later. :3)

Want a cookie?
Want a cookie?

More cookies )
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hiddles cookie monster
You know you want one

Ok, so I was going to include a bunch of pictures but I decided to make that into it's own post because the comments are going to be screened on this entry (so your address will be safe!).

[Poll #1947528]
hiddles brony
I wasn't sure if brony was unisex or if it was only for bros. It looks like it is unisex?

Also, I've never made a poll before! If you are in one of these fandoms, I might do something special in the card related to it. (I mentioned those specifically because they're near and dear to my little Loki'd heart)

I was waiting for payday before I could send out cards, but I really had meant to put this post up earlier. I just realized how far in the month it is holy kau how did it get so far into December isn't it November still??

Please excuse me, I've had a migraine all day and I'm mostly awake because of caffiene so I'm sort of just flailing around like a gnat with ADD.


Also, if I missed a cards post of yours let me know! I like getting cards. n_n' Or if you don't have my address and want to send me something but you don't have a post, let me know and I can send a pm. :3
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Finally got my application to the genetics position finished! That took way longer than I'd hoped, but at least it's in. Here's hoping something good comes of it!

I was feeling rather burnt out by the whole process, so Scottie thought it might do me some good to get out of the apartment for a bit. We stopped by McDonalds and I got another Happy Meal for dinner so I could get another little plushie. ehehehe n_n' I got another different one, the pink flurry bunny. It's so cute! xD I decided I should do a photoshoot with Lala (since it has pink and a heart nose) and Twyla (since her pet is a dust bunny.)

Lala and Twyla with bunnies
You have a bunny now too?

More bunnies! )

As we were leaving the apartment, Scottie checked our mailbox and saw that I got mail!
My first Christmas cards for this year :D
Here's my first cards for this Christmas with Lagoona. :D Thank you [ profile] endlessblush and [ profile] tigtogiba34 so much! :D
Hiddles hug
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To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today, Happy Thanksgiving! If your outside of the US, I hope that you still had a lovely Thors-day.
Scottie has been cooking a turky and has other foods in mind for sides. Still not dinnertime though! I'm going to call my sister in a little bit to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving too. I hope she's having a good day. :3

I decided to take a walk this afternoon since the sun was out, and I brought Venus and Abbey along to take pictures with! I would have taken more pictures, except that the cold drained my batteries quickly and so they died. Luckily the batteries only died near the end of my walk, so I didn't really lose many picture taking opportunities. I thought it might be a problem though because it was so cold.

I think this is my most favorite picture of all the ones I took during my walk. :3
Venus and Abbey being festive
See, there are still green things even in the snow!
Well yes...

One more wreath picture )

There were some neat, very large ornaments hanging on the eaves of a doctors office. I took a picture of one and I'm reflected in it, so it was an unintentional self portrait. It's sort of neat. xD
I'm bundled up in a lot of layers. Scottie says I should wear a jacket that I'm not swimming in but I can put so many layers under this one ehehehe xD
Picture of me, sort of )

Then I continued my walk! I went on a walk to where I was taking grad student courses. That's in the opposite direction from work so I don't head that way terribly often, but I really like the trail between the school and the library.
Picture of a snowy creek on the way )
I was amused because at one point when I was walking I saw two moose, but they were too far away to take pictures of and by the time I was there they were gone. Which I very much prefer to the other times when I'm like "CRAP there is a moose in my path please don't trample me".

Then I got to the trail and took more pictures of the ghouls!
Abbey and Venus in the snow
All the snow...

A couple more of Abbey and Venus in the snow )
In the middle of taking pictures near this lake (not that you can tell really) is when the batteries died.

This will be the first Thanksgiving (and soon, my birthday) that I won't feel obligated to call my mother. Which is actually a good thing, because I inevitably just ended up stressed out while talking to her.
loki exasperated
It’s not that I don’t enjoy our little chats. It’s just that... I don’t.
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So today I did some sculpting! I didn't get as much done as I wanted today because I came down with something, I actually was feeling off last night but then I woke up this morning to a sore throat. I just hope that it's not strep again!

