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Sep. 20th, 2013 01:22 am
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So hey everyone, sorry I've been so quiet! I've just been dealing with the sads from the kitty. I do think that I'm doing a bit better now, I still get sad but I know that it doesn't help anything to continue to be sad. I don't know if that makes sense. I'm glad that we were able to give him a good life while we had him, and that we were at least able to give him a peaceful end, and that I was able to be there with him in the end. But then whenever I'm not busy the sads leak through, and partly because of that I am barely sleeping. xP (Case in point, oh look it's 1:30 am aaaa)
I'm actually not very good at discussing my feels though you guys. n_n'

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for your support! It really meant the world to me. *hugs everyone tightly*

In more cheerful news, my preordered copy of The Hollow Crown came in today! It wasn't supposed to be in based on the original ship date until possibly into next month, so that was a pleasant surprise! I think the world decided I needed something shiny early. n_n'

Apologies to my new followers though, I think the tone of my journal is normally more cheerful. n_n' Hopefully things get back to normal around here soon.
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sad loki
I just got back from burying him. I can't think.
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Tonight I continued my pony sculpt! I sculpted the other side of the head and eye and I'm quite happy with how it's going. I sculpted a bit more on the body and I started the front legs. xD
My pony sculpt continued

I haven't posted a picture of the kitty lately, here he is sitting under our loft bed. :3
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I don't have a lot of time to post tonight but I did want to mention that I worked on the pony sculpt tonight. I checked out the baked legs, those seemed to have turned out fine. Then I decided on an ear design, set up the armature (not that there's that much to an ear), and sculpted them. I'll get those attached tomorrow and hopefully get the rest of the pony together and baked!

Also, here's a bonus picture of the kitty curled up on Scottie's hand. He was trying to use his mouse and the kitty decided his hand was much better suited to being a pillow. hehe

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Tonight I tweaked the legs a bit more and figured out how they were going to best fit on the body. Then I put them baking! In this picture I have Frankie overseeing, since I said last time that perhaps she'd be better suited to looking at piles of body parts coming together into a new character. lol


We had Animal Planet on tonight in the background, and Talar'raa was extremely interested in the pomeranians bounding across the screen. I thought it was funny so I took a picture. :3

Tala'raa watching tv

I also played some more Alice: Madness Returns! Scottie did too, he actually finished the game today. I was living vicariously through him since I ended up seeing much of the end. I decided to look some stuff up about what new game plus gave him since he decided that he was going to get the Nightmare difficulty trophy. I learned that each outfit from the different levels gave some benefit when equipped on new game plus, but while doing this I also learned that there was DLC for the game- dresses and weapons. They're not necessary to beat the game or anything, but they are really neat. There is one last upgrade for each weapon in the game, and each new unique dress gives you some extra ability (also, they look really neat!). Some of them seem a bit overpowered (like the White Rabbit outfit lets you slowly regenerate health when you wear it), but I am ok with that. lol
I was kind of bummed out that they were DLC, my guess were each individual thing would be for sale and it would add up quickly if I wanted them all even if I had the spare monies atm. I decided on a lark to check it out in the PS3 store to see what they cost and found that the whole bundle of dresses and weapons was only $1.99! It's actually perfect because I had $2.05 on my side of the PS3 leftover that has been sitting around unused for probably a couple of years. We buy most things on Scottie's account on the PS3 but we accidently redeemed a PSN card on my side once, and we never remember to use it. Since we don't add money there the change from whatever I did buy is usually not enough to buy anything! What can you buy with $2?! Well, I decided to go for it and buy the pack since the amount that has been languishing is perfect. lol

I am having a lot more fun now! I know that the stuff is a bit overpowered, but really, I'm ok with that. The battles were just making me angry and the point of games are to be fun right? Possibly the extra edge can just make up for the problems I see with the battle system in general. lol
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Tonight I worked on sculpting the legs and feet. Mostly, I ended up sculpting feet. I'm not done with them yet though and I don't think they're really finished enough to merit a picture. But still, sculpting happened!

I had wanted to post more kitty pictures last night, but it got too late so there was just the one. Here's a couple more pictures of him. :3
Kitty! )

I continued watching Body of Proof tonight and now I'm caught up. I have to say this last episode had a lot of fanservice! lol

We also watched The Voice! I'm enjoying the new judges. Usher is a lot of fun and Shakira is adorable. I love how she emotes! Also, the bromance between Blake and Adam continues to amuse me to no end.

