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Tonight I did a bit of painting on Pony!Loki, but just some minor stuffs. The main part of my night was spent getting the base of his helmet, or more accurately, his diadem planned out and started. It needs detail sculpting, and finishing, and the horns actually attached, but I am really happy with how it's coming along. :D
Pony!Loki's armour continued
I approve of all the gold...
loki costume shift

Also watched season premiere of The Voice tonight! Nobody has exactly grabbed me tonight, but there were some good voices. I thought that the girl who sang Wrecking Ball actually did a really good job.

I am so sleepy! Have a sleepy Chaos sleeping in Scottie's arms. xD Ferrets are funny sleepers. He rolls over like that to show his belly usually when he's getting overly warm.
Sleepy Chaos
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I haven't posted pictures of Chaos in a while! He was cuddling with us on the couch for a lot of the evening!
Our ferret Chaos
He was so cute!

More ferret pictures )

This was another picture I took yesterday but I just didn't post it yet. This is the view walking down the street near my apartment.
Read more... )

I watched The Voice tonight, and... yeah... :S I've been talking about Jonny Gray this whole season, and excited that I was actually excited about someone on the show and that HE WAS STILL THERE. (He's the guy that tweeted back to me even and I was all excited!) There's another person on Ceelo's team that I decided that I also liked, Kat Robichaud, and she would be the other person I would root for. I either care very little for or care nothing for anyone else on the show.
I was excited because yesterday they'd mentioned that we, the audience, could save someone instantly somehow on the results show. So I was like "I actually care, so I'm going to make sure I watch live just in case!" I mean, I've actually voted for Jonny, and I've never voted in any previous season!
They revealed that the instant save would be a FIVE MINUTE window at that point in the show where people could tweet using a hashtag with #voicesave and the artist's name.
It turned out that Jonny and Kat BOTH ended up in the bottom three, and I was so angry! I was going to tweet when the TV flashed a "previously recorded, voting is closed" on the bottom of the screen. Then I was really pissed! WTH I WAS WATCHING THE LIVE AIRING ON TV I COULDN'T HAVE WATCHED IT EARLIER.
Jonny went home, and while I'm sure that my tweet wouldn't have mattered it was just icing on the cake. Kat was saved, and that's great and all but eh. Ceelo said he was pissed and I had the same feels.
Then Scottie enticed me to cuddle with him and the ferret for a bit, and I felt a bit better.
As for the Voice though, just... ugh. I don't even know if I care enough to keep watching. Especially when Kat was on the bottom that doesn't bode well for her chances of staying around. Last season was just so mediocre to me and I everyone I liked was voted off early, and I'm not interested in repeating that experience.
Dear country, I am judging you.

Back to work tomorrow, booooo.
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Not nearly as much done tonight as I was hoping. Not long after I got home I ended up with a pretty awful migraine. I took excedrin for it but it only took the edge off. Not thrilling, and not terribly useful for productivity.
hiddles thinking erm
I did a little bit, getting accents settled in inkscape and then transferring them to cardboard (for armature). Also did a little more work on the horn shaping. I was really hoping to have the sculpt finished tonight though. *grumbles*

Lady Loki diadem progress
I know Ghoulia, I know.

I ended up curling up with Scottie to watch Avatar for the worst of the migraine. I'm still off but it's not nearly as bad as it was earlier. And I love that movie so much, so that and cuddles was nice. <3

Watched The Voice tonight, I was thrilled that my bb Jonny Gray won his knockout! I did flail around after the two of them performed because Adam said it didn't matter who Ceelo chose because he'd take the other with his steal! But I still wanted Jonny to win, because well, I want him to win in general. xD Blake ended up also going for the steal as well and got the other guy over Adam (nuuuuuuu).
Erm, I can't remember the other guys name. Nothing against him though, he did a really good job! But really, I'm on Team Jonny. xD
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So tonight I watched the final battle rounds, and I was really nervous because Jonny Gray was up tonight! He was the guy I'd identified so hard with, and I really liked his voice. I want him to do well! I was excited when he went on after the battle, and I tweeted about it. Then when I was scrolling through my twitter feed I saw that he'd replied to me! Aw! I never expect anyone I tweet about to ever actually see my tweets, let alone respond.

