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So last time we saw N, he was all white except for the green mane and tail. I wanted to sort of represent his outfit in his paint scheme though, so I didn't want to just have a white coat.
N flailing in

At first I wanted to try and do tovero markings to represent the black undershirt he has, but I didn't really like how it turned out. And I wasn't 100% happy with the white. Then I decided that maybe I could be a little more flexable, and then I was inspired to paint him as a buckskin. He has tan pants, so it is in the colour scheme, and then I could do some of the other black markings without him looking like a cow.


Still needs a lot of work, but he's coming along. I think I'm going to lighten the tan.

I have no idea how much sense I'm making as I should have gone to bed a few hours ago I have no idea what I'm doing
sleepy sherlock
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I finally got back to my sculpting tonight! My poor pony has been so neglected. I did a lot of head shaping, and I started sculpting the face. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. Though, you guys, I am so spoiled by working with Premo, working with regular Super Sculpey kind of makes me o_O.

Of course, I can leech out more plasticiser and it would work better, but I already did that and I was hoping it would be enough. I'm so impatient. XD Of course, the clay is already on so I'm just going to have to deal with it as is. I hadn't realized how different the two were until I worked with one directly after the other. They're from the same company, at first I thought they were more comparable except for colour choices. Not so much. ANYWAY I DIGRESS.

I am also very pleased to have figured out a muse for the project. I don't have any N figures or anything to watch over the process, but I do have Jinafire! She's a green haired dragon girl, which is actually pretty perfect if I do say so myself. xD

I also glossed my Lala pony's eyes finally! I also glossed ALL THE SCULPTS EYES! I've been meaning to do that for a while. It looks really good!

I finally pulled out the gloss because I put the gloss sealer on my Loki pendent from last night. I hadn't wanted to do it last night because I literally pulled it out of the oven right before going to sleep, and I wanted to wear it today so I didn't have time to seal it before heading out to work. It's sealed now and it looks great! I'm really happy.
The glitter stayed on the pendent just fine while I wore it today, so that was good. There was a dusting of glitter on the sides that wasn't attached (wasn't meant to be either) and that ended up getting all over me. I was all shimmery though and I felt pretty. lol But I'm glad that it's sealed now. I really like this new sealer! It dries so much faster than my gloss spray.

I also snapped a picture of the ferret cuddling with Scottie while he was sleeping. I was squeeing all over the place because there was just SO MUCH CUTE. xD
My beautiful hubby~~~ xD
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I'm not dead though!

Tonight at dinner I was drawing my next pony, which is Loki. I then proceeded to tell Scottie that my pony was totally canon (with the exception of the pony-ness of the horse) because Loki turned into a horse and saved Asgard this one time and that it had something to do with apples. And also that Loki gender-swapped to a mare and made Sleipnir for Odin.

Scottie was like "Why do you say these things out loud now I have these things in my heeeead", to which I giggled maniacally and said:
loki I do what I want

He said I was a good minion of Loki. ehehehe

I'm so glad he puts up with my nonsense.

In other news, there's been stuff going on and I haven't been able to sculpt as of late. I hope to change that soon!
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Tonight I continued on with the newest pony sculpt! I ended up bulking out the body because I decided it wasn't quite big enough. I got the first layer of clay on the body and head and am roughing out a shape. I'm happy with how it's coming along.

N pony sculpt continued
I have my Lala pony checking out the progress! She's quite a bit smaller, and the size difference is on purpose. Draculara is supposed to be tiny, shorter than Howleen! My new pony is tall, so he's a bit bigger.

Here's the character that he's based on! N from Pokemon B/W. xD (I <3 him)
N and Pikachu

Also today Scottie has been humoring my obsessive fangirling over the Avengers/Loki by Lokiifying (a new word we made up) our conversations, like we went and got a sandwich for dinner, and he was telling me that he was burdened with glorious sandwich. He is so awesome! xD I'm pretty sure there was more, but I am so sleepy...
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My newest sculpt I've finally started! I think that the main colour is going to be white, and I only have a little in that colour. I decided that I would just use plain Super Sculpey and plan on painting over it, so no really interesting clay colour this time. I've discovered that I prefer working with Premo over Super Sculpey though! Good to know. n_n'

Here's the concept sketch, the rolled out balls of clay, the rods for the legs, the body and head armature! Rochelle is visiting. :3

Can anyone guess who this pony is supposed to be? xD
[ profile] daughterjudy should get this easy hehe. xD Of course, subtley isn't my thing either.

