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Today is Scottie's ([ profile] tanvan) birthday! Well, at the time of this posting it was yesterday as it's after midnight, but ya'know what I mean. n_n'

I had an idea to make him a pendant. It might be a little silly, and I don't really think it's for actual wearing, but it could be hung somewhere. n_n'
I wanted to make him something that looks like the pendant that Tony gives to Pepper at the end of Iron Man 3 (because Scottie is totes my Pepper).
pepperony gift

I wanted to include a bluebird because I'd given Scottie the bluebird sculpt as an earlier gift because it's the bluebird of happiness.
Beginning sculpt pic )
I might make another one later because I think something more like real jewelry is what I'd want to really do, and the transparent clay that I used for the heart didn't turn out as clear as I'd have wanted after I'd added the red clay. But still, I think it turned out alright. Here it is before baking, presented by Cupid! The bluebird will need paint. :3
Scottie's birthday present
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Tonight I continued on with my Loki pony sculpt! I worked mostly on the legs. I made foil cores for the leg armatures and hooves, which is actually not something I normally do. Normally the limbs of my sculpts are just clay because that's easier, but I'm getting low on clay stores so I wanted to try the foil. I think it's going alright, it just takes more effort. xD I have the back legs roughed out, and the front legs near finishing. I also conditioned clay for the rest of the sculpt. I also did a bit of fiddling around with the head and body.

Continuing Loki pony sculpt
I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along.

I'm still sick, but I did manage to go into work today. I'm actually doing better, though I'm still depending on cold medicine to allow me to continue to be at least somewhat functional.

The weather here today is weeeeird. I left work a little early today since I'd been fairly productive and I felt ill. I only walked home this week on Monday, but every day after that Scottie's been picking me up from work since walking home in the cold while sick didn't seem like a great plan. I miss the excercise but I certainly want to get better. But since I was leaving a little early the sun was actually still out, and not only that but it was raining. And it wasn't freezing rain like I'd feared it would be, it was just... raining. And SUPER windy. I felt like I was walking out into the twilight zone because just, wut. It is currently 36°F, that is so so weird. I expect this time to be somewhere closer to like -10°F or something lol. I know this can't last, but I'll enjoy it while it does?
The wind was crazy though. With the high winds and the wet ice I felt like I was going to get blown away when I was walking outside. We stopped at the grocery store and when we were leaving the wind blew a bunch of ice/snow off of the roof and caused Scottie and me to get pelted by rocks when it hit. I'm glad that it didn't hit us though because that would have been less than pleasant. :P

I scored an awesome deal on some dolls while we were there! Fred Meyer had a selection of MH dolls on clearance, and then they had all of their clearance stuff at an additional 40% off. I haven't bought new dolls in forever so I only had a couple of the dolls that were on clearance! (In fact, there were a couple of dolls in that selection that I couldn't pick up that I didn't already have lol)
Scottie has our budget planned out so that I can get a doll in a month, and I spent my doll budget tonight. xD It was awesome though because for the budget (allowing for one doll) I was able to get four! It was slightly over, but one of the dolls was for Scottie because he collects Operetta and there was a Dance Class Operetta that he's been wanting. I'm so happy he was able to finally get her!
For myself I picked up a Dance Class Robecca Steam (my first doll for that character!), and an I <3 Shoes Lala and an I <3 Shoes Cleo.
hiddles success
I'll have to unbox them tomorrow, but I should get to bed now. n_n'
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So when I got home from work today I found this under the tree!
What was under the tree for me?
Scottie wanted to make sure that I had my present tonight so that I could play it right away! I have tomorrow off of work so I could play it later if I wanted. :3 I've played through Dishonored once already when we had our Gamefly trail membership going last Christmas, and I loved the game! But I only finished one playthrough (Clean Hands, the playing as a good character and getting the good ending basically), and there are a lot of trophies and things that I didn't get on that playthrough yet. But I didn't want to hog the rental forever, and I figured I'd get the game later. And then DLC came out for it too, which is on this disk! I'm super excited about it! I played that for much of the evening. :3

