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So I finally watched Captain America! I have had the movie since Scottie got me the special Avengers box set for our anniversary this last November, and I really wanted to get all the movies watched that I've missed. That's one of the reasons that I wanted the box originally! I have this erm... tendency though to either put in the Avengers or Thor though for the 1000000000th time though when I go to grab a movie out of that box. No idea why. *koff*
What was I doing again?

But I really did want to watch Cap's origin story, he's the only one I haven't seen yet! Plus ya'know if I do want to see the Winter Soldier in the theater, I'll want to have watched the first movie.

So here's how I felt after watching the movie:
cap right in the feels
The poor bb. T_T

Something neat I saw, Jenna Coleman (Clara on Dr Who) had a small part! Scottie was reading in the bedroom (he'd seen the movie before, and had a headache and so wanted to lie down) and he heard my fangirl squee when she came on. xD
I also thought it was awesome that they had Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. I told Scottie that I was excited that they had Agent Elrond, because I'm a dork.

More specific things under a spoiler cut:

I had to squee at seeing the tesseract, the Yggdrasil mural where it was hidden, and also at the end where they showed Asgard space. xD

The part where little Steve threw himself on the grenade at training camp? Aw, the bb. I think that's a good scene to show his character.

I had to laugh at "Do you two... fondue?" xD I was talking to that scene to Scottie after regarding the different Starks, but he didn't quite remember the reference. He was like fondue? And I was like well, we fondue, and then he was like "Well, I am Fond Oh You" and it was really cute. xD

Then of course there's Bucky.
bucky glance
I couldn't help but think that writers really like to throw characters from high places (Loki, Bucky, Sherlock.....)
bucky fall
Poor cap...

And of course the end of the movie also hurt my heart. "I had a date." Just, ow my feels. T_T

I'm really happy that I've watched that now so Cap can be one of my Marvel bbs properly.
Of course Loki is still my bb 1000000%

I feel a bit spoiled as I didn't feel like there was any eye candy in that movie for me though (besides the little bit with Clara).
Cap!Loki costume is a bit much
Well ok now that I can certainly get behind xD

I have more things to post about, but I'll have to talk about them later! This weekend was the start of Fur Rondy, a winter festival that coincides with the Iditarod here, and we went out to enjoy some of the stuffs!
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hiddle sneeze
I am so sorry guys I'm still sick and that's not really doing wonders for my posting/commenting. I'm unfortunetly not any better than I was last Thursday when this started, and the last few days have been remarkably worse than before. Ugh go away plague.

I've still been dragging my butt to work, but I'm giving in and taking a day off of work tomorrow. Possibly Friday too though I don't really want to take out that much leave, so hopefully I don't have to- I cash out leave to supplement our income but I can't do that if I use it.

I told Scottie that I was going to stay home and instead infect a fictional city with the plague playing Dishonored. lol

Scottie was awesome though and found Lego Marvel short films I hadn't seen before. THEY WERE SO CUTE, OMG. He watched them with me, and I said it was totally a win because my face hurt because I was smiling so hard instead of hurting because it hurt. lol
lego loki
Loki was the main villian for all of the shorts, making minions out of other villians. There were a lot of different heroes! Including Spidey, which makes me happy because he's one of my early bbs. xD

Here's a link to the first episode in case you haven't seen it yet and would like to. :3

When I got home tonight I basically just cuddled with Scottie and watched tv. Excited about the return of Face-off and Suburgatory, will have to talk about those later!
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I just got an automatic birthday wish from Den of Angels, I was amused because I hadn't really realized that tomorrow was my birthday. lol I mean, I know that it was almost here, but it just... hadn't occurred to me exactly? I'm not sure how I feel about birthdays. I don't like when people around me age!

Today me and Scottie went to our local comic shop so I could pick up the next issue of Young Avengers. Can I say how much I love that comic? :D
Hiddles approves
I need to get back issues of Journey into Mystery when I can afford to! So much amazingness.
I also picked up the Neil Gaiman Sandman comic that was there. :3 It was really cheap too!
What did I get from the comic shop today?

Ghoulia approves
Ghoulia is an honorary member. xD

I was reading the collected classic Thor comics (I'm on the second volume of that) from the library, but I had to return them. I need to get that again so I can continue reading those too! I think I'm going to mark down favorites of the old comics to look at getting for my collection later.


I've also started playing Dragon Age. I started putting together my character and Scottie was surprised that my character was male. Then he was like "You're making Loki, aren't you?". Which of course I was, lol. Then I was like "Yeeeees. I don't know the last time I've made a male character when I've had the choice between the two, the last time was... ... ...?" "You've never made a guy when you've had the choice." "I guess I haven't! I did consider making Lady Loki though." xD
I've named my puppy Fenrir. I am having fun with this. ehehehe xD
Loki I like this
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I didn't get quite as much sculpting done tonight as I'd have liked, I was pretty tired when I got home! I feel like the extra energy from walking in the snow plus the extra cold (it was -6 today when I was walking home!) is a bit more draining for my energy stores.

