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Today is Scottie's ([ profile] tanvan) birthday! Well, at the time of this posting it was yesterday as it's after midnight, but ya'know what I mean. n_n'

I had an idea to make him a pendant. It might be a little silly, and I don't really think it's for actual wearing, but it could be hung somewhere. n_n'
I wanted to make him something that looks like the pendant that Tony gives to Pepper at the end of Iron Man 3 (because Scottie is totes my Pepper).
pepperony gift

I wanted to include a bluebird because I'd given Scottie the bluebird sculpt as an earlier gift because it's the bluebird of happiness.
Beginning sculpt pic )
I might make another one later because I think something more like real jewelry is what I'd want to really do, and the transparent clay that I used for the heart didn't turn out as clear as I'd have wanted after I'd added the red clay. But still, I think it turned out alright. Here it is before baking, presented by Cupid! The bluebird will need paint. :3
Scottie's birthday present
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Do you know what tomorrow is?


Hiddles weeeeeeeeeeee

And I'm not just going to see the new movie! I'm going to the marathon of course! IT'S GOING TO BE SO AMAZING I'M GOING TO DIE BUT IN THE BEST WAY.
Hiddles uncontrollably excited

I actually smooshed my schedule around so that I could go to the marathon, it starts at 3 and I'm normally still at work then. I almost took the day off (THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME ALRIGHT??) but I decided to not. Of course, this week I started getting hassled about taking time off because apparently my union says we need to take 5 days off a year (I accrue leave but I only use it to cash out to supplement my not terribly substantial income) and I've only taken 2 days off so far this year because I was sick last December. I could have taken the day off and dealt with at least some of that.
I haven't been this excited to see a movie since Return of the King! I watched the extended editions of Fellowship and Two Towers before heading out to the opening. xD There have been movies I've been excited about, but this would be the last time I was this excited.
This is like, Christmas for me! (erm, at least Christmas feels that I should have lol)

I'm going to see Thor, then The Avengers, and then Thor The Dark World at it's first showing!
They're all going to be in 3D, which will be interesting because I haven't seen either of the other two in 3D before! I'm going to take premptive pain meds to make sure I don't get a headache. n_n'
Because of the truck repairs, it looked like I was going solo because we could swing one set of tickets but not for both of us. Scottie surprised me yesterday though and told me that we were able to get two sets of tickets after all! He was going to surprise me at the theatre but he couldn't keep it in that long. Because he knew it would make me happy and he gets squees, and it seems silly to wait. xD
hiddles dance break it outHiddles daaaance
He said that while he's excited to see the movie, he's more excited about being around me while I'm exploding with excited feels. xD

Scottie has also been working on a little something for me! You can't see it very well in this picture, but he did a viking knit band out of brass wire, and he has brass pieces that I put together in Inkscape based on kid Loki's circlet. He's so amazing! <3
A little Loki project :3

Now time for bed so I can be awake for work and then like 8 hours of amazingness!
Tom Loki yeah shoot
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So tonight is Michief Night!
Pleased Loki
As a loyal Loki minion, I had to get behind this. ehehe

Also, Devils Night. Which makes me think of The Crow, which was totally an early fandom of mine.
cant rain all the time
This was the title of my journal for years. Still has a special place in my heart.
I'm sensing a theme here with these characters

Scottie surprised me with this when I got home today, which was totally appropriate. xD
If you recall, I'd made a pendant with this design out of sculpey, with fine glitter and gloss. I have worn it every single day since then! I'm never without my Loki charm. ehehehe
Scottie was amazing and made me one out of brass, which will be much more durable and is perfect! I love him so much. <3
If you want to see the original pendant, it's here:

Now it's off to bed with me. I'm just... so tired.
loki blank ship
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Just a quick note because zomg it's so late! Oops.

I made a pendant tonight. Here it is right before baking! The base is black clay, but it's covered in fine gold glitter. I should probably seal it but it does seem like the glitter stays in the clay rather well as is. I have a jump ring to attach it to, and I'll steal a chain off of one of my other necklaces for now.


Now it's off to bed with this minion!
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Tonight I did a little more tweaking on the pony sculpt, added the mane groove and tail hole, then got her all ready to bake. She's currently out of the oven and cooling, everything seems to have gone well! Tomorrow I can start the mane and tail. :3

Baking the pony sculpt

I also continued on with the N pendents! Still not finished yet though. xD This isn't going as quickly as I'd originally planned. lol I was going to put a dusting of blue glitter on the blue ring of the larger pendent. It went on pretty solid though... so I ended up putting a pretty solid layer of glitter over the whole ring. It looks rather pretty, but erm that took a bit to embed all that glitter. Oops! I think it looks prettier in person. n_n'

Continuing N pendants
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Tonight I nearly completed my pony sculpt! I still need to put in the mane groove and tail hole, and then of course sculpt said hair. I've decided that I'm going to bake the entire pony first before I sculpt and bake the hair. That seems like the safest way to go. And I do have a plan for it!

