Jan. 25th, 2014

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Essential Thor Volume 2Essential Thor Volume 2 by Stan Lee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My last reaction for this set of comics:

Wow Thor. Just... wow. lol
Thor/Jane and Thor/Sif spoilers ahead.
What sadness lengthens Thor's hours? )
My reaction to Jane:
loki oh for heavens sake

Things I was excited about in this (besides anything with Loki in general):
The introduction of the Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg), the Infinity Stones, the introduction of Hela (Loki's bb!) and the Destroyer armor.

I was so happy during the first part of the book because Loki was prominently featured. At about the halfway point though Odin threw Loki into the Void. He appeared a couple of times after this but is still not back at the end of this book. He was still in the Tales of Asgard comics... until Odin threw Loki into suspended animation forever for things he hadn't done yet (obviously not for forever actually, since these comics are from the past). He was still not back in these by the end of this book.
Loki is my favorite character. This does not please me.

The colonizer aliens were odd, though I could see how they might have influenced the story for the Avengers movie. I thought the Hercules storyline was interesting, though after a while I really wanted to get back to my Norse gods, which we did.

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Also! I finally made a reading Loki icon. I want to make one from stuff from the movie instead of just the promo stuff, but for now this will have to do. I swear every time I do a book post, or comment about books, I'd be thinking 'BUT THERE'S ALL THE STUFF WITH LOKI READING WHILE IMPRISONED WHY DO I NOT HAVE AN ICON OF THIS' but now I have fixed it. lol

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