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I really meant to work on my sculpt tonight but I ended up feeling rather under the weather instead. Bleh.

But I did watch some tv! I wrote out my thoughts about the shows, put under cuts just in case. :3
Helix I actually watched last night.
I thought it was interesting to finally find out what they were talking about with the White Room. Scottie totally called it that the outside was what they were talking about. xD
Me and Scottie were both amused that Dr. Farragut just used a compass to get back to the line. Take that traitor military dude!
I'm assuming Dr. IVIT's head is alive somehow, since they went through the trouble of showing us that the frozen monkeys were alive since they were screaming when they were set on fire.
Not sure yet what Dr. Hatake's play is yet, looking forward to seeing what he's up to.

(I realize that's a SHIELD quote, but I don't think Helix has been terribly quotable. And well, monkeys?)

All the love for Agents of SHIELD!
I was so amused by Stan Lee's appearance in the show! That was awesome. Scottie said that might have been his longest speaking cameo, and he might be right. xD I figured he had to show up at some point!

Poor Simmons lol. I excel at prep but I am awful at improv so look at my extremely detailed backstory! Don't you want to know what marine life we looked at? *pout*
I can sort of feel for her though. I tend to over-prep everything, though I don't think I'm as bad with improv.
I was excited that Mike's character was finally revealed (as Deathlok)!
I was so amused by Coulson and Ward trying to work the holotable.
Agent May is as always a badass. xD I was also amused by this scene:
May: Oh yeah I totally told Coulson about us *flings self out of train window*
Ward: Wait wut?!

I am so looking forward to next week! Lorelai and Sif! I mean, it's not Loki, but it's still Asgardian. And Lorelai is the little sister of the Enchantress, which is pretty awesome. xD

I'm not sure what to say about this episode. I think the seed for the show (the guitars) was a bit hard for the artists to really get their heads around. At least that's what I'm assuming. I didn't really like anyone's look very much. I really liked the idea of the 2nd place makeup with the clear chestplate with the ribs and heart and things underneath. I was most struck by the abstract guitar makeup that won, but I wasn't entirely sold on the concept. It was a bit wierd.
I was a bit unsure about it because it didn't really say guitar in any way. I also liked it better than the others because they didn't have a set of guitar neck horns like so many others. I guess I prefered the too abstract over the too literal.
I was surprised that the angular red makeup ended up on the bottom. I didn't think it was great but there were probably other's I'd have picked instead. Not that I'd have picked it to win either, but I thought it was more of a middling look.
I wasn't surprised at all that the rockabilly makeup ended up on the bottom, especially after the horn fell off during inspection. She had to know that she was going home at that point. I feel for the girl because she was clearly having issues and anxiety sucks, but you still need to be able to get the work done regardless.
Anyway, a sort of meh episode this week, which is disappointing.

This gif of Hiddles playing the guitar is more satisfying than the guitar episode of Face-Off to me
hiddles guitar

I'm mostly caught up on tv so far, though I still need to watch the last episode of Lost Girl.
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So I watched the People's Choice Awards tonight because of all my Marvel bbs up for awards. The show was even being hosted by Kat Dennings (who plays Darcy in the Thor movies!) along with another actress. Thor 2 was even up for favorite year end movie (though we lost out to Hunger Games, which was sad but since Katniss is one of my bbs I can't feel too terrible).

Iron Man 3 won favorite movie, and RDJ won favorite action movie actor. His acceptance speech was hilarious, omg. He's totes Stark. xD
iron man like christmas

I wanted Agents of Shield to win best new show of course, though that didn't win. Aw.

I also wanted Ming-Na Wen to win best actress in a new show (she's Agent May in Shield), but she lost to Sarah Michelle Gellar. BtVS as one of my most important fandoms, and I love SMG, so I couldn't feel bad about that. Of course, she wasn't winning for BtVS, but apparently this is the first time she'd won and in her acceptance speech she said she wanted to thank all the BtVS fans. It was just really sweet and that made me happy. :3

Sorry that I haven't been posting as much lately! I'm also behind in comments, but I'll get caught up soon I hope! I'm having a lot of really random weirdness at work that's been going on since Christmas and it's making me really out of sorts. I need to go to sleep though so I probably shouldn't get into it atm. lol Suffice to say it's frustrating.
loki oh for heavens sake
This would be me at work every day

I took a bunch of pictures of Heath and Jinafire but I don't have time to edit them to post, I'll do that tomorrow. They're so cute together. n_n'
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I didn't get quite as much sculpting done tonight as I'd have liked, I was pretty tired when I got home! I feel like the extra energy from walking in the snow plus the extra cold (it was -6 today when I was walking home!) is a bit more draining for my energy stores.

Still, I did some sculpting tonight! I bulked out the body and worked more on the legs. Now that I've worked on the barrel, he looks much better! He was looking a bit emaciated before. lol

I was super excited about tonight's episode of SHIELD! It was set post Thor The Dark World, which was amazing. Of course I had to squee about all of the Asgardian stuffs!
hiddles a bit excited
I've really enjoyed the last couple of episodes especially. :D

A short note about the Voice! I didn't watch the "live" results show, but when I was walking home I looked at my phone on a lark because someone had friended me on twitter and the phone vibrated. It had been too cold to do anything on my phone while I was walking home otherwise, I needed to keep my hands in my pockets to keep in as much heat as possible. It just so happened that the Voice live tweeting save thing was set to happen just then! Spoilers for me since the show wasn't even aired here yet, but Kat was on the bottom. I was afraid of that! So I tweeted my save for her. It turns out she didn't make it but I feel better that at least I was able to do that.
But I mean seriously, I was on a trail in the middle of woods in the dark in below zero temps tweeting to save my last artist on this show. I found that somewhat ridiculous! xP That live tweeting save thing is ridiculous though, because the live showings aren't actually aired live everywhere. e_e

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