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Continued working on my Lady Loki diadem today! The gold clay looks great. It has fine glitter in it and I was dusted with fine gold glitter (eeee craft herpes~). I was surprised to find how stiff the clay was! It made it a little difficult to get going. I'm not sure if it's just because the clay is older so it was a bit dried out (I haven't had it that long though) or if it's because it's a glittery accent clay. I think it's going to be because of the type of clay it is, but other than this I've only used an accent clay once before (the granitex in the siamese cat). I think it's going alright though.
Obviously unfinished here, but it needed to rest!

I decided Jinafire could come check it out since she has the gold colour scheme. ehehe :3

I'm rather tired though, and it's late, so time for bed.
tired frustrated magnus
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Not nearly as much done tonight as I was hoping. Not long after I got home I ended up with a pretty awful migraine. I took excedrin for it but it only took the edge off. Not thrilling, and not terribly useful for productivity.
hiddles thinking erm
I did a little bit, getting accents settled in inkscape and then transferring them to cardboard (for armature). Also did a little more work on the horn shaping. I was really hoping to have the sculpt finished tonight though. *grumbles*

Lady Loki diadem progress
I know Ghoulia, I know.

I ended up curling up with Scottie to watch Avatar for the worst of the migraine. I'm still off but it's not nearly as bad as it was earlier. And I love that movie so much, so that and cuddles was nice. <3

Watched The Voice tonight, I was thrilled that my bb Jonny Gray won his knockout! I did flail around after the two of them performed because Adam said it didn't matter who Ceelo chose because he'd take the other with his steal! But I still wanted Jonny to win, because well, I want him to win in general. xD Blake ended up also going for the steal as well and got the other guy over Adam (nuuuuuuu).
Erm, I can't remember the other guys name. Nothing against him though, he did a really good job! But really, I'm on Team Jonny. xD
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Continued work on the Lady Loki diadem. It was an epic journey attempting to find my crafting foil. I looked all over the apartment, no dice. I finally flopped down and nearly fell asleep. Scottie asked me what was up, and I told him I couldn't find my foil. He came back a few minutes later with my foil, which somehow ended up in a kitchen cupboard. *facepalm* Why didn't I think of that? lol I have no idea what I'd do without Scottie.

So anyway, got the horns filled out. Planned some detail work on the computer, transfered some of that onto the base. Shaped the base. Hunted down all my gold clay.

Lady Loki diadem progress

I did want to keep working but it's late and Scottie said it would be a better idea to actually get some sleep so I can be functional tomorrow so I can actually be awake to work. Which is a really smart idea.

Something from this weekend that I wanted to note.
There's a commercial on tv that says something along the lines of "Who you love most tells a lot about you". After it went off we both immediately pointed at each other. Scottie said that since he loves me most, that must make him a psychopath. And then I said I wasn't a psychopath, I'm a highly functioning sociopath. ehehehe
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Tonight I started on my Lady Loki helmet! I'd really meant to have this started well before now, but I've had a weird... couple of months? xP

Anyway, inkscape is my new best friend. I got the design ready for printing in that program, then I used that to transfer to random cardboard in my house. Since I need to rely only on materials I already have, I think I'm going to try to sculpt this. It's what I'm most comfortable with anyway. At any rate, I need an armature. So that's what this is the start of!

Couple pictures of the start of the process presided over by Ghoulia )

Lady Loki helmet progress
I'm glad you like how it's coming Ghoulia!

Attack of the chicken wire! )

I'm going to fill out the rest with foil and chicken wire, then start in on clay. I'm not sure where the foil went after Scottie cleaned the living room on Friday (which was awesome!) so I can't continue right now. But I should go to sleep anyway. ehehehe n_n'

I'm happy to be working on this though!
Tom Loki success
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Hey guys! I finalized my costume design! I took the armour and jacket and sort of merged it into a battle dress. xD It's an imperfect drawing, but I was only focused on getting out a design. I have never done a fashion drawing before actually, but I don't think they're terribly concerned with the realism of the model. lol
My Lady Loki costume design
Please ignore the fact that my model looks like an alien giraffe

I'm not sure exactly what materials I'm going to use. The real costume is leather of course, but that's expensive and heavy. Expensive is the more important thing here though. I'm more concerned with it looking good though over comfort, because if it looks like crap because I have the wrong fabric why did I bother, ya'know? I'm considering looking to snag some thrift store/ebay/etc leather trench coats or something to cannibalize.

