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It won't be Valentines day here for another half hour, but I wanted to take a quick picture with Cupid for it. I decided Pony!Lala made sense for a picture. I might do something with Pony!Loki, but he's not finished yet so that's not quite as easy. n_n

All of the hearts!

I want to post so many things, but I am so tired! Also, Scottie is shooing me off to bed because I am dead on my feet. n_n'
hiddles pillow fight end bye
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So Scottie, being the wonderful man that he is, went out with me to the Fire and Ice New Years Eve celebration downtown even though he's not terribly excited to wander around in the cold amidst crowds of people. I love fireworks, so even with the crowds I want to see them! Plus, they have fire dancers and ice sculptures and everything and I think it's a lot of fun.

Fire Dancing at NYE celebration
I took much neater video of fire dancing, but I need to figure out how to edit it so I can put it up (does anyone have recommendations for that?). I tried to take a couple of pictures but I was sure they weren't going to turn out, and I didn't want to spend all of the dance attempting to take pictures that weren't going to work. Especially since it was really cold, and it was hard to get my fingers to continue to do something that needed as much fineese as pressing the focus button. lol
I did get a couple more pictures though, and these turned out way better than I expected. xD Most of the time there were multiple people doing even more wild things though. It did my little pyro heart good to watch. xD

More fire dancing )

We were planning on getting food at one of the food carts, and I took a picture of the beginning of the line. I'd heard about this cupcake place, and I didn't know they'd won on Cupcake Wars before (I've seen a few episodes of that show but I don't think I've seen them, but I'll only watch that show if I'm really really in the mood for a cake decorating show and there isn't anything else available).
We didn't end up eating anything at the carts though because the lines were insanely long. Like, it was really bad. We would have ended up standing in line in the mobs forever, and I'd rather go look at things and/or move around to keep warm. I'm glad we had something to eat before we went!

I took some pictures of the ice sculptures around the square! There were some neat things, but it seemed like there weren't nearly as many as before. I think the weather was poor for it, I mean we had all that rain not that long ago, so I guess I'm not surprised. Still, some neat things!

Ice Sculptures on NYE
These were my favorite! There were a few of these teacups for kids to play in, and they actually spin!
More ice sculptures )

This was the indoor concert, which was neat. We popped inside for a minute to warm up while we were waiting, but while I thought the guys sounded fine it the hall was a bit echoy for the show and they were loud, so we didn't stay long.
Not a great picture, but here was the concert )

And then there were fireworks! My favorite fireworks looked like shooting stars. So pretty! I don't take pictures of fireworks though, so have a gif of London fireworks. xD
london fireworks
It was so nice having Scottie with me! I got hugs while I was watching. :3

I'd been meaning to take pictures of the square in general, but I didn't want to do that until the other more interesting things were no longer going on. Fire dancing might end, but the trees would still be there afterwards after all. So after the fireworks I told Scottie I wanted to get a couple of pictures of the trees. However, after taking a couple of pictures with the camera where it couldn't seem to focus, which sucked more because my numb fingers made fumbling with the camera super difficult, the camera told me the battery was dead- mostly because of the cold sapping the power I'm sure.
But then I pulled out my phone because that has a pretty decent camera, and Scottie sighed because he wasn't able to escape to warmth just yet. ehehehe

The town square was filled with trees decorated with Christmas lights. Most of the trees were decorated with blue lights. The biggest tree was decorated with multicolour lights and a big star plus blue lights that were really neat, they sort of looked like they were flowing.
Christmas lights )

I really enjoyed the event! I especially loved the fire dancing (I'll have to get video up to really show how cool it was) and fireworks!
Loki smile
I'm so happy that Scottie came out with me! He's such a sweetie. :3

We park way out of the way when we go to this, one of the benefits of me doing my observer training when we moved here is that section of town is actually one of the places here that I'm most familiar with in this city. We park near where my observer training bunkhouse is and walk down to the festivities. It's helpful in avoiding all the traffic congestion, and we don't have to pay to park back there. It's a bit of a hike, but I think it's well worth it.

When we got home it was only like 10 pm. I did some stuff on the computer and then curled up with Scottie and watched the ball drop at Times Square with Carson Daly.

I'm planning on writing a year end wrap-up post, and post resolutions soon. But I wanted to write about my NYE and that's a big enough thing on it's own. ehehehe
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I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to post again before it is 2014, so I wanted to write a quick post wishing everyone a Happy New Year! After work Scottie is going to bring me to the Fire and Ice show here, which is ice sculptures, concerts, fire dancers, and most importantly, fireworks, here in the city.


Since Hiddles kept calling Loki a firework, I feel like this should be an appropriate way for me to ring in the new year. xD
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I spent much of today playing Dishonored, my Christmas present, but I did do some other stuffs. One thing I did was take a few pictures of the ghouls with my Christmas tree. :3

Monster High Christmas
This is pretty...

