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Birthdate:Dec 1
Location:Alaska, United States of America
Website:Mine and Scottie's webpage
About the Girl V.2.4

I was married to a fantastic man named Scottie in October of 2007! He is tanvan!

I have my undergrad from MTU in biology, and am going to APU for my masters in environmental sciences. I will either be researching marine mammals or marine invertebrates. I want to get my PhD and become a marine biologist. This means that yes, I am very into marine life systems and biology in general. I know more about botany then is prolly good for me. ha
I am a geek. Always have been, but I don't care. n.n In fact, I'm prolly not going to relate to you very well if you aren't a geek in some respect.

I'm very open-minded. It would be best if you were too.

I'm an artist. I love to paint, draw, take photographs, whatever. I always have the need to create something.
I paint a lot in watercolour and have been doing so for quite a few years now. I also sculpt quite a bit! I tend to post a lot of entries about my art.

I love to dance. I'm fond of swing dancing, 'clubbing', and other forms of dance.

Following this vein of thought somewhat is music. I love to listen to and create music as well. I like a wide variety of music. It would be hard for me to limit myself and say 'I like such and such music' because I would end up missing things. Or just covering everything and that's not the most helpful thing anyway.
I could cover bands I love, but then I'd be writing for a very long time. And boring you to death as well, I'm sure. Plus, I'm always discovering new groups and such that catch my... er ear?
I could sort of tell you genres though. Alternative, rock, techno, swing, country (new though), instrumental, some hip hop and rap, classic rock, hard rock, soft rock, etc etc... Helpful eh? I think disco is evil. n.n

Movies I like vary as well. This is one that I suppose I could put in a running list of movies that I like... I never have a favorite movie, just a list. Here's part of the list I suppose. The Avengers, LokiThor, Iron Man, Avatar, The Matrix, the Lord of the Rings series, The Crow, Sucker Punch, Return to Me, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, X-Men, The Dark Knight, so on and so forth.

As for tv, I'm a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Seaquest, Eureka, Dr Who, Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Firefly, Angel... And many more! Also, I'm a big fan of nature documentaries and the food network.

I'm rather fond of anime too. I love FMA, Kenshin, Nanoha, Blood+, Hajime no Ippo, etc etc.

I'm a neopets addict, and have been one since near when the site started up.

I also love BJDs and currently have one, an Elfdoll Saya. She was my first doll and was my grail doll! I also enjoy collecting Monster High dolls! I like to take pictures of them and post the photoshoots here. :3

I love to read. I've read tons of books, favorites being the LOTR series, Mary Stewart's The Merlin Trilogy, the Harry Potter series, books by Anne Mccaffery, Isaac Asimov, Patricia Briggs, Mercedes Lackey, and Orson Scott Card, Twilight series (yeah yeah I KNOW, the fandom is insane but that doesn't mean I am. At least not in that way.), among others.

I'm a gamer. Favorite games are Silent Hill, Resident Evil 4 (I'm fond of the series too, though that's my fave), Dishonored, Star Ocean, Mario games, Alone in the Dark, the Turok series, Beyond Good and Evil, Tomb Raider series, Okami, Final Fantasy, the Sims, Morrowind and Oblivion, Pokemon, etc. Like everything else, I like a variety of games. n.n;

I am childfree. I respect your choices, please respect mine!

I am currently a practicing wiccan. For years I have ranged between agnostic and a deist, and I am currently finding my path. I have never been terribly religious so this is a new thing for me.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I love animals. This extends to all animals, not just the 'kyute and fluffy' type. :P
Some of my most favorite animals are horses, dolphins, dogs, cuttlefish, octupus, etc.

I think that's all you need to know about me at the moment... If you feel so inclined to friend me you'll prolly learn a lot more about me than if you just read my public entries. This is a journal after all, not everything is public.
Feel free to add me! If you do however it's probably best if you make a comment so I notice and can add you back. n_n Of course it would be better if we had something in common, but if you didn't why would you be looking at my journal in the first place? xD

I do rant in my journal, but actually not that often. It is in no way a complete picture of me, especially if you are only reading public entries. :P

I don't bite. Much. heh

I am in Loki's Army!
I am in Loki's army and Hiddle's army! You should join too, we don't need cookies we have Hiddles.

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{The Avengers}

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