I've been trying to figure out exactly how the back of the costume works (the flowy bits in the back are my most favorite design element), but I wasn't having the best luck finding good reference photos of the back. I have seen useful video though, though that can be a hazardous proposition. "Oh, I'm just watching this for, erm, research!" *afterward* "Oops, wasn't paying attention to what I meant to! Gotta watch it again I guess, daaarn."
Loki that was the plan
Shhhhhhhh Loki!

Unrelated, we also started to make candles tonight! I took a couple of pictures of the process, they're under the cut if you want to see them. Basically we need candles for ritual, and we can't ever find the right colours, and we want unscented candles because we burn incense but the large majority of candles seem to be scented already... so we got a candle making kit and are trying out making our own. We just wanted to try some simple white votives for a first try.

Candle making pictures )

My mom used to make fancy candles when I was growing up, so I have a bit of an idea of how it works. If I was currently speaking to my mom, I would consider asking her about it. xP

I was planning on doing more this weekend, but I actually ended up being really sick. e_e Because of this I haven't been quite as productive as I would have hoped, but I don't think I did too terrible.

I did play Borderlands 2 with Scottie more, we are at an important story point and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE FEELS
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So I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, or the night before, or... not sure when I actually slept well last exactly. I was considering going to sleep earlier... but then I put on the Hollow Crown on PBS because I wanted to see if the HD made things even shinier. (I'm going to have to compare later, I have it on the DVR).
Prince Hal intro

So then I watched it all the way through again. Much flailing and fangirl squealing was to be had. I'd wanted to hold off on talking too much about it previously since I knew it wasn't going to be on tv until tonight. :3

I should have gone to sleep then, but since it went off I've just been bopping around the apartment because of all the fangirl feels. lol
Hiddles dance 1Hiddles dance 2
I think I'm also slightly (slightly? loooool) delirious from lack of sleep, but hey, at least I'm having fun?

I did some writing on my book, yay for inspiration! I still have a lot of plotbunnies to get in my book, but I don't think I'm really going to have time to write until November because I have so much stuff going on lol. I think I might do nano again this year?

There's a couple of things I want for my Monster High photoshoot, one might be more difficult than I was expecting to get. One thing is just an art supply so that should be easy enough. The other is a doll, which I didn't think would be as hard to find as it seems like it's going to be.

I also looked for Loki!boots again tonight. Still no luck. Well, that's not exactly true. There was a really neat boot that Scottie found for me. I went to go look for a slightly bigger size since that boot was a bit small looking for me. I then realized that they were kid's boots. I have bought kids shoes before, but they were still a bit small. I'M NOT KIDDING WHEN I SAY I'M SMALL. xD
I'm going to need like platform stillettos to be big enough. Let's just ignore the fact that shoes like that would probably just make me average hieght maybe
I also found a REALLY, REALLY awesomely perfect looking boot. But they were $70, which is outside of my budget. xP It's possible that they were terribly uncomfortable or wouldn't have even fit, I didn't actually try them on since I wasn't going to buy them. But my quest for Loki!boots continues. xP
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So I'm still not exactly back to normal, but I'm working on it. I'm getting more used to the kitty not being here. It's still sad, but it's slowly getting better. I still need to distract myself a lot though. n_n'
However, I'm getting behind on my sculpting, costume, and Monster High Halloween competition picture. Those last two are time sensitive though, so that's not great. I've still been working on my comics a lot, so that's not really being affected.
Also, I'm being pretty terrible at keeping up commenting, sorry guys! *hugs* I just don't seem to have the mental energy required to do my normal stuffs. n_n'

I sketched out an idea I had for the Monster High Halloween picture for this year, but I wasn't happy with it. I'm going back to the drawing board for that, but my muse hasn't been terribly helpful on this project (mostly I'm getting inspired for unrelated things). I hope to be properly inspired for this though soon!
I just realized that I never actually posted last year's picture on my journal! Oops! I meant to do a whole work in progress thing, since I did a lot of work on the set. Maybe I'll do that sometime this week? I just had to keep the whole thing under wraps until the competition, which I'll of course have to do again this year, but that doesn't apply to last years picture.

I've been looking for boots for my Loki costume. I'm ridiculously short, so I should wear heels. (And she should have heels, but my lack of height still stands ehehehe as a valid reason). I don't wear heels. I am sad because I did have an pair of boots that is back with my family in Michigan that was amazing. They were long black leather boots, with an awesome high chunky heel. They were ridiculous and amazingly comfortable! I wore them with my Dark Willow Halloween costume. I took my sister and brother out trick or treating, I walked around for hours in them and my feet didn't hurt.
As I'm small, it's hard for me to find shoes for ~adults~ because like the rest of me my feet are small. :/ Also, it seems like a lot of the shoes I'd want are made for people with narrow feet. I forgot what looking for ~fancy~ shoes was like.
Loki its madness
Thank you Loki, I agree.