More Christmas tree pictures with more ghouls! )

Saya is better scaled for this tree, but I wanted to take some pictures with my MH dolls too. :3

I also played the Christmas headhunter pack for Borderlands 2 with Scottie, which is awesome! Happy Mercenary Day! xD

Also, I watched the Farewell to Matt Smith and the Time of the Doctor. I'm so sad to see Eleven go, but it wasn't as sad as other regenerations. I enjoyed the episode quite a bit, though it did feel a bit rushed. I had all sorts of feels, starting with the farewell special. They showed Ten's regeneration a couple of times, which always gives me feels, then they showed Amy and Rory's exit, which also gives me feels, and Scottie was like "They're lubing your tear ducts" which was true. And that was all before the actual episode!
I did like the entrance of Capaldi. I am still very much not happy with losing my Doctor, but I am interested in what Twelve will be like.

So that was my Christmas! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day. :3
Hiddles Merry Christmas everybody
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So when I got home from work today I found this under the tree!
What was under the tree for me?
Scottie wanted to make sure that I had my present tonight so that I could play it right away! I have tomorrow off of work so I could play it later if I wanted. :3 I've played through Dishonored once already when we had our Gamefly trail membership going last Christmas, and I loved the game! But I only finished one playthrough (Clean Hands, the playing as a good character and getting the good ending basically), and there are a lot of trophies and things that I didn't get on that playthrough yet. But I didn't want to hog the rental forever, and I figured I'd get the game later. And then DLC came out for it too, which is on this disk! I'm super excited about it! I played that for much of the evening. :3

Scottie also pre-ordered the Pirate Fairy for me as I'd mentioned before, but that won't come in until spring I think. But I'm so excited about that! I am unashamed to say that I think the Tinkerbell movies are cute, and then when I found out that Hiddles was voicing Captian Hook I mean there's no question I'd want it. :3

I also drew Scottie a large comic panel which he really liked! (I know, I still need to get my comics up where you guys can see them, I'm going to figure that out soon!) I have something else that I want to do for him too. :3

Today at work I went around delivering all the cards to my coworkers, and did a lot of chatting. It was a very productive unproductive day. Everyone had Christmas-itis. lol

I'll probably post something tomorrow too, but in case I'm not on:
Hiddles Happy Christmas

No matter what you celebrate (and ya'know, I'm actually wiccan xD)I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
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To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today, Happy Thanksgiving! If your outside of the US, I hope that you still had a lovely Thors-day.
Scottie has been cooking a turky and has other foods in mind for sides. Still not dinnertime though! I'm going to call my sister in a little bit to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving too. I hope she's having a good day. :3

I decided to take a walk this afternoon since the sun was out, and I brought Venus and Abbey along to take pictures with! I would have taken more pictures, except that the cold drained my batteries quickly and so they died. Luckily the batteries only died near the end of my walk, so I didn't really lose many picture taking opportunities. I thought it might be a problem though because it was so cold.

I think this is my most favorite picture of all the ones I took during my walk. :3
Venus and Abbey being festive
See, there are still green things even in the snow!
Well yes...

One more wreath picture )

There were some neat, very large ornaments hanging on the eaves of a doctors office. I took a picture of one and I'm reflected in it, so it was an unintentional self portrait. It's sort of neat. xD
I'm bundled up in a lot of layers. Scottie says I should wear a jacket that I'm not swimming in but I can put so many layers under this one ehehehe xD
Picture of me, sort of )

Then I continued my walk! I went on a walk to where I was taking grad student courses. That's in the opposite direction from work so I don't head that way terribly often, but I really like the trail between the school and the library.
Picture of a snowy creek on the way )
I was amused because at one point when I was walking I saw two moose, but they were too far away to take pictures of and by the time I was there they were gone. Which I very much prefer to the other times when I'm like "CRAP there is a moose in my path please don't trample me".

Then I got to the trail and took more pictures of the ghouls!
Abbey and Venus in the snow
All the snow...

A couple more of Abbey and Venus in the snow )
In the middle of taking pictures near this lake (not that you can tell really) is when the batteries died.

This will be the first Thanksgiving (and soon, my birthday) that I won't feel obligated to call my mother. Which is actually a good thing, because I inevitably just ended up stressed out while talking to her.
loki exasperated
It’s not that I don’t enjoy our little chats. It’s just that... I don’t.
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Here's my finished photo guys! :D
2013 Halloween photoshoot!
I titled it "This is Halloween!"
So you guys know from my progress pictures that I was doing a Nightmare before Christmas set. I was inspired to have Skelita as Jack Skellington, and Frankie as Sally. I wanted Spectra to be flying by in place of the ghostly puppy. I posed Skelita and Frankie based on a picture of Jack and Sally that I liked. :3

I got voted into the top five (all entries were in a gallery entry, and votes were sent via pm to the mod), and then those 5 were voted on this week. The competition is now closed! I tied for 2nd place you guys! Eeeee!
This is better with the totally adorbs singsong voice he did, but ya'know.

