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So when I got home from work today I found this under the tree!
What was under the tree for me?
Scottie wanted to make sure that I had my present tonight so that I could play it right away! I have tomorrow off of work so I could play it later if I wanted. :3 I've played through Dishonored once already when we had our Gamefly trail membership going last Christmas, and I loved the game! But I only finished one playthrough (Clean Hands, the playing as a good character and getting the good ending basically), and there are a lot of trophies and things that I didn't get on that playthrough yet. But I didn't want to hog the rental forever, and I figured I'd get the game later. And then DLC came out for it too, which is on this disk! I'm super excited about it! I played that for much of the evening. :3

Scottie also pre-ordered the Pirate Fairy for me as I'd mentioned before, but that won't come in until spring I think. But I'm so excited about that! I am unashamed to say that I think the Tinkerbell movies are cute, and then when I found out that Hiddles was voicing Captian Hook I mean there's no question I'd want it. :3

I also drew Scottie a large comic panel which he really liked! (I know, I still need to get my comics up where you guys can see them, I'm going to figure that out soon!) I have something else that I want to do for him too. :3

Today at work I went around delivering all the cards to my coworkers, and did a lot of chatting. It was a very productive unproductive day. Everyone had Christmas-itis. lol

I'll probably post something tomorrow too, but in case I'm not on:
Hiddles Happy Christmas

No matter what you celebrate (and ya'know, I'm actually wiccan xD)I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
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Hey guys! I finalized my costume design! I took the armour and jacket and sort of merged it into a battle dress. xD It's an imperfect drawing, but I was only focused on getting out a design. I have never done a fashion drawing before actually, but I don't think they're terribly concerned with the realism of the model. lol
My Lady Loki costume design
Please ignore the fact that my model looks like an alien giraffe

I'm not sure exactly what materials I'm going to use. The real costume is leather of course, but that's expensive and heavy. Expensive is the more important thing here though. I'm more concerned with it looking good though over comfort, because if it looks like crap because I have the wrong fabric why did I bother, ya'know? I'm considering looking to snag some thrift store/ebay/etc leather trench coats or something to cannibalize.

I've been trying to figure out exactly how the back of the costume works (the flowy bits in the back are my most favorite design element), but I wasn't having the best luck finding good reference photos of the back. I have seen useful video though, though that can be a hazardous proposition. "Oh, I'm just watching this for, erm, research!" *afterward* "Oops, wasn't paying attention to what I meant to! Gotta watch it again I guess, daaarn."
Loki that was the plan
Shhhhhhhh Loki!

Unrelated, we also started to make candles tonight! I took a couple of pictures of the process, they're under the cut if you want to see them. Basically we need candles for ritual, and we can't ever find the right colours, and we want unscented candles because we burn incense but the large majority of candles seem to be scented already... so we got a candle making kit and are trying out making our own. We just wanted to try some simple white votives for a first try.

Candle making pictures )

My mom used to make fancy candles when I was growing up, so I have a bit of an idea of how it works. If I was currently speaking to my mom, I would consider asking her about it. xP

I was planning on doing more this weekend, but I actually ended up being really sick. e_e Because of this I haven't been quite as productive as I would have hoped, but I don't think I did too terrible.

I did play Borderlands 2 with Scottie more, we are at an important story point and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE FEELS
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I haven't been doing as much art, though I am working on comics still! Derp, I still need to post the comic Scottie coloured for me, I'll do that soon!

I've been playing a lot of Borderlands 2 with Scottie though, which has been a lot of fun. n_n' Breaks are good, yes?

Last night we met the character Tiny Tina, and I think she's my favorite character so far in all the games! She's just so hilariously adorable. Scottie said that she's almost as tiny and crazy as me! Almost. ehehehe
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So Scottie and I picked up a used copy of Borderlands 2 last Friday. We loved the first game, and it was especially awesome because it's one of those games that you can actually play with someone in the same room, not just online! And they don't have some weird split screen that makes it impossible to play (I'M LOOKING AT YOU RE5). So we'd been looking forward to playing it. We don't have any expansions yet, but we're having a lot of fun!

Anyway, something happened in the game tonight that I thought was funny. Note, minor spoilers for a side quest.

On our first run through the game together Scottie and I picked Roland (soldier) and Lilith (siren- firey magic user). The new game has new characters to play as, but the old characters make cameos in the game. Which is awesome. It turned out that Roland and Lilith are kind of an item (we're not sure exactly how much of an item), but we were like w00t that's awesome because that was our team!

Tonight we went looking for some recordings of the both of them. While we were listening to the two of them, Scottie said "That's totally us!" for the first recording. Lilith goes on to tell Roland how she'd decorated their previous place, a flabbergasted Roland said it was grusome because it involved charred corpses, and she disagreed and said she was making it cozy. Scottie was like "I could see that! Wait, I could see you decorating a place with corpses I should be more disturbed by that than I am..."
I probably should have argued against that harder, I mean, that would probably smell bad.
I'm a Loki minion, not a Reaver. Corpses should be disposed of!

In less disturbing context, my decorating sense is rather different from Scotties. It's like "Hey cutie isn't this cute?! :D" "If you mean creepy, sure?" or "Weeee so pretty!" "Oh god it has craft herpes there is glitter everywhere!" "I will buy them allllll" or "That's not a lot of dolls?" *Scottie buried under avalanche*.