I've drawn out the main part of the costume that I want to do. I'm thinking I'm going to make the costume a bit lighter so I can dance in it more easily. (From the field work I've done in my work attire, I really, really understand the problems Hiddles had with the real Loki armour).
I need to finish up the planning and start in on fabrication. Scottie has been looking for things I can use in the costume because he's amazing! <3

I forgot the Voice was starting back up again! We watched that tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to not be drowning in country. I don't dislike country, but I have to be in the mood for it and last season burned me out on country so bad because that was all they did omg.
I was so amused by the girl that pounced on Adam! And the guy that said he was afraid he'd be too distracted by Adam's handsomeness. lol I thought it was fun to have the original judges back together. I don't think anyone has really blown me away yet, we'll have to see who ends up being my favorites.

And now, for The Hollow Crown! Saturday we watched Richard II, and I was really impressed by Ben Whishaw's performance! I just wanted to make things alright for him, even though I knew it wasn't to be. I was certainly excited to see it, but of course I was most excited to watch Hiddles as Prince Hal/Henry V. I've watched Part I so far, and OMG ALL THE FEELS.
I really need to get to bed, so I won't start writing about that just yet, but yeah. *points up to gif*
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new followers- Tom
Welcome to my new friends! Please keep your hands and feet inside of the vehicle at all times. Hiddles raptors are known to roam freely around here.
hiddles raptor
Wait, I'm not sure that being caught would be a bad thing. So I guess... do what you want! xD

Sorry things have been so quiet around here so far! n_n' Normally I post more frequently. The last couple of days we've been off doing costume supply recon for Halloween. I've been working on figuring out the design of my Loki costume, and how I'm going to do it. I -think- I'm going to do a paper mache covered in paperclay armour for my costume. I've seen some nice work with that! Normally I work with polymer clay, and I've done stuff with resin, but I don't know that polymer clay is the right stuff for the job and I'm not sure resin would set properly when it's been so cold. Plus I don't think I'd have enough resin. So that's where I am on that.

Scottie is probably going to do book Dresden from the Dresden Files, thank you [ profile] gweniveve_skyes for the idea! <3 We found a cheap black coat at the thrift store today that will work for the costume, and we're figuring out the rest.

I suggested Thor to Scottie, but erm, neither of us ship Thorki and he brought up the fact that we'd be unintentionally doing that all night. xD Oops! So probably not that. It would be amusing to see if anyone had Loki feels if I was hugging on a different Marvel character though ehehehe

In other news, I've been feeling like this for a lot of the week for various reasons, which has also been a cause for less frequent posts. n_n'
flashback loki
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So I have a question for everyone! So, remember that semi-formal Halloween costume ball (magic themed) I'd posted about earlier? I'm going as Loki still of course. I even found an awesome cheap necklace at Forever 21 today that I'd seen someone talk about on a costume forum that I'm going to use in my costume! It looks like the gold bit on his chest. It might not work, but if it doesn't it's totally something I can wear on regular days when I'm not wearing the Loki charm necklace I made. ehehehe I was so excited that it was there, because I couldn't remember if it was an old post or not that I saw talk about it!
Loki uncontrollably pleased

So ya'know, I know what I'm doing. Scottie doesn't know what he's doing though. Can anyone think of fun costume ideas for a male magic user? He's tall and he has long hair. It would be awesome if it could be somewhat connected to my costume in some way, but that is in no way necessary.
I think his not knowing what he wants to do is stressing him out, and that's not good for either of us. This is supposed to be fun after all!
I bribe you with Hiddles hugs!
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In my headcanon, Twyla and Spectra were destined to be friends since the first time I saw Twyla! xD I haven't seen anything with Twyla in it yet, so I don't know how this actually would work. lol But I decided I'd take my pictures of my new bb with Spectra. :3

Aw, your dust bunny is cute!
Aw, your dust bunny is so cute!

A few more pictures! )

I was going to take pictures outside, but it was cloudy. It also started to rain, and the wind was really kicking up. I was afraid that we were going to have another windstorm like we did last fall, the one that kicked out my power for a couple days. So far it's not that bad. lol

In other news, on Friday I went with Scottie to a Halloween ball planning meeting for the wiccan group we're looking to become a part of. They want to do a Halloween semi-formal costume ball, and us witches should come dressed as, well, witches.