I attached the legs, sculpted the shoulders and hindquarters, worked more on the barrel, attached the head and sculpted the neck. I spent a looooot of time on the body today. I am also really, really happy with how she's coming along.

I don't know if you can see, but the face thing I did is hopefully visable in the pictures. Can you see her teeth? :3 That should be a good clue to who she's supposed to be. hehe Well, that and the pink. :D


A few more pictures! )

I also continued my pendants! I didn't have time to finish them but that's because the armatures took so long. They needed to be pretty beefy so I glued a bunch of cardstock together and that needed time to dry. I'm sure there was probably an easier way to do it, but I was just working with materials I was familiar with. n_n


I have them attached to the main body of the pendant now, and tomorrow I will cover them in clay and glitter. I decided the MH sized pendent was too small to bother with armatures and will just get clay attached when I do the larger pieces. I'm excited to finish them! I'm just sad that I didn't finish them in time for tomorrow. Ah well, soon enough!
I'm also thinking about making another piece, one smaller that looks like more traditional jewlery.
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I got really inspired to do another project! I know, I'm not done with the pony yet, but this one will be quick and I did do some brainstorming today on how I want to do the mane and tail. Now I know what I'm going to do, which is good!

But I digress. I started a new jewelry project tonight. xD I should be able to finish it up tomorrow. I started kind of late but I might have even been able to finish it tonight, except that I had to wait for glue to dry in part of the armature and then when I sat down I realized how sleepy I was.

I took a couple of pictures of Ghoulia with the stuff so far. Fine glitter was added after these pictures were taken, and it looks really nice! (The necklace isn't strickly supposed to have glitter, but I think it's a nice touch and probably will allow me to wear them without people being completely confused by my fashion choices. Erm, maybe. lulz)

Beginning jewelry project
Ghoulia gets to be the muse for this project, I thought she was most appropriate. :3

I rather liked how the pictures turned out. :3
Beginning pendents
Here she is holding her future pendent.

I have one larger one, a smaller one (I'd actually meant it for it to be a bit smaller, but I'm ok with the size I ended up with), and one MH sized.

Tomorrow I'll have to make the rings, get bits in for them to hang on, then bake them. I'm sort of ridiculously excited about it. lol
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Scottie made me the most beautiful necklace and earring set as a surprise! They are so pretty! I am a lucky woman. :3

Here they are! )

This are pictures from his flickr photostream. :3 He also has an entry on his journal about them. He's [ profile] tanvan. :3

I just love everything about them!

All of the wirework was custom made for the jewelry, he even made a swan clasp out of the same wire (though that's not pictured). :3
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So I didn't have a picture of them yesterday, but Scottie got pictures today of the caged bead earrings! Since they're just prototype earrings they're for me, but he's going to make more for sale now that he has the kinks worked out. He's had some really neat ideas tonight and has been making more things! He also put his flower drop earrings up on Etsy. :D (If you want to see them, they're here! Clicky)
Here's a picture of the prototype earrings though! :3
My cutie's gift for me! ) I know that he posted them in his journal, but I know not everyone on my f-list also follows him and I want to show his earrings off to everyone. hehe :3

I did some more sculpting tonight, but I just ended up tweaking the necks on a couple of them. I think those look better now. I started modeling ears, but after I'd been working on them for a bit I realized that it would probably be better to attach the bodies to the heads before sculpting the ears. I think they'd end up getting squished otherwise. Oops. :P But it was getting too late so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I maaaay have been distracted by the anime we were watching lol. I was looking at the tv more often than normal when I'm sculpting so that wasn't really helping in speeding the sculpting along. xD

OH SHOOT. I just realized! I was happily sculpting and watching anime with Scottie and I totally forgot to play LA Noire. We had tried Gamefly out for their 2 months for the price of 1 trial and decided we weren't going to keep it, the turnaround for mailing them out to us in Alaska makes it not really worth it. We cancelled it the other day and need to send the game back and I was going to play the game we had a little bit more before we sent it back. Ah well. I guess I wasn't that excited about it! I dunno if anyone on my f-list has played it? It had an interesting concept, I liked the sluething but I wasn't a fan of the character. I'm probably a bit spoiled because of all the choice I had with my character with the Walking Dead. Playing as Lee made you feel like you were really developing the character as you thought he should be. Playing the main character of LA Noire was just guessing if the suspects he was interviewing were lying or telling the truth and you had no influence over how he acted (which seemed like often, he acted like a jackass). ANYWAY. Going off on a tangent. Interesting concept for a game, could have been implimented way better.

