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Tonight I continued the N pony paint! I lightened the whole body paint to a really pale buckskin, and now I'm really happy with him. I did touchups all over the body, painted around the eyes more, and now the main painting is done I think. Now it's detailing! I'm happy. :3

N pony paint continued

One more picture )

Watched Grimm tonight! Did anyone else laugh at Captain Renard saying that he was going to go to Tahiti? I feel like it was a SHIELD reference. xD (They're previous Buffy writers after all, and Whedon is doing SHIELD and obvs Buffy was his). When I heard that I laughed and said to Scottie "Well, Tahiti is a magical place!" ehehehe

Also, Scottie got me a Christmas present! I'd retweeted a link about a preorder for The Pirate Fairy, which I was excited about (Captain Hook is voiced by Hiddles!), and Scottie saw it and then was like "hey cutie... I got a thing" xD It won't be in until April, but it will be miiiiine as soon as it is available and Scottie is so amazing eeeee! :D
Hiddles weeeeeeeeeeee
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I forget if I had the painting days included in the sculpting challenge countdown or not. I'll assume that I did. lol

Last night I put down the very first base coat on the pony. I thought it was funny actually because the white looked sort of chalky and the green was darker than the colour was supposed to end up. I thought he looked like Joker!pony instead of N!pony. lol

Tonight I put down another layer of white, which is much better. I also painted a more minty shade on the mane and tail. Then it might need another coat, then I need to start working on patterning and detailing, and accessories! Hopefully I will be done soon. :3

N pony sculpt- starting paint!

Scottie was being awesome earlier tonight by doing his scottish accent again (which always makes me fangirl at him because it's super sexy ehehehe), and he was doing Day of the Doctor quotes at me with it. Some of them were silly of course so I was getting rather silly myself. Since we'd just seen that Sprint commercial with James Earl Jones and Malcom McDowell doing "Jenna's facebook activity", I couldn't help myself and quoted that he was the 'hottest hottie that ever hottied'. Then he started quoting the other silly stuff out of that commercial (totes mcgoats, amazeballs, totally adoooorbs, etc) at me in the scottish accent. It was hilarious and awesome. xD
Hiddles laugh
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Today I continued my pony sculpt! I wanted to do it yesterday, but since I felt so off I felt it was better to leave it be. I actually had started to do something with him, but I seriously felt like I was just going to do something I'd end up regretting.
The one thing I did do was fix one of his feet. Somehow when the body was baking one of his feet actually detached. o_O It was a really clean break and easy to fix, but I wasn't exactly thrilled to find the foot broken!

Today I sculpted on his mane! I think it turned out really well, especially since I hadn't really had a plan as to exactly what I was going to do when I sat down to sculpt. I attached the mane to the head partly by wire anchored in the armature of the head and neck. I actually sort of nailed a thicker piece of wire into the top of his head through the mane armature (which I realise I took no pictures of, oops!). Then I started sculpting!

Once I had that finished, I attached the tail. I had to remove some of the clay from the very top to more easily get it to how it needed to be, but I was really happy with how it turned out! I decided that texturing it wasn't necessary for the look I was going for. If I really need to, I can do something with paint.

Scottie said he was impressed with how successfully I was able to translate what I'd drawn in my sketch to the sculpt. :3
hiddles bless you for saying that

Here he is just before going into the oven!
N pony sculpt continued
Almost finished!

He's out of the oven now, cooling! I haven't had a chance yet to check to make sure that nothing went wrong during baking, but it looks ok so far. Then all that will be left will be painting and accessories!
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My poor neglected pony! I've just been so inspired to do comics. n_n' But tonight I sculpted the head of the pony onto the body, and did a lot of sculpting of the neck and front of the body. I think it's coming along nicely! Short post is short because dang it's late! Whoops! Time flies when you're watching Loki, I mean Thor~.


One more picture )
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I finally got back to my sculpting tonight! My poor pony has been so neglected. I did a lot of head shaping, and I started sculpting the face. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. Though, you guys, I am so spoiled by working with Premo, working with regular Super Sculpey kind of makes me o_O.

Of course, I can leech out more plasticiser and it would work better, but I already did that and I was hoping it would be enough. I'm so impatient. XD Of course, the clay is already on so I'm just going to have to deal with it as is. I hadn't realized how different the two were until I worked with one directly after the other. They're from the same company, at first I thought they were more comparable except for colour choices. Not so much. ANYWAY I DIGRESS.

I am also very pleased to have figured out a muse for the project. I don't have any N figures or anything to watch over the process, but I do have Jinafire! She's a green haired dragon girl, which is actually pretty perfect if I do say so myself. xD

I also glossed my Lala pony's eyes finally! I also glossed ALL THE SCULPTS EYES! I've been meaning to do that for a while. It looks really good!

I finally pulled out the gloss because I put the gloss sealer on my Loki pendent from last night. I hadn't wanted to do it last night because I literally pulled it out of the oven right before going to sleep, and I wanted to wear it today so I didn't have time to seal it before heading out to work. It's sealed now and it looks great! I'm really happy.
The glitter stayed on the pendent just fine while I wore it today, so that was good. There was a dusting of glitter on the sides that wasn't attached (wasn't meant to be either) and that ended up getting all over me. I was all shimmery though and I felt pretty. lol But I'm glad that it's sealed now. I really like this new sealer! It dries so much faster than my gloss spray.

I also snapped a picture of the ferret cuddling with Scottie while he was sleeping. I was squeeing all over the place because there was just SO MUCH CUTE. xD
My beautiful hubby~~~ xD
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I didn't get as much painting done tonight as I meant to originally. I've been walking home from work to save monies and get more excercise. It takes me something over an hour to get home, which isn't too bad, but today when I got home I flopped down on the bed and immediately fell asleep. Not quite what I meant to do! I know that I needed the sleep, but of course that means that it is now really late and I'm not exactly tired. This is why I don't nap! :P

But I did get some more painting done. I have a lot of the pink streaking in the mane and tail now! I think that I'll be able to get that finished tomorrow, then I need to put a colour wash over the body. Then it will be face painting, hooves, cutie mark, and any other details.

Pony sculpt paint continued

Did some more sketching of my upcoming pony today. I'm excited!

I also have another thing that I want to do, but I'm not entirely certain of how to work it. I'd like to do a jointed pony, but I'm not sure if I should wait on that until after I sculpt the bjd that I have in my original sculpting challenge plan. lol

I also finally rewrote all the writing that I lost when I had deleted my entire book on accident. I've been having major plotbunnies for everything else, and I was always like 'I'll write that again later...' I don't like redoing things and I was afraid that it wouldn't turn out as good as the first time I wrote it. I'd been so inspired when I wrote it originally! But I think that it turned out alright, and it's not like I forgot what I said. Just ugh, rewriting. e_e

I'm getting plotbunnies though for something that I think should happen in book 2 though, which is sort of annoying because I'm not finished writing book 1 yet. It's cool to have this inspiration, and I really like the ideas but it would be more useful to finish the first part of the story first. lol
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So I'm just about dead on my feet, like I was dead on my feet yesterday, but that doesn't stop me from trying to do all the things!

I started to paint the Lala pony tonight. I put a coat of black over the mane and tail since the clays didn't match, though after baking it wasn't actually that different. Then I started to add in the pink striping. I haven't gotten enough done to warrent a picture though.

I also drew out my concept for my next pony! I have to figure out what I want to use for the leg armatures though because this pony is going to be larger than the others, because it's supposed to represent a tall boy. :3

Now time for sleeps.

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