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Today was interesting. When I walked home from work, the weather was freezing rain. When I got home, I was literally coated in ice. Except for a slightly frozen face, I wasn't terribly cold at the end though. Channeling my inner frost giant, yus.
Loki freeze

But I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Chaos from when he was sleeping on the couch with us last night. He was so cute!
Sleepy Chaos

Chaos awakens!
Hooman wut r u doin?
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I haven't posted pictures of Chaos in a while! He was cuddling with us on the couch for a lot of the evening!
Our ferret Chaos
He was so cute!

More ferret pictures )

This was another picture I took yesterday but I just didn't post it yet. This is the view walking down the street near my apartment.
Read more... )

I watched The Voice tonight, and... yeah... :S I've been talking about Jonny Gray this whole season, and excited that I was actually excited about someone on the show and that HE WAS STILL THERE. (He's the guy that tweeted back to me even and I was all excited!) There's another person on Ceelo's team that I decided that I also liked, Kat Robichaud, and she would be the other person I would root for. I either care very little for or care nothing for anyone else on the show.
I was excited because yesterday they'd mentioned that we, the audience, could save someone instantly somehow on the results show. So I was like "I actually care, so I'm going to make sure I watch live just in case!" I mean, I've actually voted for Jonny, and I've never voted in any previous season!
They revealed that the instant save would be a FIVE MINUTE window at that point in the show where people could tweet using a hashtag with #voicesave and the artist's name.
It turned out that Jonny and Kat BOTH ended up in the bottom three, and I was so angry! I was going to tweet when the TV flashed a "previously recorded, voting is closed" on the bottom of the screen. Then I was really pissed! WTH I WAS WATCHING THE LIVE AIRING ON TV I COULDN'T HAVE WATCHED IT EARLIER.
Jonny went home, and while I'm sure that my tweet wouldn't have mattered it was just icing on the cake. Kat was saved, and that's great and all but eh. Ceelo said he was pissed and I had the same feels.
Then Scottie enticed me to cuddle with him and the ferret for a bit, and I felt a bit better.
As for the Voice though, just... ugh. I don't even know if I care enough to keep watching. Especially when Kat was on the bottom that doesn't bode well for her chances of staying around. Last season was just so mediocre to me and I everyone I liked was voted off early, and I'm not interested in repeating that experience.
Dear country, I am judging you.

Back to work tomorrow, booooo.

Hey guys

Sep. 20th, 2013 01:22 am
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So hey everyone, sorry I've been so quiet! I've just been dealing with the sads from the kitty. I do think that I'm doing a bit better now, I still get sad but I know that it doesn't help anything to continue to be sad. I don't know if that makes sense. I'm glad that we were able to give him a good life while we had him, and that we were at least able to give him a peaceful end, and that I was able to be there with him in the end. But then whenever I'm not busy the sads leak through, and partly because of that I am barely sleeping. xP (Case in point, oh look it's 1:30 am aaaa)
I'm actually not very good at discussing my feels though you guys. n_n'

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support! It really meant the world to me. *hugs everyone tightly*

In more cheerful news, my preordered copy of The Hollow Crown came in today! It wasn't supposed to be in based on the original ship date until possibly into next month, so that was a pleasant surprise! I think the world decided I needed something shiny early. n_n'

Apologies to my new followers though, I think the tone of my journal is normally more cheerful. n_n' Hopefully things get back to normal around here soon.
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sad loki
I just got back from burying him. I can't think.
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I finally got back to my sculpting tonight! My poor pony has been so neglected. I did a lot of head shaping, and I started sculpting the face. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. Though, you guys, I am so spoiled by working with Premo, working with regular Super Sculpey kind of makes me o_O.

Of course, I can leech out more plasticiser and it would work better, but I already did that and I was hoping it would be enough. I'm so impatient. XD Of course, the clay is already on so I'm just going to have to deal with it as is. I hadn't realized how different the two were until I worked with one directly after the other. They're from the same company, at first I thought they were more comparable except for colour choices. Not so much. ANYWAY I DIGRESS.