Then we watched the season finale of Face Off. I was sooooo happy that Anthony won! He's been so awesome all season so I'm really happy for him. Everyone did a great job though! I'm looking forward to the next season starting in August. I need to watch the Face-Off Redemption webisodes still! I don't know what all happens in them. I hope that means Eric F gets to get in on that and maybe he can come back to the next season.
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I don't have pictures from today's sculpting, but I did work on my male sculpt! Scottie helped me prepare the metal rods for the leg armatures because they were really thick and I couldn't just cut them with regular snips. For strength I needed to make clay cores instead of foil cores for the legs, so I got the general shape for the leg cores sculpted and threaded onto the metal rods, and they just came out of the oven. :3 It was rather exciting to see the beginning of legs!

Yesterday and today me and Scottie continued the Kingmaker Pathfinder path, starting in on the second book in the series. It was a lot of fun and we made a lot of progress! Scottie founded his capital, built his first castle, and explored more of the region. I had a lot of fun!
Sunday and Monday gaming )

I took some pictures of the kitty recently, I thought I should put a picture of him up! hehe He's a cutie. :3
Kitty! )
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Short update, no time for pictures. I know I'd been planning on doing final smoothing and baking, and starting on legwork today... but I ended up feeling kinda crappy today. I didn't feel up for doing something quite as final as baking! So instead I sculpted more ears! I sculpted ears on two girls. One of the girls got small elf ears. :3 I hadn't been planning on it, I decided to do it as I was making them. So one of them gets to be an elf. lol

In other news, my kitty is crazypants tonight. He's chasing around... ghost mice? IDEK. I got a picture of him recently in one of his favorite sleeping spots which is on the couch behind my head. It's not the best picture, but he wasn't being very photo friendly at the time. heh :P
My silly cat )
I figured I haven't posted pet pics in a bit so I should probably do that! hehe
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So this morning and yesterday I worked more on my sculpts! I don't have time to get pictures right now, but I'll post them tomorrow. Right now 3 of the 4 heads have been attached to the bodies! I have the neck muscles and collarbones sculpted on the male. I'm really excited!

In other news, today was our Pathfinder game day! We actually finished part one of the Kingmaker path. I forgot to take pictures of the table during the game itself, but it was pretty epic and very fun. I took a picture of the map so far though. It turned out my GM map wasn't exactly the same scale as Scottie's player map, but it works well enough. When Scottie finishes exploring a map, I give him a tile out of the stack that I have. Now this week I'm going to read up on Part 2 so we can do that next weekend!
The map! )

Scottie also made some wonderful food tonight! He made homeade tortillas, spicy hamburger, topped that with pecorino cheese, lettuce, and had sides of grape tomatoes and avacado slices. So delicious!
Awesome healthy foods )

Also, the kitty has decided the Wii fit balance board is his bed. I'm not sure why since it's certainly not soft. We do joke that he likes the smell of feet though since he'll curl up with our shoes or silly things like that, and I'm sure the balance board smells like feet? I dunno. lol But I got a picture of him on his "bed".
You sure that is a bed? )
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I'm sad that it's over, but it was nice!

Over the last couple of days I've worked on sculpting off and on, I decided to start working on necks! I also worked on one of the heads more, but I'm not finished modifying her head. In the picture, it would be the head on the bottom left (no neck). I like where her face is going but I don't think that it's there yet. I sculpted the neck on the male head and one of the female heads. It's actually a bit more of a pain to sculpt a neck than you'd think since the neck muscles kept not wanting to turn out exactly right. lol

Progress for today! )

We've also done a fair amount of Pathfinder gaming this weekend! We played Sunday and Monday regular roleplaying, and tonight we played another game of Three Dragon Ante. Not in character though since we were playing Emporers Gambit which we hadn't played before. I didn't want to do something silly in game! Scottie made deviled eggs with shrimp for lunch/snacks again, it's like our gaming day tradition now! hehe

Scottie also made me the awesome initiative mat which I just had to slide under the table top, and he made me the little character tags that are on cardboard and I can move them around on top of the mat.

A picture of our game )

We had a box in our living room from our last Costco grocery run, and it was flipped upside-down. The kitty thought it was a castle! I wish that I'd gotten a pic of him peeking out from the little hole, that was cute! He had been nosing around inside for a couple of minutes, then he rocketed out to this position, then a couple seconds after I took the picture he bolted into the bedroom. He's so silly. :P

The kitty is kind of his castle! )

One less exciting thing was yesterday Talar'raa pounced on my phone and I didn't think anything of it until I went to sleep. I was checking my alarm and saw that the the light was shining through a hole in one of the buttons! The main cool part of my phone is that it's waterproof, but somehow I don't think it's waterproof anymore. I am really glad that I'm not going into the field this summer, and especially glad that I'm not taking it out to Pilot! I always said how happy I was to have that phone out there since it rained almost daily so my phone was constantly getting really wet. :P
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So tonight I started to completely resculpt the male head, since I'd completely wiped the face yesterday. He'd been my first head in this project, and I realized that I hadn't leached the clay for it. He's a bit trickier to work with because of that, but I don't feel like dismantling the entire head base to leach it so I'm just going with it.