In non sculpting news, Scottie and I went on a little nature walk today. Scottie was being awesome and using his newfound foraging knowledge. I took the ferret with me for a walk, and now he's all tuckered out. He was SO EXCITED. He was having so much fun romping around in the bush. lol
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So I watched the Avengers one more time today before we had to return it, so I didn't end up doing a lot of art. n_n' But I have done most of the paint on the Lala pony! She just needs some more detail work, then a coat of sealer and eye gloss. :D


Once she's finished I'll start on my next pony project, which I'm really excited about!
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Almost finished painting the pony! It's late though so she's not finished, and I should wait on pictures, but I wanted to post a quick update. :3
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I didn't get as much painting done tonight as I meant to originally. I've been walking home from work to save monies and get more excercise. It takes me something over an hour to get home, which isn't too bad, but today when I got home I flopped down on the bed and immediately fell asleep. Not quite what I meant to do! I know that I needed the sleep, but of course that means that it is now really late and I'm not exactly tired. This is why I don't nap! :P

But I did get some more painting done. I have a lot of the pink streaking in the mane and tail now! I think that I'll be able to get that finished tomorrow, then I need to put a colour wash over the body. Then it will be face painting, hooves, cutie mark, and any other details.

Pony sculpt paint continued

Did some more sketching of my upcoming pony today. I'm excited!

I also have another thing that I want to do, but I'm not entirely certain of how to work it. I'd like to do a jointed pony, but I'm not sure if I should wait on that until after I sculpt the bjd that I have in my original sculpting challenge plan. lol

I also finally rewrote all the writing that I lost when I had deleted my entire book on accident. I've been having major plotbunnies for everything else, and I was always like 'I'll write that again later...' I don't like redoing things and I was afraid that it wouldn't turn out as good as the first time I wrote it. I'd been so inspired when I wrote it originally! But I think that it turned out alright, and it's not like I forgot what I said. Just ugh, rewriting. e_e

I'm getting plotbunnies though for something that I think should happen in book 2 though, which is sort of annoying because I'm not finished writing book 1 yet. It's cool to have this inspiration, and I really like the ideas but it would be more useful to finish the first part of the story first. lol
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So I'm just about dead on my feet, like I was dead on my feet yesterday, but that doesn't stop me from trying to do all the things!

I started to paint the Lala pony tonight. I put a coat of black over the mane and tail since the clays didn't match, though after baking it wasn't actually that different. Then I started to add in the pink striping. I haven't gotten enough done to warrent a picture though.

I also drew out my concept for my next pony! I have to figure out what I want to use for the leg armatures though because this pony is going to be larger than the others, because it's supposed to represent a tall boy. :3

Now time for sleeps.
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Tonight I worked more on the bangs, bringing them down somewhat so that they matched Lala's hair better. Then I attached the tail and made sure that everything was properly textured. Then I put together a bow for the tail and mane, since the MH skullettes have bows and Lala's Ghoul's Rule doll has the skelly with the little pink bows.

Pony sculpt continued

After all was done, I got her ready for baking! She's in the stove now.

Pony sculpt ready to bake!
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I continued on with the pony sculpt today! I made a new mane armature to go with my new idea. I reclaimed the clay off the old mane, then I started sculpting my new idea. Once I ran out of the Sculpey III I opened my new block of black Premo. It's a nicer shade of black, darker and shinier. Erm, oops! I guess I'm glad that I was planning on painting anyway, I just hadn't thought I'd need to paint over the black clay. Oh well!

I'm planning on sculpting a hairtie on, so it looks like she has a little ponytail. That's why the hair is styled the way it is.


