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Tonight I continued on with my Loki pony sculpt! I worked mostly on the legs. I made foil cores for the leg armatures and hooves, which is actually not something I normally do. Normally the limbs of my sculpts are just clay because that's easier, but I'm getting low on clay stores so I wanted to try the foil. I think it's going alright, it just takes more effort. xD I have the back legs roughed out, and the front legs near finishing. I also conditioned clay for the rest of the sculpt. I also did a bit of fiddling around with the head and body.

Continuing Loki pony sculpt
I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along.

I'm still sick, but I did manage to go into work today. I'm actually doing better, though I'm still depending on cold medicine to allow me to continue to be at least somewhat functional.

The weather here today is weeeeird. I left work a little early today since I'd been fairly productive and I felt ill. I only walked home this week on Monday, but every day after that Scottie's been picking me up from work since walking home in the cold while sick didn't seem like a great plan. I miss the excercise but I certainly want to get better. But since I was leaving a little early the sun was actually still out, and not only that but it was raining. And it wasn't freezing rain like I'd feared it would be, it was just... raining. And SUPER windy. I felt like I was walking out into the twilight zone because just, wut. It is currently 36°F, that is so so weird. I expect this time to be somewhere closer to like -10°F or something lol. I know this can't last, but I'll enjoy it while it does?
The wind was crazy though. With the high winds and the wet ice I felt like I was going to get blown away when I was walking outside. We stopped at the grocery store and when we were leaving the wind blew a bunch of ice/snow off of the roof and caused Scottie and me to get pelted by rocks when it hit. I'm glad that it didn't hit us though because that would have been less than pleasant. :P

I scored an awesome deal on some dolls while we were there! Fred Meyer had a selection of MH dolls on clearance, and then they had all of their clearance stuff at an additional 40% off. I haven't bought new dolls in forever so I only had a couple of the dolls that were on clearance! (In fact, there were a couple of dolls in that selection that I couldn't pick up that I didn't already have lol)
Scottie has our budget planned out so that I can get a doll in a month, and I spent my doll budget tonight. xD It was awesome though because for the budget (allowing for one doll) I was able to get four! It was slightly over, but one of the dolls was for Scottie because he collects Operetta and there was a Dance Class Operetta that he's been wanting. I'm so happy he was able to finally get her!
For myself I picked up a Dance Class Robecca Steam (my first doll for that character!), and an I <3 Shoes Lala and an I <3 Shoes Cleo.
hiddles success
I'll have to unbox them tomorrow, but I should get to bed now. n_n'
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Today was interesting. When I walked home from work, the weather was freezing rain. When I got home, I was literally coated in ice. Except for a slightly frozen face, I wasn't terribly cold at the end though. Channeling my inner frost giant, yus.
Loki freeze

But I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Chaos from when he was sleeping on the couch with us last night. He was so cute!
Sleepy Chaos

Chaos awakens!
Hooman wut r u doin?
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I started in on the next part of my photoset tonight! I had a bit of Phase One left, but I finished that up pretty quicky. Then I could do the next part. I'm going to start working on a different set piece tomorrow. This part is coming along really well though. :3 I'm getting really excited!

Here's Ghoulia with the progress report!
Halloween photoset teaser
What do you mean nobody else speaks zombie?

Well, that may be true, but you still make a great host!
Halloween photoset teaser


In other news, it was super windy today! We were out for a little bit this evening and the stoplight at a busy interection was out. Freaked me out! I trust Scottie's driving but I don't trust anyone else's. xP I just hope that the power doesn't get messed up like it did last fall when things got really windy.
It was also interesting when I was walking home from work, it was so windy on the bridge I felt like I was going to get blown into traffic! xP

Wait what

Sep. 23rd, 2013 08:03 am
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So I woke up this morning to see that it is... snowing. Dear weather, it's not even October yet. Could you perhaps wait a bit. Thanks.
Oh Alaska... how I hate you.

More substantial post later!
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Yay livejournal is working again!

Most of it has been working the last couple of days for me because I wasn't on an affected cluster, but not everything was working of course. I didn't want to spend time making a post if something else happened and the post got eaten, ya'know?

I took some pictures with some of the little stuffed dogs I made posing with Frankie, I'll probably post those tomorrow. I've also been working on another puppy! It's made out of pure fabric this time instead of felt. I really like how much easier it is to sew, though with felt I can skip the sewing altogether and just felt it together. Options are nice. hehe

I'm having fun with this little project. I told Scottie that I was going to start making some puppies colour coordinated with the Monster High dolls. xD I was also thinking about making some mini plushes of the ghoul's pets. I actually have very few Signature dolls so I have very few pets! I have Spectra, Howleen, Frankie, and Rochelle's pets. I thought it would be cute to have some pet stand ins. lol

I've also been thinking about felting some animals out of wool.