So basically I sculpted the whole face from a blank slate and he's almost up to the same point as my two girl heads. I need to sculpt the second eye, work more on head shape and cheeks, finish sculpting the nose, etc. He's actually going pretty well! I am waaaay happier with how he looks now. I sort of think he looks like Sylvester Stallone, which I suppose works since he's supposed to be all buff. lol

Progress for tonight! )

I was sculpting him while I watched Sherlock, the first episode! I'm rather excited about it! It's something that I've been meaning to watch. Scottie liked it too, which is awesome. Sherlock is toootally Eleven. xD And that's a good thing! Both things were written by Moffat, so I'm not surprised by the similarities. I think I can tell what kind of character he likes to write! lol

Oh, and the kitty decided that Scottie's outstretched legs were a couch to take a nap on. I thought it was adorable. xD
Sleepy kitty! )
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So tonight I continued on my sculpting challenge tonight, and I decided to resculpt the mouth of the 4th female head. I ended up with a mouth shape that I really liked, so that's exciting! I also worked a bit on the head shape and started sculpting the nose.

I also completely wiped the first head I did, the male head. I decided that even though I'd put a lot of time into him and he was nearly finished... I really didn't like him and every time I looked at him I was all :/ about it. So I pulled out the eyes and brought him back to a blank head base. I'll start him over again and I think I will have better luck! I don't really have time for pictures, but I'm happy with my progress.

I also got a cute picture of kitty face, so here he is! I actually caught him with his eyes open for once! lol
According to the Wii Fit, he now weighs 8.8 pounds!
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So after my intial stress about my grandparents property, I decided that I shouldn't let it stop me from having a nice weekend. I still need to figure out what's going on, but there's only so much I can do from here. :P That night Scottie cheered me up with a lovely dinner, cuddles, and game of Worms. Comedic mayhem is a good way to cheer me up, he knows me well. :3

I worked on sculpting tonight, but I didn't really finish enough to warrant a picture yet. I worked on the 4th head, mostly working on head shape and lip sculpting.

Yesterday I decided to do something a little different! We were at the thrift store last week, and while there I went to check for Monster High dolls. I've never seen one yet and I'm not exactly expecting to, but I still want to check! Anyway, I found a Mulan doll and I've always thought she was really cute! I decided to get her even though she didn't actually match anyone else. lol I wanted to take pictures but was all :/ because she has the old style Barbie legs and arms with only shoulder movement. I'm spoiled by MH and BJDs and couldn't think of what to do with her. I decided I'd do a head transplant onto a jointed body. I couldn't find any jointed doll bodies at the thrift store with pale enough skin though!

Scottie pointed out though that I have a couple of Liv dolls that I bought on clearance for their wigs for my CAMs, and one of them had really nice jointing and pale enough skin. I decided to do a head transplant!

Liv dolls have huge heads but they're actually slightly shorter than Barbies, so Mulan's head actually matches the body way better than the Liv head. Of course, now I have a floating Liv head and a headless Barbie body (though the body will just go to a Barbie customisation that had a broken neck).

I soaked both dolls heads in boiling water to soften up the vinyl, then used a knitting needle to get the head over the graple in the neck. Scottie helped me with the Liv head because my hands got soo tired after doing the Mulan head.
Progress pics! )

She looks great though! She stands on her own and is so easy to pose! I love that she has double jointed knees. :D
Showing off how well she poses! )

She needs a better outfit, what she came dressed in was a Mary Poppins dress which didn't really fit what I want her to look like! Not sure what to do with the dress. lol Right now she's wearing a random Liv dress I have. I might want to reroot her in the future too because her hair is a bit rough feeling.

Today I continued playing the Pathfinder path with Scottie as the DM! We made some maps, I'll have to post about how we did that later. It's getting late though so I can't get into that right now. I'm really enjoying playing with Scottie again though! He says he likes how I characterise the NPCs. :D
For lunch Scottie made lovely deviled eggs with shrimp! Diet food is awesome. lol
Games and snacks! )

As a bonus, here's the kitty cuddling with Scottie on the couch. :D
Sleepy kitty! )
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So tonight I continued sculpting one of the 2nd batch of heads. I really like how the eyes aren't as pushed in, that makes me certain that I should pull the eyes back out of that first female head because I'm actually able to do something more like I want to with them properly placed. :P

I did some more work on her nose and the bridge of her nose, sculpted her brows, worked a bit on her cheeks, totally re-sculpted the lower half of her face since the chin was bigger than I wanted, completely re-sculpted her mouth, and sculpted the eyes. She's not done but she is definitely much better! I actually feel like I'm getting somewhere now, lol. I think besides the odd colour eyes (which can't be fixed until painting), she's not even all that creepy anymore!

