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So I didn't get to post about Valentines Day on the day, Scottie and I unfortunetly didn't feel well last night so we had a pretty quiet night. I've been really sick today, which is less than fun. I hope that I feel better tomorrow!
But the fact that I feel super crummy is not the reason I'm here! Scottie being awesome is, and other fun Valentines things. xD

So we went to the library on the day before Valentines, and we found some fun displays. Mystery dates with books!
Library display )

The books were wrapped up in paper and ribbon, with little plot details on the cover. Scottie picked one out! I was thinking about picking one up, but I have so many comics that I'm reading right now! Also I listen to audiobooks all day at work so I'm less inclined to read other books at home.
Here's what he picked up!
A mystery date with a book? )

We also went to the store to pick up groceries. We saw these cupcakes and thought they might be candidates for cakewrecks.
Because we are 5 )

This is what Scottie surprised me with on Valentines morning!
Homemade chocolates Scottie surprised me with for Valentines!
Those are homemade kit-kat bars, and little chocolate hearts that he made. <3 He is such a sweetie! They are so good too! :D He posted how he made them at his journal here if you'd like to know how to make them!
hiddles chocolate

I'm making him a comic, though I didn't quite finish it yet. Mostly because of the illness that I'm feeling atm.
I also finished painting the bluebird ornament that I made him, I need to take a picture of that now. :3 I also woke Scottie up by singing him "Your Song" from Moulin Rougue. I do have a good singing voice, but I tend to be shy so he likes when I make the effort to sing for him. n_n'
hiddles singing
This is not how brave I am with the singing~

Also, today we saw that there was new Borderlands 2 DLC, the Valentines headhunter pack Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre! I saw the name and I was like IT'S THE RED WEDDDING EHEHEHE~ Scottie hasn't read Game of Thrones yet, but I am currently just about to the Red Wedding in the books right now. So I was especially amused. xD
The headhunter packs are only $3, and we still had just over $3 left on our PSN account, so we picked that up right away! We played through that today, which was exciting. Since I've been sick all day today there wasn't that much that I could do. Games work though!
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So when I got home from work today I found this under the tree!
What was under the tree for me?
Scottie wanted to make sure that I had my present tonight so that I could play it right away! I have tomorrow off of work so I could play it later if I wanted. :3 I've played through Dishonored once already when we had our Gamefly trail membership going last Christmas, and I loved the game! But I only finished one playthrough (Clean Hands, the playing as a good character and getting the good ending basically), and there are a lot of trophies and things that I didn't get on that playthrough yet. But I didn't want to hog the rental forever, and I figured I'd get the game later. And then DLC came out for it too, which is on this disk! I'm super excited about it! I played that for much of the evening. :3

Scottie also pre-ordered the Pirate Fairy for me as I'd mentioned before, but that won't come in until spring I think. But I'm so excited about that! I am unashamed to say that I think the Tinkerbell movies are cute, and then when I found out that Hiddles was voicing Captian Hook I mean there's no question I'd want it. :3

I also drew Scottie a large comic panel which he really liked! (I know, I still need to get my comics up where you guys can see them, I'm going to figure that out soon!) I have something else that I want to do for him too. :3

Today at work I went around delivering all the cards to my coworkers, and did a lot of chatting. It was a very productive unproductive day. Everyone had Christmas-itis. lol

I'll probably post something tomorrow too, but in case I'm not on:
Hiddles Happy Christmas

No matter what you celebrate (and ya'know, I'm actually wiccan xD)I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!
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Tonight I nearly completed my pony sculpt! I still need to put in the mane groove and tail hole, and then of course sculpt said hair. I've decided that I'm going to bake the entire pony first before I sculpt and bake the hair. That seems like the safest way to go. And I do have a plan for it!

I attached the legs, sculpted the shoulders and hindquarters, worked more on the barrel, attached the head and sculpted the neck. I spent a looooot of time on the body today. I am also really, really happy with how she's coming along.