Scottie also pre-ordered the Pirate Fairy for me as I'd mentioned before, but that won't come in until spring I think. But I'm so excited about that! I am unashamed to say that I think the Tinkerbell movies are cute, and then when I found out that Hiddles was voicing Captian Hook I mean there's no question I'd want it. :3

I also drew Scottie a large comic panel which he really liked! (I know, I still need to get my comics up where you guys can see them, I'm going to figure that out soon!) I have something else that I want to do for him too. :3

Today at work I went around delivering all the cards to my coworkers, and did a lot of chatting. It was a very productive unproductive day. Everyone had Christmas-itis. lol

I'll probably post something tomorrow too, but in case I'm not on:
Hiddles Happy Christmas

No matter what you celebrate (and ya'know, I'm actually wiccan xD)I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
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Yesterday Scottie picked me up from work so that we could pick up a couple of things from the store, so I didn't walk home. We stopped by the mall to avoid traffic, and we were surprised to see that there was a Christmas figure skating show going on at the ice rink there!
Nu, that's not what I meant...

I kind of wanted to take pictures, but I have no idea what the ettiquete is there so I didn't. So... have the caribou from Frozen.
You're welcome.

It was really neat! It had all ages and skill levels, groups and single performances. We started out watching from the second floor, but for the second half we went down to sit by the rink. One performance had a group of girls and a smaller group of guys. I was really amused because where we were sitting, the girls had skated to the side to hop up and sit on the side to pose for the boys. The girl who was most directly skating at us was like "Excuse me!" before she hopped onto the wall and it was just so amusing. xD

I love figure skating! I was super excited to see the show, especially since we had no idea it was going to be there and usually I just walk home! It was a really nice surprise. :3

Upcoming post: Christmas tree trimming with my BJD! I don't have time atm to finish putting all the pictures together, but I should have that up sometime tonight or at the latest tomorrow. :3
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I went for a little walk today, though I didn't get quite as far as I wanted because the sidewalks weren't terribly walkable. It was snowing heavily since Friday so we got pretty buried. I don't know how much snow we got but I saw a report of 17 inches as a possible amount that we'd get.

I took a couple of pictures on the way, though it got dark early in my walk which was a bummer. It's been rather overcast too, and I've been hoping for more sun for pictures. But I decided that I wanted to take some pictures so I went with it anyway. xP

Snowy trees

A couple more pictures )

We went out today because I saw that Target was having a sale on the Power Ghoul dolls, down to $9! That included the Catastrophe Torelai doll, and I've wanted a Torelai since she came out and I've never even seen her anywhere at all. xP I was hoping she'd be there! She wasn't, but I did see that there was a sale on the Scary Tales dolls as well, down to $10 from $28. I didn't have Threaderella yet (Frankie), so I picked her up! She's so pretty. I'll need to get pictures of her later.

Scotte was waiting for the truck to warm up before leaving, and while he was waiting he unburied the neighbor lady's car. She's a bit older and has a rather hard time getting around, so Scottie wanted to help her out (he helps carry her groceries and stuff too, when we're out at the same time, and stuff like that). I told him that he's a giant sweetheart, which he is, but he doesn't think he was doing anything super special. But so many people wouldn't do that! He does things like that all the time too.
It's one of the reasons that Hiddles reminds me of Scottie, and they both have the same reaction to being told how perfect they are. ehehehe
hiddles omg
I'm a bit too sleepy to articulate my feelings, but I still wanted to put something out there. n_n'

Time for sleeps.
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The Thor marathon was amazing and oh my pudding Loki the Dark World is now my favorite movie ever!
I laughed! I cried! I squee'd! Soooo much fangirling was had. xD
After I got out of the marathon (which is about 7.5 hours of movie!) the only thing I wanted to do was go and see it again!
Hiddles uncontrollably excited
At the end of the movie all I could do was squee at Scottie. Then I was like "You can say something intelligeble, and... I'll make incoherent fangirl squeals at you apparently." xD

I'll have to put together a proper reaction post tomorrow because it is late and I've finally calmed down enough to sleep. xD

I encourage everyone to see the movie! A+++++++∞ would squee again! xD
loki impressed
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Do you know what tomorrow is?


