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So yesterday I worked on the bluebird further! I finished attaching the wings, and put in all the feathers. Texturing this bird is going to be a long process! I also did a little more sculpting on the face, and got the legs sculpted further. They're ready to attach to the feet and body when I get to that step.

Today I sculpted all the little feathers on the head and a little down the back. Texturing feathers takes waaay longer than fur! Tomorrow I'm going to try and work on more feathering.

So today is the 5th anniversary of my wedding! It's the date that me and Scottie had our Wyoming wedding, not the Michigan ceremony. For people new to my blog, we were married by a Justice of the Peace in Jackson WY with a couple of our friends, and then we had a full wedding ceremony with our family and my friends back in Michigan on the 25th. We'd been living in WY in the Grand Teton National Park and I'd been planning the Michigan ceremony back with my family long distance. We decided one day that we were just going to go get married in WY, lol. The spontaneity of it was awesome, and it also helped because I'd been stressing out about getting the marriage paperwork together in time in the short time we'd be in MI.

For our anniversary, Scottie brought delicious veggie burgers with watermelon toppings to work and had lunch with me. It was very nice! I cut out of work a little early so that I could do more with him today, I can just make up the hours during the week.

For gifts, I'm actually doing something with the bluebird for him (it's the bluebird of happiness!). I didn't quite finish though because of the setbacks I ended up having. He's making me decorated hair-sticks and a jewellery box to keep them in. He's so sweet! It's the wood anniversary so he wanted to do something especially with that. It's also the silver anniversary so he's including silver decorations on them. :D

We ended up playing Borderlands together for most of the evening. Couple that game together stay together! lol :D

I'm a lucky woman, and I'm so happy that we have each other. <3
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Well, one of my bridesmaids, Krissy took photos during the wedding. As did my mom, and my sister took some pictures with her cell phone. I'm getting the professional pictures in soon. Krissy posted pictures friends only on flickr, which was what I was hoping that she'd do so I could download them. hehe
I'm very particular about who sees pictures of me, and so is Scottie.

Well, my sister posted some of those pictures that Krissy had friends only, plus her phone pictures, and a couple of pictures mom took on her myspace. Now, I hate myspace. Some of my friends are on it, and I use it to keep in touch with them better. But I'm not a big fan of the site in general, and it seems that the majority of myspace is populated with morons. Please nobody take offense. If you are reading my journal and use myspace, then I count you among the intelligent people on myspace. ;)

So. My sister posts a whole bunch of pictures of the wedding on myspace without asking me first. And some of the pictures I'm not all that thrilled with how they turned out. I'm fine with showing them to my friends but I think if there is a picture that I think I look icky in, I shouldn't have to worry about it being shown to anyone and everyone online. I was going to show them via flickr to those I wanted to show them to.
My sister is one of those people who try to make friends with as many people as humanly possible on myspace. Even if they have the IQ of a zucchini. No wait, that's mean. I'm insulting zucchinis.

So I show that to Scottie and he's not cool with it at all. So I ask her to take them down via neomail, because I saw she was online there. She says ok, sorry. Then she says "but Krissy has them on her my spaze 2" and I replied that didn't mean I wanted them there either. Now, Krissy basically just has her myspace to keep in touch with a few friends she knows IRL, pretty much how I use mine. So I'm not afraid that she's going to have a million random contacts going to see them. And she only posted a few with me and Scottie in them, and none of them look icky. But still, they're public pictures that we don't really want public. And I asked my sister to take hers down, so I'm going to be fair and have that be the rule for everybody. Flickr-friends and family only is fine; myspace is not. So I messaged her and asked her to take them down, and explained why.

My sister, even though she was online for quite some time after I asked, still hasn't taken down the pictures. At first I felt bad about asking her to take them down, but since I asked and she said she would but didn't... and is most likely in bed right now so isn't going to do anything about them until tomorrow night... Well, now I'm getting angry about it. Most of the pictures aren't even pictures she took herself, and they are pictures of me and Scottie that we don't want up. I don't think I'm in the wrong to ask people this, right? :/

Does anyone think I'm doing something wrong by asking people to take pictures of my wedding down?
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I just wanted to wish everyone on my friends list a Happy Halloween! :D

I also wanted to say that Scottie and I had our Michigan wedding ceremony on Oct 25th. It was beautiful! I'm going to post pictures on flickr when they come from the photographer. I also have some shots taken after the ceremony that were taken by my bridesmaid Krissy, I'm going to download them from her flickr and post them on my flickr as well. So maybe I won't have to wait that long. hehe I'll post a picture or pictures from flickr onto here like I did with the Wyoming wedding ceremony. If I post more than one I will put all but one under a cut. Unless of course posting photos on here bothers anyone too much, in which case I could put them all under a cut.