I am also very pleased to have figured out a muse for the project. I don't have any N figures or anything to watch over the process, but I do have Jinafire! She's a green haired dragon girl, which is actually pretty perfect if I do say so myself. xD

I also glossed my Lala pony's eyes finally! I also glossed ALL THE SCULPTS EYES! I've been meaning to do that for a while. It looks really good!

I finally pulled out the gloss because I put the gloss sealer on my Loki pendent from last night. I hadn't wanted to do it last night because I literally pulled it out of the oven right before going to sleep, and I wanted to wear it today so I didn't have time to seal it before heading out to work. It's sealed now and it looks great! I'm really happy.
The glitter stayed on the pendent just fine while I wore it today, so that was good. There was a dusting of glitter on the sides that wasn't attached (wasn't meant to be either) and that ended up getting all over me. I was all shimmery though and I felt pretty. lol But I'm glad that it's sealed now. I really like this new sealer! It dries so much faster than my gloss spray.

I also snapped a picture of the ferret cuddling with Scottie while he was sleeping. I was squeeing all over the place because there was just SO MUCH CUTE. xD
My beautiful hubby~~~ xD
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My newest sculpt I've finally started! I think that the main colour is going to be white, and I only have a little in that colour. I decided that I would just use plain Super Sculpey and plan on painting over it, so no really interesting clay colour this time. I've discovered that I prefer working with Premo over Super Sculpey though! Good to know. n_n'

Here's the concept sketch, the rolled out balls of clay, the rods for the legs, the body and head armature! Rochelle is visiting. :3

Can anyone guess who this pony is supposed to be? xD
[ profile] daughterjudy should get this easy hehe. xD Of course, subtley isn't my thing either.

In non sculpting news, Scottie and I went on a little nature walk today. Scottie was being awesome and using his newfound foraging knowledge. I took the ferret with me for a walk, and now he's all tuckered out. He was SO EXCITED. He was having so much fun romping around in the bush. lol
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So I ended up watching the last couple of episodes of Defiance tonight, so I didn't get as far with pony painting as I'd meant to. I actively watch that show since there's stuff that I'd otherwise miss. I did a little bit though, and I imagine I'll be able to finish her up tomorrow.

I liked that show, I'm glad that another season is coming out. It's not until next June though! D: That's a long time to wait to see what happened. Me and Scottie both thought that there was a bit too much emphasis on continually ramping up tension though.

I couldn't play the game, I'm curious how the game ended up influencing the show!

Irisa and Alak Tarr were my favorite characters, and I was also very fond of Nolan.

I want to make a custom Irisa MH doll in the future! I still need MSC though to make MH customs. *facepalm* I'm not sure what I will use for a base though. Torelai is -perfect-, but I've never even seen a Torelai, let alone get one to use for custom bait. xP I have a kitty CAM that I got for the purpose, but she's pink so I'd have to figure out full body paint. There's also the glow in the dark mystical CAM cat, but that's really bright orange. Plus that set doesn't come with matching upper arms *side eyes Mattel*. e_e

Have a picture of a sleeping Chaos.
Why yes, I do sleep with my feet on my head, why do you ask?
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Tonight Scottie and I stopped by Petco because we were avoiding rush hour.

Then this happened.
New additions to the family
A better picture of the light fish )

BABY BETTAS YOU GUYS. They're so cute lol. They were also really, really cheap! xD

I'm going to bring the light blue/white one to work with me, and the purple/dark blue one is going to be Scottie's fish. :3 We have a tank here for the little guy here at home.

Picture of my fish at work )
The tank is different now, that was like the second day that I had them. There are live plants and a filter in the tank now. The dark blue and red betta is the one that passed away this spring. The iridescent fish is now hanging out by himself in the tank (the divider is removable).

I have a separate bowl at work that I'm going to keep the baby in rather than the tank until it (not sure if it's a girl or a boy yet) gets bigger.