Still, I did some sculpting tonight! I bulked out the body and worked more on the legs. Now that I've worked on the barrel, he looks much better! He was looking a bit emaciated before. lol

I was super excited about tonight's episode of SHIELD! It was set post Thor The Dark World, which was amazing. Of course I had to squee about all of the Asgardian stuffs!
hiddles a bit excited
I've really enjoyed the last couple of episodes especially. :D

A short note about the Voice! I didn't watch the "live" results show, but when I was walking home I looked at my phone on a lark because someone had friended me on twitter and the phone vibrated. It had been too cold to do anything on my phone while I was walking home otherwise, I needed to keep my hands in my pockets to keep in as much heat as possible. It just so happened that the Voice live tweeting save thing was set to happen just then! Spoilers for me since the show wasn't even aired here yet, but Kat was on the bottom. I was afraid of that! So I tweeted my save for her. It turns out she didn't make it but I feel better that at least I was able to do that.
But I mean seriously, I was on a trail in the middle of woods in the dark in below zero temps tweeting to save my last artist on this show. I found that somewhat ridiculous! xP That live tweeting save thing is ridiculous though, because the live showings aren't actually aired live everywhere. e_e
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So Scottie told me that our upcoming anniversary (our 6th!) is the Iron and Candy anniversary. When he told me that I immediately thought IRON MAN OMG THAT IS SO PERFECT. Scottie also went there, and he said that maybe he should get Iron Man 3. Or possibly the Avengers, because Hiddles is sweet and is pudding, so he could be the candy portion. (The fact that he talks to me about this fangirl stuff is absolutely amazing, is it not?)
So, Iron Man and Hiddles for gift ideas!
Wait, was this the gif I meant to grab I think I was going to go for something more Iron Man only themed eeeerm well RDJ is basically Stark anyway and he's hugging Hiddles so this works~ xD

Tonight Scottie said that maybe I should get my present early since our anniversary falls on a Tuesday and I might want to spend time with my present. He knows that I would just skip sleep to do the things that I want because I never put sleep at anything resembling a reasonable priority. xD

I had NO IDEA what he got me though! I said that it would probably make more sense then to get my present early, and this is what he had hidden in the closet!
My wedding anniversary present from my hubby!
Some of you might have heard me mention how much I've been wanting this, but I hadn't expected to get this as a gift!
Basically my response to this is summed up by this gif:
Hiddles flailing OMG
I kept going between squeeing incoherently and saying watwatwatwatwat?! He is the most amazing man in the world!

I took some pictures of the unboxing, I'll put them under a cut! Also, commentary of the contents, presided over by Ghoulia!
More pictures! )

I also took a video of the tesseract, since I couldn't get a picture to do much justice to it. I uploaded the video to youtube. I've never put anything on youtube before. If you want to know what I sound like, I'm derptastically making noise there because I was excited and couldn't keep quiet. lol :P
Here's a link to the video. I am currently too tired to figure out how to put up a better preview. n_n'
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Just a quick note because zomg it's so late! Oops.

I made a pendant tonight. Here it is right before baking! The base is black clay, but it's covered in fine gold glitter. I should probably seal it but it does seem like the glitter stays in the clay rather well as is. I have a jump ring to attach it to, and I'll steal a chain off of one of my other necklaces for now.


Now it's off to bed with this minion!
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So today we went to the grocery store to pick up some cheese. While we were there, we discovered that the grocery store was under even more remodeling than it was the last time we were there. We also discovered that this was the reason that the Red Box was missing, it actually had been moved to a weird spot inside of the store.

So we rented The Avengers today! OMG, it was amazing! I don't even know where to start. Can I just fangirl everyone? xD I want to fangirl ALL THE THINGS. lol
Crazy Loki

It certainly made things that were in Iron Man III make more sense. Of course, I've still never seen Thor or Captain America. There are so many holes in my movie viewing because of the time I've spent in the field. lol :P I NEED TO RECTIFY THIS ASAP.

We could totally see Joss's influence in the movie, and he did an amazing job! He did a really good job of pulling all of these different characters into the movie and making it about the group and not just one character.


Is everything a joke to you
Funny things are

A bit spoilery if you haven't seen the movie yet )
Loki crazy laugh

I found this while I was looking for gifs. OMG FOCUS TONY!
This was from the tumblr blog muffinpassion13

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