Progress for tonight! )

Our diet is still coming along and I've pulled out the Wii balance board! I hadn't been playing it because our poor Wii is dying and I didn't want to use it more than necessary until we could figure out what we're going to do to replace it. We've finally found out that we can transfer our virtual console games to the Wii U, so when we can afford to get one that's totally what we're going to do. Of course, our Wii is still dying, but it's good to have a plan. I like Wii Fit, and I can use it as a scale so I can track my progress. xD

Here's today's menu, minus a couple of cheese sticks as snacks.

Noms! )

This really doesn't feel like dieting, though we do crave sugar! Scottie drinks regular soda so he's actually craving it more often then me. We're drinking diet soda that we make at home with our Sodastream. It's nice because you can buy the syrup to add and it's made with Splenda, not aspertame, so it won't give Scottie migraines! He still doesn't like diet soda, but it helps his soda cravings anyway. n_n'

And a bonus, the kitty decided to help Scottie play the PS3! He decided that he didn't need to sit in Scotties lap, using his arms and chest as a shelf would do. He looks so regal in this pic lol.
Hooman, I command that you play games that I find more interesting! )
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So tonight I started working on the other two heads since I felt like changing things up would be good. :3 I'm actually kind of thinking that I'm going to pull the eyes out of the female head that I've been working on because I think they pushed a bit too far in and it's making it hard to make them look the way that I want. Also, the male face is supposed to look all manly and I want to sculpt something pretty. lol

Anyway, so the other two heads got my attention instead today! I worked on the lower half of the face mostly, and adding to the tops of their heads since they were a bit too low after working on them. I sculpted the noses (need some cleaning up), lips (also need work, but I could not stand the blocked in lips anymore lol), the nose bridges, the chin and cheek areas, and overall head shape.

I'm happy with the progress so far! I'm going to try and finish sculpting the lower half of those heads tomorrow, then perhaps work on the eyes and brow areas.

Progress for today )

I also posted more ferret bathtime pictures! I had only posted Chaos before, but here's Gwin now! Also, the kitty makes a cameo. xD

Gwin's bathtime photos! )

More to say but it will have to wait for tomorrow as I need to get to bed!
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So I've been sculpting but I haven't had a lot of progress that you can see in pictures, so I haven't been posting about it. n_n'

I've been working on overall head shape and concentrated on the cheek area. I've been adding eyelids and sculpting the eye area though and it makes them look a lot less creepy. lol
I've put the general eyelids on two heads so far, the male head (left head) and one of the female heads (right head). They need more work of course, but that's the progress so far. :3
Progress so far! )

I also took some pictures of the kitty last night! We have a neat mesh tower in the bedroom attached to our loft bed. He spends the entire night either laying on the top watching out the window, or curled up on the bed next to us somewhere. :3

Kitty pictures! )
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Yesterday I was pretty much out of it by the time I got home from work because I had seriously had a bad night of sleep. Part of the problem was that the ferrets were having a merry old time in the cage goofing around doing who knows what, and they were apparently more ichy than normal. So that made it really hard for me to get to sleep in the first place.

So I wasn't really in any frame of mind to sculpt, but I figured I could at least make the eye molds. I made the molds out of some scrap clay and different sized beads. Unfortunetly I realized after I'd baked the molds that I actually didn't have the beads in the molds that I actually needed for the head sizes that I am currently sculpting. e_e So I have eye molds for future figures, but none for right now. Oh well. xP I think that I'm just going to roll eyes like I did for the animal figures, I think they turned out alright. I'm not sure I have beads in the proper size, and I don't really have the funds to go out and buy more just for that.

I also made an eye stand, for painting eyes on before putting them in the figures. That at least worked out. lol
I haven't taken any pictures of those things, partly because they're not terribly exciting and partly because the eye mold isn't even applicable to what I'm making right now. lol

So I have sort of made progress. lol I didn't sculpt tonight, I'm still kind of tired and out of it. Tomorrow I'll sculpt some more!