In other news, the last couple of days has been super stressful and the only sculpting I've done has been to make a tail armature for the pony and one of the facial mods I'd mentioned. More stuffs tomorrow, I have to get to sleep though. n_n'
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Tonight I continued my pony sculpt! I sculpted the other side of the head and eye and I'm quite happy with how it's going. I sculpted a bit more on the body and I started the front legs. xD
My pony sculpt continued

I haven't posted a picture of the kitty lately, here he is sitting under our loft bed. :3
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I don't have a lot of time to post tonight but I did want to mention that I worked on the pony sculpt tonight. I checked out the baked legs, those seemed to have turned out fine. Then I decided on an ear design, set up the armature (not that there's that much to an ear), and sculpted them. I'll get those attached tomorrow and hopefully get the rest of the pony together and baked!

Also, here's a bonus picture of the kitty curled up on Scottie's hand. He was trying to use his mouse and the kitty decided his hand was much better suited to being a pillow. hehe

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Tonight I tweaked the legs a bit more and figured out how they were going to best fit on the body. Then I put them baking! In this picture I have Frankie overseeing, since I said last time that perhaps she'd be better suited to looking at piles of body parts coming together into a new character. lol


We had Animal Planet on tonight in the background, and Talar'raa was extremely interested in the pomeranians bounding across the screen. I thought it was funny so I took a picture. :3

Tala'raa watching tv

I also played some more Alice: Madness Returns! Scottie did too, he actually finished the game today. I was living vicariously through him since I ended up seeing much of the end. I decided to look some stuff up about what new game plus gave him since he decided that he was going to get the Nightmare difficulty trophy. I learned that each outfit from the different levels gave some benefit when equipped on new game plus, but while doing this I also learned that there was DLC for the game- dresses and weapons. They're not necessary to beat the game or anything, but they are really neat. There is one last upgrade for each weapon in the game, and each new unique dress gives you some extra ability (also, they look really neat!). Some of them seem a bit overpowered (like the White Rabbit outfit lets you slowly regenerate health when you wear it), but I am ok with that. lol
I was kind of bummed out that they were DLC, my guess were each individual thing would be for sale and it would add up quickly if I wanted them all even if I had the spare monies atm. I decided on a lark to check it out in the PS3 store to see what they cost and found that the whole bundle of dresses and weapons was only $1.99! It's actually perfect because I had $2.05 on my side of the PS3 leftover that has been sitting around unused for probably a couple of years. We buy most things on Scottie's account on the PS3 but we accidently redeemed a PSN card on my side once, and we never remember to use it. Since we don't add money there the change from whatever I did buy is usually not enough to buy anything! What can you buy with $2?! Well, I decided to go for it and buy the pack since the amount that has been languishing is perfect. lol

I am having a lot more fun now! I know that the stuff is a bit overpowered, but really, I'm ok with that. The battles were just making me angry and the point of games are to be fun right? Possibly the extra edge can just make up for the problems I see with the battle system in general. lol
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Just a quick note today. I continued sculpting the pony legs tonight, I finished the other front leg and the two back legs. Not enough different though that I felt I needed a progress pic. n_n But I'm still sculpting along!

Scottie went to climb into bed tonight and was surprised to find a Chaos sleeping in our bed! Normally he sleeps in the blankets we have on the floor for him, or in one of the boxes. I thought it was cute that he decided to sleep in our bed instead, especially since getting into our bed takes a lot more effort! n_n
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I didn't have time for a lot of sculpting tonight, but I did want to do a bit at least. n_n I decided to have my witch CAM hang out on the sculpting table just for fun. hehe


I sculpted part of both back legs and sculpted one of the front legs. I need to work more on the body, but I probably won't do that until after I sculpt on the legs. I'm probably going to prebake the legs first though! Then of course, I need to sculpt on ears, sculpt the mouth, and sculpt the nostrils. I'm not sure if I'm going to sculpt the mane and tail or try to figure out some sort of dolly hair. I know I have some doll hair from the craft store, that could work. I'll have to see!

