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Today I finally got started on Pony!Loki's paint! I have the white base down so far. Part of my time was also spent just getting my palette set up. I decided that I will paint the pony, then I will make the armour, and it will be removeable. :3

You will be having the details soon. This is good.

I also started watching the Olympics! I was super excited about the figure skating. :3 In the short program pairs, my favorite was the Canadian pair that was in 2nd. The Russian pair was also really good though.
I also really liked the guy that did his program to Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. I love that song!

Also, the warmer weather that we've been having seems to be going away as the temp has dropped and it was snowing when I walked home today. Ah well.
loki give the people what they want thor

I had a pretty awful migraine this evening, so I'm pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish. n_n'
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Yesterday/today I did some painting on N. I did some touchups on the body, a bit of shading, touched up the eyes, put in eye highlights, upped the green in the mane and tail since I had gone a bit far in the mint green direction, and I'm pretty happy with how he's coming along. I'm currently figuring out how to do his cutie mark (painted one on and decided to redo it), and I'm starting on his other accessories. :3


So tired. I have no idea what I'm doing. I think I wanted to post something else but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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I didn't get as much painting done tonight as I meant to originally. I've been walking home from work to save monies and get more excercise. It takes me something over an hour to get home, which isn't too bad, but today when I got home I flopped down on the bed and immediately fell asleep. Not quite what I meant to do! I know that I needed the sleep, but of course that means that it is now really late and I'm not exactly tired. This is why I don't nap! :P

But I did get some more painting done. I have a lot of the pink streaking in the mane and tail now! I think that I'll be able to get that finished tomorrow, then I need to put a colour wash over the body. Then it will be face painting, hooves, cutie mark, and any other details.

Pony sculpt paint continued

Did some more sketching of my upcoming pony today. I'm excited!

I also have another thing that I want to do, but I'm not entirely certain of how to work it. I'd like to do a jointed pony, but I'm not sure if I should wait on that until after I sculpt the bjd that I have in my original sculpting challenge plan. lol

I also finally rewrote all the writing that I lost when I had deleted my entire book on accident. I've been having major plotbunnies for everything else, and I was always like 'I'll write that again later...' I don't like redoing things and I was afraid that it wouldn't turn out as good as the first time I wrote it. I'd been so inspired when I wrote it originally! But I think that it turned out alright, and it's not like I forgot what I said. Just ugh, rewriting. e_e

I'm getting plotbunnies though for something that I think should happen in book 2 though, which is sort of annoying because I'm not finished writing book 1 yet. It's cool to have this inspiration, and I really like the ideas but it would be more useful to finish the first part of the story first. lol
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So I'm just about dead on my feet, like I was dead on my feet yesterday, but that doesn't stop me from trying to do all the things!

I started to paint the Lala pony tonight. I put a coat of black over the mane and tail since the clays didn't match, though after baking it wasn't actually that different. Then I started to add in the pink striping. I haven't gotten enough done to warrent a picture though.

I also drew out my concept for my next pony! I have to figure out what I want to use for the leg armatures though because this pony is going to be larger than the others, because it's supposed to represent a tall boy. :3

Now time for sleeps.
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Tonight I did most of the hair rooting on my pony! I still need to add the forehead poof, and then tame the hair a bit, but it's all in now! The only hair that I had had sort of large ringlets, so I boiled it to straighten it. It's still rather wavey though, but I think it makes her look like a diva. lol xD

This process was sort of tedious and frustrating, but I think it turned out very nicely! I like the colour of the hair with the paint.

This is also the first picture after the last colour wash that wasn't pictured previously, and the sealing. :3


More pictures )
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I needed to take a break from my sculpting project, even though I enjoy sculpting I realized that it was starting to feel grindy rather than fun. I'm sure I won't take a long break, I'll probably start back up next week. I was looking at the burned fingers that I made and decided that even without the burning I wasn't entirely happy with them. With as detailed as hands are, I don't really want to rush them for the sake of finishing them quickly, and that's kind of what they were.

I've been wanting to paint, so I started doing something with that. :3 I have a thrift store Barbie head that I want to expiriment on. I don't really want to do anything too fancy until I have MSC, but I can't really afford to pick any up right now. So I used some sealer that I had around for other art. Since this particular head has a tooth mark in the cheek since the kitty "found" it and was madly chasing it around I'm not too concerned with experimenting on it. It's already damaged after all. I don't have anything worth taking pictures of yet since all I've done is clean off the face, seal it, and put down some eye white.