I'm back in WY now, and currently moving us into our new apt. Moving is such a pain in the arse though! :P
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Well, initially the plan had been for me and Scottie to wait to get married until we went to MI. However, with the limited amount of time that we'll have in MI, and the fact that they have that fun waiting period, we thought that it would be so much easier and less stressful on us if we went and got legally married before we went to MI. So though we haven't had the "real" ceremony yet, we're officially married! It is nice this way though, our friends Nate and Kelcy came with us as our witnesses, and we've been getting congrats from all our friends here at Signal. They decorated Scottie's desk and my work space. They gave us a two tiered newman'O's cake (they're like organic oreos) with an elk and bear toy topper from the gift shop. I'd describe more, but I've been photo-blogging on flickr, and I've taken pictures of all that stuff, so I'm going to try and post on both lj and flickr from now on. Specific photos I'll post on here with entries. I have no intention of abandoning my lj, but with flickr I've been keeping up with my friends back in MI, and with wedding planning I guess I haven't had much time besides the time that I spend just uploading photos I take onto flickr.

I'm also going to do a better update later on!

Hehe, in my case, you only get married twice? (To the same person within a couple of weeks, no less!)
If anyone is on flickr, my photostream is here:
I have a lot of friends only photos (the wedding ceremony is mostly friends only), but I'd be glad to friend you guys on flickr too! :)
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AWESOME. Awesome I tell you. I have been stressing about this wedding planning stuff so much lately, and I find that Carrie already has a list of reception places with prices, more places that she's waiting on hearing back from... she knows someone who makes cakes, she says that she'll help me with whatever I need, and that I don't need a silly wedding planner, and that we need to start figuring stuff out together via the phone.

Carrie is awesome, and I would like to give her a hug. She's the best friend a girl can have. :)

Anyway, I am SO HAPPY and SO RELIEVED. I know that wedding planning will still be stressful at times, but knowing I have someone in MI who is going to actually help me, that is just fantastic.
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Well, it doesn't appear that the reception is as planned as I had thought it was. Mom had said we could use the meeting hall and it would be fairly cheap, however she emailed me and said that it could only hold 20 people, and based on what she thought Scottie would only be able to have 8 people there. Of course she completely forgot about Carrie and Krissy from my side of the wedding- plus Heath with Krissy and if Carrie brings a date... But for my side she said Fiddler and Boyu and my great uncle Fred and his floosie... Now I realize they are family but why would I invite my uncle Fred? I haven't seen him in years, and I've seen him before and he didn't even realize who I was. :/
At any rate, I suppose I should invite them but I don't think the meeting hall is going to work. For one thing, we had wanted an area to dance in, and the meeting hall prolly won't be able to accomodate that. I asked mom to send me pictures of it a couple days ago but she hasn't replied to me yet. But I don't know where to put the reception! I can't afford anything too expensive because my budget is pretty small.

Bleh. :P
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Well, my wedding planning is coming along. I think. Well, I have my dress ordered, it should be done and shipped the end of this month. I'm still looking for a tiara like this but I haven't ordered it yet. My bridesmaids both like this dress, which is different than the one I had previously posted on here. It would have to be in green of course.

I bought Scottie's ring already, I just have to wait until it comes in. I had to change my address so here's hoping it comes in alright.
Scottie has bought three swords (locally, so I don't have a link) but they are all Aragorn's swords, one for him and one each for the groomsmen. He wants to get them engraved for both of them (his best friend and his brother). I don't have the bridesmaid gifts yet. I know that Carrie likes stuff from Bath and Body Works, and Krissy likes organic lotions and stuff like that, so I could get something for Carrie from B&BW and I could get Krissy a Burt's Bees bag and a bunch of stuff for it. But should I get something else for them? Neither of them are that into the type of stuff my wedding is about... Carrie does like the LOTR movies though she isn't obsessive and Krissy doesn't like the LOTR movies and isn't really into that sort of stuff... so I dunno.

Scottie is looking at this shirt for the groomsmen. Maybe even for himself as well. He was going to make all the stuff for him and his men, however, doing it this way would save time. He was also looking at pants, sword belts, boots, and cloaks for him and the guys from there. (If you want to look, I'm sure it'd be pretty easy to find them, that's just a lot of stuff to link to!) He already has a pattern and the fabric to make his outfit though. He was thinking that he will try and make his outfit, but if it doesn't work out he'll order his stuff from there instead.