Hiddles weeeeeeeeeeee

And I'm not just going to see the new movie! I'm going to the marathon of course! IT'S GOING TO BE SO AMAZING I'M GOING TO DIE BUT IN THE BEST WAY.
Hiddles uncontrollably excited

I actually smooshed my schedule around so that I could go to the marathon, it starts at 3 and I'm normally still at work then. I almost took the day off (THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME ALRIGHT??) but I decided to not. Of course, this week I started getting hassled about taking time off because apparently my union says we need to take 5 days off a year (I accrue leave but I only use it to cash out to supplement my not terribly substantial income) and I've only taken 2 days off so far this year because I was sick last December. I could have taken the day off and dealt with at least some of that.
I haven't been this excited to see a movie since Return of the King! I watched the extended editions of Fellowship and Two Towers before heading out to the opening. xD There have been movies I've been excited about, but this would be the last time I was this excited.
This is like, Christmas for me! (erm, at least Christmas feels that I should have lol)

I'm going to see Thor, then The Avengers, and then Thor The Dark World at it's first showing!
They're all going to be in 3D, which will be interesting because I haven't seen either of the other two in 3D before! I'm going to take premptive pain meds to make sure I don't get a headache. n_n'
Because of the truck repairs, it looked like I was going solo because we could swing one set of tickets but not for both of us. Scottie surprised me yesterday though and told me that we were able to get two sets of tickets after all! He was going to surprise me at the theatre but he couldn't keep it in that long. Because he knew it would make me happy and he gets squees, and it seems silly to wait. xD
hiddles dance break it outHiddles daaaance
He said that while he's excited to see the movie, he's more excited about being around me while I'm exploding with excited feels. xD

Scottie has also been working on a little something for me! You can't see it very well in this picture, but he did a viking knit band out of brass wire, and he has brass pieces that I put together in Inkscape based on kid Loki's circlet. He's so amazing! <3
A little Loki project :3

Now time for bed so I can be awake for work and then like 8 hours of amazingness!
Tom Loki yeah shoot
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So Scottie told me that our upcoming anniversary (our 6th!) is the Iron and Candy anniversary. When he told me that I immediately thought IRON MAN OMG THAT IS SO PERFECT. Scottie also went there, and he said that maybe he should get Iron Man 3. Or possibly the Avengers, because Hiddles is sweet and is pudding, so he could be the candy portion. (The fact that he talks to me about this fangirl stuff is absolutely amazing, is it not?)
So, Iron Man and Hiddles for gift ideas!
Wait, was this the gif I meant to grab I think I was going to go for something more Iron Man only themed eeeerm well RDJ is basically Stark anyway and he's hugging Hiddles so this works~ xD

Tonight Scottie said that maybe I should get my present early since our anniversary falls on a Tuesday and I might want to spend time with my present. He knows that I would just skip sleep to do the things that I want because I never put sleep at anything resembling a reasonable priority. xD

I had NO IDEA what he got me though! I said that it would probably make more sense then to get my present early, and this is what he had hidden in the closet!
My wedding anniversary present from my hubby!
Some of you might have heard me mention how much I've been wanting this, but I hadn't expected to get this as a gift!
Basically my response to this is summed up by this gif:
Hiddles flailing OMG
I kept going between squeeing incoherently and saying watwatwatwatwat?! He is the most amazing man in the world!

I took some pictures of the unboxing, I'll put them under a cut! Also, commentary of the contents, presided over by Ghoulia!
More pictures! )

I also took a video of the tesseract, since I couldn't get a picture to do much justice to it. I uploaded the video to youtube. I've never put anything on youtube before. If you want to know what I sound like, I'm derptastically making noise there because I was excited and couldn't keep quiet. lol :P
Here's a link to the video. I am currently too tired to figure out how to put up a better preview. n_n'
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So Scottie and I picked up a used copy of Borderlands 2 last Friday. We loved the first game, and it was especially awesome because it's one of those games that you can actually play with someone in the same room, not just online! And they don't have some weird split screen that makes it impossible to play (I'M LOOKING AT YOU RE5). So we'd been looking forward to playing it. We don't have any expansions yet, but we're having a lot of fun!

