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I went for a little walk today, though I didn't get quite as far as I wanted because the sidewalks weren't terribly walkable. It was snowing heavily since Friday so we got pretty buried. I don't know how much snow we got but I saw a report of 17 inches as a possible amount that we'd get.

I took a couple of pictures on the way, though it got dark early in my walk which was a bummer. It's been rather overcast too, and I've been hoping for more sun for pictures. But I decided that I wanted to take some pictures so I went with it anyway. xP

Snowy trees

A couple more pictures )

We went out today because I saw that Target was having a sale on the Power Ghoul dolls, down to $9! That included the Catastrophe Torelai doll, and I've wanted a Torelai since she came out and I've never even seen her anywhere at all. xP I was hoping she'd be there! She wasn't, but I did see that there was a sale on the Scary Tales dolls as well, down to $10 from $28. I didn't have Threaderella yet (Frankie), so I picked her up! She's so pretty. I'll need to get pictures of her later.

Scotte was waiting for the truck to warm up before leaving, and while he was waiting he unburied the neighbor lady's car. She's a bit older and has a rather hard time getting around, so Scottie wanted to help her out (he helps carry her groceries and stuff too, when we're out at the same time, and stuff like that). I told him that he's a giant sweetheart, which he is, but he doesn't think he was doing anything super special. But so many people wouldn't do that! He does things like that all the time too.
It's one of the reasons that Hiddles reminds me of Scottie, and they both have the same reaction to being told how perfect they are. ehehehe
hiddles omg
I'm a bit too sleepy to articulate my feelings, but I still wanted to put something out there. n_n'

Time for sleeps.
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I got another one of the little Build a Bear plushies from McDonalds and I had an idea for a photostory! :3 Another Happy Meal for dinner lol.

Clawd's present for Lala
I have something for you!

What did Clawd get for Lala? )

In other news, I am so tired! More freezing rain. One shiny thing was that I had another snow day because of it! I got to leave at 1:30 pm (I usually work until 4:30), and I get paid like I would have been there. So that's shiny!
I sort of feel like that when I posted last night the FREEZE ALL THE THINGS bit, that it was taken literally. xD
Loki smile snow
The ice made my hour walk a two hour walk, but it was totally worth not being at work. xD
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Today was interesting. When I walked home from work, the weather was freezing rain. When I got home, I was literally coated in ice. Except for a slightly frozen face, I wasn't terribly cold at the end though. Channeling my inner frost giant, yus.
Loki freeze

But I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Chaos from when he was sleeping on the couch with us last night. He was so cute!
Sleepy Chaos

Chaos awakens!
Hooman wut r u doin?
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Yesterday I decided to go for another walk with the ghouls! When I first woke up everything looked really dreary and there was a thick fog. I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk, or at least, that I'd want to walk because that didn't really look pleasant. But by the afternoon the sun had come out and the fog went away. And of course, since it had been foggy the trees had frosted up, which was pretty!
I'm rather excited about seeing the sun, lol. When I'm working I don't see basically any of it because it's not up when I leave for work and it's already down when I get out of work. :P

Trees outside of my apartment building were frosted up so I thought I'd take a picture. :3
Frosty tree )

Lala and Clawd in the snow
Clawd look at all the sparkling plants!

More pictures of Lala and Clawd )

I then continued on towards the school. I took some more pictures of scenery on the way there. More pictures of trees, and then a picture of the creek. I thought it was interesting comparing the creek to yesterday, because of the iced trees, and the ice in the creek itself.
Two pictures of winter scenery )

I got to the school and took some more pictures of Lala and Clawd near it. :3
More pictures of Lala and Clawd )

Then I started back. There were two ravens flying around and I got a picture of them. I thought it was funny because when they showed up I'd been thinking about Odin and Loki, and so I was like "Are you Hugin or Munin?". I only got one in a picture though. I'm easily amused.
ehehehe )

On the way back I took more pictures!
Lala and Clawd walking in frosted trees
Blazing a trail through the snow...

Lala and Clawd walking in frosted trees
Lets climb!