It may be silly, but I was so pleased. :3
Loki uncontrollably pleased

Also watched tonights episode of Shield, that was fun! Too tired to really talk about that though. n_n'
Super excited to watch Face-Off tomorrow, didn't have time but it's Loki Thor 2 related and oh my ghoul that's amazing!
I've been looking at premiere stuff from Loki Thor, and that had me flailing around in fangirly happiness. On the one hand I want to watch the movie now, but I also don't want it to be here yet (which it isn't, since I'm in the US, but it's coming up soon enough!). With all the promo stuff, and all the excitement and anticipation, I feel like I'm coming up on Christmas and it will be amazing when it happens but then it will be sad to not have something so exciting to look forward to any more. xD
And I say that even when seeing bits and pieces of stuff make me say "Waiting for this movie is going to kill me with feeeeels" fairly often. xD

I wanted to work on my costume more tonight, but I am really sleepy. I did some design/material recon but that was as far as I got.

*falls asleep on keyboard*
sleepy sherlock
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So while I was at work Scottie made a second batch of candles, this one he dyed green. :3 He learned stuff from the first batch, so these turned out even better! Of course, being me I can't just take a picture of a candle and be happy with it. So here's a little photoshoot with the cutie Twyla. :3
Twyla and candles

A couple more pictures )

Ok, so I just watched last Tuesday's episode of the Voice. I enjoyed the first episode, and I was having fun with this one, but I still hadn't been blown away by anyone.

Then Jonny Gray came on. His story actually moved me, instead of annoy me like most people's tend to (the sob story is pushed a bit hard and too often it feels like they're reaching for just something to have had as adversity in their life). I identified with him, and with his song choice (The Killers- All the things that I've done). That was one of the songs that I used to listen to and sing that when I was out in the field and needed something to hold on to, no matter how tenative that might be.
I also really liked his voice and I thought he did a really good job with the song. Scottie said that he sounded like he was harmonizing with himself. It's something I do sometimes too, I think it's fun.
Anyway, I am totally on his team and I hope he does well. (Everyone I love ends up leaving early though, so I really hope that he doesn't end up getting sent home in the battle rounds or something, because that's what happened to me last season and last season was amazingly lame, and that was just with people that I liked the voices of.)
Erm, damaged people unite?
Loki-looking up
I kept tearing up actually. I just ended up with so many feels. :S
Tony introspection
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So I'm still not exactly back to normal, but I'm working on it. I'm getting more used to the kitty not being here. It's still sad, but it's slowly getting better. I still need to distract myself a lot though. n_n'
However, I'm getting behind on my sculpting, costume, and Monster High Halloween competition picture. Those last two are time sensitive though, so that's not great. I've still been working on my comics a lot, so that's not really being affected.
Also, I'm being pretty terrible at keeping up commenting, sorry guys! *hugs* I just don't seem to have the mental energy required to do my normal stuffs. n_n'

I sketched out an idea I had for the Monster High Halloween picture for this year, but I wasn't happy with it. I'm going back to the drawing board for that, but my muse hasn't been terribly helpful on this project (mostly I'm getting inspired for unrelated things). I hope to be properly inspired for this though soon!
I just realized that I never actually posted last year's picture on my journal! Oops! I meant to do a whole work in progress thing, since I did a lot of work on the set. Maybe I'll do that sometime this week? I just had to keep the whole thing under wraps until the competition, which I'll of course have to do again this year, but that doesn't apply to last years picture.

I've been looking for boots for my Loki costume. I'm ridiculously short, so I should wear heels. (And she should have heels, but my lack of height still stands ehehehe as a valid reason). I don't wear heels. I am sad because I did have an pair of boots that is back with my family in Michigan that was amazing. They were long black leather boots, with an awesome high chunky heel. They were ridiculous and amazingly comfortable! I wore them with my Dark Willow Halloween costume. I took my sister and brother out trick or treating, I walked around for hours in them and my feet didn't hurt.
As I'm small, it's hard for me to find shoes for ~adults~ because like the rest of me my feet are small. :/ Also, it seems like a lot of the shoes I'd want are made for people with narrow feet. I forgot what looking for ~fancy~ shoes was like.
Loki its madness
Thank you Loki, I agree.