Anyway, something happened in the game tonight that I thought was funny. Note, minor spoilers for a side quest.

On our first run through the game together Scottie and I picked Roland (soldier) and Lilith (siren- firey magic user). The new game has new characters to play as, but the old characters make cameos in the game. Which is awesome. It turned out that Roland and Lilith are kind of an item (we're not sure exactly how much of an item), but we were like w00t that's awesome because that was our team!

Tonight we went looking for some recordings of the both of them. While we were listening to the two of them, Scottie said "That's totally us!" for the first recording. Lilith goes on to tell Roland how she'd decorated their previous place, a flabbergasted Roland said it was grusome because it involved charred corpses, and she disagreed and said she was making it cozy. Scottie was like "I could see that! Wait, I could see you decorating a place with corpses I should be more disturbed by that than I am..."
I probably should have argued against that harder, I mean, that would probably smell bad.
I'm a Loki minion, not a Reaver. Corpses should be disposed of!

In less disturbing context, my decorating sense is rather different from Scotties. It's like "Hey cutie isn't this cute?! :D" "If you mean creepy, sure?" or "Weeee so pretty!" "Oh god it has craft herpes there is glitter everywhere!" "I will buy them allllll" or "That's not a lot of dolls?" *Scottie buried under avalanche*.

The next recording had Lilith excitedly telling Roland that she accidently liquified a guy, but it was awesome because WOOT new powers (and erm, he was totes a bad guy) and Roland was all like "you look pale?" (so like, are you ok crazy woman?) and she was like "Oh right I passed out a few times but MAN THAT WAS COOL". Still us.
sherlock nothing wrong with me

And because Hiddles is the angel on my shoulder...

I think I was going to go somewhere else with this, but now it's late and I need to get to sleep!
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First off, a note about my Loki comics! Scottie is completely amazing and took one of my comics, vectorized it, and coloured it! I need to do a little bit more with it, and then I think I will post it here soon, hopefully tomorrow!

Today was interesting! It was payday and when we looked at the bank we found more money there than I was expecting! There was something negotiated with my union that got us back some money, it had something to do with my health insurance plan. Most of that money is going towards bills, but we got a few fun things!

First off, we wanted to check out some candles so we went to Walmart. While there, we stopped by the doll aisle, of course! THERE WERE SO MANY THINGS OMG. The Spectra 13 wishes DJ set! Abbey and Heath (which I really, really want)! The Cleo and Ghoulia lab partners set! The Die-ner pack with Operetta and Lala! A bunch of 13 Wishes dolls! The 13 Wishes Cleo with the playset. The Ghouls Night out 4 pack. I didn't even know what to do with myself. I was just like
Side note, Scottie is amused that I tend to say "Oh my ghoul"

Scottie actually nearly picked up the Spectra for me earlier in the day, because he's amazing and knew that I'd love her (which I did), but he wanted to make sure that I got the doll that I most wanted so he waited. He felt relatively safe leaving her since she was more expensive than a single doll due to the playset, so there was a better chance there would still be one there later after work.
So I was torn, but then there was this baby doll behind me in the aisle that was motion sensitive and kept making these creepy noises. I decided that I was officially done with listening to it, so I was going to put it somewhere else (really I just wanted to punt it out of the store but ya'know). While moving it down the aisle, I saw on the back wall more MH dolls... and I saw her. CATRINE. CATRINE YOU GUYS! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER FOR SO LONG!
Hiddles uncontrollably excited
So, I finally have her! There were two, and I picked the nicest looking of the two. Just, so happy!