I'm looking forward to MH faceups though!

I've been feeling kind of off/down lately, partly because it's spring. Now, historically I love summer. However, the last 3 years I have gone to Pilot on May 25th. (And summer at Pilot is summer in name only, it will be nice to not be think "hey, it's summer, do I need new long johns? I probably need more fleeces since I spent last summer freezing again") I know that this year is different, I'm not going anywhere. Still, I get irrationally anxious and antsy at times. I haven't been as good with commenting on people's posts because I've been feeling so off, I'm sorry about that! I have at least been reading though. n_n'
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So I've been looking at our finances and have been contemplating getting a second job. I'm afraid though that if I do, I won't have time to do art anymore. I've never really been brave enough to try and sell my arts, but I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in commissioning a sculpt from me? (I haven't forgotten you [ profile] manda_kitty! Just let me know whenver. :3) I could also sell anything I've already made. I know that as of right now I have no finished human sculpts so I wouldn't expect anyone to consider that, but I do have all of my animal sculpts finished and painted. n_n'

For reference, here is a group shot of all my animal sculpts together after painting:
Read more... )

I could also sell existing sculpts, minus the bluebird because that was Scottie's anniversary present, though I could make another one to sell.

I also do watercolor paintings, but I don't have pictures of that online anywhere. If anyone was interested though I could take some pictures.

I feel sort of silly posting this, but if anyone was interested but wasn't sure how to ask, I thought I'd put this out there. n_n'
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I didn't post the last couple of days, but I started sculpting my human female figure on Sunday!

It doesn't look like much yet, but it's just the start! I prepared the clay I'd need for the head, and made the armature. I then got the head base sculpted.

Here it is so far.
Pic of the head base! )

Also here is a group shot of all my animal figures together! :D All I need to do is spray them all with a protective coating, and then gloss the eyes. :3

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So I finished the Siamese cat sculpts paint tonight, and I am so excited! All I have left now for this portion of the challenge is to seal them all and gloss the eyes. :D I haven't sealed them yet because I think I'm going to do them all at once at my work's warehouse. I don't think there's a great place for me to do it in the apartment, and I can't spray them outside because now it's winter. lol

Anyway, I'm really happy with how the paint turned out! I think that getting all the colours uniform really made it look great, then adding all the details of course!

Under the cut I have photos of the unpainted kitty, a couple of progress pics, and the complete cat! :D

Kitty pics and blurbs about what's going on! )


I tried to take a group shot of all of my sculpts together, but my camera batteries died so that will have to wait until tomorrow. I'd gotten a couple of shots but they didn't turn out. It's a bit of a bummer but it's not like I can't wait until morning. n_n

In other news, it seems that our kitty caught a cold while he was being kept overnight where he was nuetered. The surgery didn't seem like it slowed him down at all, but the cold certainly seems to be making him feel crappy. Poor little guy. We got a care sheet from animal control about the cold since it's so common, we basically just have to treat it like a virus for us, fluids, rest, and vitamins to get better. We're keeping an eye on him to make sure he's ok, which isn't hard when he's practically velcroed to our sides. n_n'
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Last night I finished the bluebird sculpt's paint! I'm really happy with how it turned out. This sculpt was for Scottie, it is the bluebird of happiness! I gave it to him for our 5th anniversery. :3 I didn't finish the paint until just now, but I did finish the sculpt at about the right time. n_n I need to add some embellishments for it to really show the bluebird of happiness angle, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Under the cut I have work in progress pics, and little blurbs with what I did. :D

Here are a couple pictures of painting stages, and the finished bluebird! )


I have only one last sculpt to paint, the Siamese cat! I actually have a base coat down, which makes it look really good. I'm so excited! :D
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Last night I finished the fox sculpt's paint, and I'm rather happy with how he turned out! First I put down a coat of reddish brown paint as a base, then I put a darker brown stain over everything. I then put a reddish dry brush coat over that. Then I stained the inner ears and legs with black, then added the white markings and touched up the eyes with black.

The fox is my favorite so far! I've almost completed painting my bluebird, so that should be painted tomorrow! Then all that's left will be the Siamese cat! I'm almost done with the painting portion of my sculpting challenge, that's really exciting!