I sort of feel like I'm posting without a really clear reason just because lj is working again and I haven't been able to post about all the stuff I've been doing! lol

Spring finally arrived last week, we had some rain that melted a lot of the snow. It started getting nicer... but the last couple of days have been cold and overcast. It's 40 F today, overcast and drizzling rain. It feel like Pilot! It's also supposed to snow tomorrow. I'm sure if it does it won't stick around for long, but geez winter give it up already! Dx
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I did some sculpting today but for some reason I was having some anxiety issues, so the finicky fingers were just not happening. I decided to put that aside and just play with some pictures. n_n

Scaris Ghoulia
I really like this shot of Ghoulia!

More pictures of the ghouls )

I watched the new Suburgatory tonight and was very confused. Apparently the DVR didn't record last weeks and we didn't notice. Had noooo idea what was going on with Dahlia. I saw that the episode is available on demand though, so I guess I'll have to watch it there. Not sure that I'm looking forward to the episode though considering what happened in this episode!

Also, it is snowing heavily. I'm going to be making snowmen in July at this rate!

I know that I have goodreads people on my flist, I made an account finally! I've rated a lot of books and have a few reviews already. I'm milleniumgypsy there if anyone would like to friend me! I'd love to see more book recs. xD
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So... it's spring now right? It doesn't look like spring outside. This last week we were really excited that it was so spring-like outside. Snow was starting to melt, the sun was out, it wasn't snowing, and the weather was really warming up! It stayed around 40 degrees F! Spring had finally arrived!

This morning I woke up to it snowing. It has been snowing all day. I looked at the weather forecast and it's supposed to snow all week. In other parts of the world people have flowers starting to grow! I'd be happy to just have melting snow at this point. :S

In other random news, it is midnight and I just missed two phone calls from a number I don't recognize. I'm going to assume it was somebody trying to call someone else while drunk since it's frackin midnight. I don't know why I get so many wrong number calls and texts. e_e

I also took some pictures today, I'll have to post those tomorrow as I'm super tired now. Also, squeeing about Dr. Who. xD
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So I've been really bad about sculpting lately. I didn't feel very good this weekend and Borderlands with the hubby has been so much fun. n_n'

But today I finally finished the tail! I still need to bake it but it is finished. It seems like a rather small thing but it took quite a while to do in a way that I liked! Tomorrow I'm going to work on the feet so I can bake the both of them together. I'm not sure how much I'm going to get done since making feathers takes a while.

In other news I got a couple of custom monster high dolls today! They were being sold off by someone on a forum I frequent because she was selling off some of her collection. I'm really excited to take pictures of them! They're so cute! :D I have to figure out wigs for them because she'd cut off the hair so that they could wear wigs, but I don't think I'm going to use the fur wigs she made for them. The hair remnants weren't removed because she wasn't intending to reroot so I'm going to have to find a good wig to hide that. So far they're both wearing Liv wigs that I'd bought for CAMS, I just cut out the pegs since the regular dolls don't have the hole in the head for that. They actually stay on without the pegs, I can even turn them upside down without them even moving so perhaps I'll cut the pegs out of all of them. It will give me more freedom to move the wigs around, especially since the wigs were made for Liv dolls, not MH dolls.

Also today I went and got my throat checked out by a specialist since I've been feeling like there's something stuck in my throat constantly. The feeling has gotten better but it's been worrying me since I got home from Pilot. I wasn't sure if it was something that had just gotten stuck there or what but I finally asked the clinic about it a couple of weeks ago and they referred me to the specialist.

In order to check out what was going on they stuck a camera up my nose and down my throat after spraying novicane up my nose so that it would work my way down my throat, taking the same route the bendy bit would take. Novicane tastes awful, I have to say. And that camera being stuck up my nose was in no way a pleasant experience! My nose still feels weird from the mining expedition that just was going on in there, though it feels better than right after the procedure and when the novicane wore off. It was actually rather sore! I guess I'd been expecting the camera to go down my throat via my mouth since the problem was below my mouth. I hadn't been expecting my nose to be the entry point. Ick.

There isn't anything there though which is good. The doctor actually said it's probably that I'm having acid reflux more often than I should and that I should take Prilosec OTC and come back in 6 weeks to see how that's treating me. Hopefully it helps! It really isn't as bad as it was back in July but for a few weeks there it felt like I had a pill stuck in my throat even though I knew there shouldn't have been anything there.

And now for weather news! It was so windy today, I was really nervous about that. The worst of the wind for today isn't supposed to hit for another hour though. I hope that no power gets knocked out! Tonight we're supposed to get gusts of 35-45 mph. In other areas though outside of the city there's supposed to be winds of 85-110 mph. o_O

I'm going to be so glad when the weather around here calms down to something more normal! This weekend was supposed to have some wind but it wasn't too bad. There was flooding though from the rain. That doesn't really help the wind worries though since the soil being wet and loose doesn't help the trees stay in place!

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