I've drawn out the main part of the costume that I want to do. I'm thinking I'm going to make the costume a bit lighter so I can dance in it more easily. (From the field work I've done in my work attire, I really, really understand the problems Hiddles had with the real Loki armour).
I need to finish up the planning and start in on fabrication. Scottie has been looking for things I can use in the costume because he's amazing! <3

I forgot the Voice was starting back up again! We watched that tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to not be drowning in country. I don't dislike country, but I have to be in the mood for it and last season burned me out on country so bad because that was all they did omg.
I was so amused by the girl that pounced on Adam! And the guy that said he was afraid he'd be too distracted by Adam's handsomeness. lol I thought it was fun to have the original judges back together. I don't think anyone has really blown me away yet, we'll have to see who ends up being my favorites.

And now, for The Hollow Crown! Saturday we watched Richard II, and I was really impressed by Ben Whishaw's performance! I just wanted to make things alright for him, even though I knew it wasn't to be. I was certainly excited to see it, but of course I was most excited to watch Hiddles as Prince Hal/Henry V. I've watched Part I so far, and OMG ALL THE FEELS.
I really need to get to bed, so I won't start writing about that just yet, but yeah. *points up to gif*
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A quick note to say that I did more sculpting today! I finished up the hindquarters and tweeked a little bit more on the rest of the pony. All I have left to do is put in the grooves for hair and then bake it!

It was actually pretty hot today (high 80s), so sculpting was a bit challenging. lol I have to keep chilling it when it gets too warm from the warmth of my hands, but that gets slightly more frequent when it's also warming up from the heat of environment. I haven't been home for the previous 3 summers so I totally forgot about how summer sculpting was! lol Sculpting at remote field camp wasn't ever something that I did.

No pictures though tonight! I'll take a picture tomorrow before I bake it. I had a pretty bad headache tonight so I wasn't really up for taking pictures. n_n'

Watched the last episode of the Voice (besides the finale tomorrow with the results and winner). I have to say that I have been so disinterested with this season. It's not even that there isn't talent there, but it turned into a big country competition and I really ended up not caring about anything because of that. I like country some of the time (usually more current stuff though). If there was some country in the show I would have been just fine with it but when everyone was singing country all the time, I was sick to death of it. Even if it was sung well, I was like "greaaat... another country song. Solid singing job on a song I don't care about." The Swan Brothers kept singing songs that just annoyed me. Okie from Meskogee, really?? Though I was at least amused by their Eagles cover tonight. The first non-country song they ever sung! It's about damn time. But they sounded like the BeeGees (Usher even mentioned it lol) and that's also not really my thing. :P

I like Michelle and I'm probably most likely to be interested in what she does later if she wins/gets a record deal anyway. Danielle Bradbury has a great voice and will probably get a record deal that I won't even realise exists. The Swan Brothers aren't as good as Danielle Bradbury, and are even further from my taste.

Anyway, I hope next season has more varied music selection.
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In case you didn't see the episode and have it on your DVR or something, I'll cut for spoilers!

What happened on the Voice tonight? )
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Blake group sing- It's very country. It puts me off because annoying christian rocker that I don't know who knocked off my favorite headed it. NOT THAT I'M BITTER

Team Shakira, Garrett Gardner. He sang Imagine by the Beatles. He needed to work on enunciation, but I actually really liked it. I think he's improving a lot, though there's only so much he can do with his range. Scottie said that because of that, doing something like playing the piano was a smart decision.

Team Blake, Holly Tucker. She sang How Do I Live. Solid performance, she has a very good voice. I remain uninspired though. Is that just because I'm not super into country? I feel like I should feel more since she did have a very good performance. xP
Adam and Blake are so funny. xD I kind of want to hug the both of them. lol

Team Shakira, Chris Thomas- I think he had a good performance. He has a really nice voice. I think this is my favorite performance from him so far.