Other kitty news! This morning the kitty was being rather adorable. I woke up to him literally hugging my foot. I needed to move, so I gently removed my foot from his sleeping self. Once I'd adjusted, he quickly moved so he could glomp my leg and then he went to sleep again. I went to sleep again and woke up later with him hugging my other leg. It is so funny. xD

Also, on Monday we had another earthquake. Before I moved to Alaska I'd never lived anywhere that had frequent earthquakes. Not anymore! I feel them often at work or at home and I hardly even notice. A couple of weeks ago we had a smaller one and my coworker was arguing with a different coworker that it was actually someone running down the hall. Of course, it was an earthquake, but that's how used to them we are. I now get the scene in Independence Day where the girlfriend of Will Smith's character says to go back to bed because the earthquake isn't even a 4 pointer. On Monday though I totally felt the quake and nobody was going to argue that it was someone running down the hall! It was a 5.8 located about 30 miles from town. It felt really freaky! I was still at work when it happened, and Scottie was there because it was just about time to go home and he was going to pick me up. He was hanging out in the breakroom, and after stuff stopped shaking I went to go to him, and he was coming out of the breakroom to come see me. I was glad he was there!
He said that explained the way the cat was acting before he left. Normally the cat is like velcro to us, and he's not a tree cat so you'll normally find him hanging out close to the floor. He had decided to go up into our loft bed and was trying to get under the covers. This isn't remotely normal behavior for him. lol

Also, what's up with this new update page? It's so strange! O_O I might even like it, but I've been using the old update page for years now! This is weird.
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So I finished the Siamese cat sculpts paint tonight, and I am so excited! All I have left now for this portion of the challenge is to seal them all and gloss the eyes. :D I haven't sealed them yet because I think I'm going to do them all at once at my work's warehouse. I don't think there's a great place for me to do it in the apartment, and I can't spray them outside because now it's winter. lol

Anyway, I'm really happy with how the paint turned out! I think that getting all the colours uniform really made it look great, then adding all the details of course!

Under the cut I have photos of the unpainted kitty, a couple of progress pics, and the complete cat! :D

Kitty pics and blurbs about what's going on! )


I tried to take a group shot of all of my sculpts together, but my camera batteries died so that will have to wait until tomorrow. I'd gotten a couple of shots but they didn't turn out. It's a bit of a bummer but it's not like I can't wait until morning. n_n

In other news, it seems that our kitty caught a cold while he was being kept overnight where he was nuetered. The surgery didn't seem like it slowed him down at all, but the cold certainly seems to be making him feel crappy. Poor little guy. We got a care sheet from animal control about the cold since it's so common, we basically just have to treat it like a virus for us, fluids, rest, and vitamins to get better. We're keeping an eye on him to make sure he's ok, which isn't hard when he's practically velcroed to our sides. n_n'
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Last night I finished the fox sculpt's paint, and I'm rather happy with how he turned out! First I put down a coat of reddish brown paint as a base, then I put a darker brown stain over everything. I then put a reddish dry brush coat over that. Then I stained the inner ears and legs with black, then added the white markings and touched up the eyes with black.

The fox is my favorite so far! I've almost completed painting my bluebird, so that should be painted tomorrow! Then all that's left will be the Siamese cat! I'm almost done with the painting portion of my sculpting challenge, that's really exciting!

A couple pictures of the paint in progress, and then the finished fox! )

An update on the kitty! He's been settling in here really well, and we're both really attached to him already! Yesterday evening we needed to bring him back to Animal Control to be neutered. I felt bad leaving him behind, but neutering is super important. After work today we picked him up and he's not at all down from his operation lol. I wasn't sure how he was going to react, but of course it's going to be more difficult to get him to take it easy than anything. lol He wants to play sooooo bad. Poor kitty. xP
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So I guess I have a lot to post tonight! lol

First off, I finished painting the mouse! It looks really nice now that it's all painted and I'm very happy with it! I'm glad I started the painting part of the project next instead of figure sculpting. It's nice to see the sculpts completely finished! For the painting, first I did a dry brush over the whole sculpt to bring out the fur detail. Then I washed over darker parts of the fur pattern with thinned darker brown paint, then worked on detailing, and put a light pink wash in the ears. I also painted the previously blue ground with browns and greens to make it look like ground.

A couple of the progress pics of the mouse, and the finished mouse! :D )

After I finished painting the mouse I started on my bunny sculpt! I was still getting used to the oven I was using and I accidentally overcooked him a little, so the sculpey was really dark. This was also still before I started using black clay for the eyeballs. So I was pretty happy to start painting him! I've put a couple colour washes of reddish brown over the body and I painted his eyes black.

Before and after pics of the bunny with the first paint wash )

And as promised, the pictures of my new kitty Talar'raa! I didn't get a whole lot of good shots, but you get the idea. :3

Meet the newest member of our family! :D )

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