The next recording had Lilith excitedly telling Roland that she accidently liquified a guy, but it was awesome because WOOT new powers (and erm, he was totes a bad guy) and Roland was all like "you look pale?" (so like, are you ok crazy woman?) and she was like "Oh right I passed out a few times but MAN THAT WAS COOL". Still us.
sherlock nothing wrong with me

And because Hiddles is the angel on my shoulder...

I think I was going to go somewhere else with this, but now it's late and I need to get to sleep!
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So Scottie was watching a youtube video, the channel has Did You Know videos about different video games. First he watched a video about Portal facts, then he watched another couple about Zelda. (The videos are rather amusing). In one of the Zelda games, a character says "It's a secret to everybody" while giving Link rubies. The factoid was that in the Japanese version it's showing that the character is offering a bribe.

But! This is an Easter egg for my life because when I tell Scottie that he's sweet or something he says "Shhh It's a secret to everybody!". It's a running joke for us. When I heard the video though I realized that this is what he says! He didn't even realize and said that he probably started saying it because of Zelda originally, then it just took on a life of it's own. xD

Also, here's a couple of pictures from my sculpting challenge so far for my new friends. I have sculpted so far in this challenge 10 animals, and I am in the middle of 4 human figures. The pony is something of a tangent is I was inspired to do it but I wasn't originally planning to do it. n_n'
For the animals I'm just posting a group shot, if you want to check them out in more detail you could go to my flickr and visit sets. Each animal has a set. :3 I don't have a group photo for the humans at their current stage though because they're still in progress, but I have a picture for each so far.
My work so far )
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Tonight I tweaked the legs a bit more and figured out how they were going to best fit on the body. Then I put them baking! In this picture I have Frankie overseeing, since I said last time that perhaps she'd be better suited to looking at piles of body parts coming together into a new character. lol


We had Animal Planet on tonight in the background, and Talar'raa was extremely interested in the pomeranians bounding across the screen. I thought it was funny so I took a picture. :3

Tala'raa watching tv

I also played some more Alice: Madness Returns! Scottie did too, he actually finished the game today. I was living vicariously through him since I ended up seeing much of the end. I decided to look some stuff up about what new game plus gave him since he decided that he was going to get the Nightmare difficulty trophy. I learned that each outfit from the different levels gave some benefit when equipped on new game plus, but while doing this I also learned that there was DLC for the game- dresses and weapons. They're not necessary to beat the game or anything, but they are really neat. There is one last upgrade for each weapon in the game, and each new unique dress gives you some extra ability (also, they look really neat!). Some of them seem a bit overpowered (like the White Rabbit outfit lets you slowly regenerate health when you wear it), but I am ok with that. lol
I was kind of bummed out that they were DLC, my guess were each individual thing would be for sale and it would add up quickly if I wanted them all even if I had the spare monies atm. I decided on a lark to check it out in the PS3 store to see what they cost and found that the whole bundle of dresses and weapons was only $1.99! It's actually perfect because I had $2.05 on my side of the PS3 leftover that has been sitting around unused for probably a couple of years. We buy most things on Scottie's account on the PS3 but we accidently redeemed a PSN card on my side once, and we never remember to use it. Since we don't add money there the change from whatever I did buy is usually not enough to buy anything! What can you buy with $2?! Well, I decided to go for it and buy the pack since the amount that has been languishing is perfect. lol

I am having a lot more fun now! I know that the stuff is a bit overpowered, but really, I'm ok with that. The battles were just making me angry and the point of games are to be fun right? Possibly the extra edge can just make up for the problems I see with the battle system in general. lol
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I haven't sculpted the last couple of days, mostly because I haven't really felt up to it. Yesterday I didn't have nearly enough sleep so I was practically delirious at work, when I got home sculpting was just not in the cards. Tonight unfortunately I felt rather sick (I hope I didn't catch what my coworker has), so while I wanted to sculpt I like what I'm making too much to risk it lol.

I decided to play some games instead. I've been playing Alice: Madness Returns recently. Scottie got it for my birthday because I was so excited to play it, but at the time I was playing Star Ocean which has basically the opposite camera (and neither of them can be changed, which is annoying). So I didn't play it then, and after that I usually wanted to play something a bit less dark.

I'm actually pretty far into the game... and I like it well enough (I think?), there are certainly things about it that I like. But I have never ragequit a game so many times in my life. -_-' The battles are just obnoxious and they make me angry. I like the other aspects of the game though, so I keep shoving myself through the battles. But again I have quit the game because I think "I hate this game, why am I playing this again?" while in an especially irritating battle. :S

Part of my rationalization for continuing to play is "I was excited about this game and I bought it and I'm going to play it and enjoy it damnit!". xD

The enemies often have moves that are infuriating, the camera in battle isn't done terribly well, switching between ranged weapons is clunky, while in lock-on mode I often move in ways I don't intend, etc etc.

I should probably change the difficulty since I hate the game so much in battles, but I've already gone this far into the game on normal and there are trophies for each difficulty. I realise this makes little sense as I'm not sure I would ever play the game again, let alone on Nightmare (it's already a nightmare, just not the kind they intend!), but still. Sigh.

Scottie was playing the game earlier in the day and while I've gotten strong Sucker Punch vibes from the game before, it was way stronger when we got to see scenes from the asylum. I bet the person who thought up Sucker Punch was inspired by this game series!

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