Team Blake, the Swan Brothers- I will never vote for a duet over one person unless the single person is really awful or the duet is something ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING. Because at the end of the day, two people can cover each others short comings, and one person has only their own single voice to rely on.
For some reason, I sort of forgot Fishing in the Dark was a real song. (All this country music is not helping me get into the show, I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to this song to start. :/)
Also, they didn't sound perfect. There were out of tune things.
The most entertaining part of this performance was Usher's reaction to it. I wonder what he's fishing for! lol Oh, Adam is hilarious too. Judge reactions for the win!


Blake and Shakira duet- I like them separetely but their voices together don't make a good pairing. D: I feel bad saying that because I like them. :P

Team Shakira, Karina Inglesias- This is my favorite performance from her so far, though I felt like she was meandering a bit in the melody.
Still not inspired though.

Team Blake, Justin Rivers- Oh hey now I know his name. Not impressed by his performance or terribly interested in the song. I know I am biased because he's -that guy-, but meh.
I know Blake has an all country team and he wants to win with country, but possibly showing that they can do something else other than country? I'm just not a big country person. I do like country, though not all country and not all the time. Today is one of those days where I am just not in the mood for country music, so meh. :/

Shakira team sing- Queen, We Are the Champions. As Scottie said, a ballsy song choice! I liked it though! Scottie said Chris Thomas could totally do a Queen song justice and I agree! That's really cool. :3

Team Blake, Danielle Bradbury- I think she has an amazing voice! Still not connecting with me because of song choice, but she should totally continue on.

Team Shakira, Sasha Allen- I think she has a good voice and she had a good performance. I really like that song though and I'm super familiar with it and I didn't like some of the embellishments she did. Like the shrieky thing? I wasn't really a fan.
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Usher training scenario- Good thing the bigger soul singer dude wasn't around for this, because he was puffing after something else much lighter Usher had him doing last week. I kind of wonder if that was one of the reasons he's not still on his team. I mean, Usher is the reason Bieber is a thing, and obviously with Bieber image is more important than voice.

Team Adam, Amber Carrington- Very pretty performance. I loved some of the things she did with her voice. (Turns out that this was my favorite performance of the night).

Can I vote no on people I mean seriously wth.
That guy seems so sleazy to me. It's like he's gotten everywhere on looks alone and he just expects people to fall all over themselves for him. (Btw, I don't find him at all attractive, but obvs there are plenty of people who do).

Team Adam, Sarah Simmons- Noooo gurl, don't use the ASPCA Sarah Mclachlan song... I actually really like this song (and I like to sing it), and I like this contestant... but I don't like what she's doing with the song. Plus, ASPCA overdose, I don't think that's a good thing.

Team Usher, Càthia- I think she did a really good job with the song. Judges are hard on her for her performance? After telling that sleazy model who sounded FRAKING AWFUL that he was wonderful they picked her performance apart? WHAT AM I MISSING OMG

Team Adam, Caroline Glaser- She sounds pretty like usual. Everyone says how unique she sounds, and she does, but she sounds so much like Norah Jones that I feel unique is a bit untrue. Still, I like her a lot and hope she continues on.

Team Usher, Vedo- He sounded fine to me, good performance, though it didn't really inspire me. Though how does he not know who Phil Collins is? I mean, I'm not terribly familiar with the man but I at least know who he is. o_O

Adam team sing- very pretty.

I just realized I haven't been terribly inspired by anything yet this show. There have been pretty things for sure, but still, nothing that's made me go oooooh I want that.

Michelle Chamuel- Pretty song, she did a really nice job with it. It's good to show range of course, but I really do like her energetic stuff best. I like her though, so I hope she goes on.

Judith Hill- I know the song that she performed because Muse has song it. AND SHE DIDN'T SOUND AWFUL THANK YOU FOR REDEEMING MUSE COVERS TONIGHT JUDITH. She sounded gorgeous as always, though it didn't get the big notes in that I wanted to hear, but that's probably a stylistic thing.
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I haven't had a very good day today, so I wanted to try and cheer myself up with some doll pictures. :3 Of course, I broke the handle on the tripod. D: Scottie said he could fix it though, so that's good. I do still have the pictures though!

