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My first love? I'd say "Hi honey, what are you doing standing at the front door? Is there something from the landlord on the door or something?". lol Since Scottie is my first love and we're married. xD
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Well, mom always said her spirit animal was a bear, so it would have to be that. I think she said she was a black bear.

She says that my spirit animal is a polar bear, and that my spirit bird is a chickadee.

I don't remember what she said my brother was (I'd say a sloth lulz), but my sister is supposed to be a cat. lol

Not saying I believe this exactly, but it is fun.
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Well, I would say a phone... but I'd say it's unlikely that I'd have bars. lol

I'd say a boat or a small prop plane so I could get off the island. heh
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Groundfish observing. No. Only if I was desperate for money.
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I don't have a dog or cat atm, but I'll answer anyway.

A cat having you on speed dial? Pfft. Maybe to summon you to bring them food. Or perhaps for petting (which would never be spoken of again of course). But otherwise, you need to call them. xD

Dogs... well, gezunt would have me listed first I'd think. I was his favorite person. :3
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Question is dumb.

Or Iron Man 2, since I just saw it.
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Willow Rosenburg of course! She is so adorable and awesome. xD
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Was this written by a three year old?
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What the hell is this? The original question for this was 'would you be upset if your long time romantic partner confessed to having a sex change'... and they changed it to confessing to a serious crime? Why? How do those relate to each other, seriously? >:(
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My animal behavior prof's wife came in with her african grey parrot, and he could talk a little. He said "nut" whenever he wanted something, and it was generally food. He loved nuts, but he used that word for anything that he wanted.

Lita would probably ask for something salty as she seems to want to nom our fingers off if they aren't freshly washed. Since we read that parakeets REALLY REALLY REALLY love salt, it's probably the salt that she's after. She might also ask for millet spray.

I really don't see anything all that sophisticated coming out of our birdbrain, lol.
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Wut? Why would I need two of me? lulz I agree with Scottie, if someone is too much like the other you'll end up getting on each other's nerves. If you see your flaws in the other person, they just bother you that much more. lol And if that other person is you, and in this hypothetical example is exactly like you (which wouldn't happen) in every way, you'd drive each other bonkers. lol
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Pfft, me as humanity's representative? When I agree with this?

Agent Smith: I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague, and we are the cure.

I felt this way about humanity before the Matrix came out, but this is put so much more eloquently than my middle school self had put it.

Now, I don't want to be wiped out. I try to do what I can to not wreck the planet. I know there are other people who are also trying to keep our planet in one piece. I know there are a lot of people who are good. But as a whole often the human race tends to disappoint.

I'm not sure if I'd want to visit. I suppose maybe if I could take Scottie, and if I didn't think they wanted to dissect me. xP
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I think it's unreasonable to not think there might be something else out there. I don't think that they're visiting us to give us anal probes though. There might be more advanced life out there, or there might be a planet filled with life as advanced as bacteria. Who knows?

I think space exploration would be cool, but we need the tech first. lol
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The closest I've come to a brush with a celebrity is knowing that Harrison Ford lived in Jackson. Since we went to Jackson on the weekends and such to do grocery shopping and stuff, we could have seen him buying milk or pumping gas. The comic book store owner told us about meeting him. Apparently he usually kept to himself.

I don't really care to meet any celebrities. As much as I might love Alison Hannigan, I really wouldn't know what to say to her if I met her. Seeing her in person would be neat I suppose, but it's not something that I need to do. Same goes for any celebrity.

One of the answers I read to this was in all pink (so... text not colored via their journal preferences), and Capitalized like This, which I never Understand. I swear When I read things with Random Capitalization, my inner voice goes into William Shatner mode. It was all condescending too, talking about celebrities Personal lives with Boundries and Shit. I don't disagree, but the entry was so annoying to look at lol.

Though now I'm very amused by the random capitalization.

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It really wouldn't impact anything, because there isn't anything in my email that he doesn't already know. xD Shoot, he even knows my email password and I know his! lol
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I don't really recall having pick-up lines used on me, which is good because mainly they're cheesy. :P

There are a couple that I like though!
I wish I were your deriviative so I could lie tangent to your curves!
I wish I were a DNA helicase so I could unzip your jeans (not quite as funny, but still dorky enough).

Bad pickup lines always make me think of Scottie's best friend Joel, who used a couple of lines:

"Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?" I'm not entirely certain if he has actually used the line though. But apparently it's supposed to convey confidence, and he'd probably not say it seriously. Still, my first reaction to that was if someone tried that on me, they'd get punched. :P

Another of his lines, and this one was actually used (on someone that he already knew), and I think is kind of cute. "Can I count your freckles? All your freckles?" The girl he asked was a redhead who happened to be full of freckles. Personally, I think it's cute, and have asked Scottie that on more than one occasion. lol But I think familiarity is important with that to not be creepy. :P
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I do believe in it, and Scottie is my soulmate. I felt that he was special from the day that I met him, and I'm very happily married to him! :3
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My current job is a grad student, so I'm not sure if it counts. I do love school, but I'm SUPER frustrated at the moment because I don't have a topic OR an adviser yet. It's only week three, but one of my classes is supposed to guide my thesis along... even though I know everyone else is shifting around on their topics/advisers, I still feel frustrated when all of our assignments are about getting stuff done for our thesis proposal... when I have yet to have a topic to write about. And I know I could write about something that I'm interested in, but it's doubtful that I'll end up doing it. And I really hate repeating work. :P

I do believe there is a dream job, though I'm not entirely certain what that is. Nothing is perfect, but you can still be happy.

Five to ten years from now hopefully I have my PhD and am a research professor working with either marine mammals or cephalopods.
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"That's so gay" or some variant. Gay being used to mark something as stupid. I'm bi and I have gay friends... and even if that wasn't the case I'd still find it offensive.

Bingos of course hit the list.
"It's different when they're your own!" (Murderous and abusive parents do not exist).
"You'll change your mind when you get older" (Riiiiight, I've only felt this way for 26 years, what do I know?)
"Who'll take care of you when you're old?" (And the kids wouldn't toss you in an old folks home? HA.)
"What if you meet Mr. Right and he wants kids???" (I got this one from the doctor who KNEW I was engaged and that Scottie didn't want to spawn either! Plus, hypothetically, pretend that I didn't meet Scottie. Mr. Right would NOT BE Mr. Right if he wanted kids! For fucks sakes.)
etc etc

"If it doesn't scan it's free". That ceased being funny 5 million customers ago. (I'm glad I no longer work retail).
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Pretty lie: Oh of course!
Not as pretty truth: Uh, no?

People might answer oh, maybe bone marrow... it's just like giving blood right? But a kidney is serious business!

Donating bone marrow is also a surgical procedure. The donation can take 40-46 hours over a period of 4-6 weeks, and while it can be done under general or localized anesthesia... the lingering ache can last several days to several weeks.
People also don't get paid for their donation. Realistically would someone go through this for a total stranger? I'm sure some people do, and I applaud them for it. But the people who answer 'oh sure, the bone marrow but not the kidney!' might be lacking in information.

And yeah, I do think that giving a kidney is serious business, and certainly more serious than the bone marrow donation.

But for me, would I do this for a total stranger? No. After I'm dead you can harvest organs from me, but before that? I'd only give to loved ones.

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