I don't know if you can see, but the face thing I did is hopefully visable in the pictures. Can you see her teeth? :3 That should be a good clue to who she's supposed to be. hehe Well, that and the pink. :D


A few more pictures! )

I also continued my pendants! I didn't have time to finish them but that's because the armatures took so long. They needed to be pretty beefy so I glued a bunch of cardstock together and that needed time to dry. I'm sure there was probably an easier way to do it, but I was just working with materials I was familiar with. n_n


I have them attached to the main body of the pendant now, and tomorrow I will cover them in clay and glitter. I decided the MH sized pendent was too small to bother with armatures and will just get clay attached when I do the larger pieces. I'm excited to finish them! I'm just sad that I didn't finish them in time for tomorrow. Ah well, soon enough!
I'm also thinking about making another piece, one smaller that looks like more traditional jewlery.
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So Scottie was watching a youtube video, the channel has Did You Know videos about different video games. First he watched a video about Portal facts, then he watched another couple about Zelda. (The videos are rather amusing). In one of the Zelda games, a character says "It's a secret to everybody" while giving Link rubies. The factoid was that in the Japanese version it's showing that the character is offering a bribe.

But! This is an Easter egg for my life because when I tell Scottie that he's sweet or something he says "Shhh It's a secret to everybody!". It's a running joke for us. When I heard the video though I realized that this is what he says! He didn't even realize and said that he probably started saying it because of Zelda originally, then it just took on a life of it's own. xD

Also, here's a couple of pictures from my sculpting challenge so far for my new friends. I have sculpted so far in this challenge 10 animals, and I am in the middle of 4 human figures. The pony is something of a tangent is I was inspired to do it but I wasn't originally planning to do it. n_n'
For the animals I'm just posting a group shot, if you want to check them out in more detail you could go to my flickr and visit sets. Each animal has a set. :3 I don't have a group photo for the humans at their current stage though because they're still in progress, but I have a picture for each so far.
My work so far )
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Tonight I tweaked the legs a bit more and figured out how they were going to best fit on the body. Then I put them baking! In this picture I have Frankie overseeing, since I said last time that perhaps she'd be better suited to looking at piles of body parts coming together into a new character. lol


We had Animal Planet on tonight in the background, and Talar'raa was extremely interested in the pomeranians bounding across the screen. I thought it was funny so I took a picture. :3

Tala'raa watching tv

I also played some more Alice: Madness Returns! Scottie did too, he actually finished the game today. I was living vicariously through him since I ended up seeing much of the end. I decided to look some stuff up about what new game plus gave him since he decided that he was going to get the Nightmare difficulty trophy. I learned that each outfit from the different levels gave some benefit when equipped on new game plus, but while doing this I also learned that there was DLC for the game- dresses and weapons. They're not necessary to beat the game or anything, but they are really neat. There is one last upgrade for each weapon in the game, and each new unique dress gives you some extra ability (also, they look really neat!). Some of them seem a bit overpowered (like the White Rabbit outfit lets you slowly regenerate health when you wear it), but I am ok with that. lol
I was kind of bummed out that they were DLC, my guess were each individual thing would be for sale and it would add up quickly if I wanted them all even if I had the spare monies atm. I decided on a lark to check it out in the PS3 store to see what they cost and found that the whole bundle of dresses and weapons was only $1.99! It's actually perfect because I had $2.05 on my side of the PS3 leftover that has been sitting around unused for probably a couple of years. We buy most things on Scottie's account on the PS3 but we accidently redeemed a PSN card on my side once, and we never remember to use it. Since we don't add money there the change from whatever I did buy is usually not enough to buy anything! What can you buy with $2?! Well, I decided to go for it and buy the pack since the amount that has been languishing is perfect. lol

I am having a lot more fun now! I know that the stuff is a bit overpowered, but really, I'm ok with that. The battles were just making me angry and the point of games are to be fun right? Possibly the extra edge can just make up for the problems I see with the battle system in general. lol
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I haven't sculpted the last couple of days, mostly because I haven't really felt up to it. Yesterday I didn't have nearly enough sleep so I was practically delirious at work, when I got home sculpting was just not in the cards. Tonight unfortunately I felt rather sick (I hope I didn't catch what my coworker has), so while I wanted to sculpt I like what I'm making too much to risk it lol.

