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So I didn't get to post about Valentines Day on the day, Scottie and I unfortunetly didn't feel well last night so we had a pretty quiet night. I've been really sick today, which is less than fun. I hope that I feel better tomorrow!
But the fact that I feel super crummy is not the reason I'm here! Scottie being awesome is, and other fun Valentines things. xD

So we went to the library on the day before Valentines, and we found some fun displays. Mystery dates with books!
Library display )

The books were wrapped up in paper and ribbon, with little plot details on the cover. Scottie picked one out! I was thinking about picking one up, but I have so many comics that I'm reading right now! Also I listen to audiobooks all day at work so I'm less inclined to read other books at home.
Here's what he picked up!
A mystery date with a book? )

We also went to the store to pick up groceries. We saw these cupcakes and thought they might be candidates for cakewrecks.
Because we are 5 )

This is what Scottie surprised me with on Valentines morning!
Homemade chocolates Scottie surprised me with for Valentines!
Those are homemade kit-kat bars, and little chocolate hearts that he made. <3 He is such a sweetie! They are so good too! :D He posted how he made them at his journal here if you'd like to know how to make them!
hiddles chocolate

I'm making him a comic, though I didn't quite finish it yet. Mostly because of the illness that I'm feeling atm.
I also finished painting the bluebird ornament that I made him, I need to take a picture of that now. :3 I also woke Scottie up by singing him "Your Song" from Moulin Rougue. I do have a good singing voice, but I tend to be shy so he likes when I make the effort to sing for him. n_n'
hiddles singing
This is not how brave I am with the singing~

Also, today we saw that there was new Borderlands 2 DLC, the Valentines headhunter pack Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre! I saw the name and I was like IT'S THE RED WEDDDING EHEHEHE~ Scottie hasn't read Game of Thrones yet, but I am currently just about to the Red Wedding in the books right now. So I was especially amused. xD
The headhunter packs are only $3, and we still had just over $3 left on our PSN account, so we picked that up right away! We played through that today, which was exciting. Since I've been sick all day today there wasn't that much that I could do. Games work though!
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I forget if I had the painting days included in the sculpting challenge countdown or not. I'll assume that I did. lol

Last night I put down the very first base coat on the pony. I thought it was funny actually because the white looked sort of chalky and the green was darker than the colour was supposed to end up. I thought he looked like Joker!pony instead of N!pony. lol

Tonight I put down another layer of white, which is much better. I also painted a more minty shade on the mane and tail. Then it might need another coat, then I need to start working on patterning and detailing, and accessories! Hopefully I will be done soon. :3

N pony sculpt- starting paint!

Scottie was being awesome earlier tonight by doing his scottish accent again (which always makes me fangirl at him because it's super sexy ehehehe), and he was doing Day of the Doctor quotes at me with it. Some of them were silly of course so I was getting rather silly myself. Since we'd just seen that Sprint commercial with James Earl Jones and Malcom McDowell doing "Jenna's facebook activity", I couldn't help myself and quoted that he was the 'hottest hottie that ever hottied'. Then he started quoting the other silly stuff out of that commercial (totes mcgoats, amazeballs, totally adoooorbs, etc) at me in the scottish accent. It was hilarious and awesome. xD
Hiddles laugh
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How is it already Monday tomorrow? Dx

I took a couple of quizzes while I was waiting for projects to dry. xD

Your rainbow is strongly shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Raw evil score: 46.67%

ehehe, I'm creative even in my evilness? I supposed I'd have to be to be a good minion of the trickster god. xD
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Scottie is reading me things in an awesome Scotish accent and I'm just flailing around and squeeing like a silly fangirl, I don't even know what to do with myself. I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW
Hiddles uncontrollably excited

It's just ridiculously cute. xD

He just asked me to close the window with that accent he's trying to kill me omggggg~ <3
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I drew another chibi Loki comic today, Scottie really liked it. I even chibified him and put him in! It might have involved this reference at one point:
It was all about the walk. I had the walk down. And the call!

I'm going to regret this
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I'm not dead though!

Tonight at dinner I was drawing my next pony, which is Loki. I then proceeded to tell Scottie that my pony was totally canon (with the exception of the pony-ness of the horse) because Loki turned into a horse and saved Asgard this one time and that it had something to do with apples. And also that Loki gender-swapped to a mare and made Sleipnir for Odin.

Scottie was like "Why do you say these things out loud now I have these things in my heeeead", to which I giggled maniacally and said:
loki I do what I want

He said I was a good minion of Loki. ehehehe

I'm so glad he puts up with my nonsense.

In other news, there's been stuff going on and I haven't been able to sculpt as of late. I hope to change that soon!
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So I saw a meme from the lovely [ profile] letsgokomets and I decided to do it too! I had like no sleep yesterday so trolling the internet for pretty pictures seemed like a good idea. I had none of these pictures at the beginning of this you guys! xD

So here's the meme:
List 10 celebs who could get it without asking twice. Include photos!
If you do it, let me know so I can make sure I check it out! xD

I accidently did a few more than 10 though. n_n''

Now, my list might be a little different from what you expect. I tend towards ladies, so there are quite a few ladies on my list! There are also pretty boys included though. I could keep listing people all night aaaaa
I don't like numbering things for how much I like something, so for the most part the numbering is arbitrary.

Number 12 )

Number 11 )

Number 10 )

Number 9 )

Number 8 )

Number 7 )

Number 6 )

Number 5 )

Number 4 )

Number 3 )

Number 2 )

Number 1 )

This literally took my all night I hope someone sees/participates/whatever. xD

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