Me and Scottie have found what appears to be a good resource for the ceromony for opening words and our vows and such. It was from the Unitarian Universalist religion, which is an alright religion from what I have seen so far. Apparently you don't even have to be a Christian to be in it and it pulls from all sorts of religions- even pagan I guess. The vows aren't churchy at all, they are just nice. Scottie knows more about it than I do. We wanted to have one of Scottie's friends come and perform the ceremony for us, him and his wife are pagan. I don't think they were wiccan but I can't remember exactly atm. Anyway, it was hard because we were going to try and fly him and his wife out to us in MI from CO. Well, if his wife was coming we'd fly them to Minneapolis and get them a car rental to drive the rest of the way. But if his wife couldn't come we were going to have to fly him to MI from CO which is really expensive because we'd have to fly him to Hancock which is a tiny little airport. Really expensive to fly to that silly little airport. But that is because he doesn't have a drivers license. It looked like his wife wouldn't be able to make the trip, but we were still trying to make it work. But we have recently let him know that we don't think we're going to be able to afford to fly him out to us. If we can swing it we'll let him know, or if he can afford it we'd love to have him there, but I don't think that we're going to be able to afford to fly him out. We're leaving my current job earlier than expected (more on that later) and we still have to get our own tickets to and from MI. We'll prolly fly to Minneapolis and drive the rest of the way, but that also involves a rental car as well. We still have other stuff to pay for as well.
While we didn't want a christian ceremony, me and Scottie are alright with having a universilist unitarian minister/pastor/??? do the ceremony for us. So that is a very good plan B. We're going to try and contact whoever is in the area to see if they can do that for us.

The ceremony will be held at my gramma's 'camp'. As has been said many times, my gramma's camp isn't really a camp. It's a large area with a 3 car garage, a 2 story sauna, various little sheds, and a very nice house overlooking Lake Superior. All of this stuff was built by my grampa with help of my gramma and some help from my mom when she was a teen. Anyway, this is the best way that I can have my gramma at my wedding. I wanted an outdoor wedding and I wanted my gramma there, but she really can't be outside to see it. For one thing, the UP is a buggy place, and she's allergic to blackfly bites. If you spend any amount of time outside at the wrong time, you can be swarmed by those things. It should be fine because of where we are at the lake, but if we were somewhere else in the UP more away from the lake in the woods there would prolly be more of a problem. We should be early enough but late enough in the season that bugs should be not too bad. Since we're having our wedding outside at my grammas she can just look outside thru the big sliding glass doors and see us from the comfort of her home. This way there isn't any transport, no problems with temperature, no running out of oxygen, no bugs, etc. Plus I love it down there and it is very pretty.

The date of my wedding is June 9th.

My mom has a new job as night auditor at a hotel in Calumet, the AmericInn (or something like that), so she could get us a discount on the nicest room in the house for our wedding night. She said that was our wedding gift, which is nice. It'll have a jaccuzzi in the room, which after the wedding I think will be soooo nice.
Because of this job she can also book the pool room or the meeting hall for the reception at a discount. I'm not sure if she gets a discount but I'm assuming she can. Anyway, this was her idea. She said that she could get us the pool room to have a pool party after the wedding and she could get pizza and a wedding cake. But she also suggested that we could do the meeting room. She said it was nice and they just redid the place. Now me and Scottie like the idea of a pool party and pizza, however, it would prolly be more appropriate for the wedding to use the meeting hall right? Me and Scottie were thinking about having a 'grand feast', a couple of chickens, maybe a ham or something plus sides. Now I'm not sure if we should get that catered or if my family could whip that up. My gramma always used to cook like she was trying to cook for an army. Now gramma only directs my grampa to cook, but perhaps my mom and grampa/gramma could make the foodstuffs. I don't think that would be too expensive...

We aren't going to do the honeymoon right after the wedding, for one thing it would just be stressful to try and save that money plus wedding and road trip money. We'll prolly do it sometime next year. We were thinking of taking a cruise or something.

So anyway, I have the date, wedding bands are just about in order, place for the ceremony, stuff for the ceremony, Plan A and B for someone to perform the ceremony, a room for the wedding night, a place for the reception, tenetive dinner plans for said reception, future honeymoon plans, bridesmaids and their dresses picked out, groomsmen and their clothes picked out, a somewhat vague but small budjet...

What I don't have are invitations sent out, but we were thinking of using the message in a bottle things. Everyone who is important knows the date of the wedding, they just haven't been formally invited yet.
We don't have a wedding registry, and we have a vague but not complete guest list. My list is small, but Scottie isn't sure who he should invite but I don't think it should take him to long to figure out. He doesn't want his mom there but he feels he should invite her anyway. I just hope that she doesn't show up and expect us to pay for everything for her like his uncle had to do when she came to his wedding. We can't afford to be paying for her food and lodging, but she is the kind of person that feels entitled to a lot of things.

Anyway, I think I will wrap up this very long(!!!) wedding entry. Does my current planning have any major flaws that anyone can see? Anyone have any suggestions? n.n;
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I have a question for all you wonderful people out there.

I am looking for Scottie's wedding ring- but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to surprise him with it, or if he can see it. Or if he can even help pick out the ring. I looked online but I didn't find the most useful stuffs. I'm not sure if that's because I'm tired though.

Also, any married peoples on my list have any hints on how to plan a wedding? I don't know a whole lot about weddings and planning on is starting to make me stressed. xP

Now, off to cuddle with my Scottie and go to sleep. *yawn*

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