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So I am finally feeling well enough that I can start on my arts again! Did some painting on Pony!Loki, it's not done yet but I wanted to give him shaded socks and hoof colour.
Oh, I love painting, it is a purrfect activity!

I also have a REALLY strong inspiration for another sculpt, but I actually want to use my Wacom tablet for it instead of my sketchbook like usual. I don't have it configured for my computer though, so Scottie being his awesome self is going to set that up for me tomorrow. I don't want to say what exactly it is just yet, but I swear when I woke up this morning all I wanted to do was go start on this project. I had to go to work though instead, ah well! I need infinite time. lol

I watched the Olympics women's figure skating long program tonight! I'm going to be so sad when this is all over. n_n'
I really loved Yuna Kim's performance! I was happy for her. I liked how artistic it felt. I also enjoyed Adelina Sotnikova's program! I liked Yuna's a bit more though. I apprieciated and respected Carolina Kostner's, but it wasn't really my taste. I did like it more as it progressed though. I still love Julia Lipnitskaia, I felt bad for her when she fell. Loved Ashley Wagner's performance, and she had one of my favorite outfits of the night. I also loved loved loved Akiko Suzuki's outfit. So pretty. :3 Also, she was skating to Phantom of the Opera, which I love, that music is something that I am most intimately familiar with. :3
Ending with the fabulous Johnny Weir, who gets Loki mixed in with him when I google him. xD
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Yesterday/today I did some painting on N. I did some touchups on the body, a bit of shading, touched up the eyes, put in eye highlights, upped the green in the mane and tail since I had gone a bit far in the mint green direction, and I'm pretty happy with how he's coming along. I'm currently figuring out how to do his cutie mark (painted one on and decided to redo it), and I'm starting on his other accessories. :3


So tired. I have no idea what I'm doing. I think I wanted to post something else but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Tonight I continued the N pony paint! I lightened the whole body paint to a really pale buckskin, and now I'm really happy with him. I did touchups all over the body, painted around the eyes more, and now the main painting is done I think. Now it's detailing! I'm happy. :3

N pony paint continued

One more picture )

Watched Grimm tonight! Did anyone else laugh at Captain Renard saying that he was going to go to Tahiti? I feel like it was a SHIELD reference. xD (They're previous Buffy writers after all, and Whedon is doing SHIELD and obvs Buffy was his). When I heard that I laughed and said to Scottie "Well, Tahiti is a magical place!" ehehehe

Also, Scottie got me a Christmas present! I'd retweeted a link about a preorder for The Pirate Fairy, which I was excited about (Captain Hook is voiced by Hiddles!), and Scottie saw it and then was like "hey cutie... I got a thing" xD It won't be in until April, but it will be miiiiine as soon as it is available and Scottie is so amazing eeeee! :D
Hiddles weeeeeeeeeeee
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So last time we saw N, he was all white except for the green mane and tail. I wanted to sort of represent his outfit in his paint scheme though, so I didn't want to just have a white coat.
N flailing in

At first I wanted to try and do tovero markings to represent the black undershirt he has, but I didn't really like how it turned out. And I wasn't 100% happy with the white. Then I decided that maybe I could be a little more flexable, and then I was inspired to paint him as a buckskin. He has tan pants, so it is in the colour scheme, and then I could do some of the other black markings without him looking like a cow.


Still needs a lot of work, but he's coming along. I think I'm going to lighten the tan.

I have no idea how much sense I'm making as I should have gone to bed a few hours ago I have no idea what I'm doing
sleepy sherlock


Nov. 20th, 2013 11:56 pm
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Too tired to sculpt tonight, or be a terribly functional anything. Sorry guys!

I was getting the ferret ready for bed, and right before I went into the bedroom I saw him climb into his hammock to go to sleep. He didn't realize I was there until I started filling his food dish, and then he came flopping out and was like I'M AWAKE DON'T PUT ME TO BED YET I'M AWAKE I'M AWAKE
He then made it about two feet from the cage, flopped on the floor, and about fell asleep.
It was like I'M AWAKE I'M AWAKE I'M... sort of concious in case something happens I still don't want to go to bed~
I feel like I resemble the ferret right now.

Time for bed~
hiddles pillow fight end bye
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Here's the backdrop for the set! The moon is huuuuuge. This was just the first coat of watercolours with salt stars and water blooms. The moon at this point is still unpainted.
Monster High set progress

All is not lost on my Loki costume, I don't think. I have ideas you guys.

Randomly watched Salt tonight. I love Angelina Jolie, so it was a movie that I'd been thinking about watching. The premise was rather flawed though, and some of the choices that the characters made in the movie didn't really make much sense. Also, the movie felt like a prequel but there is a sequel in the works so... I did like it though! I liked how badass she was. Also totally loved the Tomb Raider-esque parts. <3

Of course, I didn't really do anything terribly useful tonight because I was just tumblring and watching the movie. I was super excited at work to DO ALL THE THINGS, but once I got home I just felt sort of run down. But tomorrow is Friday and that is good!

It's been cold on my walks home from work. I saw a lot of icing up in the still waters around where I walk.

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