The mane is now attached to the body (it's partially attached with some pins that are in the head/neck too). The tail isn't attached yet but that will be pretty easy to do. I should be able to get those things done tomorrow, and then I'll finish the bake! Then I will start the paint. :3

I probably would have gotten a bit further but we did laundry and that always seems to take up so much of a day. I'm also really down right now. Scottie has been wonderful today though, so I'm doing better than yesterday.
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I did get a bit more black clay today though because I didn't have enough to finish the mane otherwise. Oops!

I took a quick picture of the tail that I did last night though. It's not the best picture, sorry about that. n_n'
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Dear brain,
Thank you for all the inspiration at 2 am. It was helpful! But... 2 am? Really. At least it's the weekend.

No pictures right now as I really have to get to sleep, but I just wanted to make a quick post. I decided how I wanted to sculpt and texture the tail. I think I like it, I will reserve judgement for when I wake up tomorrow. lol It will probably need tweaking and of course attaching, but that might be just about done now. :3

I'm also got very inspired for how I want to do the mane. I'm going to have to pull the clay off the current armature though to do it and make a new one. I'll probably save that armature for a different pony since I do like it, I just decided it doesn't really work for what I want on this particular pony. xD

While bulking out the tail armature I managed to cut myself on foil. I am talented you guys. lol I just remembered that because I was putting on hand lotion. xP

Now off to bed~
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I continued my pony sculpt tonight! I was dealing with some anxiety issues this evening so I didn't get quite as much done as I might have liked. No N pendant work tonight, just pony hair. I'll have to get these pendants done this weekend!

I already have a plan for my next pony! Of course, I have plans for a million ponies right now, but I AM REALLY EXCITED about this next pony. haha

I get the armatures ready for the pony mane and tail, here she is with those resting on her. I think this is probably the clearest picture I've gotten of her so I wanted to make sure to include it. n_n'
Pony sculpt continued

Then I started layering in clay, and getting the shape the way I wanted. I'm not sure about the mane exactly, it's going to get a lot of shaping at the very least but I might need to change the armature a bit. I'll have to see when I've gotten the shape nailed down more. It's just sort of resting on the pony so that's not exactly how the final product will look. n_n'
Pony sculpt continued
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Tonight I did a little more tweaking on the pony sculpt, added the mane groove and tail hole, then got her all ready to bake. She's currently out of the oven and cooling, everything seems to have gone well! Tomorrow I can start the mane and tail. :3

Baking the pony sculpt

I also continued on with the N pendents! Still not finished yet though. xD This isn't going as quickly as I'd originally planned. lol I was going to put a dusting of blue glitter on the blue ring of the larger pendent. It went on pretty solid though... so I ended up putting a pretty solid layer of glitter over the whole ring. It looks rather pretty, but erm that took a bit to embed all that glitter. Oops! I think it looks prettier in person. n_n'

Continuing N pendants
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Tonight I nearly completed my pony sculpt! I still need to put in the mane groove and tail hole, and then of course sculpt said hair. I've decided that I'm going to bake the entire pony first before I sculpt and bake the hair. That seems like the safest way to go. And I do have a plan for it!

I attached the legs, sculpted the shoulders and hindquarters, worked more on the barrel, attached the head and sculpted the neck. I spent a looooot of time on the body today. I am also really, really happy with how she's coming along.

I don't know if you can see, but the face thing I did is hopefully visable in the pictures. Can you see her teeth? :3 That should be a good clue to who she's supposed to be. hehe Well, that and the pink. :D


A few more pictures! )

I also continued my pendants! I didn't have time to finish them but that's because the armatures took so long. They needed to be pretty beefy so I glued a bunch of cardstock together and that needed time to dry. I'm sure there was probably an easier way to do it, but I was just working with materials I was familiar with. n_n


I have them attached to the main body of the pendant now, and tomorrow I will cover them in clay and glitter. I decided the MH sized pendent was too small to bother with armatures and will just get clay attached when I do the larger pieces. I'm excited to finish them! I'm just sad that I didn't finish them in time for tomorrow. Ah well, soon enough!
I'm also thinking about making another piece, one smaller that looks like more traditional jewlery.
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I didn't get quite as far on my sculpt as I would have liked, but I finished getting the ears sculpted, then attached them to the head. It took quite a bit of fiddling to get them to the way that I wanted, but I rather like them. The ears are meant to be extra pointy for her character. hehe