The last of the pictures )

I realized that after I'd taken my last pictures there that my fingers were basically frozen. I hadn't actually noticed when I was doing the picture taking though! Oops. Just channeling my inner frost giant I suppose. xD
Loki in the snow

Hope you guys like the pictures!
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To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today, Happy Thanksgiving! If your outside of the US, I hope that you still had a lovely Thors-day.
Scottie has been cooking a turky and has other foods in mind for sides. Still not dinnertime though! I'm going to call my sister in a little bit to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving too. I hope she's having a good day. :3

I decided to take a walk this afternoon since the sun was out, and I brought Venus and Abbey along to take pictures with! I would have taken more pictures, except that the cold drained my batteries quickly and so they died. Luckily the batteries only died near the end of my walk, so I didn't really lose many picture taking opportunities. I thought it might be a problem though because it was so cold.

I think this is my most favorite picture of all the ones I took during my walk. :3
Venus and Abbey being festive
See, there are still green things even in the snow!
Well yes...

One more wreath picture )

There were some neat, very large ornaments hanging on the eaves of a doctors office. I took a picture of one and I'm reflected in it, so it was an unintentional self portrait. It's sort of neat. xD
I'm bundled up in a lot of layers. Scottie says I should wear a jacket that I'm not swimming in but I can put so many layers under this one ehehehe xD
Picture of me, sort of )

Then I continued my walk! I went on a walk to where I was taking grad student courses. That's in the opposite direction from work so I don't head that way terribly often, but I really like the trail between the school and the library.
Picture of a snowy creek on the way )
I was amused because at one point when I was walking I saw two moose, but they were too far away to take pictures of and by the time I was there they were gone. Which I very much prefer to the other times when I'm like "CRAP there is a moose in my path please don't trample me".

Then I got to the trail and took more pictures of the ghouls!
Abbey and Venus in the snow
All the snow...

A couple more of Abbey and Venus in the snow )
In the middle of taking pictures near this lake (not that you can tell really) is when the batteries died.

This will be the first Thanksgiving (and soon, my birthday) that I won't feel obligated to call my mother. Which is actually a good thing, because I inevitably just ended up stressed out while talking to her.
loki exasperated
It’s not that I don’t enjoy our little chats. It’s just that... I don’t.
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So I didn't start sculpting tonight until a bit later, because I was so tired when I got home! I realize I'm not getting enough sleep, but I think part of my tiredness is due to these cold walks home. They really take it out of me! I certainly want to keep up the excercise, I just wish it wasn't so ridiculously cold. It was warmer tonight at about 10 F, (the rest of the week my walks this week have been below 0), but that was negated by wind. That didn't help. :P

Anyway, here's what I did tonight! I worked a bit more on the body, did a bunch of finishing work, and then decided to start on N's super fluffy tail. I think I like how it's coming. I just hope I don't look at it tomorrow and decide that I was temporarily insane and that it's rubbish and that I need to start over. :P
N pony sculpt continued

In other news, my bag of cats brain has been particularly restless.
Loki cell after scream
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What's in the box?
Ghoulia, since you were such an important part of the photo competition, you should be here for the prize unboxing!
No, you weren't just there for me to Loki people...
ehehehe well, not only to Loki people...

What did I get? :D )

I'm not sure if I'm going to unbox her. On the one hand, I really want to. On the other hand, my most special dolls I've kept in box for the most part. Part of that is because they're really easy to display that way and I don't have to worry about messing anything up. Also, this particular line has such pretty packaging. xD Well, for now I'm going to leave her in the box and think about it.
I'm just so happy! :D
loki success mjolnir

In other news, my walks home have gotten more challenging since it snowed. On the part of the walk where I'm on the road I end up trudging through all the greasy, slippery snow thrown up off the road onto the sidewalk or sliding around on ice. The trail is better because just smoothed snow, and it's not deep enough to need snowshoes (which is good, because I don't have any yet so I'm just hoofing it in boots). I'm just channeling my inner frost giant and actually enjoying the extra challenge, but it's been leaving me more tired than usual when I get home since it uses a fair bit more energy to do. One bonus for the snow is that since there isn't any sun anymore (the only sun that happens now is when I'ma actually inside for work boooo) the snow is actually helpful. My first day walking after daylight savings was less than exciting because I didn't have enough light and everything was pitch black on the trail. Now the snow reflects light so it's a lot lighter even without a headlamp!
Loki in the snow

I've also been working on comics again! I'm also thinking about what what sculpting project I want to continue on with. I've just been enjoying taking a break from everything since I had so much going on last month that was time sensitive. Now I'm going back to just working on things at a less intense speed. Last weekend me and Scottie spent a lot of time playing Borderlands 2 together, which I hadn't really had time to with everything going on. That was nice. :3
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I haven't posted pictures of Chaos in a while! He was cuddling with us on the couch for a lot of the evening!
Our ferret Chaos
He was so cute!