I decided to play some games instead. I've been playing Alice: Madness Returns recently. Scottie got it for my birthday because I was so excited to play it, but at the time I was playing Star Ocean which has basically the opposite camera (and neither of them can be changed, which is annoying). So I didn't play it then, and after that I usually wanted to play something a bit less dark.

I'm actually pretty far into the game... and I like it well enough (I think?), there are certainly things about it that I like. But I have never ragequit a game so many times in my life. -_-' The battles are just obnoxious and they make me angry. I like the other aspects of the game though, so I keep shoving myself through the battles. But again I have quit the game because I think "I hate this game, why am I playing this again?" while in an especially irritating battle. :S

Part of my rationalization for continuing to play is "I was excited about this game and I bought it and I'm going to play it and enjoy it damnit!". xD

The enemies often have moves that are infuriating, the camera in battle isn't done terribly well, switching between ranged weapons is clunky, while in lock-on mode I often move in ways I don't intend, etc etc.

I should probably change the difficulty since I hate the game so much in battles, but I've already gone this far into the game on normal and there are trophies for each difficulty. I realise this makes little sense as I'm not sure I would ever play the game again, let alone on Nightmare (it's already a nightmare, just not the kind they intend!), but still. Sigh.

Scottie was playing the game earlier in the day and while I've gotten strong Sucker Punch vibes from the game before, it was way stronger when we got to see scenes from the asylum. I bet the person who thought up Sucker Punch was inspired by this game series!
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Today I went to the library book sale. We're pretty short on funds so we almost didn't go, but we decided that at the very least it would be good to get out of the house. We also had books to return to the library, so all the more reason to go. The library book sale goes Sat-Sun, so it was already picked over by today. Still tons of books though! I ended up getting one book, I stopped by the science/biology table and there was an older hardcover illitrated animal biology book. I really like it for some reason so I picked it up. It was only $1.50 after the discount for half price day so not too bad.

We didn't play Pathfinder today because we've both been kind of out of sorts. I didn't write an update though from last weekend! We're almost all the way through the second book in the path now. :) Lots of adventuring was to be had, the his kingdom continues to grow, and he's collecting more allies. He had his first winter, and he spent most of that in his kingdom just growing it instead of trudging through the wilderness in the snow. We start next weekend at the beginning of spring and he's going to go and probably clear a nearby island of will-o-wisps. Also, he's been hearing rumors of trolls. n_n

This was a lot of enemies )
Here's a picture of him investigating the lonley barrow. Most of the characters on the board are enemies. They did fine though, and I was amused by controlling the horde of enemies.
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Tonight I watched the series opener of Defiance, I really liked it! I'm looking forward to next week's episode. :D I'd totally play the MMO, but I hardly have time for what I want to do now (plus I can't really rationalize the cost of the game atm). I think the kitty girl is totally adorable. If I were to play the game, I'd probably play as a catgirl though I would also be interested in playing the elves. I know they have official names, but this works. I have a massive headache so this is as good as it's going to get atm folks.

We stopped by Walmart to pick up some candy and I played the Wii U Mario game. I LOVE IT. I'm looking forward to getting one, we just can't right now. I've been so excited about the new Nintendo console, and while I wasn't entirely sold on the "controller", it actually felt a lot better in my hands than I expected it to. I really like it.

I was also really excited when I saw a new Luigi's Mansion game for the 3DS. I <3 Luigi's Mansion so much so I had to squee about that. As we were talking about it, Scottie said that it was surprising that there hadn't been one for the Wii. I agreed, the Wiimote would have worked so well for the game!
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Today me and Scottie continued the Pathfinder Kingmaker adventure path! I had a lot of fun roleplaying all of the new NPCs. :3 I've been looking forward to playing a couple of them. n_n There was a lot of role-playing tonight, and there was combat but it wasn't as much as some days. Scottie's kingdom is continuing to grow!