Anyway, today I mellowed out the muscle definition to something closer to what I want for the end product. I still need to tweek that, and I want to work more on the ribcage area. I'm not going to finish that the rest of the front detailing though until I've done the back. I'm planning on doing that tomorrow. I added breasts to the three girls. They're really coming along I think!

Progress for today! )

I just hope mom doesn't find it too strange that I'm sculpting teh bewbs. She doesn't know that I'm bi, and I know that she's kinda homophobic. I don't think that a human figure as an art piece is something that should be objectionable, but you never know how other people will react. :P

In other news, Christmas was nice! Since neither of us were feeling terribly good, we basically just chilled. Scottie surprised me with french toast for breakfast which was really sweet! For dinner, we had been planning on turkey, but again, feeling crappy, so we did chicken instead because that was a bit less intense. Then Scottie made a cake and cupcakes from scratch, and the cherry frosting was also made from scratch!

Here's Christmas foods! )

I caught up watching some Dr. Who today while cuddling with my cutie, which was nice. I also watched some Rizolli and Isles. I called my mom and sister. It wasn't the best day for me to be making phone calls though with my throat! The one silly thing from my call to my mom was when she couldn't seem to hear when I was telling her that my throat was sore so I couldn't talk too long. I kept having to repeat 'MY THROAT IS SORE.. SORE THROAT..... NO SORE THROAAAAT!'

I hope that everyone had a wonderful day today! Happy Holidays everyone!
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The last couple of days I've been working on the torsos. I've now got all of them up to the level of my muscular man base torso! I was going to make 2 girls and 2 guys in this grouping, but I realized that for one of the guys I really needed to make a different core and base. So I'm still going to do it but I'm going to do that later. My new plan is to make three females and one male, different poses and different characters.

My progress so far! )

I have defined all of the muscles, I need to do some smoothing and tweeking, then start working on defining the back muscules. Then of course, I need to make the females look feminine and make the muscular man more muscular. hehe

While I was sculpting Scottie surprised me with a cup of apple cider to make things feel more festive! I found that cinnamon sticks make awesome flavor straws. :3
Picture of Scottie's surprise! )

I hope that everyone has a lovely day tomorrow, no matter what you celebrate! :D
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I wanted to note that I have all of my cards finished that I'm going to mail (well, except for one of my friends who moved and I don't have her address yet)! I hope everyone likes them. :3
I still have to do cards for people in my office, but since I'm not going to mail them there wasn't any rush.

I'm full of so much ink now, lol. The hazards of fountain pens! But totally worth it. :3
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I've been meaning to do this all month, and today I realised how far into December it's gotten. o_O

If anyone would like a card from me for Christmas, leave a comment here! I'll leave comments as screened so your address won't be public. If you want to send a card in return just let me know and I'll pm you my address. n_n

I'm going to start sending out cards sometime this week, but there's plenty of time to comment if you'd like a card! :3

running puppies
Shamelessly including puppies to catch your interest. hehe
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Tonight I shaped the body armatures and put the plaster layer of clay down on two of the bodies. It looked really neat actually to have the unshaped armatures next to the shaped ones, it made a big difference! I don't have a picture of that comparison though. At this point I just have a very basic torso shape, but tomorrow I'll start sculpting the body. Not sure how far I'll get though! It takes me so much longer to do a group than one model at a time though! I think that doing it this way is a good idea, but it sure makes it go slower. :P

My progress so far! )

In other news, I really need to put up my tree! I normally have it up by birthday. I don't have any decorations up yet, so it doesn't feel very festive atm. My office has a little tree and lights set up in our entryway though, so that does feel festive. :3
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Well, I love Christmas. Scottie doesn't celebrate, but at least he didn't mind too much when I put some lights up.

I've been reading customers_suck though lately, and I am very glad that I'm not working anywhere near people during this time period. Especially retail. Why is it that people wait until a couple weeks before Christmas to buy the ZOMG hot item of the season? Especially things like the Wii, which still are hard to come by on a normal day? I bought most Christmas presents in the summer. Before I worked in retail even I started my Christmas shopping usually in the summer. Heck, I'd start Christmas shopping right after Christmas. Why wait? It just makes things so much more stressful, and I like having my holidays to be happy, not stressful times. :P

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