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Today I did continue sculpting on the pony. I fit the front legs to the torso, that involved a bit of changing around. Then I got the hooves figured out, and did quite a bit of tweaking to get all of the hooves and legs perfectly matched. Then I did a lot of smoothing. I meant to bake them tonight but it got late so I didn't get quite that far. I also got the ear armatures drawn and ready. No pictures though because it probably won't look all that different from my previous picture. n_n'

I'll probably bake the legs tomorrow (hopefully early on in the day). Then I'll be able to attach the legs, sculpt the shoulders/hindquarters, sculpt the ears, attach the head, sculpt the tail hole and mane groove and bake! I'm not sure all of that will happen tomorrow though.

One exciting thing was I had a eureka moment on an easier way to sculpt human lips while I was fiddling with some clay. I was so excited, and so bummed that I'm not currently sculpting people. lol

I would have gotten further but I haven't been in a very good head space today. I got triggered by something that happened early on in the day and then I was all PTSD about observing. Not a good way to start the day. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Scottie helped me though so that was good.

I feel like there was more that I was going to say, but I guess it's off to bed!
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So, I'm weird. I never watched the show before I was an observer (it might have been a good idea- I might have decided against going in the first place!), but now I do watch it from time to time. Usually not even full eps, but occasional viewing.

I have to say that I don't miss it! On the one hand, I might consider going out for a contract (3 months) to get some money... on the other hand... While my second contract -was- better than the first because I was on catcher boats where I could be outside (freezing my ass off), instead of being on a catcher processor (where I was inside going insane)... I still hated everything about it. They pay so much though. Which is the only reason they have people come back.

If I was going back out, you wouldn't catch me watching the show though. It'd give me anxiety attacks. :P I do still have anxiety attacks about it sometimes, but without the stress of going back out, it's gotten a lot better.
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  • 01:15 RT @Aeire: Roommate-suggested awesome drag queen or burlesque dancer name: Helena Handbasket That is awesome! #
  • 01:25 RT @Aeire: Also holy crap these are -exquisite- retweet and share! These are neat! #
  • 01:34 Cat Shit One, April fools joke? I can't tell... #
  • 02:03 I'm so kicking myself for going out to the bar last night instead of playing neopets. It'd have been different if I hadn't been bored. #
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  • 01:16 Watching drunk observers. They're actually amusing drunks though, so it's ok. #
  • 03:22 Listening to snowballs being thrown at our windows by drunk observers from other companies. WTF? They could break them! Morons! Gah!! #
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  • 00:07 My hubby started following @alysonhannigan before me! But now I know, and can fangirl. :D #
  • 00:09 The Beast is on... This is about the worst movie ever. o.O #
  • 00:17 RT @spyderbyte: @invsagoth does it make over 46k? Hmm... You make 3500 a month to start, regular raises up to 7k/month I think. :P #
  • 00:37 Gratuitous carnage isn't as amusing to me as the other observers... ew. :P #
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  • 05:53 Slowly thawing from my offload. My feet are so cold and have been for the last hour(s), that they are burning and red. Won't miss that. #

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  • 00:42 Envisioning insomnia in my future. *vague swirly motions with hands* #
  • 01:27 I feel numb. #
  • 03:17 Just ran the heart program on the elliptical. It kicks your butt. Now I need a shower. #
  • 03:18 Realizing that it really is that common for girls to just say 'hey I'm going in the shower' w/o thinking of what visual others will have. #
  • 14:03 RT @neilhimself: ...our favourite LOTR characters. Mine Gandalf. His, Faramir. Gandalf is my favorite, followed by Faramir. hehe #
  • 16:49 RT @spyderbyte: Thanks for explaining the donut quote(...). What is the quote about? I've never heard it before, it makes no sense. lol #
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  • 14:19 Is your tongue an anemone, ferret, & a fox caught in a tigers jaws? That sounds awfully romantic. Perhaps just awful #
  • 14:20 I warn you that my previous link brings you horrible but hilarious reading. The scary thing is that it was -published- Dx #
  • 14:38 Contemplating my complete lack of what to say to the brother of a childhood friend who died 5 years ago tomorrow. #
  • 15:35 My DnD ability, via my hubby @aureate: Special Ability: Sleepy. Sleepy gives a +10 bonus on Will saves vs. Bad Fanfic Slash. He wins! #
  • 21:26 Listening to the motors signaling the end of my port time. #
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  • 16:55 Being tempted by lulu. Do I try to get a 30 day ticket pack from capsules though, or just buy the pack if I do? Hrm. #
  • 21:02 Being grateful that I'm having a long offload! Last time we arrived at the pump and went straight back out, it's nice to have time to relax #
  • 21:04 RT @spyderbyte: awwwwww I second the awww! I want one near where I live! #
  • 21:09 RT @Aeire: Old libraries? I could HUFF old libraries. This seriously reminds me of Giles on BTVS. Same sort of problem w/ computers xD. #
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  • 15:03 Smelling soap? Or windex. Probably windex. Somebody must be cleaning the windows in the wheelhouse. #
  • 15:04 Hoping that my port time will be a little bit longer before we head back out. #
  • 15:14 RT @spyderbyte: I want to call into work disinterested. Can I do that too? Of course, it would work better if I didn't live on a ship.. :P #
  • 17:03 From Scottie and @Aeire, I have found that I follow @theonion... I'm going to end up with so many things to follow I'll never read them all! #
  • 19:30 Don't you all want a tetris necklace? Yay for geeky squee! xD #
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  • 01:23 An Iridium satellite crashed. They say service will have min impact. It already takes FOREVER to send my data for work #