Yesterday me and Scottie also played a lot of Three Dragon Ante, but I was soooo tired I couldn't do it in character. Maybe next time?

Scottie's also thinking about running one of the other Pathfinder paths we have (we only have two, but that's a lot!) for me. It's Serpents Skull. I'm thinking of playing an oracle for it. There are mysteries that you can choose for the class like sorceress bloodlines, really they're more like archtypes though. There are two that I like, dark tapestry or heavens. I'm not sure if I want to RP twins or someone with multiple personalities. Since oracles have to have a curse associated with them, if I go with one character with two personalities we might make that a homebrew curse. I was drawn to the dark tapestry because I usually play good people (except when I'm running a villian of course), but I think it might be fun to play someone who's kind of a bastard. haha The dark tapestry mystery is very chthulu-esque. Of course, the other one that I like is heavens and that's obviously more of a good mystery. I thought it would be fun to pair the two somehow because they're so opposed.

Roller Derby Ghoulia
I haven't taken any pictures of my RM Ghoulia, and I wanted to do that before I changed her from her stock look. I'm probably going to wash out the hair and have it loose. :3

A couple more Scaris pics )
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I don't have pictures from today's sculpting, but I did work on my male sculpt! Scottie helped me prepare the metal rods for the leg armatures because they were really thick and I couldn't just cut them with regular snips. For strength I needed to make clay cores instead of foil cores for the legs, so I got the general shape for the leg cores sculpted and threaded onto the metal rods, and they just came out of the oven. :3 It was rather exciting to see the beginning of legs!

Yesterday and today me and Scottie continued the Kingmaker Pathfinder path, starting in on the second book in the series. It was a lot of fun and we made a lot of progress! Scottie founded his capital, built his first castle, and explored more of the region. I had a lot of fun!
Sunday and Monday gaming )

I took some pictures of the kitty recently, I thought I should put a picture of him up! hehe He's a cutie. :3
Kitty! )
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Last night I continued resculpting the male face, and I'm really happy with how he's coming! I have a picture of him now. I was also starting the ears but I didn't get terribly far. I didn't have a chance to sculpt yet today but maybe I will in a little bit. If I get the ears on this weekend I'm probably going to prepare the body for attaching limbs, then bake it as is! It's a bit different for me because with the animals I would always bake the limbs first and then sculpt onto the body, but I think this makes more sense for the human figure. Not sure if I'm going to sculpt on male bits or not, kind of depends on how I decide to do clothes (sculpted or cloth).
Progress for yesterday! )

Today we got the Pathfinder Bestiary Box! It contains really nice printed pawns of 300 monsters out of bestiary 1, including about 30 stands. It will be really nice for gaming! :D
I decided to take a couple of pictures of Frankie looking at the supplies. :3
Frankie looking at Pathfinder supplies! )

For dinner tonight Scottie made us a really nice ham dinner! We found it at Costco, and it's really good. It's an apple wood smoked ham that with a red currant glaze. It was so nice and it was very affordable! I don't know what we'd do without Costco, especially up here in AK!
More diet foods! )
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Not a lot of time to post tonight as it's getting really late, but I continued with my sculpting challenge tonight! I did a loooot of smoothing on the bodies and a bit of work on the faces. Since I'm planning on baking the bodies now before attaching the limbs it's important that I get them the way I want them. Still need to sculpt and attach ears, hopefully I'll do that tomorrow! I'm happy with how they're coming along. :)

Progress for tonight )

This weekend I hadn't finished all of the prep I wanted for Sunday because I started reading the second book in the Pathfinder path since we just finished the first! Since I wasn't feeling well I wasn't really getting very far in the prep, and we decided that since we needed to level and everything it might be nice to just have a break weekend, and we'll continue to actually play next weekend. We played some Three Dragon Ante though just to have a bit of gaming on Sunday. xD We often play that game in character so it seemed like a good thing to do. hehe

Bit of gaming )

We also just finished watching Angel Beats! It was an interesting anime. The end made me a bit leaky but I think it ended well. I enjoyed it. :3
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So this morning and yesterday I worked more on my sculpts! I don't have time to get pictures right now, but I'll post them tomorrow. Right now 3 of the 4 heads have been attached to the bodies! I have the neck muscles and collarbones sculpted on the male. I'm really excited!