In other news, Chaos seems to be doing alright so far. Tonight I had a cute moment with him. I'd pulled him out of his hammock for cuddles after work and was hoping he'd decide to stay asleep. He curled up and did stay sleeping in my arms, so I sat on the couch with him and listened to a couple of songs on the Voice. He was unconcerned, though when he decided to wake up he shot up like ZOMG WHERE AM I then flopped back down and went back to sleep. I'm not sure how to put it into words but it was rather funny. Shortly after that he yawned himself awake and started industriously exploring the couch.
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We had to put Gwin to sleep last night. His health was quite a yoyo for a while, he'd seem like he would be doing really good (relatively) and he'd be off wobblingly getting into mischief. Followed by the next day lethargic and not terribly interested in food, and the next day good again. We think he had lymphoma, which apparently the reason for the yoyoing health.

He was actually doing quite well Wednesday, then Thursday he could barely move. Friday was no better. As he had gone from reasonable quality of life (though sick) to basically no quality of life it would be selfish to keep him hanging on just because I didn't want to let him go. So we let him go.

We're going to bury him this weekend.

Have some pictures of my furbutt near when we first got him. <3

Here he was exploring the bedroom. (The boxes are there because ferrets love boxes!)

What're you doing hooman?

More early ferret playtimes )

Chaos seems to be alright so far. He's getting ALL THE HUGS from us atm so he's certainly not lacking for attention (he might even argue that he'd just like to go play nao thanks). I'm not sure if we'll get him another buddy, I want him to be happy but it's hard to think about that quite yet.
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Taking a break from the human figure sculpts for a bit because I decided I was really inspired to make some ponies to go with my Monster Highs. xD They're not quite MLP, this is the style of pony that I started sketching when I was a kid. I thought it would be fun to sculpt some!

Yesterday I did a quick sketch to start planning the armature, then I put it together. Today I did a blend of clay to get a colour that I liked, then I rolled the clay out into uniform ball units (helps to keep things symmetrical). I finished the bases tonight and now they're chilling in the fridge. This pony is going to be sort of a standard pony, but I have plans for more. I'm totally going off on a sculpting tangent from my original plan, but I'm so excited about it you guys! hehe n_n'

My new sculpting project!
I wanted to have the ponies to be about the size of a MLP so I found out that MLPs are supposed to be roughly 3.5-4 ft tall. I sketched out a MH doll on the paper for reference (sea monster CAM is helpfully posing nearby).

Pony sculpt continued, watched over by Clawdeen
Clawdeen is artsy so I thought she could hang out nearby. (I really need Catrine, haha).

Updates on other things.

Gwin is working on getting better. I'm keeping an eye on him, trying to get him all the baby food he can stand, and keeping him comfortable. I am cautiously optomistic. He's not feeling well obviously, but often he's doing better.

Last week I spent a lot of time fretting and stressing about him, and I actually wasn't doing much of anything because I felt bad doing anything fun. With the help of Scottie though I realised that it wasn't helping anything. If I'm sad, it doesn't make Gwin heal faster. If by chance he picks up on my mood it might actually make him stressed and that's the last thing he needs. So I'm going to try to help him out while doing normal things otherwise. It might be silly to feel guilty for doing fun things, but there it is. :P

Today is the last day of my long weekend (I got Memorial day off), I'm bummed! I've been needing a break.

This weekend was supposed to have more of a party time feeling to it, that was subdued by Gwin's illness. But the 25th is the day that I usually leave for Pilot, and for the first time in 3 years I did not have to leave! I almost wanted to go to the airport just to go there and not leave. I decided that we should save the gas instead, but it was nice to not leave. Scottie made me a cake from scratch!

I'm sure there are more things to say, but it's getting late and I need to get to bed. More baby food for Gwin first though!
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Thank you everyone for your well wishes for Gwin! I've just been too much of a stressball to reply or update. n_n' I really apprieciated all of the support though! *hugs everyone*

Gwin is still with us, though he's not doing so well. I'm hoping that he'll be ok, we've been giving him all the TLC (and baby food) that he can stand until he tries to wiggle out of our arms. Which is good that he has the energy to want to do that, even if he tires himself out too fast once he's down.

In other pet news, when I went in to work on Monday I found that one of my bettas had died. I immediately cleaned the tank, luckily the snail was alright. And now my single betta (I had a large divided tank) has the whole tank to himself. At least he was having a good day? Though he decided with all the space in the world that he was still going to go rest behind the filter. He is certainly exploring a lot of the time but I found that sort of silly.