Custom Frankie

A few more pictures! )

I watched the Voice the last couple of nights, the knockout rounds seemed really rushed this season! I am so annoyed that my favorite person was kicked out. My favorite voice on the show this season was Savannah Berry. I loved her voice and genuinely wanted to hear more from her. She was paired up against Christian Rocker Dude that I don't even know the name of because we've only seen him for like 2 minutes. His blind AND his battle weren't even shown on tv. I didn't care for his performance and have ZERO investment in him. I didn't think that was her best performance but I thought she had a much better one than him. I am now Team Anyone But Blake. Not that I even dislike Blake, but still graaah. I want to buy something from her, I'm not even interested in what he's selling.

I was glad the energetic nerdy girl moved on. OMG if I had that sort of energy to be bouncing off walls like that!

Shakira's language flubs are really making me think of Ziva from NCIS, which is amusing.
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Tonight I put together the arm armatures for the male figure, and started sculpting the fingers onto the hands. It actually took me a while to get the arms together and with proper finger lengths, partly because my hands were getting tired because the wire I'm using is a bit stiff.

Tomorrow I'll need to finish sculpting the fingers, then I'll bake them. I hope that goes alright! After I bake the fingers I'll sculpt the rest of the hand and start sculpting the arms.

In other news, did anyone else see the story of the people in Argentina buying toy poodles... which are actually ferrets? On steriods with a floofy hairdo? o_O I feel bad for the ferrets, I mean, that can't be good for them. And once the owners realize they're not dogs what do they do with them? o_O Exactly how can you look at a ferret and think "YEAH THAT'S TOTALLY A DOG"? o_O And why exactly do the pet sellers just not just sell poodles? There is so much randomness in this story I wouldn't be surprised if it was an April fools joke or something.

I felt I needed to post some pictures of my ferts. Who look in no way like poodles. My gramma's dog when I was growing up was a very sweet toy poodle named Brandy, and she definitely did not look like a ferret. lol
Ferrets! )

In tv related ramblings, I watched the Voice tonight! I'm excited to see more of the people who've been picked. There was a girl that I really liked and I remembered today that she's on team Blake. I wish she was on another team though because I was hoping someone else would win this year! I don't have anything against Blake, he's just won the last couple of years in a row and I thought it would be cool if someone else won this year. xD I guess we'll see how stuff goes. :3

Tiiiired, time for bed.
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Tonight I continued my male figure sculpt. I didn't take pictures though because I don't think that enough has changed to warrant a picture. What I did was sculpt more muscle on the upper leg, sculpt the kneecaps, and worked a bit on shaping the rest of the legs.

Then I snipped a bunch of wire lengths and coated them in glue for arm armatures. :3 I'll probably finish up leg and tush sculpting tomorrow, and start the arms. :3

Tomorrow is the last blind audition for the Voice! The coaches are still amusing and Shakira is still adorable. I think that Usher had one of the weaker teams until tonight when he picked up that soul singer. I feel like he'll do well! While I like him there are people I'm more excited about though. I'm looking forward to seeing how tomorrow turns out! There are almost no spots left so it should be intense!
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Tonight I continued on with the legs! I sculpted on the second leg, thinned out the legs since they were a bit thick to start, started sculpting the legs, thinned and shaped the hips, and started sculpting the tush.

Tomorrow I need to continue the legs (it was really getting too warm to continue with tonight) and hopefully finish those up. Then I have to start working on arms!

Progress for tonight )

Watched the Voice tonight! I'm really enjoying the blinds, all of the judges are so funny and adorable. lol
My favorite person of the night (I think the whole season so far) was the 17 year old at the end of the show. I forget her name (I'm too tired to function so that's not really telling on her), but she had such a pretty quality to her voice. There were some odd choices with how she sang, but I think with coaching she'll be really awesome. :3

Sooo tired though, so that's about all for tonight.

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