In other news, today was our Pathfinder game day! We actually finished part one of the Kingmaker path. I forgot to take pictures of the table during the game itself, but it was pretty epic and very fun. I took a picture of the map so far though. It turned out my GM map wasn't exactly the same scale as Scottie's player map, but it works well enough. When Scottie finishes exploring a map, I give him a tile out of the stack that I have. Now this week I'm going to read up on Part 2 so we can do that next weekend!
The map! )

Scottie also made some wonderful food tonight! He made homeade tortillas, spicy hamburger, topped that with pecorino cheese, lettuce, and had sides of grape tomatoes and avacado slices. So delicious!
Awesome healthy foods )

Also, the kitty has decided the Wii fit balance board is his bed. I'm not sure why since it's certainly not soft. We do joke that he likes the smell of feet though since he'll curl up with our shoes or silly things like that, and I'm sure the balance board smells like feet? I dunno. lol But I got a picture of him on his "bed".
You sure that is a bed? )
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So I didn't have a picture of them yesterday, but Scottie got pictures today of the caged bead earrings! Since they're just prototype earrings they're for me, but he's going to make more for sale now that he has the kinks worked out. He's had some really neat ideas tonight and has been making more things! He also put his flower drop earrings up on Etsy. :D (If you want to see them, they're here! Clicky)
Here's a picture of the prototype earrings though! :3
My cutie's gift for me! ) I know that he posted them in his journal, but I know not everyone on my f-list also follows him and I want to show his earrings off to everyone. hehe :3

I did some more sculpting tonight, but I just ended up tweaking the necks on a couple of them. I think those look better now. I started modeling ears, but after I'd been working on them for a bit I realized that it would probably be better to attach the bodies to the heads before sculpting the ears. I think they'd end up getting squished otherwise. Oops. :P But it was getting too late so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I maaaay have been distracted by the anime we were watching lol. I was looking at the tv more often than normal when I'm sculpting so that wasn't really helping in speeding the sculpting along. xD

OH SHOOT. I just realized! I was happily sculpting and watching anime with Scottie and I totally forgot to play LA Noire. We had tried Gamefly out for their 2 months for the price of 1 trial and decided we weren't going to keep it, the turnaround for mailing them out to us in Alaska makes it not really worth it. We cancelled it the other day and need to send the game back and I was going to play the game we had a little bit more before we sent it back. Ah well. I guess I wasn't that excited about it! I dunno if anyone on my f-list has played it? It had an interesting concept, I liked the sluething but I wasn't a fan of the character. I'm probably a bit spoiled because of all the choice I had with my character with the Walking Dead. Playing as Lee made you feel like you were really developing the character as you thought he should be. Playing the main character of LA Noire was just guessing if the suspects he was interviewing were lying or telling the truth and you had no influence over how he acted (which seemed like often, he acted like a jackass). ANYWAY. Going off on a tangent. Interesting concept for a game, could have been implimented way better.

Time for bed!
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So last week I didn't get a lot of sculpting done, there was just a lot going on and I didn't have time. I also felt pretty crummy this weekend which didn't really help.