I'll have to post pictures of her tomorrow. I've felt really sick today so I haven't been terribly productive. n_n'

Literally the first words out of my mouth when I saw we had some extra money were "Sooo we can get The Avengers now?!" xD But there's that awesome box set so I'm not sure. After thinking about it for a bit, I'm probably not going to do that because it's rather expensive (though it's not overpriced for what's in it), and that's a lot of money at once. It makes more sense to get The Avengers by itself. BUT there's another thing I really really want, and that's The Hollow Crown. I'm thinking that I'm going to pick that up on Amazon first, and then get The Avengers next month.

How did it get this late?
tom you are going to be so sleepy
Yes yes Hiddles I know. xD
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Scottie is reading me things in an awesome Scotish accent and I'm just flailing around and squeeing like a silly fangirl, I don't even know what to do with myself. I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW
Hiddles uncontrollably excited

It's just ridiculously cute. xD

He just asked me to close the window with that accent he's trying to kill me omggggg~ <3
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I finally got back to my sculpting tonight! My poor pony has been so neglected. I did a lot of head shaping, and I started sculpting the face. I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along. Though, you guys, I am so spoiled by working with Premo, working with regular Super Sculpey kind of makes me o_O.

Of course, I can leech out more plasticiser and it would work better, but I already did that and I was hoping it would be enough. I'm so impatient. XD Of course, the clay is already on so I'm just going to have to deal with it as is. I hadn't realized how different the two were until I worked with one directly after the other. They're from the same company, at first I thought they were more comparable except for colour choices. Not so much. ANYWAY I DIGRESS.

I am also very pleased to have figured out a muse for the project. I don't have any N figures or anything to watch over the process, but I do have Jinafire! She's a green haired dragon girl, which is actually pretty perfect if I do say so myself. xD

I also glossed my Lala pony's eyes finally! I also glossed ALL THE SCULPTS EYES! I've been meaning to do that for a while. It looks really good!

I finally pulled out the gloss because I put the gloss sealer on my Loki pendent from last night. I hadn't wanted to do it last night because I literally pulled it out of the oven right before going to sleep, and I wanted to wear it today so I didn't have time to seal it before heading out to work. It's sealed now and it looks great! I'm really happy.
The glitter stayed on the pendent just fine while I wore it today, so that was good. There was a dusting of glitter on the sides that wasn't attached (wasn't meant to be either) and that ended up getting all over me. I was all shimmery though and I felt pretty. lol But I'm glad that it's sealed now. I really like this new sealer! It dries so much faster than my gloss spray.

I also snapped a picture of the ferret cuddling with Scottie while he was sleeping. I was squeeing all over the place because there was just SO MUCH CUTE. xD
My beautiful hubby~~~ xD
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Tonight I continued on with the newest pony sculpt! I ended up bulking out the body because I decided it wasn't quite big enough. I got the first layer of clay on the body and head and am roughing out a shape. I'm happy with how it's coming along.

N pony sculpt continued
I have my Lala pony checking out the progress! She's quite a bit smaller, and the size difference is on purpose. Draculara is supposed to be tiny, shorter than Howleen! My new pony is tall, so he's a bit bigger.

Here's the character that he's based on! N from Pokemon B/W. xD (I <3 him)
N and Pikachu

Also today Scottie has been humoring my obsessive fangirling over the Avengers/Loki by Lokiifying (a new word we made up) our conversations, like we went and got a sandwich for dinner, and he was telling me that he was burdened with glorious sandwich. He is so awesome! xD I'm pretty sure there was more, but I am so sleepy...
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My newest sculpt I've finally started! I think that the main colour is going to be white, and I only have a little in that colour. I decided that I would just use plain Super Sculpey and plan on painting over it, so no really interesting clay colour this time. I've discovered that I prefer working with Premo over Super Sculpey though! Good to know. n_n'

Here's the concept sketch, the rolled out balls of clay, the rods for the legs, the body and head armature! Rochelle is visiting. :3

Can anyone guess who this pony is supposed to be? xD
[ profile] daughterjudy should get this easy hehe. xD Of course, subtley isn't my thing either.

