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So I finally watched Captain America! I have had the movie since Scottie got me the special Avengers box set for our anniversary this last November, and I really wanted to get all the movies watched that I've missed. That's one of the reasons that I wanted the box originally! I have this erm... tendency though to either put in the Avengers or Thor though for the 1000000000th time though when I go to grab a movie out of that box. No idea why. *koff*
What was I doing again?

But I really did want to watch Cap's origin story, he's the only one I haven't seen yet! Plus ya'know if I do want to see the Winter Soldier in the theater, I'll want to have watched the first movie.

So here's how I felt after watching the movie:
cap right in the feels
The poor bb. T_T

Something neat I saw, Jenna Coleman (Clara on Dr Who) had a small part! Scottie was reading in the bedroom (he'd seen the movie before, and had a headache and so wanted to lie down) and he heard my fangirl squee when she came on. xD
I also thought it was awesome that they had Hugo Weaving as Red Skull. I told Scottie that I was excited that they had Agent Elrond, because I'm a dork.

More specific things under a spoiler cut:

I had to squee at seeing the tesseract, the Yggdrasil mural where it was hidden, and also at the end where they showed Asgard space. xD

The part where little Steve threw himself on the grenade at training camp? Aw, the bb. I think that's a good scene to show his character.

I had to laugh at "Do you two... fondue?" xD I was talking to that scene to Scottie after regarding the different Starks, but he didn't quite remember the reference. He was like fondue? And I was like well, we fondue, and then he was like "Well, I am Fond Oh You" and it was really cute. xD

Then of course there's Bucky.
bucky glance
I couldn't help but think that writers really like to throw characters from high places (Loki, Bucky, Sherlock.....)
bucky fall
Poor cap...

And of course the end of the movie also hurt my heart. "I had a date." Just, ow my feels. T_T

I'm really happy that I've watched that now so Cap can be one of my Marvel bbs properly.
Of course Loki is still my bb 1000000%

I feel a bit spoiled as I didn't feel like there was any eye candy in that movie for me though (besides the little bit with Clara).
Cap!Loki costume is a bit much
Well ok now that I can certainly get behind xD

I have more things to post about, but I'll have to talk about them later! This weekend was the start of Fur Rondy, a winter festival that coincides with the Iditarod here, and we went out to enjoy some of the stuffs!
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Tonight I continued on with my Loki pony sculpt! I worked mostly on the legs. I made foil cores for the leg armatures and hooves, which is actually not something I normally do. Normally the limbs of my sculpts are just clay because that's easier, but I'm getting low on clay stores so I wanted to try the foil. I think it's going alright, it just takes more effort. xD I have the back legs roughed out, and the front legs near finishing. I also conditioned clay for the rest of the sculpt. I also did a bit of fiddling around with the head and body.

Continuing Loki pony sculpt
I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along.

I'm still sick, but I did manage to go into work today. I'm actually doing better, though I'm still depending on cold medicine to allow me to continue to be at least somewhat functional.

The weather here today is weeeeird. I left work a little early today since I'd been fairly productive and I felt ill. I only walked home this week on Monday, but every day after that Scottie's been picking me up from work since walking home in the cold while sick didn't seem like a great plan. I miss the excercise but I certainly want to get better. But since I was leaving a little early the sun was actually still out, and not only that but it was raining. And it wasn't freezing rain like I'd feared it would be, it was just... raining. And SUPER windy. I felt like I was walking out into the twilight zone because just, wut. It is currently 36°F, that is so so weird. I expect this time to be somewhere closer to like -10°F or something lol. I know this can't last, but I'll enjoy it while it does?
The wind was crazy though. With the high winds and the wet ice I felt like I was going to get blown away when I was walking outside. We stopped at the grocery store and when we were leaving the wind blew a bunch of ice/snow off of the roof and caused Scottie and me to get pelted by rocks when it hit. I'm glad that it didn't hit us though because that would have been less than pleasant. :P

I scored an awesome deal on some dolls while we were there! Fred Meyer had a selection of MH dolls on clearance, and then they had all of their clearance stuff at an additional 40% off. I haven't bought new dolls in forever so I only had a couple of the dolls that were on clearance! (In fact, there were a couple of dolls in that selection that I couldn't pick up that I didn't already have lol)
Scottie has our budget planned out so that I can get a doll in a month, and I spent my doll budget tonight. xD It was awesome though because for the budget (allowing for one doll) I was able to get four! It was slightly over, but one of the dolls was for Scottie because he collects Operetta and there was a Dance Class Operetta that he's been wanting. I'm so happy he was able to finally get her!
For myself I picked up a Dance Class Robecca Steam (my first doll for that character!), and an I <3 Shoes Lala and an I <3 Shoes Cleo.
hiddles success
I'll have to unbox them tomorrow, but I should get to bed now. n_n'
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I got another one of the little Build a Bear plushies from McDonalds and I had an idea for a photostory! :3 Another Happy Meal for dinner lol.