Time for bed!
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So tonight I continued with some sculpting. :3 I worked a bit on one of the female heads (head 3 in the picture), working mostly on eye shaping. I think she looks better now. Then I added necks to the last two heads that didn't have them yet. Tomorrow I'll sculpt on ears and attach the heads to the torsos! I'm rather excited about that!
Progress for tonight! )

Scottie made me new earrings tonight! They are so pretty. :D He's going to make more captured bead earrings like them, but this pair is mine since we only had the two beads of this type. He's such a sweetheart. :D I want to post pictures of them, but Scottie's in the middle of reinstalling his linux distro and I'd feel weird trying to portray his work with my own pictures. Does that make sense? o_O I'll post pictures of them as soon as I can though. :3

I also had meant to post about anime! So we finished watching Oran High School Host Club, which continued to be hilarious and ridiculous and cute. I wish there was more! Well, if there is more it isn't on Netflix anyway. After we were finished we saw some anime in our top ten picks on Netflix. So we started watching Rosario+Vampire, which is another ridiculous and funny anime. lol The only bad thing about watching all this anime is that we're not keeping up on our regular tv watching and the DVR is probably getting full. lol
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So last week I didn't get a lot of sculpting done, there was just a lot going on and I didn't have time. I also felt pretty crummy this weekend which didn't really help.

This evening I finally got back to my sculpting though, which was good! On the last female head that I still needed to work on I decided to do some lip reshaping, did a lot of modification to the whole head shape, worked on the cheeks, worked on the jawline and chin, and a little bit of smoothing. I like how she's coming along! She's the one with no neck yet and the white eyes. She needs more work but it's getting too late to continue and she was getting to warm to work with.
Progress for today )

Scottie ([ profile] tanvan) made me new earrings! I'd said that I'd like some dice earrings (I be a geek) and Scottie said he would make me some. We bought dice from the game store a bit ago for this purpose, and Scottie found beads that look lovely with them! He drilled the dice into beads, put them together, made the jump rings to connect to the hooks, and I had a new pair of earrings! I think they're so pretty. :D Since we had a couple more dice and the last of those beads, he's going to make a couple pairs to sell. He's going to put them up on etsy. He's also most likely going to work on some more dice jewelry. If anyone is interested, just let me know! n_n'
My cutie's awesome new earrings for me )
Edit: Scottie posted a link to his etsy in the comments here, but I thought I should put it in my main post too. There was a mishap with the last dice so there isn't a second pair for sale, just the one. It's in our etsy shop!

On Sunday I me and Scottie did our weekly Pathfinder game! It was fun, and we discovered that we were further along in it than we thought! There's a map that the characters are chartered to explore, and the lower half of it didn't have a lot of events in it like the top did. I thought it was odd that there seemed to be so much filler exploration, but I was going with it. But since I'm getting to the end of the story stuff in the first book, I decided to pull the second so I could start reading it ahead of time. I was rather surprised to see the same map, but the second half of the map filled with encounters! Oops! I looked at the charter more closely and saw that the charter boundries are actually at the halfway point of the map. It doesn't hurt anything because Scottie hasn't explored that far yet anyway, but it's important for the upcoming session.
Gaming fun! )

I was going to give everyone their five questions tonight but it's gotten too late. I'll do that tomorrow though!
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I just went and listed the chainmaille earrings that Scottie made! If anyone on here is looking for stocking stuffers they are super pretty (and they're only $15). n_n'

He made the rings by hand in either silver plated or permanently coloured copper wire, and the hooks are hypoallergenic sterling silver. The beads are pretty acrylic flower beads we found, and the swarovski cyrstals look like flower pistils. :3

He actually made me a pair of each colour and I wear them almost every day. I have sensitive ears and they don't bother me at all. They're really light!

I feel kind of lame putting up a post saying "hey, buy my stuff!" but they are really pretty so I thought someone might be interested, if only to look at them. :3
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So yesterday Scottie made me a necklace and a pair of earrings last night, and I think they're so pretty! :D

I don't have the best picture, but here's a couple of pictures of them. He also made me some other earrings this winter and I put them in the same album. :3

I'm not sure how to get the pictures linked into my journal like I did before with the new setup though. lol I need to get my flickr working again, it would be handy.

But anyway, I love the necklace that Scottie made me! It's so pretty. :3

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