In non sculpting news, Scottie and I went on a little nature walk today. Scottie was being awesome and using his newfound foraging knowledge. I took the ferret with me for a walk, and now he's all tuckered out. He was SO EXCITED. He was having so much fun romping around in the bush. lol
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I did do sculpting today, just not as much as I would have wanted. I felt really sick for a lot of the morning so I started late. The headache was brought to something managable by excedrin so I could function. :P

I finished tweaking the legs, then I wrote my signature into one of the back legs. I baked them and they turned out just fine. :3

After that, I sculpted the ears. I was going to attach them, but I stopped to have dinner. After dinner I returned to the table to find two ears on the table and no head. With a sinking feeling, I started looking around on the floor. I then found the head on the floor nearish to the table, all dirty and covered with tooth and claw marks. I was not happy with the kitty. DX

I cleaned off all of the fuzz, fixed all the claw, tooth, and other assorted marks. I have no idea how he managed to get the head so dirty so quickly, but I guess it's small and clay is pretty much a magnet for dirt. I never got the ears on, but what I did end up refining the head sculpt a bit since I was working on it. I'm still annoyed with the cat, but I'm going to look on the bright side and say that the sculpt turned out better for it. I was going to refine it anyway, but this made sure I spent a lot of time poking at the entire thing? At least he didn't do any major damage to it. I know he's just being a cat but argh. :P

In other news, I was feeling good enough this evening that when we saw that the sun was finally out and that it was windy that we would go fly our kite at the park! We've been meaning to do it for a while, but the best place to do it is at the park behind the library, and that whole place was taken up by a carnival for pretty much all of June. So we tried to fly it elsewhere but we just couldn't get good wind. But we did today! It was really nice. After we flew the kite, we went and looked at the duck pond. The goslings and ducklings have grown so much! But they're still little and totally cute. I was kicking myself for not bringing a camera. Next time!
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So Scottie was watching a youtube video, the channel has Did You Know videos about different video games. First he watched a video about Portal facts, then he watched another couple about Zelda. (The videos are rather amusing). In one of the Zelda games, a character says "It's a secret to everybody" while giving Link rubies. The factoid was that in the Japanese version it's showing that the character is offering a bribe.

But! This is an Easter egg for my life because when I tell Scottie that he's sweet or something he says "Shhh It's a secret to everybody!". It's a running joke for us. When I heard the video though I realized that this is what he says! He didn't even realize and said that he probably started saying it because of Zelda originally, then it just took on a life of it's own. xD

Also, here's a couple of pictures from my sculpting challenge so far for my new friends. I have sculpted so far in this challenge 10 animals, and I am in the middle of 4 human figures. The pony is something of a tangent is I was inspired to do it but I wasn't originally planning to do it. n_n'
For the animals I'm just posting a group shot, if you want to check them out in more detail you could go to my flickr and visit sets. Each animal has a set. :3 I don't have a group photo for the humans at their current stage though because they're still in progress, but I have a picture for each so far.
My work so far )
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Tonight Scottie and I had a date night! We went to see Oz the Great and Powerful! I saw previews for it the last time we were at the theater (for Scottie's birthday in January, when we saw Les Mis) and I'd wanted to see it. :3 We used to go to the movies a lot, but we haven't gone very often the last couple of years (a mix of cost issues and me being too antsy to get me into a theatre).

But tonight we decided to go! The cheap theatre was playing Oz so that worked out well. :3

I thought the movie was quite cute and funny! I'm going to avoid being spoilery, but I wanted to talk about a character that was introduced in the movie.

The little china doll girl. I hadn't seen her in the (one?) preview I'd seen, so when I saw her I was squeeing like mad. SHE HAS BALL JOINTS! SHE'S LIKE THE SIZE OF A BJD. SHE IS SOOOO CUTE OMGGGGGGGGGG. I liked the movie quite a bit but by far she was my favorite part of the movie. xD

I was a bit surprised by spoilers )

My one complaint is that in some of the opening scenes in Oz, when we were looking at scenery, the movie didn't translate into 2D well. We weren't watching the 3D version, so I wasn't expecting the scenes to be all weird and blurry like you were watching a 3D movie without the glasses. I don't know what happened there because it wasn't an issue for the rest of the movie though. o_O

I took a picture of my Soah yesterday and didn't post it yet. Here's my lovely Soah holding Frankie. Not the fanciest picture but I thought it turned out nice enough. n_n

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Taking a break from the human figure sculpts for a bit because I decided I was really inspired to make some ponies to go with my Monster Highs. xD They're not quite MLP, this is the style of pony that I started sketching when I was a kid. I thought it would be fun to sculpt some!