Clawd's present for Lala
I have something for you!

What did Clawd get for Lala? )

In other news, I am so tired! More freezing rain. One shiny thing was that I had another snow day because of it! I got to leave at 1:30 pm (I usually work until 4:30), and I get paid like I would have been there. So that's shiny!
I sort of feel like that when I posted last night the FREEZE ALL THE THINGS bit, that it was taken literally. xD
Loki smile snow
The ice made my hour walk a two hour walk, but it was totally worth not being at work. xD
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Yesterday I decided to go for another walk with the ghouls! When I first woke up everything looked really dreary and there was a thick fog. I wasn't sure I'd be able to walk, or at least, that I'd want to walk because that didn't really look pleasant. But by the afternoon the sun had come out and the fog went away. And of course, since it had been foggy the trees had frosted up, which was pretty!
I'm rather excited about seeing the sun, lol. When I'm working I don't see basically any of it because it's not up when I leave for work and it's already down when I get out of work. :P

Trees outside of my apartment building were frosted up so I thought I'd take a picture. :3
Frosty tree )

Lala and Clawd in the snow
Clawd look at all the sparkling plants!

More pictures of Lala and Clawd )

I then continued on towards the school. I took some more pictures of scenery on the way there. More pictures of trees, and then a picture of the creek. I thought it was interesting comparing the creek to yesterday, because of the iced trees, and the ice in the creek itself.
Two pictures of winter scenery )

I got to the school and took some more pictures of Lala and Clawd near it. :3
More pictures of Lala and Clawd )

Then I started back. There were two ravens flying around and I got a picture of them. I thought it was funny because when they showed up I'd been thinking about Odin and Loki, and so I was like "Are you Hugin or Munin?". I only got one in a picture though. I'm easily amused.
ehehehe )

On the way back I took more pictures!
Lala and Clawd walking in frosted trees
Blazing a trail through the snow...

Lala and Clawd walking in frosted trees
Lets climb!

The last of the pictures )

I realized that after I'd taken my last pictures there that my fingers were basically frozen. I hadn't actually noticed when I was doing the picture taking though! Oops. Just channeling my inner frost giant I suppose. xD
Loki in the snow

Hope you guys like the pictures!
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To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today, Happy Thanksgiving! If your outside of the US, I hope that you still had a lovely Thors-day.
Scottie has been cooking a turky and has other foods in mind for sides. Still not dinnertime though! I'm going to call my sister in a little bit to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving too. I hope she's having a good day. :3

I decided to take a walk this afternoon since the sun was out, and I brought Venus and Abbey along to take pictures with! I would have taken more pictures, except that the cold drained my batteries quickly and so they died. Luckily the batteries only died near the end of my walk, so I didn't really lose many picture taking opportunities. I thought it might be a problem though because it was so cold.

I think this is my most favorite picture of all the ones I took during my walk. :3
Venus and Abbey being festive
See, there are still green things even in the snow!
Well yes...

One more wreath picture )

There were some neat, very large ornaments hanging on the eaves of a doctors office. I took a picture of one and I'm reflected in it, so it was an unintentional self portrait. It's sort of neat. xD
I'm bundled up in a lot of layers. Scottie says I should wear a jacket that I'm not swimming in but I can put so many layers under this one ehehehe xD
Picture of me, sort of )

Then I continued my walk! I went on a walk to where I was taking grad student courses. That's in the opposite direction from work so I don't head that way terribly often, but I really like the trail between the school and the library.
Picture of a snowy creek on the way )
I was amused because at one point when I was walking I saw two moose, but they were too far away to take pictures of and by the time I was there they were gone. Which I very much prefer to the other times when I'm like "CRAP there is a moose in my path please don't trample me".

Then I got to the trail and took more pictures of the ghouls!
Abbey and Venus in the snow
All the snow...

A couple more of Abbey and Venus in the snow )
In the middle of taking pictures near this lake (not that you can tell really) is when the batteries died.

This will be the first Thanksgiving (and soon, my birthday) that I won't feel obligated to call my mother. Which is actually a good thing, because I inevitably just ended up stressed out while talking to her.
loki exasperated
It’s not that I don’t enjoy our little chats. It’s just that... I don’t.