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  • 02:49 I need to go to bed. I be stressed. #
  • 23:12 Contemplating an intervention for my mom and her stupid spending on my brother who is a unemployed, lazy, spoiled high school dropout #
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Feb. 8th, 2009 03:00 pm
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So, is vocalful a word? I don't think it is. I remember a person on the neoboards created a basic yellow korbat with this name, and traded this 'real word!!!' for a beautifully named faerie draik. That's what, a 13 million np pet? I looked up the word, but I can't find it anywhere. So... with the 'real word' craze, this one person blindly offered on a basically worthless pet. Because I really don't think it's a real word, which kind of defeats the purpose. Especially since it sounds silly, IMO. I had forgotten about it, but something made me remember and I looked up the pet. I had remembered seeing on it's lookup that it was going to be painted or morphed or something, with a thank you to the previous owner for allowing her to have the honor of having this pet, or some such nonsense. I wish I could remember the name of the person who traded. Oh well. The pet is now on a 2 week old account, with a sarcastic 'Yay I'm a neo celeb' lookup. The pet itself is not painted and doesn't have a lookup, petpet, background, nothing.

I have to wonder if the person realized that the name isn't a real word, and perhaps was getting neomails from people saying as much. I'm not really into this whole 'real word' pet name thing, with a couple exceptions. Exceptions being real words that you could think to name a pet (like Magic or Sparkles or SOMETHING. I'm not going to name my dog Tent or Leg, why the hell would I want to trade some gorgeous/UC/expensive pet for your basic pet named Leg? Hmmm?) But if she realized she'd been had, she probably wouldn't want to look at the pet either. I know I wouldn't, so I would have gotten rid of it. Or maybe she was just getting too much attention.

Is this anything important? Not really. If it's not a real word though, the girl got scammed, which sucks. Enough people were telling her that it wasn't real though, but a lot of people were defending it. I can't find anything saying it's an actual word, though I suppose it could be an obscure word. Which would be neat, but still not what this person was hoping for.

Yeah, this post is kind of pointless. But I bothered to write it, so I'm going to post it. Plus, if anyone could confirm or deny vocalful as a word, it would satisfy my curiosity.

This concludes As the Pound Chat Turns, brought to you by n00b be gone spray!
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  • 18:48 Checking out the sea lions swimming behind the boat in in front of me. #
  • 19:59 Watching boats coming in. Hoping that the dripping water in the wheelhouse stays away from my computer. #
  • 19:59 Listening to some eagles have a disagreement. #
  • 22:04 Trying to get a song out of my head from Disney's Merlin. x.x Why is it in there? x.x #
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  • 13:33 RT @LeoLaporte: Twitterer Celebs:, Porn Stars: Amusing, but interesting? Hrm. #
  • 19:31 Missing my cutie. #
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  • 03:52 Listening to one of the songs on the wedding cds that my honey bought before our wedding. :3 I miss my cutie. #

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  • 13:41 Thinking that my boat is going to head out soon. :( I had a good run of port time though! #
  • 15:41 Watching for my boat to lose power for the 5 millionth time. Srsly. THERE IT WENT AGAIN. Gah. #
  • 20:03 Pondering what the fuss is over crab legs. I had my (tanner) crab leg for dinner tonight, and it was just bland. Kind of a let down. :P #
  • 20:05 My first tanner crab leg, is what I meant in my last tweet. #
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...because sometimes 140 characters just isn't enough.

So while researching what my potential advisers are studying, I started reading about climate change effect on walrus. I'm interested in ice associated seals and climate change. I wonder if I could study under her, but not study walruses. It's the same general idea.

Anyway! The articles I've read are what I expect, climate change and warming waters are bad. The ice retreats and the walrus don't have the areas to congregate like they need. They aren't long distance swimmers or deep divers, they need ice to rest on and dive in shallower water. The ice retreats, and where it is left the water is too deep for the walrus to dive. Males generally make longer swims to shores, but females and calves stay on ice. Now more females and calves make the journey to the shore, but it's obviously hard on calves. They also end up congregating in larger numbers than normal, and so there are more casualties from stampedes to water. Calves are especially susceptible to injury or death in this. There is also a lot of calf abandonment and additional physiological stress. So on and so forth. Bad for walruses.

So. I find a recent article talking about how global warming is helping the walrus! Wow, all that melting ice sure helps because it's exposing all sorts of good stuff for the walrus to eat. Now, maybe some of that is true. Perhaps some of the melting ice actually did free up some new places to eat. But really? Something that's been beat to death by research articles as being bad is now something that is helpful? Perhaps they mean that global warming has helped the walrus population from it's decline after whaling, but they don't necessarily mean that global warming continues to be helpful. I might give benefit of the doubt. But I can just imagine people using that as a case for not having to worry about how climate change affects ice associated marine mammals. Bah.

Especially since the whole point of the article was that global warming is freeing up new places for walruses to eat! No. Really. It's making it so they are running out of places to eat.

(I need marine mammal icons. More marine biology icons in general... hrm.)
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  • 03:11 Sending out application materials. Not much left for me to do with my applications now, but wait. Well, that and poke potential profs. #
  • 12:40 RT @levarburton: @brentspiner BEST birthday wishes Brent (looking for epic retweet here please). Spreading the epic retweets! #
  • 14:21 Squeeing over google ocean. xD #
  • 14:27 Writing emails to potential profs. Exciting stuff! Then I should start poking around for backup schools I suppose. #
  • 19:55 Kicking my internet connection. Though it's the weather's fault. :P #
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  • 00:07 Wondering what fishermen do in their off time, and how long their off time is. It sounds like some have more time off than others. #

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