Because I tied I'm not sure which doll I'm going to get as a prize exactly, I'm going to choose from the remaining dolls (first place choose theirs already of course) and then see if me and the other second place winner want the same doll (if we do, then one of us is randomly chosen and we get our second choice).

But I'm super excited! People liked my stuffs. :3

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you're getting into lots of mischief. :3
hiddles 3d knife
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I hope that everyone here in the States is enjoying their holiday, and that everyone else is just having a good day. :3

I'm enjoying the first 4th of July being home in 3 years. xD Up until now it's just been another day at field camp, where I try really hard to make sure I can find bucket duties to work extra hours for holiday pay. (This wasn't difficult as regardless of the day, lots of stuff needed to get done and we worked ridiculous hours to do it.)

If you weren't working the night shift (and I always worked the night shift with the exception of my first year), someone would want to take a boat up to town because the natives would have an eskimo dance, then some sort of band in the town hall-like building. I did go the first year, and it was an interesting experience.

Growing up in Michigan, I always would go to the fireworks show at Eagle Harbor. It was one of my favorite things to do! We'd spend the day at my grandparents, have dinner, then my mom and siblings would go to watch fireworks. When I was older I went with my friends. Sometimes when I was young I just stayed at my grandparents by myself, skipping the big show and instead watched grampa set off smaller fireworks near the lake.

Here I'm not sure if we even have a fireworks show. It wouldn't make much sense because there is almost no night right now. I don't think people would want to wait until 2 am to watch fireworks. There is a recent ban on setting off individual fireworks in town, not that everyone listens. The main fireworks show for us is on New Years Eve when we have like no day. lol

Anywhoo, I thought I'd take some pictures of the ghouls for today! I went with hair colour for the red, white, and blue. :3

Red White and Blue

One more picture )

I do have to say that I'm pretty frustrated with my country though atm.
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Yesterday and today I continued sculpting the male figures legs! I have the lower legs and feet mostly sculpted now, and I have the upper leg cores covered and have started shaping them. I started sculpting the knee area on one leg, and have it attached to the body. I need to finish sculpting the knee area and shaping the upper leg. Tomorrow I need to finish sculpting the leg, and attach the second leg. I'm excited with how it's coming along.

Progress for today )

I also took pictures of the chocolate making we did yesterday! This was another one of his surprises, I didn't know he was planning to do this. xD He'd even been asking me where the candy molds were, and said it was to do with making game pieces (the gem molds). I didn't suspect he was looking for candy molds to make candy! lol Now that's just crazyness.

Easter chocolate making )

We also played Pathfinder on Sunday, but I need to get to sleep so that will have to wait for now. n_n
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Scottie surprised me with an Easter basket! I totally wasn't expecting it and it was so sweet. :D He made me a lot of origami and kirigami to put into the basket with the eggs and other items. We made homeade chocolates together too, though they're not in the basket. n_n I wanted to take some pictures of the basket with my Scaris Rochelle, since she was also an Easter present that I just got early. I also decided that I needed to take some pictures with my BJD. She's an Elfdoll Soah. :3

Easter presents
I'm excited about the book, I have all that lineart to play with. xD

Happy Easter! )

More to write about, but this is an awful lot as it is for now!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Easter if you celebrate, or just a wonderful day if you don't! (I don't really celebrate it in a religious sense, but more of a fun spring celebration.) :3
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I found a Scaris Abbey yesterday, and she was on sale! I was super excited about that since until now I've just had the SS Abbey and the DT Abbey, and while in my world Abbey is perfectly comfortable in a swimsuit in the snow I was really excited to have an Abbey with a more normal outfit. n_n

So of course I wanted to take some pictures of her, and I also wanted to take pictures of Venus since it's St. Patricks day. :D

Perhaps you are cold.
Abbey is trying to keep Venus warm.

Venus is not as big of a fan of the snow )
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It's nearly midnight here on New Years Eve! I don't really do resolutions, though I might think of something lol. xD

I was really excited about going to see the fireworks tonight, especially since it is SO MUCH WARMER than it was last year! But Scottie wasn't feeling very well and I'm still not over my cold so we're staying in. I have some sparkling cider that my supervisor gave me for Christmas, we'll probably open that for midnight. Of course, Scottie reminded me that we didn't actually put it in the fridge. Now I'm not sure if it will be cold in time, because warm sparkling cider probably isn't very exciting. :P

Good things from this year: new kitty, new ferrets (they feel like they've been here forever though!), leaving Pilot for the last time and getting my new office job, finishing the animal sculpting phase of my sculpting challenge, placing in the top five of the Monster High communities Halloween photo competition (making a whole set for that really made my Halloween special!), Obama getting re-elected, getting moar lj friends, getting back in touch with one of my old friends from Michigan, taking more pictures!, and of course spending time with my cutie. Those are just a few things that I can think of off the top of my head.