Then I did a little more refining on the head, then sculpted the face! I'm really liking how she's coming along. Tomorrow I'm going to do a couple more minor things to her face. :3
I also worked a bit on leg placement, but the pieces aren't put together yet. I should be able to get that finished tomorrow as attaching the parts together is really all I have left to do (and sculpting the shoulders, neck, and hindquarters of course; but those need the parts to be put together first.)

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to do sculpted hair on this pony because I don't have the doll hair available and I'd rather finish the pony sooner rather than later. It doesn't mean future ponies won't have real hair though, but I think it's a good idea to at least try it this way to see if I like sculpted hair for them. Maybe it will be awesome. xD

My pony sculpt continued

One more picture )

I also continued working on my book today! I still have a lot of things that I want to say (including all my lost work, blarg), but I did at least 1500 words today. I also got inspired for another scene early on in the book which is exciting. :3
Scottie and I got into a lengthly discussion of what types of plotbunnies are in the elite plotbunny strike force populating my brain. hehe This stemmed from me changing my status to PLOTBUNNIES: MOBILIZE because I was finally writing out some plotbunnies that have been kicking around in my brain for a few days. If I'm writing something that I just got inspiration for, I tend to have my status as PLOTBUNNY INVASION. I realise this is slightly random, but I want to make sure I remember what he said because it was cute. x3

My Howleen came in the mail today, from the trade I'd talked about about a week ago? She was supposed to come in on the 5th, but she took a meandering route up here. Normally once packages hit WA they come straight up to Anchorage (since we're the biggest city in AK, stuff tends to come here first). Now sometimes it can take a week to move from WA to AK because they're put on a cargo ship... which then waits until it is full. But This time it went quickly from WA to AK! The package went to Ketchikan though first, which made me rather confused. lol But she's finally here with me! I have plaaaans. :3 I have a sister Howleen with defective face paint, so I'm going to switch the clothes from her onto my new Howleen (she's nude) and leave her stock. Then I'm going to make the defective Howleen into a custom! This is something that I've wanted to do since I first saw people's custom Howleens. xD
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Today I did continue sculpting on the pony. I fit the front legs to the torso, that involved a bit of changing around. Then I got the hooves figured out, and did quite a bit of tweaking to get all of the hooves and legs perfectly matched. Then I did a lot of smoothing. I meant to bake them tonight but it got late so I didn't get quite that far. I also got the ear armatures drawn and ready. No pictures though because it probably won't look all that different from my previous picture. n_n'

I'll probably bake the legs tomorrow (hopefully early on in the day). Then I'll be able to attach the legs, sculpt the shoulders/hindquarters, sculpt the ears, attach the head, sculpt the tail hole and mane groove and bake! I'm not sure all of that will happen tomorrow though.

One exciting thing was I had a eureka moment on an easier way to sculpt human lips while I was fiddling with some clay. I was so excited, and so bummed that I'm not currently sculpting people. lol

I would have gotten further but I haven't been in a very good head space today. I got triggered by something that happened early on in the day and then I was all PTSD about observing. Not a good way to start the day. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Scottie helped me though so that was good.

I feel like there was more that I was going to say, but I guess it's off to bed!
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Last night and tonight I did some more sculpting on the new pony! I've got all of the legs sculpted now, they just need some tweaking. Then I need to sculpt on ears and attach the legs. I'm getting really close to finished! Now I have to start thinking about if I'm going to do sculpted hair or real hair, or maybe wool? If I do dolly hair, I'll have to wait until I can pick up some.

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Tonight I continued my pony sculpt! I sculpted the other side of the head and eye and I'm quite happy with how it's going. I sculpted a bit more on the body and I started the front legs. xD
My pony sculpt continued

I haven't posted a picture of the kitty lately, here he is sitting under our loft bed. :3

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