The first thing that I thought of was LOKI IS TOTALLY A MAGIC USER I CAN BE LADY LOKI. Somehow I don't think that Loki's horned helmet is exactly what they meant by a pointy hat... but what can I say?
loki I do what I want
And the pointy hat thing was more of a suggestion, since they said we could also come as zombies or whatever. I'm still following a magical theme! And of course, *points up at gif*

I said Scottie could dress as regular Loki. This is what came to mind...
I don't think he's going to do that, but we're not actually sure what he'll want to do. We'll see.

I'm also not sure exactly which Loki I want to be. Avengers Loki? Thor Loki? Which costume out of those? Comic book Lady Loki? I'm probably not going to do kid Loki or comic book Loki.

It just seems so perfect... because I was actually wanting to make a costume for the Loki 2 Thor 2 premiere... And I wanted to do a costume for the work Halloween costume contest (WHICH HOW COULD I BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN LOKI). So uhm, that would be like three times that I'd wear the costume within a couple of weeks? lol There's also a local con sometime this fall that I could go to. I've never been to a con before, but I've always wanted to!

When I was originally thinking about doing this, one part of my brain was saying "But I'm not tall enough/thin enough/imposing enough/whatever enough to pull this off" but the much larger part of my brain was like "THIS IS LOKI WE'RE TALKING ABOUT I DO WHAT I WANT." I think Loki is a good influence on me.

Now... I do a lot of figure sculpting, and I've even made some doll clothes. But I've never made a costume before? I'm not sure how this should work. Scottie had some AMAZING ideas, but I'm not sure if we'll have the time/money to pull them off. Maybe on a different year? Scottie has made clothing for both of us though, so he actually knows what he's doing. I hope that I'll be able to do more than just Kermit flail at the project. n_n'

Anyway, I'm REALLY EXCITED about this idea and I have NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. What could go wrong? xD

I also am considering dying my hair black with indigo. I've only ever hennaed my hair though, I've never even considered going black! I've actually been meaning to get henna to do my hair again, but I'm so torn because I also want to do black (I'd still have to henna first for the indigo to take though, so I guess that doesn't change). I did Dark Willow one year for Halloween, and I did non-perm black hair. I was trying to find a picture of it to see what I looked like but I couldn't find anything. It's probably all back with my family in MI, boo.

Another thing that I'm concerned about though is that I am currently losing weight, so if I make a costume now I'm going to be smaller by Halloween. I'm not sure how to plan for that. Plus, I'd rather make a costume that I'd be able to use more than one year?
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Tonight I did a little more tweaking on the pony sculpt, added the mane groove and tail hole, then got her all ready to bake. She's currently out of the oven and cooling, everything seems to have gone well! Tomorrow I can start the mane and tail. :3

Baking the pony sculpt

I also continued on with the N pendents! Still not finished yet though. xD This isn't going as quickly as I'd originally planned. lol I was going to put a dusting of blue glitter on the blue ring of the larger pendent. It went on pretty solid though... so I ended up putting a pretty solid layer of glitter over the whole ring. It looks rather pretty, but erm that took a bit to embed all that glitter. Oops! I think it looks prettier in person. n_n'

Continuing N pendants
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Tonight I nearly completed my pony sculpt! I still need to put in the mane groove and tail hole, and then of course sculpt said hair. I've decided that I'm going to bake the entire pony first before I sculpt and bake the hair. That seems like the safest way to go. And I do have a plan for it!

I attached the legs, sculpted the shoulders and hindquarters, worked more on the barrel, attached the head and sculpted the neck. I spent a looooot of time on the body today. I am also really, really happy with how she's coming along.

I don't know if you can see, but the face thing I did is hopefully visable in the pictures. Can you see her teeth? :3 That should be a good clue to who she's supposed to be. hehe Well, that and the pink. :D


A few more pictures! )

I also continued my pendants! I didn't have time to finish them but that's because the armatures took so long. They needed to be pretty beefy so I glued a bunch of cardstock together and that needed time to dry. I'm sure there was probably an easier way to do it, but I was just working with materials I was familiar with. n_n


I have them attached to the main body of the pendant now, and tomorrow I will cover them in clay and glitter. I decided the MH sized pendent was too small to bother with armatures and will just get clay attached when I do the larger pieces. I'm excited to finish them! I'm just sad that I didn't finish them in time for tomorrow. Ah well, soon enough!
I'm also thinking about making another piece, one smaller that looks like more traditional jewlery.

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