This evening I finally got back to my sculpting though, which was good! On the last female head that I still needed to work on I decided to do some lip reshaping, did a lot of modification to the whole head shape, worked on the cheeks, worked on the jawline and chin, and a little bit of smoothing. I like how she's coming along! She's the one with no neck yet and the white eyes. She needs more work but it's getting too late to continue and she was getting to warm to work with.
Progress for today )

Scottie ([ profile] tanvan) made me new earrings! I'd said that I'd like some dice earrings (I be a geek) and Scottie said he would make me some. We bought dice from the game store a bit ago for this purpose, and Scottie found beads that look lovely with them! He drilled the dice into beads, put them together, made the jump rings to connect to the hooks, and I had a new pair of earrings! I think they're so pretty. :D Since we had a couple more dice and the last of those beads, he's going to make a couple pairs to sell. He's going to put them up on etsy. He's also most likely going to work on some more dice jewelry. If anyone is interested, just let me know! n_n'
My cutie's awesome new earrings for me )
Edit: Scottie posted a link to his etsy in the comments here, but I thought I should put it in my main post too. There was a mishap with the last dice so there isn't a second pair for sale, just the one. It's in our etsy shop!

On Sunday I me and Scottie did our weekly Pathfinder game! It was fun, and we discovered that we were further along in it than we thought! There's a map that the characters are chartered to explore, and the lower half of it didn't have a lot of events in it like the top did. I thought it was odd that there seemed to be so much filler exploration, but I was going with it. But since I'm getting to the end of the story stuff in the first book, I decided to pull the second so I could start reading it ahead of time. I was rather surprised to see the same map, but the second half of the map filled with encounters! Oops! I looked at the charter more closely and saw that the charter boundries are actually at the halfway point of the map. It doesn't hurt anything because Scottie hasn't explored that far yet anyway, but it's important for the upcoming session.
Gaming fun! )

I was going to give everyone their five questions tonight but it's gotten too late. I'll do that tomorrow though!
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I'm sad that it's over, but it was nice!

Over the last couple of days I've worked on sculpting off and on, I decided to start working on necks! I also worked on one of the heads more, but I'm not finished modifying her head. In the picture, it would be the head on the bottom left (no neck). I like where her face is going but I don't think that it's there yet. I sculpted the neck on the male head and one of the female heads. It's actually a bit more of a pain to sculpt a neck than you'd think since the neck muscles kept not wanting to turn out exactly right. lol

Progress for today! )

We've also done a fair amount of Pathfinder gaming this weekend! We played Sunday and Monday regular roleplaying, and tonight we played another game of Three Dragon Ante. Not in character though since we were playing Emporers Gambit which we hadn't played before. I didn't want to do something silly in game! Scottie made deviled eggs with shrimp for lunch/snacks again, it's like our gaming day tradition now! hehe

Scottie also made me the awesome initiative mat which I just had to slide under the table top, and he made me the little character tags that are on cardboard and I can move them around on top of the mat.

A picture of our game )

We had a box in our living room from our last Costco grocery run, and it was flipped upside-down. The kitty thought it was a castle! I wish that I'd gotten a pic of him peeking out from the little hole, that was cute! He had been nosing around inside for a couple of minutes, then he rocketed out to this position, then a couple seconds after I took the picture he bolted into the bedroom. He's so silly. :P

The kitty is kind of his castle! )

One less exciting thing was yesterday Talar'raa pounced on my phone and I didn't think anything of it until I went to sleep. I was checking my alarm and saw that the the light was shining through a hole in one of the buttons! The main cool part of my phone is that it's waterproof, but somehow I don't think it's waterproof anymore. I am really glad that I'm not going into the field this summer, and especially glad that I'm not taking it out to Pilot! I always said how happy I was to have that phone out there since it rained almost daily so my phone was constantly getting really wet. :P
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So today was the first day of my long weekend! I didn't get any sculpting done today, which was kind of a bummer. I did get some game prep for our Pathfinder game tomorrow though, which is good! I got a map ready to go for a possible location we'll go to tomorrow. I also printed out a hex map of the entire Greenbelt. I need to cut out all of the hexes so Scottie can use them to fill in his blank map, like the sticker books we did as kids! Of course, the scale we printed them out at was slightly off so I need to get him a new blank map. It's about the size of a small poster, so it's not just a standard letter size. :3

We did a mini-game today though! We have Three Dragon Ante, which is a DnD card game. I played as a couple of guards and Scottie played his character and Lini (the druid which is one of the characters I run in the game). Lini ran the table! lol That was fun.