Wait what

Sep. 23rd, 2013 08:03 am
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So I woke up this morning to see that it is... snowing. Dear weather, it's not even October yet. Could you perhaps wait a bit. Thanks.
Oh Alaska... how I hate you.

More substantial post later!
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Yay livejournal is working again!

Most of it has been working the last couple of days for me because I wasn't on an affected cluster, but not everything was working of course. I didn't want to spend time making a post if something else happened and the post got eaten, ya'know?

I took some pictures with some of the little stuffed dogs I made posing with Frankie, I'll probably post those tomorrow. I've also been working on another puppy! It's made out of pure fabric this time instead of felt. I really like how much easier it is to sew, though with felt I can skip the sewing altogether and just felt it together. Options are nice. hehe

I'm having fun with this little project. I told Scottie that I was going to start making some puppies colour coordinated with the Monster High dolls. xD I was also thinking about making some mini plushes of the ghoul's pets. I actually have very few Signature dolls so I have very few pets! I have Spectra, Howleen, Frankie, and Rochelle's pets. I thought it would be cute to have some pet stand ins. lol

I've also been thinking about felting some animals out of wool.

I sort of feel like I'm posting without a really clear reason just because lj is working again and I haven't been able to post about all the stuff I've been doing! lol

Spring finally arrived last week, we had some rain that melted a lot of the snow. It started getting nicer... but the last couple of days have been cold and overcast. It's 40 F today, overcast and drizzling rain. It feel like Pilot! It's also supposed to snow tomorrow. I'm sure if it does it won't stick around for long, but geez winter give it up already! Dx
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So I've had a busy weekend so far! I'm sad that it's almost over. It's nice though, I have this Monday off and I am soooo excited about that. I needed the break!

For sculpting, yesterday I decided to go ahead and bake the male figure. I poked holes in the body so I can get the arms and legs attached later. I think I'm going to hold off on the girls until after I've gotten the male the rest of the way finished. With the animal figures I would generally bake the legs and sculpt those onto a still soft body, I just want to make sure I like this method before I do it to another one of the figures. Sorry dude figure, you get to be the guinea pig. lol Before I baked him I removed the penis so as of right now he has no male parts. I figured that if I decided to have the penis I could just put it back on later, but if I didn't remove it when it was still soft it would be a pain to take off later if I didn't want it after all.
First I buffed him with talcum powder, then did a wash of alchohol. I'm not sure if I like the alcohol wash, and I'm a bit unsure about the powder because it still has a dusting, but I do think it was good for smoothing. It really helped get the hard to smooth marks off of the face. While I was baking him I prevented any scorching by laying a damp paper towel over him. I AM SO GLAD I DECIDED TO DO THIS I AM GOING TO DO THIS EVERYTIME WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS BEFORE AAAAAAAA. Ahem. Not that the colour changing is that important for things that I'm planning to paint over anyway, but this is so much nicer.

Out of the oven! )

On Saturday we were going to a Spring Celtic Festival head nearby. There was to be music, a craft fair, and lots of workshops! The workshops were very reasonably priced ($10-25, and the one we wanted was only $10 and included materials!), and one of them was a class on how to carve celtic knots into leather. Scottie does leather work so a class on that was amazing! We both signed up for that because it would be really nice to do something like that together. Unfortunetly when we got there we learned it had been cancelled because the teacher couldn't make it. :(

We were there early though so we were able to see the first musical act, Rogues and Wenches. We'd seen them at the UAA library before, so we were familiar with them. They were a lot of fun. :3

We checked out the craft fair which was kind of small, but there were some cute things. I didn't end up getting anything, but it was fun nonetheless. :)

I took a few pictures there! There was a totem pole outside that I thought was interesting, then a picture of the musical group, then a picture of some hanging beads in the skylight there that I thought were pretty. :) They have bird patterns in them, but the way that they are hanging reminds me a bit of northern lights. :3

Celtic Spring Festival )
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So the past week or so has been pretty warm, and has been making me feel like spring is on the way. This morning I woke up to heavy snowfall. lol Well then. Here's a picture of some snowy trees near where I live.
Snowy trees )
It's still warmer than the dead of winter (if it's warm enough to snow, it's not -that- cold!) but it's much more wintery outside again. lol

But I'd been planning on taking some Monster High pictures and I didn't want to let the snow stop me! It was kind of a pain because the snowfall was making everything wet. Oops!

Snowball fight?
Snowball fight?

Snowy day photoshoot )

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