A couple pictures of the paint in progress, and then the finished fox! )

An update on the kitty! He's been settling in here really well, and we're both really attached to him already! Yesterday evening we needed to bring him back to Animal Control to be neutered. I felt bad leaving him behind, but neutering is super important. After work today we picked him up and he's not at all down from his operation lol. I wasn't sure how he was going to react, but of course it's going to be more difficult to get him to take it easy than anything. lol He wants to play sooooo bad. Poor kitty. xP
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So tonight I finished the frog! I'm also working on the fox, but that's not entirely finished yet.

The frog marks the first sculpt I started with coloured clay, so I didn't need to put down a base colour coat. That was pretty cool. xD I lightly painted a white wash over the whole frog and painted the belly white. After that I stained over the entire frog with an umber/green stain (removing most of the stain from the belly). Then I painted on a striped and spotted pattern, then did a very light stain over everything again. I then finished up by painting the eyes. :3

One thing I'm kind of bummed about is the wart texture doesn't really come through in the photos very well. If I make another frog, I might make the texture more pronounced.

Couple work in progress paint pics of the frog, then the finished frog! )
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So yesterday I finished my deer fawn sculpt's paint! First I painted him all over with a brown, then I did a white dry brush over everything. Then I painted the fawn spots and the other white detailing. Then I did a darker stain over the whole sculpt, brightened the white details again, and now he's done. :3

This fawn had some issues. He'd fallen over during the baking and broken the front left foot. I'd reglued it, which worked fine because the break was very clean. The one bad thing is that the foot had turned slightly, apparently as it had fallen over. So he's slightly pigeon toed, but it's not terribly noticeable. He also ended up with a broken ear after I'd painted the base coat, I'd picked up the work surface and he fell on the floor on the ear. It was easy to fix and after painting you couldn't even tell it was ever broken, but sheesh! Hard luck fawn!

A couple work in progress pics of the paint, then the finished product! )
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Yesterday I finished my hound sculpt's paint! I like him so much more now that he's painted. First I put down a couple of layers of shades of brown base. Then I did a white dry brush over everything. Then I painted the hound markings (white socks, belly, tail tip, chest, muzzle and back of neck; then the black saddle). After that, I painted the eyes and nose. :3

I really like how all the chest wrinkles turned out lol. They were more of a pain to get the way I wanted them then it would seem like they would! xD

Hound unpainted, intermediate, and finished! )

I think that I'm going to work a bit more on the bear paint, I've decided that I'm not 100% happy with the face colouring. That shouldn't take very long to fix though!

But right now I'm working on my fawn sculpt's paint job. :D
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The bear gave me problems during the sculpt, so he's not exactly my favourite out of the group. But I do like him much more now that he's painted! First I gave it a dark base coat, then I did a dry brush detailing on the face, then did a black wash over everything.

I have an unpainted pic, an intermediate, and the finished bear! )

I do feel better today which is good, I was afraid I might have caught something and I didn't just have a migraine!
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So tonight I finished the seal paint! It's hard to tell in the picture, but I did a dry white wash over the whole seal. My pictures didn't really show a difference, but in person it really brought out the fur detailing! After that I added the detailing, and he's done! I'm really happy with how he turned out. :3

One pic of the unpainted seal, then a couple pics of the finished seal! )

I don't have a whole lot of energy atm, I'm not feeling very well. I have had a migraine all day which has made me so dizzy and nauseous, and apparently I have a fever. Hopefully I feel better soon!
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So I guess I have a lot to post tonight! lol

First off, I finished painting the mouse! It looks really nice now that it's all painted and I'm very happy with it! I'm glad I started the painting part of the project next instead of figure sculpting. It's nice to see the sculpts completely finished! For the painting, first I did a dry brush over the whole sculpt to bring out the fur detail. Then I washed over darker parts of the fur pattern with thinned darker brown paint, then worked on detailing, and put a light pink wash in the ears. I also painted the previously blue ground with browns and greens to make it look like ground.

A couple of the progress pics of the mouse, and the finished mouse! :D )

After I finished painting the mouse I started on my bunny sculpt! I was still getting used to the oven I was using and I accidentally overcooked him a little, so the sculpey was really dark. This was also still before I started using black clay for the eyeballs. So I was pretty happy to start painting him! I've put a couple colour washes of reddish brown over the body and I painted his eyes black.

Before and after pics of the bunny with the first paint wash )

And as promised, the pictures of my new kitty Talar'raa! I didn't get a whole lot of good shots, but you get the idea. :3

Meet the newest member of our family! :D )

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