Other not so exciting news was when after dinner I turned on the garbage disposal and a small glass bottle bounced into the sink directly into the garbage disposal. Poor Scottie got stuck fishing glass out of there (with the disposal unplugged of course) and then climbing around under the sink getting the blades unjammed. I think it's ok now though at least! I felt like such a dummy though to have that happen at all. xP

Gaming tomorrow, hopefully some sculpting too!
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Tonight I continued sculpting the male head. I finished sculpting the second eye, worked on the brows, and tweaked the cheeks and mouth. I'm happy with how he's coming along! The first head in the picture is the second head that I sculpted, and while I kinda like it, I don't think it's what I want. I'm thinking I might save it for a different character and sculpt a different head entirely. I have a plan in mind for that earlier head, but I'm not quite sure yet.
I also tweaked the second female head (3rd head in picture). I'm actually pretty happy with her, but I needed to tweak her nose and mouth a bit. I'm probably going to tweak her further,but I think I addressed what I felt really needed to be fixed. :3
They're all ready for ears!

In this picture there is a tiny grey head, Scottie actually sculpted that today and last night! The head is baked, and the eyes are already painted. :D It's so small, and I'm super excited that he's getting into sculpting! He wants to make a DnD figure, and this little sculpt is a planning sculpt for his final one which will be even smaller!

Progress for today, plus a teaser pic of Scottie's sculpt! )

Here's our Sunday Pathfinder game! If you want to read the story of what's going on, Scottie is blogging it from the viewpoint of his character. It's really neat! His username is [ profile] tanvan. :3 The map is something that got out of the book, made it bigger in the gimp, split it up into something that we could print, then taped the pieces together into one large map. It's such an awesome thing to use for gaming!
Picture of our Sunday game, plus our gamer foods! )

I also got a picture of Chaos exploring the back of the couch. I thought it was cute!
Ferret! )
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So Scottie has a request on his userlookup here for me to write a bio for him. I've been meaning to write it but I kept forgetting to do it. Hope it's not to sappy, but here's what I wrote for him. I wonder if this also counts as sappy Valentines stuff? I just realised how close it is to Vday. lol

Scottie is the most amazing man in the world!

Scottie is a creator of things. He makes jewelry, leather journals, drawings, stories and more. He knits and crochets beautiful things. He always wants to learn to make new things. He always has amazing ideas and inspirations!

He loves music. He has a musical background and was a band geek. :3 He can play the saxaphone, and is learning to play the guitar and piano. He can read sheet music and is teaching me how to read it. He sings to me, and it is awesome.

He is very kind! He wants to help everyone. Even if it doesn't seem like a big thing to him to help our disabled neighbor bring her groceries up to her apartment, or to run to help someone push their car out of an icy patch, or to continually give blood at the Red Cross, it really is!

He loves to read and blazes through piles of books!

He's a giant geek, which I love! He loves open source things and prefers Linux over anything else. He programs things for fun.

He enjoys gaming of all kinds! He likes to play or run DnD, Pathfinder, and other adventures. He enjoys playing board games, card games, and video games!

He knows how to swing dance and is very good! :D He likes to run.

Also, he's totally hawt. ;D

In related news, he's now journaling our Pathfinder adventure at his journal! ([ profile] tanvan if you'd like to look). He's writing it from the perspective of his character. :3


Feb. 6th, 2013 02:36 pm
milleniumgypsy: (okami)
I played Journey tonight again, the previous time I played with a few different people and finished with a partner I'd had for a few levels.

Tonight I played again and met someone in a white robe (that you get if you find all of the glowing symbols in previous playthroughs) in the first level. We played through the entire game together and at the end there is a spot in the sand before you finish the game. The person I played with (not sure of gender, since you can only chirp at each other ingame and there are no names) drew a giant heart in the sand. I drew another heart. It was so sweet and I admit that it made me wibbley.

The person showed me all the things in the game too, and even when I kept falling off a certain tower they didn't leave me behind. It's like the best online multiplayer experience I've ever had!


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