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So I wanted to post more pictures last week of the puppies I've been making, but then with lj going down I wanted to wait. Now here they are! I'm in the process of making two more, one out of fabric (almost completed) and another one out of felt. I'm going to try to make the new felt one long haired by felting in wool. Not sure if that's going to work out though, but I thought it would be interesting to try. :3

Frankie and my handmade plush pups
Frankie playing on the floor with the pups.

More puppy pictures! )
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Yay livejournal is working again!

Most of it has been working the last couple of days for me because I wasn't on an affected cluster, but not everything was working of course. I didn't want to spend time making a post if something else happened and the post got eaten, ya'know?

I took some pictures with some of the little stuffed dogs I made posing with Frankie, I'll probably post those tomorrow. I've also been working on another puppy! It's made out of pure fabric this time instead of felt. I really like how much easier it is to sew, though with felt I can skip the sewing altogether and just felt it together. Options are nice. hehe

I'm having fun with this little project. I told Scottie that I was going to start making some puppies colour coordinated with the Monster High dolls. xD I was also thinking about making some mini plushes of the ghoul's pets. I actually have very few Signature dolls so I have very few pets! I have Spectra, Howleen, Frankie, and Rochelle's pets. I thought it would be cute to have some pet stand ins. lol

I've also been thinking about felting some animals out of wool.

I sort of feel like I'm posting without a really clear reason just because lj is working again and I haven't been able to post about all the stuff I've been doing! lol

Spring finally arrived last week, we had some rain that melted a lot of the snow. It started getting nicer... but the last couple of days have been cold and overcast. It's 40 F today, overcast and drizzling rain. It feel like Pilot! It's also supposed to snow tomorrow. I'm sure if it does it won't stick around for long, but geez winter give it up already! Dx
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So I haven't been in the mood to sculpt for a bit longer than anticipated. I burned myself out on it a bit, so I decided to work on something else fun this week. I just haven't posted about them yet! I made two tiny stuffed dogs, they look good with Monster Highs. I took pictures of Frankie and Draculara posting with them. They also give a good idea of scale!

The white and grey dog is the first one, they're both based on Boston Terriers which is they they have such short faces. I want to do some later with fur material, but what I have on hand is felt so that's what I expirimented with first. They're both sort of prototypes so they're not perfect of course. The white and grey puppy I decided would be for Frankie so I thought visable stitches would be ok. haha I meant to make it look like Frankie was sewing it in some pictures, but I didn't get around to that. Maybe next time. The black and grey puppy only has stiching on the mouth, the rest of the dog I did completely with felting. I'm having fun expirimenting with techniques!

My handmade stuffed puppies

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I just went and listed the chainmaille earrings that Scottie made! If anyone on here is looking for stocking stuffers they are super pretty (and they're only $15). n_n'

He made the rings by hand in either silver plated or permanently coloured copper wire, and the hooks are hypoallergenic sterling silver. The beads are pretty acrylic flower beads we found, and the swarovski cyrstals look like flower pistils. :3

He actually made me a pair of each colour and I wear them almost every day. I have sensitive ears and they don't bother me at all. They're really light!

I feel kind of lame putting up a post saying "hey, buy my stuff!" but they are really pretty so I thought someone might be interested, if only to look at them. :3
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Scottie crocheted me a shawl, it's so soft and pretty and warm! It will keep me warm in the winter when I'm sitting near the window, and I can take it to the office. I've already been using it since it's been pretty darn chilly!

Here's a picture!


He is so sweet. :D <3
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Ok, so I've been looking at doing some felted projects, but I'm missing the hand carder to work with my wool. I have a little over 3 lbs of creamy colored raw wool right now. I've been looking into hand carders, but they're so expensive! While I was looking I found a little fiber blender here:

It's like $40 less, but it's only about 2.5 inches wide, where the normal size seems to be 6 inches wide. I don't know if something that small will really be able to do what I want it to do.

Since I want to make felted puppies, I'm also going to need more than one color of wool. Would I be better off dying the wool that I have to the colors I need, or should I buy wool in different colors? I don't need purples or blues or any unnatural colors, just shades of brown and black and stuff. Does anyone have advice on that as well? Thank you for any help!


I'm posting this in other knitting communities, but I wanted to post it here too because I know that there are people on my list that knit, and I remember looking at some of your dyed yarn ladytalon, so I just thought it wouldn't hurt. :)
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So there are some felting projects that I want to do with raw wool. I actually have more than 3 lbs of raw wool sitting in my living room that I want to use. I need to get a hand carder though to use on the wool. Now, I was all about getting them right away, but I am having some major issues locating them to buy. It's so annoying. x.x;;

I've discovered that they aren't very cheap, which kind of surprised me- but they only ones I've been able to locate have been on ebay, and there aren't many there... Anyone on my f-list have any thoughts?

Funny thing is my grandparents have some back in MI. Gramma has no way of looking for them of course (she currently moves from bed for only necessary things, she usually doesn't even use her wheelchair much), and grampa has problems remembering certain things since his stroke and he's the mobile one.
That and I saw their hand carders when I was about 4 years old. It actually could be younger than that, because Brandy was still alive at this time, and I think she died before I turned 4. I remember looking at them on the stairs near the landing, where they put things that they were going to bring upstairs. I brushed them together, and thought that while they looked like dog brushes they couldn't be because there wasn't a logical reason for there to be two of them and they didn't look like anything that would feel good on a dog.

Years later I see a hand carder and that brings back the memory to me, and answers my 3-4 year old self's question as to what that thing was for. However I never saw it again after that day so I'm sure my grandparents, who I've never seen use it, will have no idea where it is. And they have A LOT of stuff in storage at their place- even if I wasn't halfway across the country and had access to their stuff I wouldn't know where to even start looking for them. :P

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