Yesterday I did a quick sketch to start planning the armature, then I put it together. Today I did a blend of clay to get a colour that I liked, then I rolled the clay out into uniform ball units (helps to keep things symmetrical). I finished the bases tonight and now they're chilling in the fridge. This pony is going to be sort of a standard pony, but I have plans for more. I'm totally going off on a sculpting tangent from my original plan, but I'm so excited about it you guys! hehe n_n'

My new sculpting project!
I wanted to have the ponies to be about the size of a MLP so I found out that MLPs are supposed to be roughly 3.5-4 ft tall. I sketched out a MH doll on the paper for reference (sea monster CAM is helpfully posing nearby).

Pony sculpt continued, watched over by Clawdeen
Clawdeen is artsy so I thought she could hang out nearby. (I really need Catrine, haha).

Updates on other things.

Gwin is working on getting better. I'm keeping an eye on him, trying to get him all the baby food he can stand, and keeping him comfortable. I am cautiously optomistic. He's not feeling well obviously, but often he's doing better.

Last week I spent a lot of time fretting and stressing about him, and I actually wasn't doing much of anything because I felt bad doing anything fun. With the help of Scottie though I realised that it wasn't helping anything. If I'm sad, it doesn't make Gwin heal faster. If by chance he picks up on my mood it might actually make him stressed and that's the last thing he needs. So I'm going to try to help him out while doing normal things otherwise. It might be silly to feel guilty for doing fun things, but there it is. :P

Today is the last day of my long weekend (I got Memorial day off), I'm bummed! I've been needing a break.

This weekend was supposed to have more of a party time feeling to it, that was subdued by Gwin's illness. But the 25th is the day that I usually leave for Pilot, and for the first time in 3 years I did not have to leave! I almost wanted to go to the airport just to go there and not leave. I decided that we should save the gas instead, but it was nice to not leave. Scottie made me a cake from scratch!

I'm sure there are more things to say, but it's getting late and I need to get to bed. More baby food for Gwin first though!
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Yesterday and today I continued sculpting the male figures legs! I have the lower legs and feet mostly sculpted now, and I have the upper leg cores covered and have started shaping them. I started sculpting the knee area on one leg, and have it attached to the body. I need to finish sculpting the knee area and shaping the upper leg. Tomorrow I need to finish sculpting the leg, and attach the second leg. I'm excited with how it's coming along.

Progress for today )

I also took pictures of the chocolate making we did yesterday! This was another one of his surprises, I didn't know he was planning to do this. xD He'd even been asking me where the candy molds were, and said it was to do with making game pieces (the gem molds). I didn't suspect he was looking for candy molds to make candy! lol Now that's just crazyness.

Easter chocolate making )

We also played Pathfinder on Sunday, but I need to get to sleep so that will have to wait for now. n_n
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Scottie surprised me with an Easter basket! I totally wasn't expecting it and it was so sweet. :D He made me a lot of origami and kirigami to put into the basket with the eggs and other items. We made homeade chocolates together too, though they're not in the basket. n_n I wanted to take some pictures of the basket with my Scaris Rochelle, since she was also an Easter present that I just got early. I also decided that I needed to take some pictures with my BJD. She's an Elfdoll Soah. :3

Easter presents
I'm excited about the book, I have all that lineart to play with. xD

Happy Easter! )

More to write about, but this is an awful lot as it is for now!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Easter if you celebrate, or just a wonderful day if you don't! (I don't really celebrate it in a religious sense, but more of a fun spring celebration.) :3

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