Still, while worrying that Gwin was going to die the last thing I wanted to see was another dead pet. :S
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Tonight I put together the arm armatures for the male figure, and started sculpting the fingers onto the hands. It actually took me a while to get the arms together and with proper finger lengths, partly because my hands were getting tired because the wire I'm using is a bit stiff.

Tomorrow I'll need to finish sculpting the fingers, then I'll bake them. I hope that goes alright! After I bake the fingers I'll sculpt the rest of the hand and start sculpting the arms.

In other news, did anyone else see the story of the people in Argentina buying toy poodles... which are actually ferrets? On steriods with a floofy hairdo? o_O I feel bad for the ferrets, I mean, that can't be good for them. And once the owners realize they're not dogs what do they do with them? o_O Exactly how can you look at a ferret and think "YEAH THAT'S TOTALLY A DOG"? o_O And why exactly do the pet sellers just not just sell poodles? There is so much randomness in this story I wouldn't be surprised if it was an April fools joke or something.

I felt I needed to post some pictures of my ferts. Who look in no way like poodles. My gramma's dog when I was growing up was a very sweet toy poodle named Brandy, and she definitely did not look like a ferret. lol
Ferrets! )

In tv related ramblings, I watched the Voice tonight! I'm excited to see more of the people who've been picked. There was a girl that I really liked and I remembered today that she's on team Blake. I wish she was on another team though because I was hoping someone else would win this year! I don't have anything against Blake, he's just won the last couple of years in a row and I thought it would be cool if someone else won this year. xD I guess we'll see how stuff goes. :3

Tiiiired, time for bed.
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Tonight I continued with the sculpt, working more on the feet! I decided that the feet I'd sculpted last night were not quite the right size, so I started the feet over tonight. I think they turned out better tonight. :) They'll get bulked up when I attach them to the legs so they don't look perfect quite yet. n_n'

Progress for tonight )

I decided that the kitty can't get all the love, so I wanted to put a couple of pictures of Gwin up tonight! He looooves to go in the tower and roll around. I think it gives him really good scritchies. :3
Ferret pictures! )

I watched the latest episode of Grimm tonight while I was sculpting! I have to say it squicked me out to no end. D: I was getting a really strong Buffy vibe from this episode, it reminded me of Killed by Death. A bit spoilery )
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Tonight I worked on sculpting the legs and feet. Mostly, I ended up sculpting feet. I'm not done with them yet though and I don't think they're really finished enough to merit a picture. But still, sculpting happened!

I had wanted to post more kitty pictures last night, but it got too late so there was just the one. Here's a couple more pictures of him. :3
Kitty! )

I continued watching Body of Proof tonight and now I'm caught up. I have to say this last episode had a lot of fanservice! lol

We also watched The Voice! I'm enjoying the new judges. Usher is a lot of fun and Shakira is adorable. I love how she emotes! Also, the bromance between Blake and Adam continues to amuse me to no end.

Then we watched the season finale of Face Off. I was sooooo happy that Anthony won! He's been so awesome all season so I'm really happy for him. Everyone did a great job though! I'm looking forward to the next season starting in August. I need to watch the Face-Off Redemption webisodes still! I don't know what all happens in them. I hope that means Eric F gets to get in on that and maybe he can come back to the next season.
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I don't have pictures from today's sculpting, but I did work on my male sculpt! Scottie helped me prepare the metal rods for the leg armatures because they were really thick and I couldn't just cut them with regular snips. For strength I needed to make clay cores instead of foil cores for the legs, so I got the general shape for the leg cores sculpted and threaded onto the metal rods, and they just came out of the oven. :3 It was rather exciting to see the beginning of legs!

Yesterday and today me and Scottie continued the Kingmaker Pathfinder path, starting in on the second book in the series. It was a lot of fun and we made a lot of progress! Scottie founded his capital, built his first castle, and explored more of the region. I had a lot of fun!
Sunday and Monday gaming )

I took some pictures of the kitty recently, I thought I should put a picture of him up! hehe He's a cutie. :3
Kitty! )

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