More ferret pictures )

This was another picture I took yesterday but I just didn't post it yet. This is the view walking down the street near my apartment.
Read more... )

I watched The Voice tonight, and... yeah... :S I've been talking about Jonny Gray this whole season, and excited that I was actually excited about someone on the show and that HE WAS STILL THERE. (He's the guy that tweeted back to me even and I was all excited!) There's another person on Ceelo's team that I decided that I also liked, Kat Robichaud, and she would be the other person I would root for. I either care very little for or care nothing for anyone else on the show.
I was excited because yesterday they'd mentioned that we, the audience, could save someone instantly somehow on the results show. So I was like "I actually care, so I'm going to make sure I watch live just in case!" I mean, I've actually voted for Jonny, and I've never voted in any previous season!
They revealed that the instant save would be a FIVE MINUTE window at that point in the show where people could tweet using a hashtag with #voicesave and the artist's name.
It turned out that Jonny and Kat BOTH ended up in the bottom three, and I was so angry! I was going to tweet when the TV flashed a "previously recorded, voting is closed" on the bottom of the screen. Then I was really pissed! WTH I WAS WATCHING THE LIVE AIRING ON TV I COULDN'T HAVE WATCHED IT EARLIER.
Jonny went home, and while I'm sure that my tweet wouldn't have mattered it was just icing on the cake. Kat was saved, and that's great and all but eh. Ceelo said he was pissed and I had the same feels.
Then Scottie enticed me to cuddle with him and the ferret for a bit, and I felt a bit better.
As for the Voice though, just... ugh. I don't even know if I care enough to keep watching. Especially when Kat was on the bottom that doesn't bode well for her chances of staying around. Last season was just so mediocre to me and I everyone I liked was voted off early, and I'm not interested in repeating that experience.
Dear country, I am judging you.

Back to work tomorrow, booooo.
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I actually have a long weekend because of veterans day, so I don't have work tomorrow! And I actually have an additional day off because remember how I was saying that work was hassling me to take mandatory leave? Well, they really do want me to take it so I shoved 3 vacation days onto my schedule. I'm taking a day off this Tuesday, then a day off after Thanksgiving, and another day off on Dec 2nd. Taking days off is a foreign concept to me. xP I really rather would work the time and just cash out the leave, but oh well. I do think some time off from work will probably be useful in making me feel less homicidal towards my coworkers.
loki what the heck
At least, one can hope. eheh

It started snowing today! Eeeeeh. I was excited that the snow stayed away for so long! We had that early snow in September but it didn't stick around, and it had stayed clear of snow until yesterday. The snow yesterday all melted pretty quickly, so I went to sleep with the ground still bare. I woke up this morning to it snowing... and it kept snowing heavily all day. There's a lot of snow out there now! I have a feeling this is the instant winter that we usually get. I know a lot of people are excited about the snow, but I'm not one of them. I just looked out the window and was like
loki damn
Now it really is time for me to break out the long johns and stuff for my walks home from work, because I intend to continue to do that.

I've never been a big winter person. It's funny because everywhere I've lived has been wintery, but still. The last few years winter has been the better part of the year for me though, because it felt safe. When spring began to approach, the melting snow was like a physical manifestation of my security melting away. I was talking to Scottie this summer about the fact that this is the longest I'd gone in a very long time where I haven't had to fear for my life! It messes with your head to constantly think: I am going to die for this, but it's not going to be like "At least she died doing something she loved!" it would be "She died doing something she hated, didn't believe in, was opposed to, and had probably told everyone else how ridiculously stupid whatever harebrained scheme going on was but lol nobody listens to me~"
Loki its madness
You know this plan of yours is going to get us killed.
Eventually you want to toss yourself into an abyss because at least you have control over that.

I forgot where I was going with this. I do know this isn't what I actually meant to write though. xP I have a migraine and should just go to bed. :P

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