I don't really want to dwell on the bad things though! This year was certainly better than 2011, but I won't be sad to see this year go either. I might do one of those end of the year memes tomorrow.

Ending with this silly holiday bear gif I found because it just makes me happy. lol
xmas bear
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A very silly picture of my cutie! )
Here's a picture of the hubby during the dinner prep! There was something in the stove that was smoking a bit, so I had opened the sliding glass door to air the place out. It was really cold out though and Scottie was sitting on the couch next to the open door so I was like 'OMG you must be cold!' so I put a blanket on him. Then I decided that wasn't warm enough. So I put his jacket on top of that. Then I put my hat on him. Then I put his hat on top of that. Then I put my scarf on him. Then I put my jacket on top of his jacket. Then for good measure I put a pillow on top of everything. He allowed me to take a picture of the ridiculousness. xD

Picture of the turkey! )
Here's a picture of the bird!

A picture of dinner on the table! )
And here is a picture of dinner on the table! He had spicy steamed sweet potatoes, a sweet potato casserole, homemade cranberry sauce (might be considered more of a relish), garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, crescent rolls, stuffing, and of course the turkey!

It was a super nice Thanksgiving. :D
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I hope that everyone on my FL in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that everyone in general just had an awesome day. :3

Me and Scottie had a lovely day. We cooked up too much delicious food, as always, so we made up lunches of leftovers for me for the next week. xD I'm excited about that!

I also took a few pics, I'll probably post those tomorrow.

Scottie also went out with me to look at a couple of those early Black Friday things. Mainly I wanted to try my luck finding the TRU Monster High Black Friday deal dolls. Of course, I have never done anything with Black Friday before in my life. I don't like dealing with crowds, I've never had any interest in standing in line forever in the cold at 5 am or something so I've just never done anything with that. We generally stay in to avoid all the crazyness.

Unfortunetly I didn't find the dolls. I found one Skull Shores Ghoulia (not on sale) and a couple of Lagoona hydration stations (also not on sale) in one location, random Monster High things like one bathtub, make-up, and books... but otherwise no dolls. I'd gone to where they normally have their MH displays (after getting herded down an aisle that I hadn't realized was blockaded all the way down by displays) and there was nothing there. I was so confused. And all the people everywhere was kind of insane. Scottie even helped me look, but no joy. I couldn't even figure out what was on sale! Even if I found the dolls though, the line in the store wrapped around the building. I have no idea how long I would have ended up in line if I'd found a doll. o_O

Then I went to Michaels because they had a couple good general coupons, but it was busy in there too, though not nearly as bad, and I didn't have anything specific in mind past normal supplies. We decided that since we're not in dire need of anything it was probably best to just go home.

In other news, Scottie gave me an early birthday present the other day! It's a Crayola kid's airbrushing set! xD I do have a real airbrush and compressor, but it's so loud for an apartment and I don't have a well ventilated space to work in, so I haven't really been able to use it. Scottie found out about this other product though and he thought I might have some fun with it! xD I'm looking forward to playing with it! :D He's such a sweetheart. :3
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So I am entering in a Monster High Halloween photo competition on the monster_high community here on lj. I've put a lot of time into my picture! I painted and stamped the walls, which I said was craft yoga since I ended up pressing the stamps very carefully by stepping on the stamp because that gave me the most even stamps. I painted 2 little watercolour paintings and cut out frames for them out of foam. Unfortunately you can only see the content of one of the paintings in the photo I submitted! The second one is behind Frankie's head lol. I also sculpted a pile of little pumpkins which I used in the lower part of the scene. I was going to use those as the floating pumpkins, but then I found some transparent pumpkins and those seemed like they'd work better as floating spectral pumpkins for Spectra to be putting up. Scottie was amazing and drilled holes in all of them for me so that I could put lights in them. It was a pain because the heat of the drill kept melting the bit inside them. o_O We might have killed a couple of drill bits. n_n'

I wish I had more time! There are so many other little details I would have wanted to do, and of course I worked down to the wire for submission! I didn't get the lighting as good as I'd like to, but I'm quite happy with my result!

If you want to look at it, it's in this post on the community! I can't post it elsewhere until the competition is over. :3 As of right now I'm the last submission, and since it's now past the deadline there shouldn't be more but there might be? (Ok, I looked and there is another submission after mine).

I've basically been working on this nonstop today to get everything finished by 11 pm! I'd thought for some reason that I had until Sunday midnight PST (which is an hour off from me, so 11), so my plan of being more chill and spreading today's work over today and tomorrow didn't quite work out. lol So tired!

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